Title: I Just Want Your Extra Time
Rating: M
Pairings: Sebastian/Kurt, Jeff/Nick
Warnings: AU, Slash, Smut, MPreg, Swearing

A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this chapter. There's just so many feelings going on. I definitely wanted to get this up before the new Glee tonight. So mission accomplished. It's good to hear that people enjoy my Warblers since I originally wasn't going to include them so much. I'm a little unsure about how much I've included Blaine in the story. I know a lot of people like to pretend he doesn't exist when Kurt is with someone else. But Blaine is kind of important to this particular story. Feel free to weigh in your thoughts on that in the reviews. Someone mentioned in a review about when the MPreg will show up. Not for awhile. It isn't really relevant until our boys get together so it won't be mentioned for quite some time. Of course, I have to thank all the people that read, review, favorite and alert. You guys inspire me.

Chapter 4

Blaine tapped his fingers to the beat blasting through his car speakers. He was making his way back to Dalton after dodging a couple classes to make a quick trip into Lima. After knowing Kurt for the last year he had learned that the best way to get on the other boy's good side was to buy him something. After a trip to the Lima Bean for Kurt's favorite coffee and dropping it in a thermos to keep it hot, he had the appropriate bribe for the occasion. Blaine was a good enough student to not miss out on the lessons and getting Kurt to forgive him would be worth it. Of course this time he'd be sure to find the other boy in a public place with plenty of witnesses.

Kurt had been in some denial over how stressed he really was, but there was a mangled pile of plastic sitting on the table that he couldn't deny. A marked, twisted piece of plastic that used to be a pen cap was settled next to his bag. On the other side of that was a heavily pitted pen that the cap had once fitted on. Another unfortunate pen was becoming a victim of Kurt s incessant chewing. He bobbed the pen up and down in his front teeth before rolling it back to grind it against his molars.

The nervous habit wasn't new but Kurt had repressed it for years and it only appeared during his most stressed times. In middle school, when kids finally had the presence of mind to focus bullying on his homosexuality, he'd chewed everything in sight. Pens, his fingernails, even the zippers on his clothes were firmly planted in his mouth constantly. His teeth had been chipped tremendously until he had finally focused his nervous energy into other interests like fashion and music. Long after the damage had been fixed Kurt was still reluctant to show his teeth. At least the term snaggletooth had been dropped from the long list of insults hurled at him.

Even the memory of the destructive nature of his habit couldn't stop him from abandoning his current pen, now useless as a writing utensil, to pick up a new one and begin again. He knew the Warblers hadn't meant any harm, they were doing just the opposite really. However, his best friend faking concern to get him to talk was a low blow. Kurt was certain that the example he made out of Flint would deter any other spy missions.

When he heard the steady thumping of footsteps coming towards him he quickly dropped the pen in his mouth and shoved the collection of chewed plastic under his bag. He didn't want anyone else to see him in this state or he'd be inviting another late night Warbler visit. Kurt finally tilted his head up to check the new arrival and found Blaine. The shorter boy moved tentatively towards him and held out what Kurt identified as the biggest thermos that probably ever existed.

Kurt took some pleasure in Blaine's cautious approach. The other boy had apparently learned his lesson. Blaine finally reached the table and gently sat himself into a chair on the other side. He slid his offering across the surface before propping his head up on one hand to wait for Kurt to make the next move. The taller boy gave a the item a scathing look with an uplifted eyebrow. He decided to check inside and popped the top to take a delicate sniff at the contents.

He recognized the smell immediately and raised another eyebrow at Blaine. "Is this coffee from the Lima Bean?" Kurt could barely keep the awe out of his voice. He had needed a caffeine fix and it seemed too good to be true.

"It sure is," Blaine said. He grinned broadly in triumph.

Kurt hummed happily as he sipped his coffee. He took a moment to enjoy the smooth liquid and calming effect it always had on him. After enjoying a few minutes of calming sips, he looked at Blaine over the rim of his thermos. I can t believe you went all the way to the Lima Bean to get me coffee.

"Well you looked like you needed it." Blaine gestured to Kurt's bag and continued, "Don t think I didn't see you assaulting that pen and trying to hide it."

Kurt groaned in embarrassment and took another drink to try and hide his reaction. He never wanted anyone to know about his horrible chewing habit. "It's an old habit. Stress you know?" Kurt eyed Blaine out of the corner of his eyes and tried to convey to the other boy that he should drop it. Blaine was never good at taking a hint though.

"Kurt," Blaine began while leaning forward with his elbows on the table, "I know that we were a little intrusive the other day but we really are just worried about you. He lifted his hand and set his fingers lightly on Kurt's shoulder. I don't think it's your brother that's really bothering you."

The taller Warbler lifted his shoulder and Blaine let his hand slide off before putting it in his own lap. Kurt knew that Blaine was horrible at romantic feelings but he was uncommonly good at picking up on other things. It was that trait that drew him in when they first met. It was also the trait that annoyed him the most when he wasn't interested in sharing his problems. Blaine would pick up on it and try to be helpful until Kurt wanted to scream.

"Having all the Warblers intrude on my personal life was very unnecessary." Kurt replied softly in an effort to distract from his problem.

"If I had known you were having a real problem I wouldn't have let them do that. It's just Jeff was all flustered and you know how he can be."

Kurt couldn't help but smile fondly and nod. "Jeff can be quite the drama queen when the mood hits him."

Blaine tilted his head in an effort to make Kurt look him in the eye. The other boy was staring at the desktop and tapping his fingers against his drink container. "Well it's just me now. So tell me what s really bothering you Kurt." He reached over to touch Kurt again in a show of support. This time he laid his hand down on the other boy's wrist and squeezed lightly. Kurt lifted his unoccupied hand and returned the gesture.

"Finn and Rachel actually are having problems but it's not just that," Kurt replied. He heaved a resigned sigh before continuing to talk. "It just reminded me of the issues with my own feelings."

Blaine's brow crinkled and his eyebrows dropped low. He retracted his hand and clasped his own hands together. "This is about Sebastian isn t it?"

"Yes," Kurt said simply. He couldn't deny what was obvious to everyone. There was something more happening between him and Sebastian than just the other boy trying to get laid. Kurt just couldn't seem to figure it out. No matter how much time they had spent together in the past and all the encounters they've had since school started. He felt like he was missing something important but couldn't quite pin down what it was. It was far easier to just assume the other Warbler was looking for sex and let that fuel his constant rejections.

On the subject of Sebastian, Blaine had plenty of things to say. He'd watched the tall Warbler pursue his friend with an unwavering, single-minded focus. In an effort to keep peace between him and Kurt, he'd decided not to say anything. He assumed that Sebastian would get bored soon and move on. Sebastian never did move on. Blaine decided that it was pointless to hold back on his own thoughts. Especially when Kurt seemed poised to get hurt.

"He's bad news Kurt. Sebastian doesn't care about anyone but himself. You know that and I know that. He'll ruin you like he ruins everything else," Blaine clenched his fists and implored Kurt to see reason. Instead of seeing agreement from his friend, he saw the telltale signs of anger. Kurt narrowed his eyes and looked hard at Blaine. He took in the defensive posture and tried to remember that he already knew what Blaine was going to say. It still didn't make it any easier to hear. "That's not fair Blaine," Kurt said in a steely voice. "Sebastian may not be the nicest guy around but he's still our friend. You shouldn't talk about him like that."

Blaine banged one fist against the table and Kurt couldn't help but jump in surprise. He had underestimated how passionately Blaine was against Sebastian. They always seemed to get along fine but Kurt suddenly realized that they most likely just tolerated each other. He tried to take Blaine's hand in an effort to calm him down but the shorter boy pulled back.

"That's just it Kurt. He's not our friend. He's your friend." Blaine was close to yelling in exasperation at Kurt's naivety. He threw his hands in the air in frustration. "I just don't get it. You're always defending him and that's why you can't see him for what he is. He looks charming and says nice things but in the end it doesn't mean anything. It's just a nice face and nice words. There's nothing else." Blaine spat out every word with venom he didn't even know he was capable of.

With everything now out in the open he took a deep breath to calm himself and really looked at how his speech had effected Kurt. The other Warbler was calmly sipping his coffee again as if unaffected but his eyes were too shiny and his hand was clenched too tightly. Blaine was worried that he'd overstepped the line as he had a tendency to do when trying to help Kurt. Despite that, he couldn't bring himself to take anything he'd said back. No matter what Kurt may think of it.

After setting the cup down again, Kurt softly replied, "He's not just those things to me. I mean, he's definitely a pervert and a jerk and he has no concept of personal boundaries but there's more than that. He is my friend and that's how I've been able to see the other stuff. Like how honest he is. That he does homework with me even though if left on his own he wouldn't bother. Whenever we actually eat together he piles food on my plate because he says I'm too skinny and I eat 'rabbit food.'" Kurt closed his eyes tightly and sighed. He opened his eyes again to look straight at Blaine, willing him to understand. "I'm not saying I want to jump in bed with him. I honestly don't know what I want to do with Sebastian. I'm just saying there's more to him than the reputation he has. Can you understand, Blaine?"

Blaine rubbed his forehead and rocked back in his chair. In a way, he did understand. He knew that Kurt was the closest person to Sebastian and it wouldn't be unusual that he knew so much about the taller boy. "In a weird way I kind of do understand. I just don't want to see you get hurt. Do you understand?"

"I do and you're a good friend Blaine. I appreciate you looking out for me but I'm a big boy. I will promise to be careful though, okay?"

"I'll hold you to that," Blaine said. "For now I guess we should just leave it at that." He wanted to keep pushing more than anything but he realized he was fighting a losing battle. Kurt would continue to try and see the good in Sebastian. Blaine would just have to accept it and hope that it didn't come back to haunt his friend.

Kurt smiled broadly in agreement. "Sounds like a good idea to me." He clapped his hands with a slightly forced enthusiasm. Kurt wanted to get away from all Sebastian topics and he had just the idea. "So while you and the guys were trying to spy on me-."

"I thought I said I was sorry about that?"

"-And failing miserably," Kurt pressed on. "You did remind me that we really haven't spent any quality time together for awhile."

"True. I know you've been busy." The implication of Sebastian's involvement in Kurt's busy schedule was left unsaid to avoid another unnecessary argument.

"Right. Well how about you and me go out and see a show. Just like old times."

Blaine grinned and agreed enthusiastically, "Of course. Where do you want to go?"

"New Directions is putting on a production of West Side Story," Kurt used his hands to emphasize the title. "I have a stack of tickets in my desk drawer and one of them has your name on it."

"Any why exactly do you have a stack of these tickets?," Blaine said with a small laugh.

Kurt waved his hand absently and explained, "Finn gave me enough for all the Warblers but I didn't think they d be interested. You're really the only one of us that knows anyone at McKinley."

"Oh Kurt. You know the guys would go and support your school. It matters to you so it'll matter to us."

Kurt didn't bother to comment. Logically, he knew that the Warblers would go if he asked. It was just sometimes he couldn't bring himself to bother them. They hadn't been friends for too long and he had spent a lot of time at Dalton thinking he would leave. He had spent too much time trying not to get too attached to the Dalton boys. Kurt tried to remind himself to stop thinking like that.

"I know. We can go as a group next time. Tonight, it can just be you and me. A kind of platonic gay man-date." Blaine couldn't contain the snort at Kurt s description of their outing. It wouldn't be the first time they d gone out in a date-like way. "We can leave in a little while after I dig out a new pen and finish this work."

"I'll stick around and make sure you don t torture any more innocent writing implements." Kurt lightly kicked the other boy under the table and stuck his tongue out.

Sebastian didn't consider himself a sneaky person. Though he had a couple memorable times in the past where he had to beat a hasty and naked retreat from a boy's room to avoid getting caught. Overall, he preferred a more direct approach to any situation and if he happened to find himself frequenting a place that his latest interest also frequented. Well, that was just good planning on his part. However, he found in this instance that being overly sneaky had worked in his favor.

He had been wandering the campus looking for Kurt. It was the end of the day and they both happened to have free periods at the time. Swooping in to apologize before anyone else could had seemed like an excellent way to get on Kurt's good side. Sebastian had been incredibly disappointed to find Blaine had beaten him to it.

He had planned to move on and come up with a new plan but the urge to sit outside the doors and listen was overwhelming. Most of the rooms at Dalton had heavy, wooden doors and rarely did anyone bother to close them. Standing outside the room where Kurt and Blaine were talking had been very easy. He knew that if either of them left he would have enough warning to get away without being noticed.

Sebastian hadn't been expecting to learn as much as he did. He had been expecting some incredibly mushy apologizing from Blaine and teary-eyed acceptance from Kurt. To his surprise, he'd stumbled onto Blaine trashing him with a loathing in his voice that the shorter boy hadn't even bothered to try and contain. That wasn't surprising. It wasn't his fault that Blaine had a bad habit of falling in love with people that weren't remotely interested. After all, he had made his intentions perfectly clear.

What had been surprising to Sebastian was that Kurt had defended him. No one had ever talked about him like that. Everyone heard the rumors and saw the flirting and assumed the worst of him. He knew that Kurt was interested in him but actually hearing what he thought brought an unusual warmth to Sebastian s chest that he hadn't felt before. It cemented his determination to make Kurt his.

Sebastian now knew that Kurt was just a little confused but he knew that the fight was almost out of the pale teen. He just needed to keep up his persistence. He would have his seduction back on track in no time. For now, he needed to do something about Blaine and Kurt suddenly spending time together. Sebastian couldn't trust Blaine alone with Kurt after the way he was talking. If Kurt decided to actually listen then Sebastian would be screwed. He'd heard them mention some tickets and he suddenly knew exactly what to do.

Kurt and Blaine were going to be distracted for awhile with work and that gave Sebastian plenty of time to get in and out of Kurt's dorm room. He moved with his usual easy, confident stride through the Dalton campus. The last thing he wanted was to be noticed. After reaching the dorm building he ascended the stairs and moved towards his destination. A quick look down the halls confirmed that no one was around. Sebastian stood in front of Kurt's room and gently tested the knob to find it unlocked.

When he slowly swung the door open, he was hoping to find the room empty. However, his luck had run out and Jeff was lounging on one of the beds. Sebastian abandoned his slow pace and pushed the door open more firmly. He walked into the room as if nothing was unusual. In his experience the best way to go somewhere you weren't supposed to be was to act like you had all the right in the world to be there.

Jeff lazily turned towards the door when he noticed it open, expecting to find Kurt. When he spied Sebastian walking in, he popped his headphones out quickly and sat up. "What are you doing here?" He wasn't usually suspicious of people but the other boy was definitely making his way through Kurt s side of the room. If Kurt found out that Sebastian had gone through his stuff then Jeff knew he would get the full brunt of his roommates wrath.

Sebastian stopped in front of Kurt's desk and pulled out the long middle drawer to find what he needed. "Nothing. I just need to get something for Kurt."

The blonde frowned in confusion. Kurt wouldn't ask Sebastian for anything, especially anything in his room. "I doubt it. If you mess up any of Kurt's stuff he's going to blame me." Jeff pulled himself up and off the bed to intervene. Sebastian just waved his hand in the air unconcerned that Jeff was trying to stop him. He hadn't been expecting Kurt s roommate but he was adapting his plan to get the blonde to help him.

Jeff paused behind Sebastian as the taller boy pulled a handful of something out of the drawer. Sebastian had found the tickets he was looking for. He separated two from the pile and put them back for Kurt to find. By the time he noticed the rest were missing it would be too late for Kurt to do anything about it.

Kurt's roommate bounced up on the balls of his feet to look over Sebastian's shoulder. His curiosity to see the items outweighed the fact that he was supposed to be stopping the other boy. "Ooh, what is it? Lemme see."

Sebastian smirked while Jeff couldn't see it. He wiped the smug expression off his face by the time he turned around. Jeff stopped bouncing and eyed the tickets the taller boy was waving under his nose. "Kurt's old school is putting on a production of West Side Story and these are tickets to it." The tall Warbler tapped the stack of glossy papers against Jeff's chest. "He doesn't think the Warblers would want to go."

"That's ridiculous. Of course we would go," Jeff exclaimed. The blonde huffed in exasperation. Kurt was always hiding stuff from him. He would have gladly gone to see a play with his roommate and he couldn' t understand why Kurt wouldn't tell him about it.

"That's exactly what I thought," Sebastian smiled while he talked. He slung an arm around Jeff's shoulder. "It's going to be on tonight and Blaine is already set to go but we need to get the rest of the guys ready. Want to help me?"

Jeff bobbed his head in agreement. It sounded like a great idea to him and he wanted to help. The blonde grabbed the tickets out of Sebastian's hands and quickly counted them to make sure there was enough. He pulled one out and handed it back to the taller boy. "Here's yours. I'll get the rest of the guys. It can be a total Warbler bonding trip." Jeff bounced in place in excitement.

"Yea. You go do that." Sebastian pulled the blonde back into his side and leaned down like he was sharing a big secret. "Now this is kind of going to be a surprise. So we'll all meet in the front hall in an hour. Got it?"

"Got it." Jeff pulled himself free and bounded out of the room. Sebastian followed after him with a large grin on his face. His plan was going much better than he thought it would. He didn't even have to do any work. It was shaping up to be a great night.

Jeff made quick work of getting the Warblers assembled. He had told them about McKinley High doing the play and that they were going to show their support for Kurt and his previous Glee Club. The boys had readily agreed and shortly thereafter they were gathered together outside the dormitory. The collection of Dalton students walked together along the pathways that ran across the campus connecting the various building that made up the academy.

They were heading towards the main Dalton building where they planned to wait at the main entrance for Kurt and Blaine. The boys had noticed that Blaine wasn't with them but Jeff assured them that Sebastian had extended the invitation to the missing boy. No one really questioned why it had been Sebastian to invite Blaine when they really didn t like each other. Only Nick was getting suspicious of the turn of events. Something about the sudden decision for all the Warblers to see a play in Lima was feeling a little off. Especially considered that Sebastian was orchestrating everything.

Blaine stood in the main hall of Dalton. He ran his fingers over the material of his tie to smooth it out and adjust it to lie against his chest properly. While he absently fiddled with his uniform, he glanced down the hall on his right every so often to see if Kurt was coming with the tickets. His diligence allowed him to catch sight of the group of Dalton boys easily. Blaine's fingers paused in their obsessive movement and he stared in confusion wondering why all of the Warblers were coming towards him. He silently hoped it wasn't to stage another ill-planned intervention for Kurt.

Wes was predictably leading the pack but Sebastian was directly behind his shoulder. Blaine gave a small wave to greet them before catching Sebastian's eye. The tall Warbler was looking as self-satisfied as ever and Blaine knew immediately that this was all the other boy's doing.

"Hey guys," Blaine said slowly. "How are you doing?"

Wes chuckled at his friend's unusually polite greeting. Sometimes Blaine couldn't turn off the prep school charm and it was always fun to call him on it. He slapped the shorter boy lightly on the shoulder in greeting. "Fancy meeting you here. We're great by the way," Wes answered in a matching formal tone. He let it drop quickly and grinned. "It's good that you're here. I was worried Sebastian had 'conveniently forgot' to get ahold of you."

Blaine narrowed his eyes at Sebastian and puzzled over Wes words. He couldn't keep his bemusement out of his voice when he said, "Ahold of me for what?"

"What are you drunk?" Wes flicked his friend's ear, earning a small yelp from the other boy. "We're going to see West Side Story. For Kurt." A chorus of agreements sounded behind the council member. He used his arm to pull Blaine in close and said softly, "Between you and me, I don t like West Side Story but we totally owe Kurt. We can't have an all boys choir group with painted nails. We're gay enough as it is."

"Right," Blaine drew out to the word while scanning the hall full of boys. He briefly caught sight of Sebastian and looked him straight in the eye. Sebastian saw that Blaine was staring at him. He smirked and winked at the shorter boy. Blaine puffed up in anger. He hated that Sebastian was up to something and he couldn't pin down exactly what it was. The taller boy seemed to have the uncanny ability to be everywhere. Now, just when Blaine was about to enjoy some quality time with Kurt, there he was again.

As if summoned by Blaine's thoughts, Kurt made his way through the crowd of boys. He took in the sight before him. The majority of the Warblers meandering around while Wes and Blaine were apparently having a quiet conversation. Kurt saw Blaine's intense staring and followed the line of sight to Sebastian. The countertenor could see the intense look of self-satisfaction the boy was wearing and knew that this mess was somehow his fault. Without preamble he hurried over and snatched one of Sebastian's arms and pulled him away.

Sebastian made sure to give Blaine a small upturned nod of his head to mock the shorter boy as he was yanked around the corner. He didn't try to resist Kurt s pull and let himself be swung around until they were standing face to face.

"If you wanted to get me alone I would gladly take you up to my room. That's where all the fun is," Sebastian said in a low tone that only further infuriated Kurt.

"What the hell did you do? Why are all the Warblers hanging around down here. Blaine and I were about to go somewhere." Kurt didn't specify where they were going. He didn't want Sebastian to know but he had a sneaking suspicious that the other boy did know, along with everyone else.

"To West Side Story right?," Sebastian put one hand lightly on his chest in an innocent gesture. "I just happened to hear how you were going and didn't think we would want to attend. We just wanted to show our full support." He smiled at Kurt with just a small quirk of his lips to try and hide the full blown grin he wanted to sport.

Kurt could feel his anger boiling under the surface. His brow lowered over his eyes and his fists clenched until his knuckles were white. It was the second time he had been spied on in as many days. Except, apparently, Sebastian was much better at it then the rest of the guys. Kurt hissed softly, "I can t believe you were spying on me. Actually, forget that, I can completely believe you would spy on me. And support me, my ass. I m sure this has nothing to do with me going out with Blaine," Kurt tossed the last sentence out in accusation.

Sebastian didn't even flinch under Kurt s intense gaze and harsh words. He merely smiled a little bit bigger and replied, "Of course not. Why would I be concerned about that?"

"You tell me," Kurt exploded. "I never know what the hell you're thinking. Ugh, and I was just stupid enough to try and say something nice about you earlier but you really are a jackass." He paced a small circle to vent his frustration. He resisted the urge to pull at his hair. There was no way he would ruin his meticulous hairstyle because of Sebastian. "I don t understand you," he finally said in defeat.

The tall Warbler remained mostly unmoved during Kurt s rant. His smile fell a bit as the shorter boy talked about regretting his words earlier. They had meant something to Sebastian and he wouldn't allow Kurt to just take it back. The countertenor wanted him and it was time that he just admitted it. Sebastian shot out his hand and grabbed Kurt around the elbow, similarly to how Kurt grabbed him earlier.

He pulled the shorter boy to a stop and used the momentum of his pull to grab the boy's other arm. Sebastian held on with a firm grip but not too tight. He didn't want to injure or scare Kurt. He just needed the other boy to pay attention to him.

"I heard everything you said. You want me and you are way past denying it." Sebastian waited a moment for Kurt to say something but the other boy remained stoic and silent. The taller Warbler leaned in and spoke directly in Kurt's ear. "I'm never giving up on you so I think you should just let yourself go. I could make you feel so good." The low tone and soft breath of Sebastian words caused an involuntary shiver to pass through his body.

"I don't want a relationship that's just sex. I'm not an object," Kurt hissed back.

Sebastian pulled back so that they were looking face to face. "Who said that's what I wanted?" The question threw Kurt completely off-balance. He would never expect Sebastian to actually admit to wanted something other than sex. Even for all his kind words about the other boy, it is what Kurt had assumed Sebastian was after. Kurt didn't know how to respond and simply stared with his mouth dropped slightly.

Sebastian allowed the smirk he'd been fighting back to fully spread across his face. He dropped Kurt's arms and stepped back. "As for the Warblers. There's no way I'm letting you go back to that school where you were bullied and neglected without proper backup." He leaned in again to emphasize his next words. "And there's definitely no way I'm letting you go out alone with the same guy that spent five minutes telling you what a bastard I am." Sebastian reached out and pinched Kurt's cheek causing the shorter boy to scowl and smack the hand on his face. The tall Warbler turned on his heel and started walking away. "We should get going before we're late for the show," he threw the parting words over his shoulder.

Kurt stood slightly stunned as Sebastian walked away. He sighed and scrubbed his eyes roughly to express his irritation. There was never going to be a time in his life where he would really understand Sebastian.