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So, what's there to say about my life? Other then it is FAR from ordinary and boring. Well actually, it started out that way. But now, it's just filled with crazy hijinks like this…


A dark night falls upon this once heavily populated, but now empty hallow city. And high above its tall buildings and sky scrapers, a small, thin looking masked man dressed in a red and blue form fitting spandex body suit, makes his way above the city streets by shooting thin web-like lines from out of his wrists and swings from one building to the next. The red portions of his suit all have black webbing sewn in and with a black spider symbol on his chest, as well as a larger red spider symbol on his back. For his matching red, it covered his entire head and face, complete with 'bugged-eyed' one way lenses where the eyes are located. The mysterious masked man zips past one rooftop to the next in a desperate rush. And he has a very good reason for doing this…

For not far away are two green plated armored men, which were known throughout the entire United States as the nation's newest law enforcers as Guardsmen, and giving chase to the masked man by soaring through the night skies via jet boots. A split second later, one Guardsman takes action by holding up his left hand, takes aim, and fires a laser beam out of his open palm, hoping on hitting the web-swinging masked man in the back and bring him down.

Strangely, the masked man feels a strong tingling sensation in the base of his skull. The feeling usually occurred when danger was near, and in this case, the laser blast coming his way and fast! Knowing he must act, the masked man quickly looks around and on the rooftop to his left, spots his salvation in the form of a transmitter tower. Wasting no time, the masked man holds up his left arm, and pressing his middle and ring finger into his palm, he shoots a web-line which successfully hits the middle part of the tower. The masked man then yanks hard on his end, zipping over to the tower and in the process, dodges the Guardsman's blast.

Once he was inches away from the tower, the masked man holds his arms and legs out in front of him, and strangely, his hands and feet sticks to the surface of the tower. Just after saving himself, however, the masked man soon feels the strong tingling in his head turn, and which prompts him to turn and look up to see the two Guardsmen above him and with their hands up, ready to open fire.

The masked man, clearly in no mood to be used for target practice, makes his move by quickly holding up and point his left hand at the Guardsman hovering on the left side, and shoots another web-line from out of his wrist and hits the armored enforcer's chest plate. The masked man does not stop there, for he then hops off of the tower and pulls hard on his end of the line, zipping over to the shocked Guardsman. Just like the tower, the airborne 'web-slinger' sticks out his hands and feet, and once getting close enough, instantly sticks to the armored attacker's chest plate.

As for the other Guardsman, he at first floats in disbelief at what just occurred, then shakes his head to regain focus, holds up both of his hands and fires two blasts at the masked man while he was still clinging to his partner.

The masked man, on the other hand, sees this attack coming his way and quickly jumps up off of the Guardsman's chest plate. By doing so, he not only avoids the blasts, but also allows them to hit the disoriented Guardsman he was sticking to in his armored chest, causing the green plated enforcer to fall and crash into an air-conditioning box on a rooftop below.

While still high fin the air, the masked man points his right hand down at the Guardsman hovering below him and shoots a web-line, which in turn hits the second Guardsman in his faceplate.

Blinded and in a state of complete panic, the Guardsman takes hold of the webbing on his faceplate. While frantically trying to get the webbing off, the armored enforcer bends over to the right side and inadvertently pulls the masked man towards him.

Instead of trying to escape, however, the masked man simply 'goes for the ride' by letting the Guardsman pull him down towards him. Once close enough, the masked man kicks both of his feet downward and plants his feet hard into the Guardsman's back. In doing so, the web-slinging masked man drives his blinded and confused enemy down towards the rooftop below them, causing the Guardsman to crash chest first onto the roof surface below them. The masked man himself managed to save himself from injury by using the Guardsman to cushion his fall, and once his downed attacker lays in the small crater he created, the victorious web-slinger jumps off of the green plated enforcer's back, then holds up his right arm, and shoots a web-line swings off into the night.

"Oh, and that handsome devil in tights who was just hoping around and putting a beat down on those two Robocop wannabes…that's me. Names Peter Parker, you're typical fun loving fifteen year old kid, but while I'm in 'work clothes' you can just call me 'your friendly neighborhood Spider-man'. And from the looks of things, it looks like I'm about to go home scott free. But sadly, with great spider powers….also come's the worst luck in the planet…"

Just as the mask wearing web-slinger, aptly named Spider-man, shoots another line from his right wrist in mid-swing, he once again feels the strong tingling in his head. At that point, he knew he was in danger once more, and worse, he was in a vulnerable position while swinging off of his webs. With that in mind, Spider-man was just about to act, but unfortunately, he is stopped when what appears to be a green blur zoom in and ram itself right into his left side, sending the web-swinging fighter towards a billboard that shows a picture of a smiling, red-headed middle aged man in a black business suit and hold a baby, with the banner headline reading 'Norman Osborn cares for America's future.'

While in mid-air, Spider-man is loopy, he isn't able to hold out his hands and feet to stick to the billboard and save himself. As such, he ends up slamming his chest hard on the billboard, then slides down and falls down to the metal balcony on the bottom, landing hard on his back onto the unforgiving steel.

"…ow…" uttered a pain ridden Spider-man while trying to sit up, putting great strain on his back in the process. Once he finally sits up completely, the fall Wall Crawler reaches up with his left hand and grabs the hand railing. Mustering what strength he has in his upper body, Spider-man manages to pull himself up and stand back up on his feet. It wasn't until he got back in a vertical base when he looked up and noticed the billboard just rammed into, and lets out a sigh upon seeing the picture. "Okay, this just makes the pain ALLOT worse."

Suddenly, Spider-man is alerted once again. But this time, not by the tingling of his danger sense from before, but instead by hearing the cackling of an elderly, male voice from high above. This prompts him to instinctively look up to where he hears the laughter and quickly gets into a defensive fighting stance when he sees who was hovering over him.

It was revealed to be a bald, elderly man who is clad in green armor with sharp, metal feather wings attached to his arms, which he was flapping up and down to stay afloat. He was also equipped with small daggers on his feet in a bird talon-like design. "Yes, I figured it would." Said the winged man in a smug arrogant tone while looking down at the battle ready Spider-man on the walk way below.

Moments later, the winged man is soon joined by the two Guardsmen from earlier. Both did not appear be very 'punctual' however, for while one Guardsman still had some webbing on his chest plate, the other still had webbing covering his entire faceplate and was using his left hand to hold on to his partner's shoulder, using him as a guide as he tried to get the webbing off with his other hand.

The winged man notices the two disoriented Guardsmen hovering behind him through the corner of his eye, and after grumbling in annoyance to their incompetence, he resets his attention back down to Spider-man with a cold scowl.

Spider-man stared back up at the winged man, and still stood ready for whatever attack his new enemy had in mind. "So, who are you exactly? Mr. Buzzard? Captain Flamingo…?" As the Web-Slinger continued, he help up both his hands in a mockingly pleading fashion. "Wait, wait, don't tell me…'The Pigeon."

The winged man's eyes shoot open in anger upon hearing Spider-man's quip. "The name is Vulture, you little snot nosed prick!"

Despite hearing the anger brewing in the 'Vulture's' voice, the joke spewing Spider-man continued his lighthearted quipping. "Oh, so I was half right with 'Mr. Buzzard.'"

"ENOUGH!" yelled the enraged Vulture, with his voice loud enough for the whole city to hear. Afterwards, he stops himself and takes a deep breath to help him calm down and regain his composure. "..I was warned about that big mouth of yours. Let's get back to business, shall we? Peter Benjamin Parker, for violation of the Superhuman Registration Act and committing acts of treason on the United States of America…you are under arrest."

Upon hearing this comment from the Vulture, Spider-man couldn't help but give him a raised eyebrow behind his mask. "Uh yeah, sure…" said the Web-Slinger in a sarcastic tone. "Hate to pet peeve, but I find it just a little hard to believe that you're here to arrest me after your two cronies just tried to blast me into dust a few seconds ago."

The blinded Guardsman hears Spider-man's remark after finally ripping the webbing off of his face plate, and thus decides to address the Vulture. "We had our repulsers set on stun, sir."

"Shut up!" hissed the Vulture to the Guardsman while still staring intently at Spider-man. 'Look arachnid, you can either come quietly or be squashed like the worthless bug that you are! Your choice!"

Hearing Vultures threat loud and clear, as well as seeing the blood thirst in his eyes, Spider-man soon jumps up and puts his feet on top of the support railing, as if ready to literally jump into action against the Vulture and his men.

"Pretty tense moment there, huh? And by now, you're probably wondering how a fifteen year old kid is able to not only able to shoot webs and stick to walls, but also wearing tights and getting into fights against a winged, short tempered psycho and his two tin plated goons. Who, by the way, work for a new United States President whose turn this country into a nightmare! And what's worse…the new President is not only someone I once looked up to, but also the father of my best friend. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself. So to help you guys get where I'm coming from, I'll start from the beginning…