Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I should totally pair Meloetta with more Pokemon. Not that it really matters here. Eh.

Meloetta and Whimsicott were bored. Very bored. On a nice, sunny day. On the grassy green meadows. Where, exactly? Somewhere in the more obscure regions of the Unova region, since these two Pokemon gals were from Gen 5. But more noticeably, they needed some excitement.

"Golly, I'm bored as a stone," Whimsicott muttered as she sighed, turning to Meloetta. "Let's do something fun."

Meloetta's stomach growled louldy, prompting Meloetta to rub her grumbling belly. "How about we get a Krabby Patty? That seems to do us good."

Whimsicott stood up, slapping Meloetta across the face. "I meant without eating anything! Is there any day that you don't want to eat?"

Meloetta giggled as she shrugged. "Nope!"

Whimsicott sighed as she pulled out a cup of lemonade from within her cotton that somehow didn't spill within it, taking a sip of it. "Well perhaps we should consider thinking of any predicaments to make us feel more proactive and-"

Whimsicott opened her eyes, only to see Meloetta farting bassy tuba poots as she sighed, with Meloetta giggling from her pooting farts.

"Golly! I held these tooty toots in for a while!" Meloetta exclaimed as she fanned the air with one of her paddle shaped hands, turning to Whimsicott. "Did you say something?"

Whimsicott finished drinking her cup of lemonade as she stashed it back into her cotton fluff. "No. I was just hoping that something intriguing would pop up for us."

Suddenly, both Whimsicott and Meloetta noticed a bright, colorful beach ball bouncing by, being entranced by it. The colors were yellow, red, and blue.

Whimsicott giggled as she ran towards the beach ball. "Look, Melly! A beach ball! Perfect to make us not bored!"

Meloetta giggled in a high pitch tone, popping up next to Whimsicott. "Ohhh! It makes me feel excited!"

Whimsicott eyed Meloetta suspiciously. "You need to stop being aroused."

Meloetta shrugged as she placed her hands behind her back.

Whimsicott turned to the beach ball. "Anyway, let's see what we can do with this ball!"

Watching the two Pokemon girls playing with this vivid beach ball was the Pokemon God Arceus, who was taking the time to relax as he was high in the sky, watching from the white puffy clouds filling up the otherwise clear blue sky.

"It makes me good to help those in need," Arceus explained as he chuckled, willing to see where this would go as he patiently watched.