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"So you're not a Chaser," James said bracingly as they touched down. "And you should probably steer clear of Seeker, too."

"And Keeper," Sirius added with a sigh. "I'm rubbish at Quidditch."

"No you aren't," Peter said earnestly, but Sirius just snorted.

James rolled his eyes. "You can't give up until you've tried Beater! C'mon – one more game. You can be on my team!"

"Cause that way, even if I make as terrible a Beater as I do a Chaser, we won't be completely walloped?"

Laughing, James clapped him on the back. "Now you've got it!"


Mr. Pettigrew's voice drifted up the stairs and through the open door. "I've got no choice, Enid. Everyone's on edge tonight."

"This hasn't got anything to do with You-Know-Who, has it?" Mrs. Pettigrew demanded sharply. "It's the Aurors' responsibility to deal with him, not yours."

James strained his ears to hear Mr. Pettigrew's response, but the man had dropped his voice low, and James couldn't make out the words through the sloshing of the rain outside...

"Have you heard something, Phillip?" Mrs. Pettigrew asked. "Is there going to be another attack tonight?"

Mr. Pettigrew sighed. "I wish I knew."


The boy was short and wiry, with a pointed face, gray eyes, and sleek black hair. He carried himself like a pureblood brat, wearing the same self-important expression as the man and woman fawning over him. All three bore a striking resemblance to Sirius, and suddenly James knew who he was looking at.

"That your family, mate?"

Sirius snorted in disgust. "They got him an owl."

"What?" James' eyes found the luggage cart beside the Blacks and, sure enough, a petite, jet black owl was napping in a cage atop the trunk.

"Told me if I wanted a pet, I had to buy it myself, and then look what happens when Reg asks."


In the years to come, James would swear up and down that he had put all his homework off until the last minute, that he had never once completed an assignment more than twelve hours before it was due. And he certainly would never let Remus Lupin coerce him into staying on top of his school work. He was James Potter, prankster extraordinaire, not some boring old bookworm!


Mr. J. A. Potter—

It is with greatest pleasure that I request your company on
Friday, September the 22nd, 1972
for an evening of conversation and refreshments. Please
come to my office at 8:00 pm on the aforementioned date.
I look forward to seeing you there.


H. E. F. Slughorn

Longer, darker, and more action-packed than Year One, with more secrets, more confrontations, more just plain Marauder fun! Coming soon...

Year Two: James Potter and the Shrieking Shack