Two days have passed since President Osborn's press conference. And ever since that time, the city of New York, like all cities around the country, have been watched over and closely guarded by the Osborn's newly established H.A.M.M.E.R. Even the lights and giant TV screens of Times Square now show the Ultmate's U symbol, as well as the Iron Patriot's picture with his hands on his hips in a superior posture are now shown instead of the TV commercials, news reporters, all in which made this part of New York more lively.

The people of the city still moved around in the streets and were in a hurry to go to either their jobs or to their homes, but mostly out of fear and to try and quickly get out of sight of the armored H.A.M.M.M.E.R agents, which were either flying airborne via their rocket boots, or watching the populace on special posts stationed on the buildings' rooftops.

In the midst of the rushing people, there was one man, with his head covered with the hood of his jacket, and missing his right arm, who tries to lose himself in the crowd as he makes his way into the entrance to one of the underground subway station.

Unbeknownst to the one-armed man, however, he did not go the subway entrance unseen. For in a dark corner in a nearby alley, there was another hooded man, but with the sign of his coated appearing to be like that of a lion. He then takes the moment to put his right finger to his ear to use the com-link he was given, and in the process revealed that he had a black beard and appeared to be in his late forties, early fifties. "Conner is now entering the underground subway. I highly advice you allow me to capture him before I lose him for good."

"Acknowledged." Said the male voice on the other end. "Proceed, but remember, suspect must be taken alive."

"Understood." Replied the bearded man, then takes his hand away from his eye, and puts his hood further over his head for stealth. "Finally, the sooner the lessor pray is out of the way, the sooner 'Kraven the Hunter' can move onto a real, more deserving challenge." Though eager to proceed, the man known as Kraven waits a moment to allow a bus to pass right by, and as soon as it does, the Hunter himself is nowhere to be seen, as if he vanished out of sight.