Summary:…There was a music room at the end of the corridor on the third floor. Opening the door, you would be greeted by flower petals and a bunch of idiots called themselves 'Hosts'…No, he was not going to join them.

Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama.

Warning: AU, OOC-ness, shitty English and kind of following the plotline of manga Ouran High School Host Club ^^…maybe shota too? Possible crack…plus illogicalness x3.

Pairings: KaiShin (for sure) and various pairings ^^ (not all are serious though).

Disclaim: (For whole story) I own nothing, neither DC/MK nor Ouran High School Host Club ~^^!

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…My name is Kudo Shinichi, a 16-year-old famous high school detective, The Detective of the East, the Police's Savior, Modern Sherlock Holmes or whatever people want to call me. But it was the past, because I am not just a snobby six-year-old kid, Edogawa Conan that never gets taken seriously.

You ask why am I a little kid now? Well, let this be a secret between us, okay? I'll tell you about that fateful night…

That day, when I was celebrating my friend's, Mouri Ran, victory of her Karate Championship, I saw two suspicious men dressed in black and my detective blood told me to follow them…which I did.

Then I witnessed them have a suspicious transaction, when I was caught up watching the deal, I failed to notice the man's companion sneak up behind me.

They fed me some kind of potion that was supposed to kill me without leaving a trace but it didn't. Instead, it made my body shrink ten years younger and here I am, under the name Edogawa Conan, following their trail and I vow to bring them to justice and also, get my revenge on them for shrinking me.

…but actually, the main story (romantic one~) starts one nice day, when my mom, Kudo Yukiko, announced that I would be attending Teitan School, which has Elementary school- where I will be attending, Middle school and High school. It is also my old school where I would still be attending High school level had I been Kudo Shinichi and not Edogawa Conan.

She has also prepared a room in the dormitory for me, where I will be roommate with an upper student who will also be my caretaker during my time at the school.

…My mother is a sadist, I'm sure.

Teitan is a school for rich children of rich people who are either rich or famous and rich. Generally, the school is for the rich. Or if you are not rich children of rich people who were either rich or famous and rich, and you want to attend the school, please study your best, study days and nights and you have around twenty percents of being able to join. But don't worry, once you're in, everything will be free!

The staffs, teachers and even cleaners are all excellent at their work. They all should have graduated from all the famous colleges you can think of. And thus, the quality of the school is very, very good.

It has three large buildings, one for Elementary level, one for Middle level and finally, one for High level. Aside from that, it also has four dormitory buildings for students who want to stay at school. The cafeteria always opens and has all the food in the world which is cooked by famous chefs from France, Chinese, Japan and ect.

The school and its buildings are equipped with high technology, decorated with the most beautiful things which cost millions and millions yen which the school gets from the rich students who are children of rich people who are either rich or famous and rich. You get the point? Good. If not, use your imagination, the school was everything you could ask for.

...No, I'm not hired by the school's headmaster to put up the ad about the school.

…Seriously. I swear.

…Conan yawned for the nth as the teacher continued to rattle about how ten plus one equal eleven. Seriously, he was sixteen already, why the hell was he still studying these lessons?...Right, because of those men in black…he was so getting his revenge on them.

Glancing up at the clock, the not-child willed the needles to move faster, after this torturing Hell, he'd find a nice and quiet place to see how Holmes had solved the cases…ah, such nice idea. And come to think of it. His roommate was a detective too and he liked Holmes too, that made it even better. The two of them often talked non stop about their shared idol in their free time and during that time, he forgot that he was supposed to be a child, who wasn't supposed to argue about this and that with a semi-adult…But it seemed that his companion also got lost in the moment, forgetting that he wasn't supposed to argue with a child, whose intelligence could rival his.

The bell then rang and Conan quickly gathered his stuffs, shoved them into his backpack then he ran for the door before the three troublesome children decided to follow him around and rant to him how he should join the Detective Boys to put his skill into use. While the club sounded nice, he wasn't about to run around to find missing cats or pens, general missing pets and things. No, thank you very much.

…Conan chose the Elementary School's libraries first, two of them and none of them met his expectation so far. The little kids played in there, despite the librarian's effort to keep them quiet. The poor woman tried, he knew but due to be afraid of the kids' complain to their parents then their parents' complain to the headmaster which would lead to her lost her job, the poor librarian could only do so much as telling them gently…Those spoiled brats…and they were sent to school to know what was real life too. Real life didn't have people serve you in everything, y'know.

Then he decided to just go to the High School's libraries, four of them, and they were all nosy because of the girls that gathered there to chat and giggle and generally babble to each other instead of working on the projects they were supposed to present the next day…and the sight of a six year old reading English book in the High School's libraries was going to attract people's curiosity which was dangerous because he was supposed to lie low.

…Damn those men in black again!

Then as he was tempted to return to his dorm and read there, he suddenly remembered the music room on the third floor of the High School part. If he remembered correctly, three years ago, when he was still Kudo Shinichi and still in Middle School, one of his friend, Suzuki Sonoko had rambled excitedly about the haunted music room on he third floor of the High School part and Conan really hoped the rumor was still there-…Don't blame him that he was rarely interested in rumors around the school, that mean the room would be free because no one would dare to come there and he could just read there!


The not child grinned as his legs carried him in the long corridor to the room, he got some odd glances from the other high school students but he ignored them all. One of the girl had stopped to ask him if he was finding his older brother or not and that was when his mother's trail in him woke up. Flashing her a childish grin and in the cutest voice he could muster, Conan told her that yes and when she offered her help he told her that 'Thank you onee-chan but I'm fine on my own.' The girl smiled and patted his head, telling him to be careful before going on her way again. The not-child sighed and headed off again.

When the room appeared before his eyes, Conan couldn't help but let a wide, un-childlike grin sweep across his face, oh, how sweet life was.

As he pushed the door open, he stared as from the inside, flower petals swept out in a gentle gust of wind. He blinked behind his huge glasses as people appeared before his eyes.

"…Welcome to the Host Club," the occupants inside chorused sweetly and Conan wondered what hell he had gotten himself into.


…he also got the feeling that that year wasn't going to be pleasant.

Chapter 1: Which type would you choose?

"…What the hell?" Conan found himself saying that out loud as he finally saw the speakers clearly.

A boy with messy brown hair that still managed to look stylish was sitting on a chair, his violet eyes regarded Conan bemusedly and idly, the not-child could almost see the suppressed cheerfulness around him.

Behind him, a dark-skinned boy was grinning cheerfully, leaning down to place his elbow on the back of the chair, his green eyes twinkled with liveliness.

On the other side of the chair was a blond- who, to Conan's horror was his roommate, was leaning his back against the chair while his amber eyes looked at the clipboard in his hand and the watch in another intently.

And then, with his back to the dark-skinned one's side was another boy with dark skinned tone too, but he looked calmer than the other. His middle finger and forefinger were still on his glasses' sill as he was pushing the glasses up. On the left side of his forehead was a patcher.

Finally, the last one was another boy with glasses but his skin was pale compared to the others. His fringes were longer than a boy's should be and a kind smile was presenting on his lips as his eyes closed.

For a moment, everything seemed to freeze, the petals still flew around romantically that could have made a girl blush terribly as five pairs of eyes belonged to five fine young men were all focusing on her (*faints*)…

But in truth, all our little shrunken detective could see was a bunch of idiots…and what's with the 'Host Club' thing? He never knew his school had one!

"Well, well, well," the one in the middle, who was sitting on the chair stood up, one hand in his pocket while the other come up to finger his short fringe absently, "What do we have here?"

"A pint-size brat," the dark-skinned boy with green eyes started, his voice turned dry as he realized that, however cute our little detective was, he was clearly not a 'Princess'. Conan felt his eyes twitched, 'Well, sorry that men in black poisoned me and instead of killing me, it shrunk me.'

"With huge glasses," the one with long fringes continued happily and Conan's lips' corner twitched, '…Yours are not any better.'

"…" the boy with glasses and dark skin didn't say anything and Conan found nothing to mentally note either.

"…My roommate," the blond said, his eyes flicked from his clipboard to his watch idly and all the eyes stared at him.

"Seriously?" the messy haired boy blinked then he glided toward Conan, lifting him up by placing his hands on the not-child's hips, "The poor child, have to share room with that bastard…" the not-child scowled faintly at the way the other was man-handling him. 'Oi, oi…aren't you supposed to not use inappropriate language in from of children?' then he added after a thought, 'Not that I'm saying I'm one though…'

Violet eyes and blue ones locked for a moment before two pairs of eyes blinked.

"Hey! He looks a lot like me~!" the messy haired one cheered rather eagerly as he spun Conan around, getting the not-child dizzy, "Call me big brother, Glass-kun~! Ohhh, I finally have a little brother!"

"He certainly does," the blond nodded in agreement just as the green eyed boy plopped down on the chair the violet eyed one had sat in before.

"…What should we do with some lost brat now?"…Now, at least someone considered that he might be lost…but it seemed no one in the Club cared…

The messy haired one stopped spinning Conan around altogether to crush him to his uniformed chest, "How about treating him as our first customer this week?"

"…A nice idea! He might bring good luck to our Club," the boy with long fringe smiled brightly and suddenly, he slipped and fell on the ground with a loud thump, "…Since I always have the bad luck?"

"Agree," the green eyed boy nodded, his lips quirked up slightly, "It might be fun to show a little kid how adults work."

"…You call yourself adult?" the blond muttered bemusedly, finally looking up from his clipboard, amber eyes locked with green ones challengingly, "And it's not time to open the Club yet. Do whatever you want."

"That's decided then~!" the messy haired boy chirped happily and in a puff of pink smoke, Conan found himself dressed in a pink dress and his short haired was pulled into two tiny pigtails.

…For the God's sake…!

"W-wait, don't I get a say in this?" Conan piped in as he finally got his spinning brain back under his control. The violet eyed boy shot him a bright grin.

"Nope, just let big brother decide for you, little brother."

"A brat like you has something to say? Let me tell you, you should feel honor to have our attention like this," green eyed grinned brightly.

"…" the dark skinned boy with glasses looked like some sort of status as he observed his peers and the little not-child.

The one with long fringes finally stood up after his fall to smile at the not-child happily, "And you look cute in the dress, Ojou-chan."

"So, which one of us would you like to be in your company, Ojou-chan?" the violet eyed spoke sweetly into his ear and Conan's brain screamed, "Pedo-bear! Get away from him!"

"Would you prefer the silent but dedicated type, who will sit silently to listen to your troubles, our silent host- Kyogoku Makoto?" and the dark skinned boy with a patcher on his left forehead bowed silently.

"Or you like the wise and cool type, who can answer you almost all questions you have. Who will also treat you like a real Princess? We have a host called Hakuba Saguru." The bond cocked his head to one side, his clipboard magically disappeared to who-know-where as he smirked and bowed politely.

"Perhaps, you like a friendly type, who shall be your friend to chat about various things? Then you can choose our clumsy but charming host, Hondou Eisuke." The one with long fringes smiled brightly and held up a victory-sign.

"Maybe the passionate and hot-tempered host, who will protect you from everything you despite, will please you? So, We're sure our host, Hattori Heiji will surely please you." The green eyed boy saluted Conan mockingly as he flashed a wide grin.

And when Conan wasn't quite get over the dramatic show, fingers caught his chin and his face was gently turned toward the violet eyed boy. His violet eyes were sparkling and a charming smile on his lips, the background seemed to turn into a paradise of flowers and sunshine.

Blue eyes locked with violet ones and the boy whispered, "Or…Would you prefer to have me then? Who can be everything you want, cheerful, friendly, cool and ect, a multi-type host. Then I am Kuroba Kaito, at your service, Ojou-chan."

….And that was when Conan exploded.

"Shut up you idiots!" he snarled, "I am not a child and certainly not a girl! And you!" he turned to a wide eyes Kaito with his narrowed blue eyes, "Put me down this instant!"

Kaito complied without a second thought, setting Conan down and humbly stepping back to take cover behind Makoto.

The not-child stormed toward the chair and Hattori gladly stood up for him to sit down. Blue eyes glinted dangerously, as the curtains seemed to close on their own, making the room suddenly drown in darkness and the little detective looked just like an evil king…Let's forget the pink dress Kaito hat put him into, folks.

"From now on, I shall rule the world!"

…wait a minute, wrong line! Cuuuut! Retake the scene!

The entire room was drowning in silence until Eisuke broke it with another loud thump as he fell on his rear. That was when Makoto opened his mouth for the first time.

"…Then who are you?" he asked, his voice was dry and monochrome. Kaito poked his head up from behind to look at his 'little brother'.

"Yes! Who are you and what have you done to my cute brother!" he sobbed pitifully as he wailed about a tragedy of a pair of brothers, where the younger brother was taken away when he was just born and he- the older brother, had taken off to find his darling brother again. And when the brothers were finally reunited, the evil decided to possess the little brother's body…! Oh! The drama~!

"I am not your brother!" Conan yelled and evil flames burst up from behind the chair he was sitting on, making Kaito yelp and duck behind Makoto again.

"Listen clearly, you fools," Conan cleared his throat and his brain nervously informed him that something bad was going to happen but he ignored it for his mother's blood in him woke up.

"I am Kudo Shinichi and because of the men in black, my life has taken a dramatic turn. Having to live in a six-year-old body and act like a six-year-old, suffer massive boring school days and snobby rich children, not being able to act as myself! Do you understand the pain I have to bear?"

…Oi, oi…this isn't a dramatic and musical show…

"But no matter what!" he stood tall on the chair, "I shall bring those men to justice and get my body back!" and then, Conan basked himself in the clapping from the others in the room. It had been such a long time since he last was able to be in the spotlight like this…It felt nice…

"That was quiet a show, Kudo-kun," Hakuba smirked and Conan fell off the chair. For a moment, he just lied flat on the floor before he shoot up to his feet, looking cute and innocent like a sweet little boy…Again, let's forget the pink dress he was wearing, folks.

"What are you talking about, Hakuba-nii-san?" he chirped in the cutest voice he could muster but all he got back was amused looks.

"Well," Eisuke winked, "I did notice that Edogawa Conan appeared just sometime after Kudo Shinichi was rumored to go on a long case." Conan stepped back nervously…see? And he told his mother to wait a bit longer before admitting him into school but nooooooo! His mother just had to be like, "I wanna see my cute Shin-chan in the cute uniform now~~!"…Conan believed his mother took far too much pleasure from his condition…see? She was a sadist, for real.

"Mh," Hattori nodded, smirking, "I notice it too. And he's the hidden detective that solved most of the cases on the newspapers and TV too." Sweat started to form on his forehead…damn his detective blood for getting him shrunk then getting him to still ask Megure-san to send cases to him, through a secret email, of course.

"…His fighting and soccer skill are definitely Kudo's. I saw him fight with the bad guy days before. Especially the round house kick," Makoto spoke up quietly. Holy shi-, was it the case which he had fought with the kidnapper? How the heck did this guy know? Now he remembered, Makoto was the Middle school Karate Club's captain…why the hell he was in a Host Club then?

"…And the DNA matches too, also fingerprint and blood type," Hakuba tapped his clipboard in a rapid tune. Did he just gain another stalker?...Hope not, he'd hate having to change the room and lost someone who could talk about Holmes non-stop with him…And Hakuba had some limited editions about Holmes that he didn't have too! Oh God, he just hoped he wouldn't get so desperate that he would break into the blond's room and steal all the books to himself.

"…Now that we have your secret," Kaito stepped out from behind Makoto, one hand in his pocket and one under his chin, along with the wicked smirk, he looked absolutely dreamy. Damn, he was reminding Conan painfully of his old life as Shinichi…Curse those men in black again!

"…I believe we shall have a new host. We have been lacking one type after all."

…Now Conan knew he had just officially dug his own grave…He knew he should have gone to his room instead.

…Ohhh, poor Conan, he didn't know that his encounter with the Host Club was fate, I tell you, fate! That mean even if he had gone to his shared room with the blond, the Club would somehow take place there too.


…Yup, not the usual TBC…because I'm not sure v^^. I have some scenes for this in my head but two or three scenes can't make up a story v^^. So yeah, I'll write when the muse bites ^^. *runs off to start to type Forbidden*.

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