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Gibbs pulled the key card from his pocket and slid it into the slot. The green light blinked back at the newleyweds. He turned the handle just enough to open the door and then scooped Abby off her feet.

She laughed as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I thought this was supposed to be done over the threshold of our home?" she teased.

"Yup. But we're gonna do it here too. Not takin' any chances." He moved the door open further with his foot and turned to carry his wife into their suite. "Gonna take all the luck we can get." he finished, stopping on the other side and nudging the door closed.

Green eyes sparkled at him, Abby grinned and kissed his chin. "I don't need luck. I have you." She brushed her lips over his in a sweet, chaste kiss. "To have and to hold."

"And head-slap freely when I need it."

"I'm sure that won't be often." Abby smiled teasingly, leaning back in to graze his neck with her nose and mouth. "Only til I get you trained properly and I know you're a fast learner."

He closed his eyes, enjoying her soft touch, knowing he had forever to do so. "Does that mean I get to swat your ass when you get outta line?" He asked quietly, arousal already deepening his tone.

Abby's face was back in front of his, smiling sweetly with a hint of mischief. "Honey, you can put your hands on my heiny anytime you want and you can start as soon as you like."

"Better put ya down and get hands free then." he told her with a kiss. He gently put her back on her feet and pressed a kiss into her hair, smiling when she sighed and hugged him close.

Gibbs opened his eyes. "Whoa...honey, get a load of this place."

Abby's eyes widened when she turned in his arms and took in the rooms around them. Immediately to their left was a kitchenette. Two steps down and to the right was a King size bed adorned with a comforter that looked to be made from clouds themselves and a small army of pillows she just knew would be so soft you'd never want to pick your head up again. A little further in was a large living area with a sofa and two really comfy looking arm chairs. "Oh. My. Gosh. This...this is incredible." She whispered in awe. "I can't believe they..." Abby turned teary eyes up to him. "Jethro. We have the best family in the world."

Gibbs kissed away the tears that were making their way down her cheeks. "You bet we do. Gonna make sure they know it too. But right now," He bent at the knees and leaned back just a little so he could look in her eyes. Gibbs cupped her jaw gently, curling his fingers around the sides of her neck, "I wanna show my gorgeous wife how incredible she..."

Abby couldn't stifle the jaw popping yawn that cut through his declaration. Gibbs laughed.

" that your official ruling on the plan?" he grinned. He ran his hands up and down her back when she groaned and buried her face in his chest.

"I'm sorry, babe. I'm just so..." she didn't get any further before she was yawning again. Sure, she'd felt a little tired earlier, after all, the last twenty-four hours had been very busy and neither of them had gotten a lot of sleep, but it seemed like this overwhelming tiredness had just crept up on her. She peeked up at him with a frown. "Not exactly the exciting honeymoon you probably had in mind, huh?"

"Hey." He tipped her head up and kissed the tip of her nose. "You can swing naked from the chandelier later, okay. What do ya say, we get you a nice, warm bath so I can rub your back and then we'll climb into that huge bed where I can rub your feet until you fall asleep."

"Mmm. That sounds like a wonderful plan, Mr. Gibbs." Abby cuddled into his side as they walked into the bedroom area.

"You work on gettin' naked, Mrs. Gibbs, and I'll get the bath started." He helped Abby get the back of her dress undone and then headed toward the bathroom.

"Hey." she called after him. "I love you." she said when he turned back.

"Love you too." he winked.


Gibbs tested the water temp one more time before he turned on the jets and dimmed the lights. "Hey, honey, you're gonna love this tub. I think it's big enough..." a slow smile worked its way across his face. Abby had managed to get out of her dress before she'd, apparently, decided a rest was in order. His wife lay curled up, fast asleep on top of the covers. Gibbs crossed the room, shutting off lights in the rest of the suite before coming back to the bed. He watched her chest rise and fall as he divested himself of his own clothes. He pulled back the covers on his own side, knelt on the mattress and scooped her gently into his arms. After he brought her over a bit, he was able to pull the rest of the covers down. It was a testament to how tired she really was that she barely stirred through it all. Gibbs carefully got into bed and turned out the lamp. He shifted close and ran his fingers through her bangs, pushing them to the side of her forehead. Delicately, he pushed his leg between hers until she shifted in her sleep and threw her leg over his thigh. He loved it when she did that. Lying face to face, Gibbs rested his ringed hand on her hip and pressed a loving kiss to her lips. "Goodnight, Mrs. Gibbs." he whispered with a smile before closing his eyes to join his wife in sleep.


"You comin' in?" Tobias looked at the door in front of them rather than the man beside him, still uncertain as to what had happened earlier. His question was met with silence. "Sorta figured you were gonna since you decided to drive me. Coulda drove myself." Still no answer. Tobias lifted his gaze and set his eyes on Tony. "Tony?" he reached sideways and touched his lover's hand. "Come inside."

He ran the key card through the slot and opened the door with the click. He walked through, not sure whether Tony was following him or not. He got his answer abruptly when the door slammed behind him and he found himself being shoved against the wall, firm lips crushing against his own and then traveling across his jaw and down his neck, biting and licking madly.


"Don't wanna talk right now." Tony mumbled against the flesh under his lips. He didn't want to think, didn't want to worry...just touch...taste...feel...hold on.


He could feel her eyes on him the second his mind breeched a level of wakefullness. He let the grin spread without inhibition, knowing he never wanted to hold anything back from the woman in his arms; his best friend, his confidant, his lover, his wife. "Morning." he murmured.

"Mmm." she purred into his warm neck, her tongue peeking out to taste him. "I missed our bath."

His hand traveled up her side, fingers grazing the roundness of her breast before traveling back down to rest at her hip. "Can fix that." He opened his eyes and fixed them lovingly on the woman inches from him. "You hungry?" He felt his insides curl with desire watching as her brilliant green eyes blackned with heated need.

"Right now...only for you." she husked. "I want naked. Wet. You."

Abby's stomach rumbled. "Traitor." she grumbled.

"Right." Gibbs grinned, rolling over and picking up the phone. "I'd like room service for Suite 409. Croissants, fresh fruit, orange juice and coffee. No that's all. Thank you." Hanging up, he rolled onto his back. "We should have just enough time for a quick shower before it gets here." he offered as Abby pouted. "Still wet, naked, me." he cajoled.


The arm around his chest tightened, making Tony sigh. He pushed back into the solid body behind him and earned a deep rumble of approval, followed by soft kisses to the back of his neck. "Morning." he murmured.

"Morning." breathed his partner.

The smile growing on his lips died when he felt the body behind him stiffen.

"Shit!" Tobias sat up frantically. "Morning!"

Tony relunctintly rolled to his back, looking up into the wide, paniced eyes of his lover. "Tobias, calm..."

"Calm down?!" Fornell yelled, jumping out of bed and snatching his boxers from the floor. "Tony, it's morning! As in no longer last night!" He yanked his boxers over his hips and began tugging on his pants. Tony was still laying in bed. "What the hell are you doing?! Tony, get dressed! Hurry up!"

Tony sat up but didn't move to get dressed. "Why are you so..."

"So what?!" Toby snapped.

"So it's morning. Big deal."

His calm, non-chalant demeanor stopped Tobias in his tracks. "Big deal? Big deal!" Tobias threw his hands in the air in disbelief. "Okay, Tony. Just how in the HELL do we explain to everyone that you didn't come back to the beach house last night?"

Tony's pants flew through the air and hit him in the chest before landing in his sheet covered lap. "Could try the truth." he whispered. Even though he wasn't looking at him, Tony saw his partner freeze.

"The truth?!"

"You gonna repeat everything I say or come up with something original sometime today?" He tried to put some "umpf" into the barb but his nerves wouldn't allow it. It came out sounding unsure, which is exactly how Tony felt at the moment.

Tobias sighed and sat heavily on the bed. " know we can't do that."

Green eyes were suddenly piercing through him.

"Why not?! We're grown men, Tobias. Grown, consenting men. No more DADT. So why can't we tell them?"

Tobias laughed. It felt almost like a slap but Tony didn't flinch.

"You wanna be the one to tell Jethro that the man he looks at like a son is takin' it up the ass from his best friend?"

This time Tony did flinch and Tobias regretted the crass statement, but said nothing.

"Thought he married his best friend yesterday? And is that all I am to you? The guy takin' it up the ass?"

"You know what I meant," he'd softened his tone, "and you know you're not."

"Then why'd you say it?" Tony countered.

"Where's all this coming from, Tony, huh? Thought we were good like we are? Why the sudden need to be cookie cutter?" The room stayed quiet and feeling on edge already, Tobias felt the need to fill it. "DADT or not, you know as well as I do how things work in our line. Do you really want to take the risk?"

Tony lifted his gaze once more and it very nearly knocked Tobias over.

"If I thought the risk was worth it. If I had a partner who loved and trusted me beside me, then, yes, I'd take the risk. I'd jump with both feet, blinfolded if I had too." Tony rose and started to get dressed but there was a definite feeling in the air that said he wasn't done and Tobias stayed silent.

Tony stayed quiet until he sat, back turned to Tobias and tied his shoes. He straightened and took a calming breath. "What I watched yesterday...they have so many reasons they could have picked from to let fear or uncertainty keep them apart; age difference, the fact that they already work so closely together, what people might say, failed past relationships, not wanting to mess with a decade's long friendship. But they didn't. They had the courage to be honest with each other about how they really feel and hang on to that for dear life. They took the one good reason, the only true reason and made a committment. They love each other. I think that's all that matters in the end. Loving someone and knowing that life without them isn't really a life at all. I want that. Everything else be damned." Tony stood up and gathered his keys, wallet and cell phone from the night stand. "I don't know if you're ready or not, Toby, but I am. You tell them whatever you need to about last night. The decision's yours. I'll meet you at the car."

Tobias sat silent; stunned as the door to his room snicked shut.


Naked breakfast in bed. Abby thought it would make a good weekend tradition as she climbed onto her new husband's lap and wrapped her legs snuggly across his lower back. "You take such good care of us." she whispered, carding her fingers through his soft hair.

"Nothing else I'd rather do." he sighed, relaxing into her touch.

Abby quirked a grin, remembering the way he'd stiffened the times her body had brushed his as they ate. "Nothing?" she mused.

He gave her a cheeky grin, flexing his hips just a little. "Well...almost nothin'."

She groaned when his hand delved between their bodies, fingers slipping through her wet folds to play. She'd never been as torn between two wants in her life as she was these days. She'd never do anything to risk the tiny life growing inside her but she wanted the man in her arms as she'd never wanted another soul in her life. She wanted to know him completely; mind, heart and body.

So caught up in the pleasure he was giving and her own desire to make love with him, Abby didn't realize she was whispering her thoughts against his shoulders, neck and chest until Jethro growled, pulled his hand from her and tightening his arms at her hips, dropped onto his back and pulled Abby up.

"Want all that too. Every day. For the rest of my life." Jethro finished, guiding Abby to straddle him, her knees tucked against his armpits. He lifted his head and kissed her inner thigh. She had just enough time to gasp before his tongue parted her sex to flick across her clit.

He parted her lips and looked at her glistening core with a pounding heart. Abby unleashed in him a new man. A man who loved in ways both old and new. He loved her physically in ways that were new to him as well. It hadn't been since he'd given Shannon his virginity that he'd felt nervous, truly nervous or shy in bed. He'd prided himself on trying to be as considerate a lover as he could be and he wasn't prude enough to ever try and say he didn't enjoy sex. But with Abby and years of life's lessons learned, he knew a hunger he'd never known before. The woman above him moaned and rocked her hips with need, drawing him back to the present. He doubted this was a hunger he'd ever find fully quenched.

He whispered her name, his tongue sliding against wet, warm flesh. Jethro looked up to see the picture of beauty; Abby's head was tossed back as she moaned and writhed against his skillful tongue. Her fingers twined in her hair and pert, perky breasts bounced with her pleasure. The sight made him throb even harder and he could feel fresh cum escape from the tip of him. An even headier wave of desire sparked inside him. He tilted her hips slightly, parted her sopping folds with his thumbs, tightened the muscles of his tongue and entered her hot, pulsing core.

Abby cried out and ground down. Her fingers left her hair for his. She was so incredibly close already. Pregnancy hormones. Nature's Spainish Fly. She was lost in the ecstacy he created, moaning, mumbling...writhing against his mouth as he tongue fucked his bride. When he started to wriggle his tongue inside her, she whimpered, straining for her release. It was at that moment, she felt his callused thumb press against her clit and Abby screamed his name as her pleasure flowed through her.

Strong arms caught her as Abby became limp. He cradled her against his chest as he shifted them until she lay on her back and he came to rest at her side. Her eyes were closed but a contented, happy smile lit her face. He traced a finger across the side of her face, brushing a wayward lock of hair behind her ear.

"Mmm." Abby turned her head and kissed his palm. "That was," Abby opened her eyes and smiled up at him. His deep, blue eyes smiled back. "incredible."

Jethro' s head rested in his hand as he smiled down on the woman he loved. "What can I say. I'ma sucker for my wife."

Abby shifted toward him, bringing their bodies closer together until limbs tangled and chests caressed. "Say it again."

"My wife."


"My wife."

"I love you, Jethro."

He leaned in, telling her with his kiss of his love. Minutes later, he showed her again with his body, worshipping the woman he loved with everything he could until she cried out and closed her eyes to sleep. He planned to spend the day causing her to need several naps.


"Hey you two." Jimmy grinned, looking up from his coffee.

Tim, Ziva, and Ducky looked to the door where Tony and Tobias had just entered.

"You're just getting in? Don't tell me you two decided to close some bars down." Tim joked. "The world has stopped turning.

Tony worked a half smile but stayed quiet. He told Tobias it was up to him and he meant it. He waited.

Tobias glanced at Tony but got no help. His lover refused to look at him. He knew he needed to say something. The longer they remained silent, the more odd it all seemed.

"Anthony, is everything alright?" Ducky could feel the awkwardness radiating from the agents.

"Sure, Duck." Tony replied.

"We, uh..." Toby swallowed hard. "DiNozzo was a little more tired then he thought he was. He fell asleep in my room. Figured it was better to let him sleep then have him wrapped around a telephone pole. Jethro'd never forgive me if I let his boy get killed."

Tony's heart froze and then broke in half. "Still kinda tired, guys, guess I'm gettin' too old for all this. Gonna get some more sleep." Without further explanantion he walked to the stairs and disappeared up them.

Tobias forced hismself to smile at the small group. "Any coffee left. That one snores."