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Stubborn and Clueless

Chapter One
by Fidomom

Chloe waited until she heard Craig and Nancy turn in for the night, before turning on her light and getting out of bed. She was furious. She quickly wrote them a note explaining where she was going so they wouldn't worry if they discovered she was gone. She left the Wesley house quickly and quietly, her rage building inside her until she felt she could scream. She was planning to scream alright but only for a particular audience.
A half hour later, she found herself outside an unfamiliar decrepit apartment building. She entered the building and took the elevator to the top floor. She tried to calm herself as she stood outside the door but the anger she was feeling for the person on the other side of the door was too fresh. She knocked firmly fully intending to blast him with her ire. The door slid open noisily and there he was looking shocked and puzzled,
"Chloe? What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at home asleep! Hang on and I'll drive you home. What were you thinking, Chloe? My God what if you had fainted on your way over here! This is not the best neighborhood either Chloe. When I think of all the terrible things that could have happened to you ... dammit Chloe I thought you were smarter than this! What in the hell possessed you to come all the way over here on your own?"
One look at him and despite her intentions her resolve flew out the window. All she wanted was for him to hold her. Even though every word out of his mouth confirmed what she already knew. They didn't even have a friendship. It was all one sided. He would never view her as a friend. In his eyes she was just some messed up teenage kid he took pity on. Just a kid that needed to be looked after. She took a shuddering breath.
"Brady, wait. I have some things to say to you. First of all, you won't be driving me home now or ever again. While I appreciate your genuine concern for my safety, it isn't really any of your business where I go or when. I made a huge mistake in thinking we were real friends Brady, when the truth is I'm just an annoying kid to you. You proved that tonight very succinctly. I received the most crushing news of my life and you figuratively patted me on the head and sent me to bed with a condescending albeit sympathetic smile. I had thought you of all people, my best friend or so I foolishly thought, would understand how devastated I feel about missing the audition for the Masters class. Instead you treated it like I had a broken fingernail. Well you won't have to endure anymore of my petty teenage problems. I won't bother you with phonecalls anymore, I won't show up at your place of work anymore and you'll never again find me on your doorstep. It was very kind of you to put up with me for as long as you have. Good-bye Brady."
Brady just stood there shell-shocked by her speech and watched her walk out of his life. He fought the urge to go after her~Brady Black doesn't chase girls they chase me.~ A tear he didn't understand rolled down his cheek as he whispered softly to himself "Good-bye, Diva."

To be continued ...