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Stubborn And Clueless

Chapter 26

by Fidomom

Two pairs of hope-filled blue eyes looked up as Dr. Stork entered the room. Chloe's grip on Brady's hand tightened imperceptibly,

"Are those my results Dr. Stork?"

Dr. Stork nodded and smiled gently,

"Yes Chloe. According to the results of your tests, the transplant was successful. The cancer is gone, so young lady you're being evicted ... an actual sick person needs that bed."

Chloe and Brady openly cried and laughed as they hugged and kissed and tried to outdo each other in profusely thanking Dr. Stork. Craig and Nancy came in just then. Craig fought his own smile as he took in Brady's and Chloe's smiles and tears,

"What's all the ruckus in here? Good news I hope?"

Mr. and Mrs. Black nodded emphatically beaming amazed smiles. Chloe pulled away from her husband and held her arms out to her parents,

"It worked! It really worked! I'm cured!"

Nancy had held back believing until she heard it from her daughter's lips and then her dam broke. She embraced her husband and child in a fierce hug as her eyes spilled tears of joy and relief. Dr. Stork cleared her throat,

"I'll just go see to your discharge papers. I'll be back in a bit."

Chloe looked to her doctor, smiling through tears of gratitude,

"Dr. Stork? I just want to say thank you again for helping me get my life back; my future."

Dr. Stork grinned,

"I'm just the doctor Chloe- you're the fighter. The person who truly deserves thanks is the young woman who generously donated her healthy bone marrow to you."

Chloe smiled and nodded once in agreement,

"I know it is highly irregular that we even know the name of my donor, but I'm so glad we do. I can't imagine feeling this overwhelming sense of relief and gratitude toward an anonymous somebody out there. This way I get to thank her myself and in person. How do other TP recipients deal with not knowing who gave them the gift of life?"

Dr. Stork paused in her attempt to leave the room and turned toward her young patient,

"Well Chloe there are programs set up for recipients to write thank-you letters to their donors and stay in letter contact with them without any personal information being exchanged. After a year has passed they

can arrange to meet each other."

Chloe looked thoughtful for a moment then a slow smile spread across her features,

"That is pretty cool I guess, but I'm still glad I already know who saved my life."

Dr. Stork smiled and left the room. As she walked down the corridor toward her office she saw Chloe's blonde friend talking to a prettty auburn haired girl. Belle spotted Dr. Stork and stopped mid-sentence to get her attention,

"Dr. Stork! Were you just in to see Chloe? Are the results in yet?"

Dr. Stork stopped and looked into Belle's anxious blue eyes trying to keep her own expression neutral,

"I think it's best if Chloe tells you the answer to that. Please excuse me."

Belle watched the doctor walk away her mind going a million miles an hour. Then she finally turned back to Mimi,

"Oh my God Mimi! What if it's bad news?! My brother and Chloe have been through so much already! Ohhh! I'm afraid to go and find out. Come with me?"

Mimi looked uncomfortable,

"Uhh I kinda can't. I was supposed to be somewhere like ten minutes ago. Look Belle I bet Chloe is fine. She looked the picture of health the last time you saw her right? I bet the transplant took."

Belle thought for a moment,

"Yes, she did look pretty much like herself last time I saw her. You know what? You're probably right, I should just go and find out. Anyways where do you have to be that you can't come with me to see Chloe?"

Mimi avoided Belle's direct blue gaze as she mumbled,

"I have a date . Well not a date date okay an appointment but not really. It's like a cross between an appointment and a date. I'm just supposed to meet him for coffee and we're just gonna talk about ... uhh .. college and ... some other stuff."

Belle smiled and her brows rose in amusement,

"Okay Meems spill! What's going on? Who are you having this date not a date with?"

Mimi cringed as she blurted out,

"With Jason."

Belle looked at her expectantly,

"Jason? Am I supposed to know who ... oh .. my ... God! You don't mean? Jason Masters? You have a date with Jason Masters?!"

Mimi talked through clenched teeth as her cheeks pinked up,

"Belle! Could you keep your voice down please! I told you it's not a real date and I'm so late he probably gave up on me by now, anyway."

Belle frowned,

"Okay so that means you have time to explain this to me. How on earth did you and Jason end up dating?"

Mimi gasped,

"We're not! Not exactly, anyway. Belle he made me promise not to tell anyone, but I can't keep it from you anymore. You can't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you, though! Jason would never forgive me if this gets out! Okay the day after we heard that Sami was Chloe's match I had an early morning candy

striper shift. Jason was here that day as a patient well not exactly but sort of. It goes like this; he joined in the bone marrow drive for Chloe and he was a match. No, no, I know Sami was Chloe's match but Jason claims he 'accidentally' checked the box for the nationwide donor program instead of checking the box that would only test his blood against Chloe's bone marrow and it turns out he was a match to a little boy right

here in Salem. He and I have talked a lot since that day and he made me promise not to tell anyone that he donated his marrow and saved that little boys life. Jason called me earlier today. He just got his first letter from the boy whose life he saved and he's nervous about opening it. He wanted me to be there when he does. Okay? So you see it's not a date date, you know?"

Belle was openly stunned,

"Wow. I didn't think Jason would ever do anything so selfless. Why doesn't he want anyone to know?"

Mimi shrugged,

"I don't know, I mean he says it's just that it's nobody else's business. Whatever his reason is, it's just really important to him that nobody finds out. So ... you won't tell anyone, right? Please?"

"Won't tell anyone what? What secrets are you two whispering about?"

Mimi about jumped out of her skin,

"Oh no! What did you hear?"

Sami smirked and raised her eyebrow,

"I heard everything! I'm telling!"

Belle's eyes narrowed suspiciously and she interrupted Mimi mid-beg,

"Sami, you can't! It'll ruin Brady's and Chloe's surprise party!"

Sami's features fell in disappointment,

"Oh. Is that all you were talking about. I already knew about that. Hey Belle do you know if Chloe got her results yet?"

Belle nodded solemnly,

"Yes, I think she did. I saw her doctor but she told me I should go ask Chloe about it."

Mimi stood there with a look of consternation on her face,

"Sami, I thought you just said you heard everyth ...OW! What was that for, Belle? Oh! Ohhhh! Uhh I have to go! Belle please call me and let me know about Chloe?"

Belle nodded,

"I will. We'll talk soon."

When Belle turned back to her sister she was met with a grin of admiration,

"Why you little sneak! You tricked me! Nice one!"

Belle grinned and winked,

"I think I know my own sister well enough by now to know when she's bluffing! It wasn't anything you'd be interested in anyway. A mutual acquaintance of ours donated his bone marrow and saved a little boy's life and he doesn't want anyone to know that he did it. It's kinda dumb if you ask me!"

Sami looked pensive,

"It's not that dumb Belle. I kinda wish not so many people knew I was Chloe's donor."

Belle frowned,

"Really? But Sami why? So many people are so grateful to you, including yours truly. You did a really beautiful selfless thing. I'm so proud of you, sis! I would think that would make you feel proud of yourself, too. Doesn't it?"

Sami held her breath a moment contemplating trying to explain it and changed her mind. She let out her breath all at once,

"Yeah, Belle of course I'm glad I did it; especially if it saves Chloe's life. You wanna go together to see her and find out what the results are?"

Belle nodded and they walked towards Chloe's room. They got there just as Craig was leaving still wiping tears from his face. Belle's heart dropped as she misunderstood,

"Oh no Dr. Wesley, what's wrong? Is it Chloe? Is the cancer back?"

The door wasn't quite closed and Chloe heard Belle's query,

"BELLE! Come in here please!"

Belle ducked into the hospital room with Sami right behind her,

"Chloe? Did you get the results back?"

Chloe's face broke into a grin and she nodded enthusiastically as fresh tears spilled from her eyes,

"Yep! I'm cured Belle! I'm cancer free!"

Belle sobbed in happy relief as her own eyes spilled tears and she rushed to embrace her friend in a rib-crushing hug,

"Oh my God Chloe! Oh my God I'm so relieved to hear that! That is so great! When can you go home?"

Chloe and Belle pulled apart and Chloe beamed at her,

"Today! Dr. Stork is bringing me the discharge forms in a few minutes."

Sami's eyes watered at the good news and she smiled slightly. She was trying to quietly ease out of the room when she heard her name,

"Sami? Please stay? I'd like to talk to you alone if you have a minute and if nobody else minds?"

Sami seemed about to decline but the look in Chloe's eyes rooted her to the spot,

"Sure Chloe I'm not in any rush to go anywhere."

The room cleared of Chloe's visitors save Sami, remarkably quickly and smoothly. Sami was suddenly nervous,

"So, what's up? What's on your mind?"

Chloe gave Sami a direct knowing gaze,

"I'm sorry."

Sami frowned puzzled,

"What for? You think I didn't want you to live or something?"

Chloe smiled gently,

"No Sami, I never thought that for a moment."

Sami 's perturbance showed in her eyebrows,

"Well what then?"

Chloe watched Sami silently for a moment,

"That you didn't get to be anonymous to me. I know it can't be easy for you having everybody suddenly being nice to you just because you did this. Just because you saved my life. I am so grateful to you for that, more than I can ever fully express. I'm glad I do know it was you, though. I'm just sorry about the extra burden it puts on you. Raised expectations and all that."

Sami swallowed past the growing lump in her throat and her eyes watered. She nodded her head at Chloe once in acknowledgement,

"You're welcome Chloe. I'm just glad the transplant worked if it hadn't ... well you know ...guess they'd all be singing a different tune around me."

Chloe nodded,

"If it hadn't worked that would not have been your fault."

Sami raised her eyebrows, rolled her eyes slightly and sighed,

"You don't know my family as well as you think. Believe me they would have found a way to blame me."

Chloe looked directly into Sami's eyes and spoke softly,

"Well I would never have blamed you. I would have always been grateful to you for even trying."

They looked at each other in silence for several moments. Sami looked away uncomfortably,

"Listen Chloe I should go. Brady is probably anxious to get you checked out of here and home. Besides Will is with Lucas and I don't like him having such extended exposure to his lush of a father; better go rescue him. Take care of yourself, Chloe."

Chloe nodded,

"You too Sami. Bye."

Sami smiled slightly and left.

Less than half a minute later, Brady came back into the room,

"Everything okay?"

Chloe nodded and turned her face up for Brady's kiss,

"Better than okay! Especially now that my husband is here with me again! Oh Brady I can hardly wait to see what you've done with the loft! I hope Dr. Stork comes back with those discharge papers soon! I want out of here right now!"

Brady laughed,

"That sounded remarkably impatient and very like the spoiled Diva that you are!"

Chloe smirked flirtatiously at him,

"Well if I'm spoiled that would be your fault!"

Brady leaned in to kiss her but stopped a breath away from doing so as he looked into her eyes,

"Indeed it is, and I will continue to spoil you, my darling Diva, all the days of our lives!"

Their lips met in an emotional kiss full of the promise of many tomorrows.

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