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One more for right now.

Edward is there.

Bella can see his true speed and strength now.

The wolves are trying to bite him, but before they even get a chance he has them thrown into the nearest tree or into the lake about a half mile down. Edward is standing in front of Bella so they don't have a chance at distracting him and getting to her. Bella holds on to Henry in fear, she knows that Edward is not normal but there can't be anyway he can actually take all them down.

Some jump at him at the same time and manages to get in a small nibble or scratch but he is quick to move around and confuse them.

His speed is inhuman as he fights off the wolves.

They keep jumping at him until enough of them are hurt that they realize he can not be brought down and they run away before anymore can be hurt.

Edward gets a hold of himself before he stands to look at Bella.

When he does her face is shocked.

Some how after all that all he has is a few hairs out of place.