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My OC:

Name: Elice Hamption

Age: 200 years old

Race ( shadowhunter, warlock, vampire, ect...): Vampire

Good or bad : Downworlder only): Good

Appearance: Red pin curls, bright green eyes, small build, and a heart tattoed between her thumb and pointer.

Weapon of choice ( Shadowhunter only):

Heritage: From London, England. Hails from Scotland

Family: All dead

Romance: Sure

Battle clothes: Black pants, black shirt, knee-high combat boots, and a studded belt

Formal clothes: No-sleeve green mini-dress, black high-heels, black blazer, black hair bow, black ring, and black necklace .com/cgi/set?id=47449079

Everyday clothes: .com/elice_everyday/set?id=47449201 and .com/elice_everyday/set?id=47449201

Personality: Sarcasic, cunning , loyal, fierce, mischevious, rude sometimes, and cruel when needed

Other: Rules Brooklyn clan of Vamps

Thnaks for reading!

I need more boys, SH, and DW!