"Pleased you could take the time to see me, Ramirez."

"Well, when the President of the United States asks for me, I don't have much choice." The latino wizard replies, not meeting the mans eyes.

"Oh, I'm not here as the president. I'm here as a scientist."

"Are you." He fell silent for a moment, but when Luthor remained silent himself he looked up and led him on. "I take it you've discovered something interesting to me?"

"You might say that." Luthor replied. "It took me a while, all sorts of... tests, but I figured out how your magic works. It began as an intellectual exercise, I was confronted with a problem I didn't like and wanted to understand it. And then control it, naturally. I am surrounded by people with something I am defenseless against, allies of convenience and enemies of substance, and so I am vulnerable. So I decided I wanted to know more. Besides, I didn't like the implication that I am inferior to other people simply due to sheer dumb luck of genetics and interbreeding amongst the elite."

He pauses for a sip out of the decanter on his desk. "So I did some tests, to determine the nature of your powers. And as it happens, you're not a metahuman, but you are quantifiably different. But it's not a matter of genes, or mutations, or any other bits of biological wisdom. It's something far simpler."

"Yes. It's magic."

"No such thing. You see, what you so naively call magic is actually a far more complicated scientific process. And it exists in everyone, to a greater or lesser extent. What it is, in fact, is their life-force, which radiates from them, and the leakage is dispersed across the world. Where the concentration is higher, it runs together, in a manner not unlike the wind currents of the earth, and serve a similar function. Think of it like body temperature. And if you're affinity is higher then the average, then you are an ordinary human being."

"Well yes... higher?"

"Higher. And then there are those born with less. Those who are less intense then the surrounding world. To stretch the body heat metaphor, the majority heat up the world, while the others absorb the warmth the others produce, receiving a constant influx of power while the rest carry on aimlessly filling up the world. What you are is a parasite. Your magic is not applied will. The human mind can triumph over many things, I know that better then anyone, but it cannot make fire out of nothing. What makes the fire is life leached away from every individual you come into contact with, and some physics thrown in for good measure. You yourself are less a wizard then almost anyone else. Even your longevity is a sham."

Ramirez opened his mouth, then closed it, blinking. It actually made a lot of sense. It would explain how some beings existed on belief, because they were unconsciously being fed magic by the masses of humanity who believed in them. It answered so many questions, why cruel people only seemed to be able to summon up negative energy, and a thousand other little irregularities he'd never even thought of before.

"I thought you should know that. You can go." He said, looking down at the papers on his desk.