Alright, my silly little readers; as many of you have demanded this chapter, I'm making you all happy by making it ridiculously long. I need to catch Unwanted and This Story's WPC up to date with KSD and HPET, so here we go! Chapter Commence!

They didn't need help at all. Nope, not at all. Jack knew right there, standing at the top of the ladder looking down, He was no match for the girl in the necklace, as much as he liked her. She deserved someone like Ethan.

Cloe spun, hit an Enderman, ducked, got the legs of another Enderman and jumped to block another attack from the first Enderman. She then got the second Enderman while facing the first one, then swung her blade in a high arch over her head to the first Enderman, then kicked the Enderman to procure her blade from within its head. Both Endermen fell to the floor, dead. Two Hits.

She had a Diamond Sword. Where the heck did she get a Diamond sword?

By this time, everyone was watching Cloe. Even the Mobs. They were lining up to try to face her!


As soon as I finished fighting off the last Enderman present, I looked around to see all the other mobs retreating through the open gate. People burst into a round of applause. All but one person was clapping. Jack was left out. He was walking away, feeling what I thought was defeated.

I smiled, not trying to give Jack too much of my attention, and silently thanked Ethan for staying put and for leaving me a nice, shiny new diamond sword in his house.

Corban ran up to me and whispered something. "Problem." She said. I ran and followed her to our house,

-Later, roughly 6 am.-

"People of Ezereth!" I called to the town. I was now standing on a stage, Corban leaning on a large cage behind me. Several people peeked their heads out of the door of their homes, several others came to gather around the stage. "We found Ethan!" More people came out to gather by the stage, clearly wanting to see what was going on. "But you must promise us something." I said, pausing for effect. "Don't get mad."

Silence, then; "Why would we be mad?"

I gave Corban the signal and she pulled the blanket off of the cage to reveal the caged Ethan, sitting. People burst with anger.





"I am Ethan." The crowd instantly went into a very awkward silence. "I am Ethan." Ethan repeated, looking to me for help. I shook my head, and he looked back to the crowd. "Endermen capture people and turn them into – well – this. They brainwash you into thinking that Humans deserve to die, as they kill so many of us. That if we don't kill them, they'll kill us. They tested on animals before they chose their first human – err – me. They messed up on the brainwashing portion of mine, as I still remembered Love, Compassion – I remembered the love I had for this town. The love for my town kept my humanity with me! My eyes remain Green and I can still speak…" He paused. "My friends, fellow Townsfolks… Jack. I'm sorry I cannot lead you any longer, but I will do what I can. But her – Cloe." My name caught my attention. "You all love her. She was like me. I say she should take my place for the time being, until I can regain my human form, and then we can work on getting out of here! What do you say, guys? Cloe for Leader?"

Silence, again…

And then, "Long Live Cloe and Ethan!" someone yelled, followed by it repeated by the rest of the crowd in unison. You're all lucky I didn't stop here like I planned in the pre-made version. Right, someone remind me that I went into next chapter.

Jack, apparently, didn't care. He ran up onto the stage, Iron sword in hand, and tried to kill Ethan. Had we not moved the crowd so much, Ethan would be dead. Hooray for words! Jack was being held back by someone I heard him call Ryan. "Ryan! RYAN! LET ME GO! DARIUS! RYAN! PLEASE! Cloe! This thing has you brainwashed!"

"What makes you think I can brainwash people?" Ethan said, looking right at Jack. Jack looked around for the speaker. His eyes settled on the Enderman. "Jack," Ethan Continued, "Jack, who's Initials spell Jack. Jack, who has a fear of things that have purple eyes. Jack, who has a fear of things that aren't real."

Jack blinked.

I did too.

Purple eyes.

"Cloe, take off your contacts."

"Wha- NO!"

"Cloe, do it."

"Fine." I took off my contacts and blinked at Jack.

"See, Jack? The girl you love fits into your fears. You like her. You don't even like me, and I don't have purple eyes.

"Your point?"

I looked between Jack and Ethan.

"My point is – "

He never got to finish. Two Endermen teleported in, grabbed Ethan, then left.

I slowly shook my head. I'll never understand these Endermen.


Cody and Erik were the two who teleported in to take me.

LET ME GO! I shouted at them.

Ethan, You can't keep thinking like that. Cody replied.

You're going to get in trouble. Erik continued.

I ran through the maze in which they teleported me to.

Dude, you have to come home sometime.


You going to let them think you died?


Whatever, man. You have fun, but for what we're concerned, you're one of them now.

Ethan ran, forgetting he could teleport.

I'll be there for you. These five words I swear to you, Cloe. When you breathe, I wanna be the air for you. I'll be there for you. I sang in my head, for the lack of the required words. I'll Be There for You.