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Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home

Karakura Town is where a 20 year old Ichigo lived and grew up with his family. He hadn't been home for 4 weeks straight. He was staying in Gotei Hotel, where two old friends of Isshin and Masaki's named Urahara Kisuke and Yoruichi Shihooin, who were running the hotel. It happened right after his vacation with his friends in Tokyo. Thus, he did not expect to have Senna, who is also the same age as Ichigo's, as a roommate - in which he has to sleep with a girl for the first time.

Later after that, they've been getting along quite well and formed a relationship after Ichigo got rid of Grimmjow, and Senna took care of Nnoitra when he was out cold.

As of right now, he's currently on his way home, along with his wife-to-be, Senna, who was sleeping in the passenger seat in his van.

It is now night time

Ichigo had been driving for more than eight hours straight. Luckily, during one pit stop at the gas station while Senna was still asleep, he refilled his gas until it was completely full so he can get his engine back on track.

Finally, he made it to Karakura Town, his hometown, and continued driving from the highway to the street road. He couldn't wait to get into his house and have a good rest.

Sitting in his driver seat for more than eight hours straight really hurt his butt. Up ahead, he can see his house as he finally made it by parking in front of it. Removing the key to turn off the engine, he let out a tiredly sigh from a long driving day. He had no idea how long he had been driving the entire time - from Gotei Hotel to here. He turned to his sleeping beauty and reached his right hand, shaking her gently to wake her up.

"Hey Senna, wake up. We're here."

Senna slowly opened her eyes. She didn't know how long she was sleeping. "MMmmm~ How long have you been driving?" she asked in a sleepy tone before unclipping the seat belt.

"About 8 hours." Ichigo simply answered, unclipping his seat belt and opening the door.

Senna opened as well and was glad to have her feet on the ground. She stretched her arms and legs in the air until her butt felt the soreness. She bent down from the pain and had her right hand on her hips.

"Aaah... my butt hurts from sitting there for so long... " she hissed lightly while rubbing them.

"Aaah... tell me about it. You ready to meet my family?" Ichigo walked to the back of his van and opened the trunk.

Senna walked to her strawberry husband-to-be, wanting to assist him to get her luggage out. "You bet! Say, we didn't get to eat our take-out food yet. How about having them for tomorrow's breakfast? OPFT!" she suggested, and carefully set her heavy luggage to the ground.

"Hmm, guess so."

Ichigo got his luggage out and Senna's bag that have her mangas and sky blue PSP 3000 before closing the trunk. Before he could press the alarm on his key, Senna walked to her opened passenger seat and took out two bags that was left inside. Once she's got both bags and luggage, she closed the door as Ichigo pressed the alarm on his key. With a yawn came from his mouth, he really need a long rest after all that soreness from driving.

The lovers proceeded their way to the frontdoor of his house while Ichigo reached his house keys from his pocket to unlock the door. When the door was unlocked, Ichigo sensed something very, very familiar that he always remember during his high school years.

"WEEELCOME HOOOOOOMEE... ICHIIIGOOOOO! ! ! ! !" a man's loud booming voice came from the rooftop, in which he jumped out from.

Ichigo thought his dad would be at the doorway, but didn't noticed that he'll be at the roof. He quickly lifted Senna in a bridal style and jumped back a bit, leaving his dad crashing to the ground with a loud *SLAM!* in front of them!

Senna had no idea what was going on, dumbfounded.

"M-My son... your skills have... improved greatly... I have nothing left... to teach you... " Isshin said slowly, due to the impact himself.

"DAD, are you for real! ? It's the middle of the night, and you tried to slam on us! ?"

"Huh? "Us"?" Isshin was a bit confused by his son's words until he flipped his head up and saw a girl in Ichigo's arms. He did not expect to see an actual girl with Ichigo until he stood on his feet energetically. "MY SON FINALLY GO-" Before the exclaimer can finish, he was cut off by Ichigo's right foot at his face.

"Don't you even blurt it out in public!" Ichigo shouted at him before putting Senna's feet on the ground.

"That's Ichigo's dad... ? Isshin Kurosaki?" Senna looked at Ichigo's dad in confusion. She never thought he would be a very, very energetic man. Plus, she already knew his name when watching Ichigo's Memories with his parents.

The two got their luggages and Senna got a small bag in her right hand, given from Yoruichi, as Ichigo opened the door. They entered the house, even Isshin as he bolted towards the kitchen in excitement where his twin fraternal sisters, Yuzu and Karin, were having dinner, leaving Ichigo and Senna to take their shoes off.

Ichigo sighed in annoyance from his father's actions. He couldn't believe he hadn't change since his vacation. He just came home and saw his same-old-dad-who-hasn't-change-one-little-bit. With their shoes off, he found a pair of slippers for himself and saw Senna was scanning the slippers.


"Onii-chan's home? Ichi-nii came home?" Yuzu and Karin asked simultaneously, paused from eating their dinner.

The fraternal Kurosaki sisters are now in Karakura High at age 16. Yuzu's light brown hair is chest length, tied in a pigtail. Karin's black hair is shoulder length, tied in a ponytail.

When the door was opened, both sisters couldn't believe their eyes, seeing their older brother had finally came back from vacation after four long weeks, not to mention his hair got longer. They were about to get off their chairs and gave him a welcome-back hug, but saw a guest behind their brother.

A purple-haired girl with a red ribbon on her hair in a ponytail.

"Onii-chan, who is she?" Yuzu asked curiously.

Senna couldn't believe her eyes, seeing Ichigo's twin sisters in person. She couldn't believe the light brown hair sister was cute looking - plus she looks just like their mother - including a nice tone of voice she has. And the black-haired sister looks just like their father's, except she has a calm looking face, in her opinion.

Ichigo was about to explain to his sisters about Senna staying in their home together, but decided to do it tomorrow morning. He felt very exhausted. Instead of explaining, he went on the short introduction.

"Her name's Senna, and she'll be staying with us. I'll explain the entire thing tomorrow after you two get home from school."

"Nice to meet you two." Senna spoke sweetly to the sisters.

"My name is Yuzu. It's nice to meet you!" the light brown haired girl greeted cheerfully.

"I'm Karin." the black-haired girl greeted in a slight monotone until she saw the elder girl's chest behind her white slim jacket. She never knew her very own brother would become one of those anime guys who were interested in girls' watermelon size breasts until now. "Ichi-nii, since when did you start liking girl with nice bosom?" she asked suspiciously.

"Karin-chan!" Yuzu turned to her twin in an almost scolding tone.

Senna noticed her grown breasts, and had forgotten about them. Quickly, she hid the bag that contains two small white and pink boxes behind her back from the family. She doesn't want to explain to Ichigo's family about the pill she took during her wonderful night with him.

Before the stuttering girl can start, Isshin ran to the poster of his deceased wife, Masaki, that was attached to a wall, by slamming himself at the picture.


"How long are you gonna have that poster?" Karin muttered to herself.

Senna sighed in relief, saved by their father's interruption. She nearly laughed from seeing how funny their dad can be, especially the way he act as if he's a comedian.

"Senna, you might wanna ignore that. My dad does that every time." Ichigo told her.

"*giggle* He may be weird, but he's funny. Say, I have a question. How many poster of your mom does your father have? Is that the only one?" Senna asked, realizing when her husband-to-be said "every time".

"To be honest, we don't know. Whenever that poster is destroyed or damaged, somehow our dad replaced the same new picture in the same spot and position." Karin answered who was eating her dinner at the table.

"Really? He has tons of it?" Senna asked again.

"Yep." Karin answered before drinking a bowl of miso soup.

"Onii-chan. I didn't know you were coming home today, but there's not enough rice for you and Senna-chan." Yuzu spoke in a bit of disappointment.

"It's alright, Yuzu. We already ate on our way here." Ichigo replied to his sister before turning to his dramatic dad by the wall with a poster of his mom. "*sigh* Dad, enough of that already. At least help me carry the luggages to my room." he grabbed his luggage and walked out of the doorway.

Senna followed with her luggage until they're at the hallway. Ichigo carried his luggage and was the first to ascend the stairs to his room with her bag hanging on his right shoulder. Senna was about to carry hers, but Isshin already lifted it on his right shoulder. She faced him in confusion.

"As your father-in-law, I'll support you until the end Senna-chan!" he gave her a thumbs-up and walked his way up to his son's room.

"DAD, CAREFUL WITH HER LUGGAGE! ! SHE HAS HER LAPTOP IN THERE! !" A shouting Ichigo was heard from the first floor where Senna was standing.

She lightly giggled and walked up the stairs until she made it to her strawberry husband-to-be's room. When she saw his room, she thought it seems to be a little decent - without any decorations.

"Senna-chan, I'll leave everything to you!" With a cheesy smile and a thumbs-up on his right hand, Isshin left the room, leaving Senna to his son while heading downstairs to his twin daughters.

Senna giggled a bit from his goofiness, he seems to be a good father. She entered Ichigo's room and saw him changing his clothes with his underpants on until he finished changing into his pajamas - which was taken out from his closet. She was watching him changing, liking the way when she sees his naked torso. Other than that, she just realized that she doesn't have enough clothes for herself besides her current one from the Gotei Hotel she lived in. Thinking to herself, she was hoping if she could hang out with Ichigo and his sisters at a mall. However, only after she and Ichigo can get some rest that is.

"What're you thinking about?" Ichigo asked, breaking her thoughts. He was sitting on the bed, leaving his luggage on the floor.

"Huh? Oh, I was thinking about going to the mall with you and your sisters together so I can get some new clothes. I've only got a few from the hotel before you came in."

"Uhh... Shopping isn't my type at all... but, why not. After we get some rest beforehand." Ichigo noted.

"Yeah, that too." Senna remarked before a thought hit her head. She walked to her laying luggage on the floor before kneeling down. Unlocking it, there was her black and white Mokona plush dolls inside the luggage and picked them up. "Hey, Mokona! Welcome to your new home!" she said happily.

"You have Mokona plushes?" Karin asked from the doorway of Ichigo's room.

Senna turned herself to the doorway and saw the black-haired sister, standing there with both hands on her hips. She didn't know the latter girl was there.

"You know Mokona?"

"Of course, Mokonas are getting popular lately. Hard to believe you've already got two Mokonas with Ichi-nii. " Karin glanced at Senna's unnatural breasts before turning her back. "I'll just leave you two to enjoy your night. Ichi-nii, make sure you don't make so much noise at night. We've got school tomorrow."

"What makes you think I would cause so much racket?" Ichigo's face nearly burned from his sister's comment.

"Her breasts, body, and curves. What else?" Karin nearly joked before taking a few steps, but stopped before finishing, "And Senna, about the mall I overheard you two, how about this Saturday? Tomorrow's Friday." she finished and took her leave to her own room with Yuzu's.

"*sigh* Karin... "

"*giggle* Your sisters are nice. Especially your dad, he's funny." Senna removed her white slim jacket and put it in her luggage. She handed both her Mokona plushes to her strawberry husband-to-be before searching for her pajamas.

With both Mokonas in Ichigo's hands, somehow by looking at them, he didn't know how cute they were from up-close.

Senna took out her laptop first, then her pink hair dryer before some of her folded clothes and placed them on the floor. Ichigo put her Mokona plushes on his bed and helped her stuff. First, he got her laptop and put it on his desk before working the same with her hair dryer while his wife-to-be was searching. Senna took out a capsule with her toothbrush inside and put it on the floor. Soon, she found her pajamas and handed them to him before she took her folded clothes from the floor back into the luggage. Once she was done with it, she closed it. Ichigo placed her pajamas on top of the closed luggage.

"Senna, after Yuzu's done with school tomorrow, how about letting her work on the laundry on our clothes?" Ichigo suggested the idea, sitting on his bed.

Senna can hardly imagine his light brown hair sister, Yuzu, doing all the hard work without any help while their mother passed away. She doesn't like having his sweet sister doing all the housework by herself.

"Hmm, about that... I was thinking the two of us should do the laundry together. I want your sisters to understand me more like a sister than a total stranger."

"I'm sure they'll like you." Ichigo replied as his arms were stretched in the air, "I really need a long sleep." he yawned, feeling the slight soreness around his body again.

"Same here. Well then... time to change~ " Senna's hands were at the bottom of the shirt and lifted it up to her near grown breasts.

Ichigo gaped from his sight and widened his eyes, madly blushing from almost seeing her topless again. Quickly, he dashed to the door and slams it shut.

"Senna, what are you doing! ?" he nearly shouted.

"Changing? Is there something wrong?" she asked in confusion with her shirt lifted on the middle of her D-cups.

"Yes, you have to close the door before you start changing your clothes in my room!" he retorted.

"Oh, I'll keep that in mind next time." she smiled.

Senna finally removed her shirt off her torso, revealing her nice and grown breasts along with her pink nipples. Looking at her lovely cups size and cute nipples, none of her current bras would fit on her due the effect of the pill she took. She felt a little bit comfortable without the restraining of her bras. Until the end of 30 days, starting today, she couldn't wait to have her regular breasts size again. She'll just have to get use to it. She stood on her feet and pulled her pants down in a naughty way until it dropped to her feet.

Her exposing red silk undies was revealed in front of Ichigo, who was leaning his back against the door, with his eyes widened unexpectedly. He almost feel like having a boner right now when watching Senna changing her clothes with just her red silk undies on.

Senna slighty bent her butt down, from the soreness, and traveled her short shorts up to her legs until they made it to her hips. Lastly, she wore her black tank top as her nipples were shown behind the shirt. Somehow, she didn't mind having her nipples nearly shown through the tank top. With her clothes were now finished changing, she folded her removed clothes and stood up, placing them on the desk.

She knelt down and grabbed her capsule of toothbrush from the floor before proceeding to the doorway.

"Where's the bathroom?" she asked her strawberry man.

Ichigo snapped himself out from the image of her changing as he opened the door.

"Down the hall and turn left." he pointed with his right index finger.

Senna held the capsule with her left hand and reached her right hand to the back of his head, pulling him until their lips were attached; she gave him a short passionate kiss. She broke the kiss and smiled sweetly at him.

"Be back soon, sweetie~ " she proceeded her way to the bathroom.

Ichigo let out a low chuckle from the unexpected kiss. Looking back at their luggages on the floor, right now he doesn't have the enough energy to unpack his clothes. After all the eight hours of driving, he really needs a long night rest.

Senna walked the hallway and saw one room was opened. She took a peek and found out it was his sisters' room where Karin was sleeping. Smiling to see his sisters, she proceeded through the room, avoid from disturbing her sleep, found the bathroom. She entered and opened her capsule of toothbrush. On the sink, she found a mint toothpaste which was different than the hotel she always use.

A few minutes later

"Wow! This toothpaste has better flavor than the hotel's that I use often." Senna finished brushing her teeth, loving the flavor of the toothpaste than the plain one from Gotei Hotel. There are so many things she doesn't know at all. She put her toothbrush inside the capsule and placed it inside the bathroom cabin.

She walked out of the bathroom and went back to Ichigo's room, seeing him decorating her Mokona plushes on his desk.

"Ichigo, I'm done." she called, proceeding to his bed.

" 'Kay." Ichigo turned and left the room to the bathroom.

Senna removed her red ribbon from her hair, dropping her long purple hair to her upper back. Walking to her black Mokona doll, she placed the red ribbon on its head. Seeing how cute it was, she smiled and thought it looks like a gift plush with a ribbon on top. She sat on the bed and laid there, knowing how soft his bed was. Although, it doesn't feel like the previous bed from Gotei Hotel she usually slept on. She really needs to get use to the actual bed sometimes.

Ichigo came to his room with his teeth brushed and stopped in his track. He saw Senna was already fast asleep on his bed, breathing softly. With a small smile on his face, he knew the soreness had already got her after sitting in his van for a long time. He turned off the lights and walked to his bed, joining in with Senna. He pulled the sheet to cover them both as his left arm wrapped around her waist. He gently pulled her closer to him, feeling the contact of her grown breasts pressed against his chest with a light blush. He didn't mind but enjoyed having them until the end of 30 days. With a yawn came, he kissed her forehead and went into a deep slumber.

From the stairway, Yuzu ascended her way until she made it to the top. When she did, she turned her head to the right and saw her brother's door was left open, his room was dark. She sighed and walked forward to close the door for him so she can get up early for tomorrow's breakfast. By the doorway, she saw her brother was already asleep with the same girl she met earlier, in the same bed together.

Without making a sound to not disturb them, Yuzu reached her left hand to the doorknob and slowly closed the door. She returned to her room. She couldn't believe that Ichigo finally got a girlfriend! With that thought in mind, she was hoping that this girl would be one who could change their suffering and loneliness when they were young... about losing their mother.

She wondered what will become of them with Senna as a new sister...

In Isshin's room, he dialed a certain phone number to call his old friend until the caller picked up the phone.

"Hello?" a familiar voice spoke from the other line.

"Yo Urahara, they're here just like you said they would be!"

"Told ya so! Say, are you planning to give them to the wedding couple?" Urahara asked in a cheerful tone.

"You bet! I've been waiting for this day to give them to my son and my new daughter! It's a good thing he stopped by your hotel and rest up." Isshin replied in joy.

"True~ I wish you, Ichigo, and your daughters a wonderful future with Senna!"

"Ditto! I'll give my lovely daughters some time to bond with her before the wedding."

"Wish I could see their wedding. I'll leave everything to Ichigo as a father, which he will become one soon." Urahara snickered.

"I'll keep that a secret until she takes a pregnancy test. I can't wait to see the look on Ichigo's face!"

End of chapter 1

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