Something smelled delicous. Gabriel Goodman rushed to his mom's side. She was standing by the stove.

"What's for dinner?" Gabe asked excitedly.

"Beef stroganoff," Diana muttered. Yes! One of Gabe's favorites. "Now please, don't bother me while I'm cooking."

Gabe did a little happy dance. He was starving! "When will dinner be ready?" he asked.

Diana sighed. "A few minutes. Go tell your sister it's almost ready. She's upstairs with Henry."

Ah, yes.The boyfriend. Gabe quickly walked up the stairs. Henry was generally a good guy, but he knew that if he did anything to hurt Natalie, there would be hell to pay.

Gabe made it to Natalie's room. He heard soft classical music coming from inside. So they were studying. They always played music while studying.

Gabe gently creaked the door a little, so as to not bother them. But what Gabe saw shocked and disgusted him. They certainly were not studying. No, Natalie and Henry were laying on her bed...making out!

Gabe couldn't do anything. He couldn't say anything. He was frozen. Luckily, they were too busy being occupied with each other to notice Gabe. Just when it couldn't get any worse, it did. They moved around so now Natalie was on top. Henry's hands slid lower...and lower...until they came to be resting on Natalie's butt.

How dare he! Gabe thought angrily. dare Natalie for letting him! That was his baby sister! She was supposed to, like, play with Barbie dolls and come running to him when she got hurt! She was still way too young to be doing this sort of stuff!

A horrible thought came into Gabe's mind. Was Natalie, was his baby sister...having sex? It was too disgusting to think of.

Gabe suddenly remembered why he was there. "It's, uh, time for dinner!" he yelled, running away and down the stairs. He quickly sat down and tried to not look like he saw what he had just seen.

Note to self, he thought. Kick Henry's ass later. A sadistic grin formed on his face. He could save this memory. Use it as blackmail or something. Bring it up at their wedding. That is, if Henry was still alive after Gabe got through with him.

Henry and Natalie walked into the kitchen. They looked fine at the first glance, but if you looked closer you could see that their faces were slightly flushed, their clothes a little rumpled.

"Well if it isn't the happy couple," Gabe remarked. Natalie glared at him as they took their seats at the table.

"Where's Dad?" Natalie asked, changing the subject.

"I told him to pick up some groceries on the way home from work," Diana answered.

The meal went pretty smoothly. They made light conversation. Gabe tried to resist the urge to rip Henry's head off. This urge got particurlarly strong when Henry whispered something in Natalie's ear that made her turn bright red.

After dinner, Henry and Natalie headed right back upstairs. Gabe heard the slam of a door. He didn't want to know what would happen now.

His mom frowned. "What were they doing up there, anyway?" she asked.

"Uh, just studying," Gabe covered for Natalie. She definitely owed him one now.

Diana smiled. "Good. He's a good kid, that Henry."

"No, he is not," muttered Gabe.

"What was that, dear?" Diana said.

"Nothing," Gabe said.

A/N: Hi! As mentioned before, this is based on a true story. About a year ago I walked into my basement to tell my brother it was time for dinner. I saw him and his now ex-girlfriend making out on the I awkwardly stood there. They didn't notice me. So I stuttered "Uh it's time for dinner!" then I ran away as fast as possible. For some reason, I enjoy Protectiveolderbrother!Gabe. Maybe to make up for the lack of protecting from my older brother...? I don't know. So yeah. Bye!