Meloetta and Whimsicott were being washed away from the shoreline, along with the beach ball they were going after. Meloetta began crying as Whimsicott cried out for help, the view of the shoreline getting farther and farther away. Whimsicott turned to Meloetta.

"I told you to hold on!" Whimsicott yelled at Meloetta as she tried swimming against the current. "But now, we're gonna get swept away!"

Meloetta slapped Whimsicott across the face. "My fault? It was your fault that we're being pulled away!"

As Meloetta and Whimsicott kept arguing, a huge Relicanth rose out of the ocean, swallowing Meloetta, Whimsicott, and the beach ball. Meloetta and Whimsicott screamed as they held onto each other dearly, whereas the beach ball popped. The Relicanth yawned, heading back into the deep depths of the salty sea.