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Chapter 1: Taken

"Nice work Detective," Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett stated as he clapped his partner on the back upon their exit from their mutual place of employment. "That case was a tough one but you nailed it Danny," he added as they both made their way toward the same vehicle.

"I pay attention," Danny smiled as he pulled the Camaro keys out of his pocket, "Detective work isn't just about running off buildings and blowing shit up. It takes time, patience and a lot of instinct." He stated and tossed the keys to his partner.

"That's why I keep you around!" Steve laughed, "Wanna grab a beer?" he asked once both men were comfortably situated in their usual seats.

Everything had become second nature with these men. They were such polar opposites that it was almost unfathomable that they hadn't killed each other; but their morals were the same, they were both subconsciously starved for the connection and brotherhood that had formed between them and they were loyal to one another almost to a fault.

Danny was the seasoned cop, image and all. He knew his beat, he knew protocol and he had an intuitive mind that let him see the tell-tale signs of lies. He was also a scrapper, standing at five foot five, he had fought all his life to be seen and heard. Now with his sharp tongue and strength, having been through more than most physically and emotionally, he was the perfect match for his partner.

Steve was navy through and through. Hardened to his core, Steve could not tolerate injustice. Differentiating right from wrong was almost black and white; he didn't see the shades of grey. This was where Danny came in. The men were two parts of one whole. Something had always been missing until they met three years ago, as they stared down each others guns, neither ready to give in but neither ready to shoot the other.

Danny had found a home, a family, a brother whom he needed to keep his own sanity. Steve had also rediscovered his home, found a connection that had been lost within years of violence. He had learned the subtleties of love because Danny and his wild, uncontrollable dedication had showed him just how strong love could be.

Danny sighed as he rested his head on the back of the passenger seat, "you know, after that case, I could honestly justify getting drunk, but I'm just too tired." He said, "can we rain check the beers? I'll power nap while you drive yourself home."

"You sure you don't want me to just drop you off at your place?" Steve asked with a laugh.

"No, you know I need the car in the morning to take Grace to school." Danny sighed. "Besides I'll be fine to get me back to my place."

"If you say so," Steve smiled and pulled the Camaro out of its spot in the Palace parking lot.

The drive to Steve's was silent, which was an odd occurrence when both men were in the vehicle, but Danny really was exhausted. Steve wondered if his now sleeping partner was really in any stated to drive himself, but as Steve pulled the car to a halt, Danny's eyes flew open.

"You sure you're okay to drive?"

"Yes Steven," Danny stated as he yawned and stretched. "All I needed was a cat nap, besides its only about ten minutes to my place."

"Alright," Steve said as he pushed open his door and Danny did the same. At the front of the car they crossed paths as Steve moved to walk up to his font door and Danny ducked toward the driver's side.

"What time can I expect you tomorrow?" Steve called from the door.

"If I'm not there by ten send a search party!" Danny joked.

"Will do!"

Danny climbed back into the Camaro and watched as Steve passed through the door and it was shut behind him. The lights in the house flashed on and Danny took that as his cue to leave. Pulling out of the driveway into the dark residential street in the silent Camaro Danny once again wondered how he had gotten to this point in his life. The motions he went through were the routine he'd known all his life and yet he existed in this strange place, where the ocean could be heard almost everywhere and where palm trees stood like soldiers along every street. He was so far away from Jersey and yet he almost didn't mind it anymore. He had found life, excitement, love and companionship, but most of all the people he called his Ohana, (and yes he had adopted the term), accepted him for who he was. Danny didn't have to yell anymore to be heard or to be taken seriously. He did it now because he could and because it was what people expected.

Danny pulled the car to a stop one last time that day, shut down the engine and sighed. This was home; the usual movements of life came to him and brought him here. Tomorrow was another day. He was content knowing that Steve didn't mind that they didn't get beers, or that Kono and Chin wouldn't be offended if they had. He was content to joke around with Lori and eat out at Kamekona's. He was amused by the oddity that was Max and he couldn't be happier to know that his daughter had found a loving, positive influence in her life as well.

As he got out of the car he realized just how dark it was out in the middle of the pacific ocean and he fumbled with his keys as he moved toward the staircase that would lead up to his floor. Danny had finally found an apartment suited to his needs and in a good neighbourhood but as he moved closer to the building he realized that the lights, both of them, were out leaving the stair well bathed in darkness.

"Well the Super will hear about this!" Danny stated to himself as he moved into the darkness, "This is a safety issue!" he grumbled as he began climbing the stairs, his keys clasped tightly in his other hand as he ran his right palm along the banister. "I pay too much to have to wander around in the dark," he sighed as he reached the first landing and the light in the second set of stairs blinded him momentarily.

Danny squinted into the bright light and saw two figures before him. They were people he didn't recognize but he didn't like the look of the weapon in one mans hand. Instinctively he reached for his weapon as he threw his other hand out in front of him, but the men were too quick. Danny's eyes didn't even have time to fully focus when he felt a stinging blow from behind and his world was bathed in black once more.