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Chapter 1

The town of Jasper, Nevada was met with a beautiful sunrise as Jackson "Jack" Darby stretched out of bed. As he made his way to the kitchen, he noticed his mother, June, was absent. "Must've been another all nighter," he mused. Jack took a shower and put his brown shirt with long grey sleeves, blue jeans, and black and white sneakers. He stepped into his garage and was met with an empty space.

"Guess Arcee must've been called to base." Several months ago, Jack stumbled upon an alien race of robots called Cybertronians. There were the Autobots, led by the noble Optimus Prime, and the Decepticons, led by Megatron. Jack found himself caught in the middle of this war when he saw a blue motorcycle outside K/O Burger, the fast food joint where he worked. While trying to catch the attention of Sierra, the object of his affections, he found himself under attack from two driverless cars.

That was just the beginning as he find himself aiding the Autobots in their war for survival. Badly outmatched, both in numbers and technology, Jack, along with Miko Nakadai, and Raf Esquivel have done all they can to help their newfound friends. The blue motorcycle in question was named Arcee. When they first met, Arcee was rather hostile towards Jack, at least verbally, but he seems to grown on her. Thinking back on how they were then and how they are now, it was a surreal feeling.

Jack hopped on his ten speed bike and peddled down to the K/O Burger. "Time for another glorious day flipping burgers and taking scrap from punk ass customers," he muttered to himself. Jack arrived at work and placed his bike in the stand and put his ridiculous paper hat. As he moved to his work station, a voiced called behind him, "Darby, wait a sec!" He spun around to face his boss. "What do you need sir?"

"For you to make a delivery," he said. "But Mr. Bakers, this is a fast food restaurant, we don't deliver." "We do when the customer pays triple the price for it," He flashed a large wad of money his face. Jack frowned at his boss, "They why not have Jake or Lizzy-," he said before being cut off. "They asked for you personally Jack."

"Huh? But I don't even know who 'they' are!" he made sure to keep his voice low as to avoid attention. "Whether you know them or not isn't important. Just get it done," Mr. Bakers tone left no room for argument as he handed Jack a paper, greased stained bag and sent him off. Of all of days for Arcee to gone. Jack sighed as got on his bike and rode to the address his boss handed them. To say Jack hated his job was an understatement; He wanted to go back in time and find the guy who founded K/O Burger and kick him in the groin so hard, he wouldn't be capable of reproducing.

He rode down to an old building and hopped his bike to examine the card to make sure he'd gotten the address right. "Okay now to find this 'Clancy Brown' and get this over with." With that he entered the building.


The swirling vortex of the groundbridge opened up and four vehicles, a red and blue semi, a dark greed ATV, a blue motorcycle, and a yellow and black Camaro strolled into the missile silo they called home. Safe from prying eyes, the four vehicle seemingly broke apart, only for their part to shift around and take their true forms. Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, walked turned his troops. Arcee, his second-in-command, Bulkhead, his weapons master, and Bumblebee, his scout. "And how was the energon signal our sensors picked up," a gruff voice called from the monitors.

"The signal led us to substantial amount of energon, Ratchet," Optimus addressed his Chief Medical Officer. "We will begin stockpiling soon, before the Decepticons have an opportunity to discover it for themselves." With a curt nod, the red and white mech returned to watch the monitors. "Hey Bulk!" A perky young girl with black hair with pink highlights ran over to the metallic titans. Bulkhead kneeled down and placed Miko on his shoulders, "Hey Miko, hope you weren't waiting long." "Nah, Mrs. D just dropped Raf and me off here a few minutes ago." "What about Jack?" the blue femme, Arcee asked. Miko was about to answer when she beaten to punch by Raf, dressed in his brown vest, jeans, and red shoe. "We stopped by his job on the way here, but his boss said he'd sent him out to deliver some food to a customer on the edge of town."

Arcee gave him a nod and went to stock the energon they had collected from their patrol. Though she wouldn't outright say it, she was worried whenever she didn't know where Jack was. If she'd learned anything from losing her partners, Tailgate and Cliffjumper, it's that the 'Cons could strike at any moment, especially a certain spider bot. She wanted to make sure she didn't another partner to the 'Cons or MECH.

Arcee shuddered at the memory of what the human terrorist organization did to Breakdown, one of the toughest cons to ever set foot on the battle field. They'd left their mark on Breakdown by taking his optic. They'd nearly cracked her open at one point, but luckily she came to and managed to escape and get Jack and his mother out of there. One thing was certain though, they hadn't seen the last of MECH.


Jack stepped inside the building and made his way to a light coming from under a door. He knocked on the door and waited for a response before turning the knob and stepping inside. "Special delivery for a Mr. Clancy Brown," he said as enthusiastically as he could. "Right on time Mr. Darby," a deep and threatening voice that was all too familiar sent a chill down Jack's spine. He spun around and was met with an electrical shock before fading into unconsciousness.


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