Title: I Just Want Your Extra Time
Rating: M
Pairings: Sebastian/Kurt, Jeff/Nick
Warnings: AU, Slash, Smut, MPreg, Swearing
Prompt: Sebastian has bedded Blaine, then a few others, then he seduced Kurt. But, instead of moving on like he did with the others, he stays with Kurt and is faithful.

Rumor has it that Kurt can get pregnant and did, and that is why. Rumor is wrong, he can but is not. Sebastian makes it a point to make love to Kurt in places where people can see that it is the real thing.

Then when people stop talking he gets Kurt pregant and when Kurt tells him he goes wild with passion, making it so good for Kurt, it's the best ever, and before was pretty damn good.

A/N: This will be a fill for the above prompt on the Glee Kink Meme. I've been meaning to write a Kurt/Sebastian fic for awhile now and I finally got around to it. There are far too many Klaine fics floating around and no one else is getting any Kurt love. I had high hopes for Kurt/Rory but Tumblr killed that dream with that future child stuff. So hopefully this pairing catches on and in the meantime I'll spread some Kurbastian love. Also, the title is taken from the song Kiss because I like it and it seemed appropriate.

Note: This is an AU during Kurt's senior year in which Kurt never transferred back to McKinley. Sebastian has been present since the previous year.

Chapter 1

Kurt was aware of one important thing about Sebastian Smythe. He was a notorious player. Aside from that, Kurt was also well aware of his own, perhaps misguided, respect for the other boy. The countertenor had seen plenty of relationship drama at McKinley, and even Dalton wasn't immune to things as petty as relationship squabbles.

What inspired Kurt's grudging respect was that, unlike most people, Sebastian was up-front about his intentions. He wasn't someone that bothered with romantic gestures or fake promises of love and devotion. He told someone they were good-looking and he wanted to have sex with them. Then that's exactly what he did.

It was that slight respect and his on-going, if not unusual, friendship with Sebastian that put Kurt in an uncomfortable predicament. He had found himself next on the taller boy's incredibly short list of Guys I Haven't Fucked Yet. Kurt would be lying to himself if he didn't admit that he was intrigued by the opportunity. However, his reluctance to be a passing fling caused him to rebuff Sebastian's advances at every opportunity.

Kurt wondered if he'd had more relationship experience would that make his ability to shoot Sebastian down easier. He had never had someone interested in him and it was flattering. Sebastian, despite being a jerk, was handsome and could pull off suave when he tried. Kurt knew that the other boy could sense his weakness and was gearing up to pounce on it. In the meantime, he strived to avoid Sebastian until his indecision passed.

Kurt adjusted the strap of his bag as he walked leisurely down the halls of Dalton Academy. He wasn't in any particular hurry since he was already early, having been woken up much earlier than usual by his roommate, Jeff. The blonde had shot up in bed loudly exclaiming 'There's a fox in my henhouse.' Apparently in an attempt to get to said fox he jumped out of bed and fell to the floor in a tangle of blankets. Kurt had thrown a school notebook at him but that hadn't helped him get to sleep.

Kurt yawned quietly as he contemplated how to get back at Jeff for ruining a good night's sleep. "Hey Sexy. How are you doing?," a voice behind him said. Kurt suddenly felt like banging his head against a wall as Sebastian fell into step next to him.

"You know Sebastian, if you're going to call me by something at least pick a less used moniker. At this point you're just abusing that word," Kurt said without looking at the taller boy.

Sebastian smirked and replied, "Well if you insist I'm sure I can think of something. How about Sweetcheeks in honor of your excellent ass?"

"As if you know anything about my ass," Kurt retorted.

"I know I love staring at it when you re out of uniform. Feel free to put some tight jeans on after class and bend over for something. I promise to be there to appreciate it." Sebastian leered at the shorter boy and bent slightly back to look at Kurt's ass.

Kurt caught the look and turned his body as best he could while still walking forward. "How about no? But feel free to stand around waiting for it to happen."

Kurt was saved momentarily from another lewd comment by the arrival of Blaine. Kurt silently asked for the short boy's forgiveness as he made a plan to ditch Sebastian. "Hi Blaine," Kurt said, interrupting the other boy's greeting. "Sebastian had a question about the next Warblers' practice and I am in such a rush." He simultaneously pushed Blaine lightly towards Sebastian while twisting his body to walk backwards. "I'm so late for class. Got to go. Bye."

"Class doesn't start for twenty minutes...," Blaine tried to say but Kurt was already hurrying away.

Blaine moved in front of Sebastian, blocking him from following after Kurt. "So you had a question?"

"Oh come on. We both know I don't need anything from you." Sebastian smirked before saying, "But you know, it's cute how you circle Kurt like a little guard dog. How's that working out for you?"

Blaine scowled, "If Kurt needs me to get away from you then I'm happy to comply."

"I suppose it is true that you like it when someone takes charge, don't you Blaine?" Sebastian winked at him causing Blaine to flush. He had been with Sebastian briefly the previous year. If he'd known then what he knew now, he would have pursued Kurt when he had the chance. Now they would only be friends, but that wouldn t stop him from trying to keep Sebastian away from Kurt.

"Just give up and stay away from him. Kurt deserves better." Blaine turned and walked away at a brisk pace.

Sebastian didn't bother commenting and simply let him walk away. Just because Kurt was playing hard to get didn't mean Sebastian would be giving up any time soon.