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= Be Karkat

They had the shittiest apartment really. Piece of shit was small as fuck and there was barely room for one person to live there, let alone two. Despite multiple claims that he was going to find a better apartment, one where he didn't have to sleep in a broom closet, Karkat had yet to find anything better. Not this close to campus and this cheap.

If anyone asked, however, he would say that was what he was doing. He even had a tab open to a local real-estate office.

Because Karkat Vantas was most certainly not reading fanfiction.

Fanfiction was stupid.

"Hey Karkat."

"AH!" He jumped and switched tabs as the door swung open, Sollux's lanky frame illuminated by the hall lights. "Motherfucker you scared me," Karkat accused.

"Thorry." He wasn't.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Karkat glances at the clock. "It's two AM!"

Sollux shrugged off his coat, hanging it up by the door. "I'm thorry mom, didn't know I had a curfew."

Karkat rolled his eyes. "Don't be an asshole. I thought you were going to go see a movie with the fish freaks?"

"I did."

"No you didn't." Karkat narrowed his eyes. "Feferi texted me like five hours ago. She said she had some kind of emergency and couldn't make it."

"Yeah," Sollux agreed. His back was still to Karkat as he moved about the tiny kitchen, opening various cupboards.

"So you saw a movie with Eridan?"

"Yeah." Sollux picked up a box of pop-tarts and seemed fascinated by the label.


"And what?" Sollux finally turned around, chin held high and expression defiant.

"The movie had to have ended hours ago what have you… is your shirt on inside out?"

Before he even looked down, Sollux's face flushed bright red. With a quick glance down he nodded. "Yeah, mutht have put it on like that. Damn it."

Karkat glared at him, suspicion thick in the air. "No you didn't. I saw you leave."

"Oh my God Karkat." Sollux took the pop-tarts and started walking towards his room. "Thop being a creep."

"I am not being a creep!" Karkat yelled.

Sollux grinned, opening his door. "Whatever. Creep." He closed it behind him with a click.

Karkat let out a yell of frustration and opened up Trollian.

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