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A bit of background: It's been about ten years since the end of the war and the Battle of Hogwarts. Draco Malfoy completely turned his life around and left the Wizarding World in favor of being a Muggle doctor. He still keeps up with the Wizarding World through his girlfriend and mother, but for the most part, steers clear of it. He wanted a new start and could only get that in the Muggle world. I guess he's somewhat OOC, but I like to think that he's matured from Hogwarts and learned a few things about himself.

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Draco Malfoy glanced at the clock above the nurse's desk. There were five more hours until he was off. He sighed loudly, already bored, and picked up a pen and quickly signed a few papers before closing the folder and handing it to the nurse who sat in front of him.

He sat down and grabbed the nearest chart to read. He took a bite of his apple with a loud crunch and opened the folder, but didn't really read what was before him. Instead, he thought about something his mother had said to him when he spoke to her earlier.

She was telling him about the recent wedding of two old friends of his, Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson. He couldn't make it since he was worked the same evening, but Draco had sent his girlfriend, Astoria Greengrass, in his absence.

His mother had gone on and on about the wedding, dropping hints that she was expecting a wedding for him and Astoria soon. Draco rolled his eyes just thinking about it. He didn't want to get married yet. He wasn't even sure if Astoria was the girl he wanted to marry. He knew Astoria disapproved of his life's choices and decisions.

Draco thought back to the war that changed his life. He still had the faint markings of an ugly tattoo on his left forearm. It was ten years ago, but it felt like a whole different lifetime.

He was no longer that same person. He was no longer the coward who ran away with his parents during the final battle. He was no longer the person who ridiculed and put down others because he believed them to be beneath him.

No, he was no longer that person. He changed. The war affected him greatly and made him want to be a better person. He wanted to help people and he wanted to save people. But if that were to happen, Draco knew he couldn't stay in the wizard world. Nobody would accept him. They'd see the Malfoy name and judge him. They'd see the remnants of the Dark Mark on his left forearm and remember the evil and destruction that the other Death Eaters caused.

So he left that world. He went to university and graduated with honors. He completed medical school and was currently serving his residency at the best teaching hospital in London. He didn't keep up with much in the wizarding world, though he still kept in touch with his old Slytherin friends from Hogwarts. And he was dating Astoria, a pureblood witch from one of the oldest wizarding families. His mother and Astoria always tried to include him in any of the wizarding news, hoping to pull him back into their world, but Draco never cared for any of it. He would listen and comment, but he never asked them about anything.

They were his only two ties to the wizarding world. He still kept his wand because he felt attached to it, but he no longer carried it with him. He still practiced magic when he was at home, but he preferred to use a combination of Muggle and wizarding ways.

Draco took the last bite of his apple before tossing it into the trash. He closed the folder and looked back at the clock. He was on nightshift duty and it was going by extremely slowly.

"Hey, Malfoy?"

Draco looked up and saw one of his fellow residents walking toward him. "What's up, Lopez?"

"If you're not doing anything—and that's what it looks like—do you mind running up to CT and grabbing some scans for me? I got paged into the OR."

Draco rolled his eyes. "How about you get the scans yourself and I'll go into the OR?"

"No chance, Malfoy. I've been on the Roberts case all week. I know what's going on."

"If you knew what was going on, your patient wouldn't be in the OR, now, would she?"

Lopez narrowed her eyes at him. "Just get the scans." She turned on her heel to walk away.

"I didn't hear a 'please.'" Draco smirked as Lopez circled around. He could practically see smoke coming from her ears.

She rolled her eyes and threw her hands up in exasperation. "Fine. PLEASE!" she nearly yelled. Her pager alarmed loudly and she looked at it, shooting Draco an angry look. Without another word, she ran down the hall and pushed the button for the elevator repeatedly until it came and she disappeared behind the steel doors.

Draco laughed as the nurse shook her head in disapproval. "What?" he asked, defensively.

"Residents," she answered, still shaking her head. "Always just out for yourself."

"Hey—and our patients!"

The nurse smiled in amusement. "Whatever you say, Malfoy. But I suggest you hurry up with those scans or it really will be all of you out for yourself."

"Ooh, you're right." Draco jumped up. "Chief's picking a chief resident soon. I better be on the short list for that!" He winked at the nurse and quickly hurried down the hall. "Page me if anything changes with the patient in trauma room 4. We're waiting for him to stabilize before moving him."

The nurse nodded her understanding. Draco turned from the direction of the nurse's desk and pushed the button on the elevator. He hurried up to CT and grabbed the scans that Lopez needed and dropped it off at the patient's room.

He whistled as he leisurely headed back to the emergency room. It was a slow night, so he had no rush. And if a trauma came in, he would be paged. Draco decided to take a quick detour to the vending machines. The cafeteria would be closed, he knew, but he wanted a snack. Draco shoved his hands into his pockets to find any loose change. He chuckled softly, remembering how long it took for him to learn the Muggle money. He took out the coins, silently counting out what he had. Draco was about to shove coins into the vending machine when his pager loudly alarmed.

"Great!" he said out loud. Draco bent down to pick up the small bag of chips and quickly opened it and shoved chips into his mouth as he ran down the hall back to the ER.

"What happened?" Draco urgently asked, frantically tying a yellow trauma gown around his neck. The nurse reached up to help tie it. Another nurse thrust a set of clipboards into his hands. Other doctors ran in to help.

"Car accident. Three adults in the car—two of them are critical. They're in trauma rooms one and two. Their adult daughter is with them. She's getting checked out by Dr. Anderson right now."

Draco nodded. "Which one?"

"The female. Room one."

Draco nodded again. He quickly hurried into trauma room one and glanced around at the doctors, paramedics, and nurses. "Bring me up to speed," he said, looking down at the clipboard in his hand.

"Female. Age 58. Injured in a car accident with her husband and daughter. Her husband was driving and lost control of the car in the storm. She wasn't wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the vehicle."


"She slammed through the front window of the SUV. Sudden impact."

"And she's still alive?" Draco looked incredulous.

"Barely. No response from the victim since they picked her up in the ambulance."

Draco nodded grimly. He stepped next to the bed and began his work on the patient. After a few minutes, the machines blared, signaling a lowered pulse.

"She's crashing," Draco said, urgently. He pressed his hands to the woman's chest and pushed down firmly, counting the CPR compressions for every second. "Get a crash trolley," he commanded.

Seconds passed and there was no response from the patient.

"Her heart's not responding," Draco said, frustrated.

"Here," a nurse replied, handing Draco the paddles to the defibrillator.

"Charge to 300." Draco glanced up at the machine and looked around the table. "Clear." He counted two seconds before pressing the paddles to the woman's chest. His eyebrows furrowed as he watched the machine for a second.

"Nothing, Doctor."

"Charge again." Draco looked around. "Clear." He looked down at the lifeless body before him before pulling the paddles away. "Come on," he whispered. "Come on, come on."

"Still nothing, Doctor." The nurse took the paddles from Draco. "She hasn't been responding."

Draco shook his head. He pressed his hands to the woman's chest and restarted CPR compressions. He directed a nurse to push medicine into the patient and continued the CPR.

Twenty minutes passed and there was still no response.

The nurse gently placed her hands on Draco's. "There's still nothing, Doctor Malfoy."

Draco's arms were tired and he stopped the compressions in defeat.


Draco looked up at a figure standing in the window. The blinds to the trauma room had been left open for anyone standing in the main hallway to see.

"That's the daughter," the nurse said, unnecessarily.

Draco stared at the figure for a few seconds. She seemed vaguely familiar to her, but he couldn't see her face. "Start again," he commanded. He gestured to the paddles. "Charge." He looked around. "Clear." Draco again pressed the paddles to the patient's chest and waited another few seconds before shaking his head. He tried to revive the heart again and tried to block out the sounds of the woman's wailing from outside the room. "Can't you do something about the daughter? She shouldn't have to watch her mother die!" he angrily yelled.

One of the nurses excused herself from the room and tried to pull the daughter away from the window. Draco knew she was unsuccessful—the woman was still standing there, pushing the nurse away.

"Doctor…there's still nothing," the nurse said.

"One more time." Draco commanded for the paddles to be charged and pressed them against the woman's chest. He handed the paddles to the nurse nearest to him and resumed manual compressions to the woman. Another ten minutes passed before the nurse pressed her hands to Draco's. She shook her head.

"Still nothing, Doctor."

Reluctantly, Draco stopped pressing his hands against the patient. He sighed in exhaustion and glanced at the figure in the window before looking up at the clock. "Time of death—3:23am."


Draco looked away from the woman outside the room. He saw that she had fallen to the ground and hoped the nurse would be taking care of her.

This was the part he hated most about being a doctor. Being a surgeon was even worse. He still saw death nearly every day. But he thought he could help repair these people's lives. He hated losing any patients and even more so when he felt helpless to fix any of them.

"Malfoy?" Anderson, another resident stuck his head in the room.


"We could use your help out here."

Draco nodded. He pulled off his gloves and nodded down to the lifeless body of the woman. "How's her husband?"

"Out of surgery. Stabilized, I think. Still critical. Still weak. He coded a couple of times."

Draco nodded again, but didn't say a word as he pushed past Anderson. He looked around for the woman, but didn't see her or the nurse.

"Where'd the daughter go?"

"I think Nurse Tyler brought the daughter to his room."

Draco nodded again. "Where do you want me?" he asked, looking around the ER.

Anderson gave him a curious look. "Malfoy, you're in charge of the ER tonight, but if you want me to give you something to do—"

"No, no, that's right." Draco brushed Anderson off and headed to nearest bed, trying to get his mind off of the patient he just lost.

He supposed he had to have a tough exterior and cold heart to be surrounded by death every day. His Slytherin training and being raised by a cold father helped him in these areas. He knew when to let go of a patient, but that didn't mean that each loss didn't hurt. He didn't know his patients, but he still grieved for them. Just like he grieved all the people who died in the Wizarding War that he had taken part of.

"He's coding again!" Anderson accidentally shoved Malfoy aside in his haste to run into a nearby trauma room.

Draco's eyes followed Anderson and saw the woman standing over a bed, wailing loudly. He recognized her from the window and realized that it must've been her father that had been coding again. He quickly followed Anderson before being pushed back.

"No, Malfoy," Anderson commanded. "Too many people."

Draco nodded, but continued to watch the room. He headed back to the nearest bed and picked up the chart, reading through it quickly. He spoke to the patient for half an hour, but kept an ear out toward the room. He smiled at the patient as he wrote out a prescription for the patient's migraine.

"I hope you feel better," he said, waving goodbye. He gestured to the nurse's desk. "You can give the nurse your discharge papers over there." He walked toward the nurse's desk with the patient, exchanging light conversation. "Where's Anderson?" he asked the nurse.

"He got called into surgery with the Dana kid."


Machines blared loudly and Draco and the nurse jumped up and ran towards the source of the sound. It was the same room that Draco had noticed earlier—the husband of his patient that he had lost earlier that night.

He ran in and turned the man's body on his side. He looked at a nurse and cocked his head toward the man's daughter who was still in the room. "Get her out of here!"

"Come on, M'am," the nurse said, gently prodding the woman out of the room. The woman seemed to have given up her spirit and allowed the nurse to lead her from the room.

"Come on, come on, come on," Draco whispered. Twenty minutes later, the man was finally stable. He and the nurses hooked the man up to more machines to keep him alive. One by one, the nurses exited the room as they completed their tasks. Draco checked over the patient again before slowly moving toward the door.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Draco said, nearly walking into the man's daughter. She was slumped over and a large bandage covered her face. Her head pointed toward the ground and her frizzy, bushy hair blocked her face from him. "He is your father, correct? He is stable now," he replied in a kind voice.

"M-m-m…Malfoy?" The woman looked up at him.

Draco was confused. She had said his name like she knew him.

"Yes?" he replied. "I'm Dr. Malfoy, one of the surgical residents here tonight."

"Malfoy," she said again, this time in a whisper. She used her left hand to throw her long brown hair over her shoulder.

Draco's eyes widened. "Granger?" He quickly glanced down at the bed. "This man is—" He pulled the chart and looked up at the top to see the name. It read, 'James Granger.' "So…your mother…" he trailed off, gesturing to the room next door.

Granger's eyes filled with tears. "What are you doing here?" she cried.

"I'm…I'm a Muggle doctor now…" He pulled her closer to the bed. "Is there anybody you want me to call? Weasley? Potter?"

Granger shook her head. She sobbed as she took in the sight of her father connected to a number of different machines.

Draco awkwardly stood close to the doorway. Now that he knew who his patients were, he didn't really know what to do. If it were a normal patient, he would've left by now. But since he knew one of the patients, he felt a strange connection to stay. It was even stranger because he and Granger never even got along during their time at school together. But it was he who tried to save her mother. And it was he who saved her father just now.

It had been a long time since he even thought about her and her friends. He left that life so long ago and never looked back.

"I'll…um…I'll leave you to your privacy, then," Draco said quietly.

"No." Granger's voice was filled with tears, but it rang loud and clear.

Draco nodded. He couldn't deny her this request. If it had been another patient, he would've stayed as well. He moved closer to her.

"You all had to bring him back five times already," Granger said, tears streaming down her face.

"His body has undergone a lot of stress today," Draco said, parroting a doctor answer.

"Those tubes…what are they for?" She pointed to a set of tubes that hung near his bed. "They weren't there earlier."

"Your father's body is filing with fluid. The tubes are there to drain it."

"What about that? What's that?"

Draco sighed. This was the Granger he remembered—always asking questions. But a lot of families always asked questions. It helped them cope with the stress of their family members being in the hospitals.

"That's a ventilator. It's breathing for him."

"Breath…breathing for him?" It sounded as if Granger's voice was caught in her throat. "When will he wake up?"

"I don't know," Draco truthfully answered. If there was one thing he remembered about Granger, it was that she demanded answers and the truth. "It's hard to tell if he'll even wake up."

Granger stifled another sob.

"We can't take your father off life support," Draco continued, knowing that Granger would want to hear this even though it was difficult to deal with. "And…with the number of times we've had to revive him…every single time, it gets harder and harder on his body. And it takes longer to revive him."

Granger placed her head on her father's bed. Draco knew her tears were probably falling into the sheets. He vaguely remembered a time when he would have enjoyed being the cause of her tears.

Now he hated himself for it. But he had to be a doctor. He had to continue on with his job.

"Granger…I know this is a difficult time for you, but…in…extraordinary cases, do you know what your father would have wanted?"

Granger looked up at him with tears in her eyes, streaming down her cheeks. "What my father would have wanted!"

"We're required to ask if our patients have been placed on life support for longer than three hours."

"What my father would have wanted?" she asked again. Draco nodded slowly. "You mean—"

Draco nodded again. "Yes," he said to her unspoken question. "You don't have to answer me now, but find any of us if you know something." He turned toward the door before looking at her again. "Um…is there anyone I can call? We're required to ask that, too," he said, feeling a need to explain. "Weasley or Potter or someone? Do you have any other relatives?"

"They're all dead."

"What about Weasley or Potter?" As much as he was dreading an inevitable phone call to them, he knew he had to ask. He remembered his mother and Astoria telling him how the three of them still pretty much did everything together. Except now Potter was married to the Weasley girl and as far as he knew, Granger and Weasley were an item. He also remembered his mother showing him pictures from Potter's wedding to the Weasley girl that had been in some magazine.

"No. Don't call them."

Draco nodded. "Please inform us of any information that may help us. If your father stabilizes, we can move him. If not, we'll keep him here. The less stress on his body, the better."

He hurried from the room before Granger could ask him any questions. He didn't exactly know how to react with seeing her again.

Draco sat down at the nurse's desk and pulled the chart from his pile. The patient that he had lost earlier. He opened the folder and glanced at the name at the top: 'Bonnie Granger.' He read through the chart a number of times to see if he had missed anything.

"Dammit!" he cried out in frustration. He threw the folder down, not finding anything.

Draco looked at Granger through the open blinds of the window. He didn't necessarily forget about her in his time away from the Wizarding World, but he definitely didn't think about her. Seeing her here was a complete surprise to him. Seeing her brought back all the bad memories of the war.

He remembered that she had been subjected to his crazy aunt's tortures. He remembered how she was on the run with Potter and Weasley while he was cooped up with the most dangerous and the most craziest wizard of all time. He remembered how he once craved to be among the elite members of the Death Eaters. He remembered how he caused his old headmaster's death.

A surge of guilt rushed through Draco. He felt bad. He felt bad that he couldn't do more to save Granger's mother and father. He felt bad that Granger was tortured by his aunt. He felt bad that he also subjected Granger to a number of verbal assaults and put downs.


Granger's voice interrupted Draco's thoughts. Draco didn't even notice that Granger had left her father's hospital room.

He looked up at her. "Yes, Granger?"

"I…I've been thinking and…I've come to a decision." She inhaled and took a deep breath. Her brown eyes glistened with tears and she pressed a hand to the bandage on her face. "My father has been completely tortured today. I don't—I don't know how much more I could watch him suffer through…especially after my…my mother…" her voice trailed off and she sniffed loudly. "But…I want to take my father off of life support," she said in a clear voice. "I don't want a machine to have to live for my father."

Draco nodded. "So, let me just repeat: you want to take your father off of his life support?" Granger nodded. "Knowing full well that it may end your father's life?" Granger nodded again. Draco looked deeply into her eyes. He never noticed how brown they were before. Nor had he noticed how much life they held. Right now, they were quickly filling with tears and Draco knew she was holding them back until she received an answer. "Very well. You have to sign some papers before we…um, before anything."

Granger nodded. "Thank you, Malfoy," she said in a whisper before heading back to her father's room.

Immediately, Draco summoned a nurse to begin the necessary paperwork. He resumed staring at Granger through the window and continued to think about their past at Hogwarts and their completely different roles in the Wizarding War.

Fifteen minutes later, a nurse returned with the paperwork and the chief of surgery. Draco nodded to the chief as he followed him into the patient's room. He vaguely listened as the chief spoke to Granger and waited for his turn to sign the papers. Once he signed them, he handed them over to Granger and the chief spoke to her again.

Granger nodded in understanding and handed him the papers. The chief gave her a small smile of sympathy and walked out of the hospital room. Draco moved to follow him, but Granger placed a hand on his arm.

"Malfoy…stay…please." Her voice sounded as if she were close to begging.

He nodded to her. They both stood next to Granger's father's bed in silence.

"What happens now?" she asked. She and Draco awkwardly stood a couple of feet away from each other.

Draco took a deep breath. "Now, we wait. We've turned off all the machines." He gestured to the one nearest to them. "That one shows his heart rate. When it starts to slow down, an alarm will sound, but I can turn off the sound for you."

"Then what happens?"

"After his heart slows down, his breathing will also slow down. When that happens, his organs will begin to fail because they need oxygen to survive. And…when he no longer has a pulse and he's not breathing…that's when he'll…when he'll be…"

Draco was cut off by the sound of the alarm blaring from the machine showing Granger's father's heart rate. He reached around Granger to turn off the sound. She began to loudly sob and threw her face into Draco's shoulder. Draco awkwardly put an arm around her and tried to give her a comforting hug. He knew there were no words that he could say to make her feel any less pain, so he just tried to be there as he was for every other patient he had. Draco did feel more for this particular case because he had a connection to Granger, though it was one that he'd prefer to leave in the past.

"Magic…" she whispered against his chest.

"What?" he asked, confused.

"Can't you use magic to bring him back? He's not gone, yet, right?"

Draco felt a pang in his chest. "Granger…we can't use magic for your father…"

"But why?" she whined. She looked up at him with tears streaming down her face. She didn't bother wiping them. "If you hurry—"

Draco shook his head slowly. "Your…your father's a Muggle. He doesn't have magical blood. Magic won't work for him if we try to use it…"

Granger threw her face into Draco's chest again. She sobbed even louder and shook uncontrollably. Draco wrapped his arms around her and gave her a tight hug.

"I'm sorry, Granger."

He slowly unwrapped Granger from his embrace and put his arm around her as they watched her father's body shut down. He pulled a chair close to the bed and forced her to sit down in it. Draco rubbed her shoulders and gave her a quick hug.

"Stay as long as you want. I…I get off soon, but if you need anything, feel free to ask any of the nurses or doctors out here."

Draco left the room and sadly looked at Granger through the window. She looked so different than the person he remembered. That girl was headstrong and refused to be broken down. He remembered seeing his aunt torture her. She didn't even break down then. And now, he felt as though he was invading her privacy by seeing this side of her.

This person, whose eyes stared blankly at her father's lifeless body. This person, who sat slumped over as if she was trying to hide from everyone.

He knew it was the shock and the grief that invaded her mind. But he didn't like seeing her like this. He didn't want this image to be the last thing that he remembered of Granger.

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