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Chapter 10: Day 15: Honeymoon Night part 2


The newlyweds are still riding inside the elevator

Senna couldn't stopped wetting herself, shifting her legs to prevent her pussy juice from ruining her wedding dress. She let out a soft moan from this lewd, horny feeling. A small pink blush was on her face when she pictured her special something for her husband.

Ichigo noticed her legs were moving a lot for quite some time since they stepped in the elevator. He turned to her and heard soft moaning from her mouth. Just by looking at her expression, he had a feeling she couldn't wait any longer.

The way she moaned and closed her legs, it made her feel like a dirty woman. He never knew Senna would be this beautiful, sexy, lewd, lusty - and not to mention dirty.

Ichigo reached his right arm to her left shoulder, then moved his right hand to her face. He turned her face to his and brought his lips onto hers. Kissing his wife, Senna calmed down a bit from her dirty thoughts. She returned the kiss and roamed their lips together to kill time. In a few minutes, they slowly broke the kiss until both their lips parted and stared at each others' eyes.

"Wait until we get there." he said to her patiently.

Senna smiled and responded with a small nod. Breaking apart, she lowered the wedding dress on her chest a bit to reveal her lovely cleavage to him. After concealing them during the preparation room, she can finally gets some air for her breasts. Ichigo widened his eyes at her beautiful D-cups. He felt impatient to grope her body and have fun with her until they're out of energy.

With a DING!, the elevator door opened at their destination floor.

Ichigo walked out and led Senna with a bit of hastiness. Looking for the room number, he found it and Senna inserted the key to unlock it. She turned the door knob and opened the door as they entered the room. When they did, Senna closed the door and locked it while Ichigo examined the room. There was a king-size bed with thick sheets. There was a lamplight next to the bed on the left. Not to mention their luggage and white boxes, with their previous clothes, were in the room as well - side by side.

In this wonderful room, he felt like he was back to square one - where he first met Senna.

Ichigo felt a pair of arms wrapping around him with hands touching his chest. He turned his head to the left and heard Senna moaning sweetly, rubbing her free hands on his chest. He raised both his hands to lower hers before turning to face her. Senna gazed at him and quickly had her arms around his neck, and brought her lips onto his. Ichigo returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around her hips until his hands reached to her butt, behind the dress. Through kissing passionately, he tightened his palms on her butt and lifted her off the ground. Taken aback by this, Senna squeaked out a moan and pressed her body against him to keep herself from falling, with her right hand holding the back of his head to deepen the kiss.

The lovers felt super impatient for their honeymoon.

Now that she was in his arms, Ichigo continued making out, carefully making his way forward until his knees hit the bed. The kissing couple slowly broke the kiss and played with their tongues together. He gently placed his bride's legs to the floor and stopped the tongue kissing. They let out soft exhales to catch their breath. Removing their arms from each other, Senna turned her back and reached her hands to her veil.

"Ichigo, care to unzip me?" she asked seductively, taking her time to remove the veil.

"Sure." Ichigo held the dress on her back with his left hand, and held the zipper with his right index finger and thumb. He moved the zipper down until it made its way down to her lower back.

When her back was slightly exposed, Senna finally removed the veil from her head and dropped her long purple hair to her back. She swung her head freely to freshen her hair. Ichigo couldn't help, but watched his wife. Moving close to her, his hands grabbed her delicate grown breasts and massaged them in a perverse way. Senna squeaked out a moan from his perverted handiwork, and then giggled with a pink blush on her face. He added a kiss on the left side of her neck and Senna softly moaned in delight.

While massaging her breasts continuously, Ichigo couldn't wait to touch them when her wedding dress was off. Though, there was just one thing missing. His clothes. Of course, he can't let Senna be the only one naked.

Stopping his kiss, he removed his dirty hands from her cleavage and backed up a bit. He removed his white coat, starting with his left arm before the right. Senna turned to face him and saw him ready to remove his outfit. Before she can remove hers, she laid her eyes at those boxes from the wedding shop.

"Ichigo, let's put them in those boxes." she suggested sweetly.

Ichigo turned his eyes at the boxes from the wedding store. He nearly had forgotten about them. Instead of throwing them to the floor, the box was a much better choice. Neither of them would want their wedding clothes to be dirtied.

Liking the idea, he faced her. "Sure." he deposited his coat inside the box with his normal clothes. Just as he was about to unbutton his shirt, his wife caught his hands before removing the top button.

"Let me do it, Ichi~ " she stated seductively.

Ichigo smiled and removed his hands on his shirt. He decides to let her do her magic work. Senna began to unbutton his shirt one by one as the shirt reveals his bare chest. Looking at his chest while unbuttoning, she felt herself getting wet again as her legs tightened together. Ichigo watched her taking his shirt off, but his eyes were focusing on her nearly exposed cleavage, the dress blocking her pretty nipples. He can feel himself growing hard behind his pants.

Until Senna removed the last button, she reached her hands to the wrists and pulled the sleeves down from his arms. With the shirtless Ichigo standing still, Senna threw the white shirt in the box. Next, she'll remove his pants, noticing that small bulge. As her hands reached to the top part of his pants, Ichigo stopped her by pressing his lips on hers and holding both her upper arms, pulling her close to his bare chest. The bride was surprised by this and returned the kiss.

"MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ " Letting out a sexy moan, Senna couldn't stop herself from drenching her womanhood with love juice. Her legs didn't have enough strength nor energy to stop the wetness. She felt like she was going crazy soon.

Ichigo broke the kiss and removed his hands from her upper arms, gazing at her eyes while breathing. Seeing Senna breathing as well, with her lustful expression, he felt so impatient to touch her and feel her. His eyes avert to her D-size breasts, wanting to remove the wedding dress.

"Guess it's my turn now." he smirked.

"MMmmm~ Please do~ " she gestured sweetly.

Ichigo crouched slightly and had both hands on the bottom of her dress. Next, he lifted the dress up until he made it up to her waist.

"Lift your arms up." he said beforehand.

Senna complied gracefully with her arms in the air. Ichigo finished lifting dress off her torso, revealing her beautiful body, breasts, and pink nipples. All that was left on the topless Senna were her white stockings and white stained silk panties. Putting the dress in the box, he was astonishingly amazed to see her naked body again after one whole week of waiting. He's feeling more turned on just by looking at her, his heart pounding.

"Whoa... " was the only word that came from his mouth.

Seeing his surprised look, Senna sexily smiled and raised her hands to her grown breasts, cupping them.

"Like what you see, honey~ ?" she asked in a naughty tone.

"Damn... they're nice... " he replied, feeling more turned on.

Senna lowered her eyes at the bulge behind his boxers. She just couldn't wait to get her hands on that hard thing. Thinking about his cock inside her pussy, stroking it with her right hand, and sucking it in her mouth; picturing about those things of Ichigo's cock really made her wet and hornier. Slowly, she knelt down in front of him and removed her hands from her breasts to his boxers. She pulled them down until his length came out. With a surprise gasp, her eyes widened in amazement to see his visible cock in front of her in its hard state.

She hasn't seen that hard and delicious cock in a week.

"Why, hello~ little Ichigo~ Hope you saved up plenty of delicious cum for me~ !" she exclaimed in excitement.

Ichigo grinned from her lust of hunger of his stiffed erection. He removed his feet from his boxers as his kneeling goddess threw it in the box where his clothes were without looking. Now his eyes stared at her who was extremely glued to his manhood.

The blushing Senna was very impatient, just by staring at it. Her left hand lowered down to her wet panties and massaged her womanhood. Her right hand held the hardness and strokes it back and forth slowly.

"Wow~ you're still hard as ever, Ichi~ " she praised while stroking him; feeling the bare skin of his manhood.

Ichigo raised his head and moaned from her stroking hand. He hasn't felt her soft hand touching him for a whole week. He really wanted more than just her hand. Senna heard him moaning from her lovely hand job. With a grin, she began to pick up the speed, earning his moan to louden. With her left hand, she inserted two fingers inside her wet opening and fingered her inside to add more pleasure.

"Haaaahhh~ Haaaahhh~ Haaaahhh~ Ooooohhh~ that's sooo goood~ !" Senna moaned from her fingering before taking her husband's arousal inside her mouth. "Aaaaahhhhmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ " Closing her eyes, she sucks his hard cock with her head bobbing repeatedly. With her fingers inside her lewd pussy, the pleasure was increasing within her body, making her pussy juice come out even more. "MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ " Moaning while sucking, Senna twirled her tongue around his tip to make things more pleasant for her beloved strawberry.

She's definitely enjoying her new hobby.

"Aaaaahhhh~ Senna... so good... " Ichigo moaned from her warm mouth. Standing there, he was enjoying his goddess's mouth job after waiting for a week.

Sucking his cock in a fellatio for a few minutes, Senna stopped with a delightful moan and opened her eyes half-way. She retrieved her mouth slowly until her lips were off his tip, leaving a thin trail of saliva. Her right hand continued stroking it. She also stopped fingering her drenched womanhood and removed her left fingers from her panties. Senna licked her lips seductively and tasted her two left fingers, covered with pussy juice. Cleaning off her fingers, she removed them and raised her head at him before speaking.

"MMmmmmm~ One of my favorite cock I enjoy sucking the most, Ichigo~ ?" she stared at him with pure lust in her eyes.

"Heehee... You seem to be enjoying this." he chuckled.

"With you, anata~ " Senna added sweetly before standing up, raising her arms to her breasts, pushing them together. "You know~ I'm still wearing my panties." she said to him seductively, still blushing.

The naked Ichigo knelt down and stared at her wet hotspot behind her panties.

"Well then, let me get that off you." he smirked, reaching his hands to her white silk panties from her waists. He pulled them down to her thighs and exposed her lovely shaved pussy with her dripping love juice. "Wow Senna, look how wet and dirty your pussy is." he teased her while pulling her panties to her feet.

"What are you saying~ ? I'm not that dirty~ " Senna joked playfully as she removed her feet from her pulling panties.

Ichigo threw her wet panties in the box, continuing to stare at her pussy. Moving closer towards her, he had a better view to see Senna's lewd spot. Leaning very close to her womanhood, his hands extends to her butt cheeks and palm grabbed them, making Senna cried out a moan from his handiwork.

"Aaahh~ ! Ichigo~ "

"Damn, you're so wet. Let me clean that up for you." Ichigo stuck his tongue out and licked her left thigh, trailing her pussy juice up and down. With his hands palming on her soft and firm butt, he won't let her escape, but bringing closer to his face.

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Oooohh~ Ichigo~ " Senna moaned from his tongue, almost shakened. While standing still, she spread her legs and bent down slightly so he can clean her thighs better. As Ichigo finished licking her left thigh, he worked on her right. "Aaaa-Aaaaahhnnn~ Ooooohhh~ Ichi~ Yessss~ Just like that! Mooore~ Clean me~ Clean me up~ ! Aaaahhnn~ !" Senna loudened her moan and raised her hands to her grown breasts, massaging them.

Ichigo squeezed her butt cheeks and continued cleaning her right thigh for a few more minutes.

The moaning Senna couldn't stop massaging her breasts, but was enjoying the pleasure from her hands and his tongue together. Right now, she really needed something more than just his licking tongue. Letting out sighs between moaning, she removed her hands from her grown breasts and straightened up her legs.

She really want to start the main event.

Ichigo stopped licking and removed his hands from her butt cheeks before standing up, eyeing at his goddess.

"You taste sweet."

Senna smiled sexily before walking towards the king-sized bed and climbed on it. She laid her back on the bed and faced at his direction. Her feet were planted on the bed, expressing herself in a seductive way.

"Ichigo, you're missing two things on me." she said seductively, swinging her legs.

The orange-haired couldn't restrain himself any longer. Watching Senna's nakedness and sexiness really made him even more turned on. He climbed on the bed and knelt his shins in front of her. Looking at her nice, sexy body, he stroked himself with his right hand for a bit to keep it hard.

Senna gracefully lifted her legs in the air and showed her wet pussy to him, waiting to have her stockings off.

Ichigo stopped his right hand and grabbed both her ankles, placing her legs on his shoulders. His stiffed member was placed between her thighs on her wet opening and her clit. Starting with her right leg, his hands took the white stocking off until it came off her foot. He tossed it at the box from his left side and then worked on her left leg.

Once her legs were completely exposed, his beautiful goddess was finally naked.

"Ichi... " Senna moaned while blushing.

The kneeling Ichigo placed his hands on both her thighs, caressing the soft and smooth skin. The early pregnant woman slightly moaned and cupped her D-size breasts, massaging them. Ichigo slowly moved his hands from her thighs to her shins, then her ankles. He held the left leg and licked it, earning a sweet moan from her. A few more licking, he changed his tongue to her next leg. While working on her right leg, Senna firmly massaged her breasts and loudened her moaning.

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Oooooohhh~ Ichi~ Ichigo~ Aaaahhnn~ !"

Unable to break free from his grips, she arched her back a bit and continued moaning and rubbing herself. She was captivated by her husband's tongue job on her leg. She can still feel the hardness and warmness of his cock between her thighs, rubbing her clit slowly.

"Ichi~ Ooooohhh~ Cock... I want your cock inside me~ " Senna highly craved, removing her massaging hands from her grown breasts.

Hearing her desire, Ichigo stopped licking and placed her ankles down until her feet were on the bed. Sliding his hands from her ankles to her thighs, he spread them apart to reveal her nice and wet pussy. Both of them were waiting for the main part in anticipation. Stroking his manhood thrice, he aimed the tip at her opening and deeply thrust inside her. Feeling the wetness and tightness inside her, he moaned and lowered his torso onto hers, feeling her grown breasts and nipples on his chest.

A jolt of pleasure stunned Senna's body from his welcoming cock inside her pussy, who loudly moaned from this wondrous feeling.

"AAAAAAHHHHNNN! ! Oooohhh yes, Ichi~ ! Your cock is sooo hard!" she exclaimed pleasantly, wrapping her legs around his waists and her arms grasping his back shoulders. Ichigo pressed his lips on hers into a deep passionate kiss and caressed her face. "MMmmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ " Senna returned the kiss and roamed their lips together, moaning sweetly. Her right hand moved to the back of his head to deepen their steamy kiss. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and intertwined with his, licking each other together.

With their busy lips, Ichigo began to move himself inside Senna. Since her pussy was wet earlier, Senna felt his moving cock inside her pussy and cried out a sexy moan through kissing lips. Feeling his hard cock hitting inside her womanhood repeatedly, it was definitely her favorite spot to enjoy the pleasure the most. Breaking the kiss, Ichigo quickly inhaled for some air and switched to her left neck. Senna loudened her moan while feeling his lips on her neck and his cock thrusting her, her right hand retreated to his right back shoulder.

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaaaahhh~ Ichi~ Ichigo~ ! Aaaaaahhhh~ !" Shutting her eyes, her legs tightly constricted his waist, and arched her back. She pressed her grown breasts against his chest to encourage him for more.

After a few more moments of pleasuring Senna, Ichigo gave her one last push and stopped, resting his head on the pillow besides her. Laying on top of her, the two of them were panting through each others' neck to catch their breaths. Senna was still grasping her hands on his back shoulders and her legs tightened his waist, without removing either of them.

The strawberry was the first to catch his breath and stared at her beautiful face. She looks so beautiful when she's panting lustily. His right hand held the left side of her face and brought his lips onto hers in a slow passionate kiss. The purple-haired returned the kiss and moaned sweetly, roaming their wet lips together. For about 3-5 minutes, they finally broke the kiss and stared at each others' eyes, panting against their breaths. Their eyes were locked on for some time until Senna was the first to speak in the silent room.

"Ichigo, please be careful with me... I'm only two weeks pregnant." she warned him softly, brushing his face with her right hand.

"Don't worry, Senna. I know a better way than the usual." he replied with a grin.

The wife was curious about this better way, though she was smiling. His hands traveled down to her waist, and then to her back from the bed. With her legs wrapped around him, he straightened himself up, and picked her up, pressing her body against his, as her legs removed themselves from his waist. With that, Ichigo carefully sat on the bed and placed Senna on his thighs in a sitting position. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, and her breasts and nipples pressed deeply against his chest.

"Ichigo... I love you." she said, still blushing.

"I love you too, Senna. Let's make this a wild night." he grinned perversely.

The Kurosaki family was driven home by the chauffeur, Chojiro Sasakibe, who was kind enough to take them home by car rather than foot. The presents were also stored in the trunk and some were carried by them. Furthermore, Tatsuki hitched a ride with them so she doesn't have to walk all the way home.

Initially, Isshin kindly offered her a ride. Part of him was extremely happy to see that his son won't stay as a virgin forever. And the other... well, let's just say he wanted a chance to dance with Senna at the reception. He wanted a father-and-daughter bonding time, but had forgotten about it sadly.

Slyly, he had recorded all the wedding scene with his micro-sized camera in his pocket. Smiling happily, he was glad he was able to record the whole thing. He couldn't wait to show it to Ichigo when he comes back.

Yuzu and Karin were quite curious to know what the presents were for their brother and new sister.

"Karin-chan, do you think they're expensive?" she asked, examining one in her hand.

"Can't we just let Ichi-nii and Senna open them tomorrow?" Karin replied, feeling sleepy.

"I wonder what is this "honeymoon" thing they're having... I hope fun and exciting!" Yuzu thought.

"You have no idea, Yuzu." the black-haired sister groaned.

Tatsuki chuckled at the light brown-haired, knowing that she hasn't changed at all. It seems the Kurosaki family might stay the same, even with Senna along - well, maybe. She did kiss him nicely, but not that kind to ruin his marriage with Senna. That will be her first and final kiss to Ichigo. At least she can still be his childhood friend, like always.

Back to the newlywed's honeymoon

An ecstatic moan came from Senna who was riding her husband's cock in their sitting position while bouncing her hips repeatedly. With her legs straddling his thighs, she can feel his stiffed erection sliding inside her wet frame with sensational pleasure. Her eyes were shut from this overflowing rapture,
her hands on his waist to keep herself still.

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ ! Aaaaahhh yeah~ Ichi~ Y-You like that~ ? Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Your cock is so hard~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ It's-It's making my pussy good~ " the naked purple-haired exclaimed in pleasure.

Ichigo just sat there, moaning, with his palms on the bed. He was enjoying this, feeling her butt slamming on his thighs and making slapping sounds. He can feel her pussy tightening and soaking his manhood every time she lowered herself. He let out a soft exhale above his head and lowered his eyes at her bouncing breasts.

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ " The moaning Senna saw his eyes on her lovely cups in awe. With a pleasurable gasp, they were caught in his hands as he massaged those softness and firmness with his handiwork. "Ooooohhh, Ichigo~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ " With one last bounce, feeling the hardness inside her wet wall, she sat on his thighs while enjoying his hands. She removed her hands from his waist and palmed the bed beside his shins to keep herself still. "Aaaahhnn~ Ooooohhh~ Ichi~ That's good~ Aaahh yeah~ Touch 'em~ Touch me~ Touch me good, Ichi~ Aaaahhhnn~ " she ecstatically moaned.

Ichigo gasped in excitement, loving the way he touched and massaged her breasts, quite fond of them. Stopping his roaming hands, he slid his left arm down from her right breast, her rib, then her left butt cheek and palmed it. Next, he leaned forward and took her left pink nipple in his mouth, sucking and licking it with his tongue.

With that, Senna felt a sensational pleasure and arched her head, crying out a loud, sexy moan. "Aaaaahh-Aaaahhhnn~ Haaahhh~ Ooooohhhh~ Ichi~ M-My~ My nipple! Ooooohh yeah~ suck it! Suck my nipple!" she pleaded lustfully, moving her hips back and forth in a slow movement, with his cock still inside her. "Aaaahhhnn~ Ichi~ " she sighed happily, looking at his mouth sucking her nipple with lust; she can feel it hardening.

Ichigo loved the way Senna moved her hips, and her wet pussy tightening his manhood. With the last taste, he removed his mouth with a lip-smacking sound and stuck his tongue out, twirling around the hard nipple. His left hand squeezed her right breast firmly until he stopped, leaving his saliva with a heavy sigh. He switched his arms, his left arm lowered to her right butt cheek and palmed the softness and firmness,
and his right hand caught her left breast.

"MMmmmm~ " Senna moaned sweetly through her sealed lips. She stared at him, waiting for her next nipple to be licked and sucked.

Ichigo captured her left nipple in his mouth, sucking and licking it. Senna stopped her hips and moaned from receiving another sensational pleasure, with her eyes half-open.

"Haaaahhh~ Haaaahhh~ Ichi~ Ichi~ Yeeesss~ Don't stop! Suck my nipple good! Haaaahhh~ " she begged and had her right hand on the back of his head to deepen his mouth on her nipple.

Ichigo felt her hand on his head and aggressively sucked her left nipple with more passion. Moving closer to her left breast, he pressed his face on it and felt the softness on him, moaning while sucking and licking. He loved her beautiful, soft and firm breasts - especially if they're D-size or natural. He can feel her second nipple hardening. At last, with one last sucking, he removed his mouth and leaned back a bit, catching his breath. His hands were removed from her left breast and her right butt cheek, making their way down until they were on her waist.

Senna sighed happily and stared at her strawberry husband, panting as well. Her large amber eyes were feeling hazy, and half-opened. Her face was still blushing bright pink. Both of her pink nipples were equally hardened and wet, thanks to his naughty mouth. Her grown breasts were heaving from her heavy panting.

The newlyweds continued panting for a few more moments, drenched with sweats. They had been staring at each others' eyes for some time.

Senna raised her hands to up his shoulders and leaned forward until her lips touched his. Closing her eyes, she passionately kissed her strawberry husband and roamed their lips together. Moaning sweetly, both her hands slowly reached to his back shoulders and grasped them to deepen their steamy kiss, her lovely breasts pressed against his chest while making out.

Ichigo returned the kiss to his goddess. He placed his hands onto her bare back, roaming on her soft and smooth skin. He brought her perfect body closer to his, feeling her wonderful grown breasts and nipples on his chest. His tongue slipped through her lips as they intertwined together, licking each other between their lusty kiss.

While continuing to make out, his hands slowly made its way to her soft and firm butt cheeks. Both of his palms rubbed them affectionately, and then held them tightly. Carefully, he moved forward until he made it to the edge of the bed. The kissing Senna felt the familiar feeling inside her, anticipating. Breaking the kiss, the lovers twirled their tongues around while breathing for air. Ichigo got off the bed and planted his feet on the floor while having his wife in a standing and carrying position.

"Ooooohh~ Giving me a hard bang, honey~ ?" the purple-haired questioned seductively and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"We'll see." he replied with a sly smile. He held her butt cheeks tight and thrust her pussy in a quick and hard pace while standing.

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Ichigo~ ! More~ ! Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ !" Senna ecstatically moaned, pressing herself against his chest to encourage him. Being carried in his arms and feeling his cock pounding her repeatedly, Senna was having one hell of a ride from this incredible pleasure. "Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Ichi~ Ichigo, yes! D-Don't stop! Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ F-Feel my wet pussy with your hard cock!" she pleaded lustfully, continued moaning sexily with each of his thrusts.

Ichigo complied and quickened his thrust even more, spamming his erection inside her lewd hole repeatedly. The couple moaned from the pleasure each time Ichigo thrust into her.

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Ichi~ Ichigo! YEEESSS~ ! G-Gimme more! Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ " The moaning Senna pleaded, feeling the pleasure building up from his thrusting cock inside her wall. She immediately brought her lips on his, kissing him with more passion. "MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ !" she loudly moaned and slipped her tongue through his lips. Both their tongues intertwined together through licking while making out with heavy passion. Ichigo was motivated by her lust and desire. Tightening his palms on her butt cheeks, he quickened his thrusts and pounded her wet frame more and more. Senna broke the kiss from this overloading pleasure and cried out an ecstatic moan. "MMmmmmaaaahhhhh~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ I-Ichi, ICHIGOOO~~ ! S-SOOO HARD~ SOOO GOOOD~ HARDER~ ! FASTER~ ! MOOOREEE~ AAAAHHNN~ AAAAHHNN~ AAAAHHNN~ AAAAHHNN~ AAAAHHNN~ !" Her arms held tightly onto his torso. She was loving her favorite thrusting cock inside her nonstop.

The newlyweds stayed in that position for quite some time.

They were having a wild night.

With one last, deep push inside her hotspot, the strawberry stood there, slowing his thrusts, and panted for some air while holding his purple-haired goddess from dropping. Senna panted in pleasure between moaning and rested her head on his right shoulder.

Steadily, Ichigo turned around and walked towards the bed until his knees hit the edge. He gently placed his wife on the bed as her arms removed themselves from his neck. He pulled out his manhood from her lovely pink hole filled with pussy juice. The laying Senna backed up a bit to give her husband some space so he can continue pleasuring her. She rested her head on the pillow and waited, panting softly, but still wanted more. Ichigo climbed onto the bed with his legs planted on the mattress, spreading them slightly. Her eyes were half-opened and gracefully lifted her legs in the air, showing her lewd pussy with juice flowing out.

"Ichigo... please... " she pleaded him softly in a seductive tone.

Ichigo received her love message as he stroked himself thrice again before moving closer to her. He aimed the tip at her wet opening and rubbed it up and down to spread her pussy juice. Senna placed her legs onto his shoulders, waiting for her strawberry's cock to penetrate her pussy.

"Senna... you're beautiful." he grew a small smile at her.

This is one of the most rarest word he barely used.

Senna smiled back, still blushing bright pink.

"And you are a perv~ " she replied playfully in a sexy tone.

Ichigo begins to enter her opening by grasping her thighs tightly before giving her a quick, deep entrance.

With a delightful moan, Senna felt the jolt of pleasure flowing through her body again from his welcoming cock. "Aaaaahhhhnnn~ Ooooohhhh~ Ichi~ !" she exclaimed sexily. Ichigo moaned as he moved himself in a quick pace, thrusting Senna's pussy repeatedly while holding her thighs. "Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ I-Ichi~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ !" She moaned loudly with her eyes shut, and grabbed the sheet from the rushing pleasure. Her grown breasts were moving back and forth from Ichigo's rocking motion, who was pounding her continuously.

"Aaaahh~ Aaaahh~ S-Senna! Y-You're so wet, and tight!" he moaned, feeling her wet frame clenching his manhood every time he thrusted. The more she tighten his arousal, the faster he quickened his pace.

Senna couldn't think, but cried out an ecstatic moan from his accelerating cock. Unable to tighten her hands on the mattress, she removed them and placed them over her bouncing grown breasts. Ichigo can feel himself reaching the peak soon as he quickened his pace. He went harder, faster, and deeper inside her tight and wet pussy.

"Aaaahh~ S-Senna... I'm gonna cum!"

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ C-Cum! Ichi, my pussy wants your cum~ ! Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ " Soon, Senna can feel herself reaching her orgasm, "Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Ichi~ Ichi~ I'm gonna cum~ I'm gonna cum~ !"

Ichigo kept thrusting his wife in a rapid speed until he reached his peak. Quickly, his hands switched from her thighs to the back of her knees and held them. He pulled his member out, leaving half the size inside her womanhood. With a moan, he shoots his white juice inside her pussy.

"Aaaaaahhh! S-Sennaa!" he cried out her name while moaning.

"AAAAHHHNN~ ! ICHIGO~ !" Senna cried out a sexiest moan and released her pussy juice.

The two of them panted from their heavy passion. Ichigo, still holding onto her knees, continued cumming inside her. With a few more short thrusts, he moaned and released himself even more from his peak. Senna was in bliss. Feeling her strawberry's cum inside her pussy was intense - instead of her inside womb. This peculiar heat inside her wall was something she couldn't describe. With his hot cum inside her, he had triggered her orgasm and released her pussy juice. She had no idea how much he's been saving. Inside her pussy, both of their liquids were mixing together.

The panting orange-haired placed her spread legs on the bed and slowly removed his manhood from her inside. He heavily dropped himself on the bed and laid there in exhaustion.

Senna quickly lifted herself up and sat on her laying husband's chest with her hands planting on the bed and her legs spread in a V-shape. Panting in pleasure, she revealed her wet pussy in front of him up close.

"Haaaaahhh~ Haaaaahhh~ Ichi... "

Ichigo looked to see his goddess sitting on him and showing her beautiful lewd womanhood. He stared at it in amazement, seeing how wet and pink it was. Just then, the white juice was starting to flow out of her hole, leaking to her butt cheeks and on his chest. Senna panted happily between moaning, feeling their warm cum leaking out of her inside. A creampie. She sighed happily, feeling how hot it was, loving this better way than the one he came inside her. Now the cum landed on Ichigo's chest and slowly spreading apart in a small circle.

"You love to see my wet pussy~ Ichi~ ?" she asked seductively with a smile.

Ichigo was unable to speak, but his eyes were glued to her lovely pussy. With her body on him, his hands reached out to her wet folds and spread them apart, making their juice flowing out.

Senna took it as a "yes" and felt their cums were completely out of her inside. Her right hand moved to her wet pussy and used two of her fingers to wipe the mixed cum. She took the mixed cum in her mouth and tasted the same delicious flavor since their first night. Next, she slowly slid her hips backwards and trailed a bit of cum from his chest to his upper abdomen. Ichigo removed his hands and placed them on the bed, waiting for her next move. He laid there in anticipation, without making any single move. Until her soft and firm butt cheeks made their way to his thighs, she lowered herself to his abs where a small trail of mixed cum were and pressed her grown breasts on his belly.

Senna began to clean the mixed cum on his abdomen with her tongue. She slid her tongue upwards on the small trail of cums and collected them in her mouth.

"MMmmmmm~ " Swallowing both of their mixed cums, she looked at him with her eyes filled with pure lust, "Ichi~ " Senna moved towards his chest and began to clean the cum on his chest with her tongue. Licking twirling her tongue around his chest, she delightfully took the cums in her mouth. She was pleased to taste the delicious flavor again. Her hands were on his upper arms while cleaning him as if she was pinning him.

Ichigo was enjoying her cleaning duty. He stared at her, seeing how active she's becoming. Breathing softly, he can feel her lovely breasts and nipples rubbing against his stomach whenever she moved herself to lick his dirty chest.

Finally, Senna finished cleaning his chest, and collected all the mixed cum in her mouth. She swallowed the delicious flavor and lowered her head to his chest. She gave it soft multiple kisses at the exact same spot where she cleaned his chest. Once her kisses were done, she crawled up a bit and lowered her bosom onto his chest, pressing them deeply. Her arms slowly wrapped around his neck from under the pillow and pressed her lips against his in a passionate kiss. She felt a pair of arms at her sides and two hands touching her butt cheeks; closing her eyes, she moaned and enjoyed his dirty hands. With a sexy giggle in her mind, she deepened the kiss even more.

Ichigo returned the kiss and gently squeezed her nice soft and firm butt while moving their wet lips together. He felt her D-size breasts brushing his chest through their heavy make-out. His tongue made its way between her lips and slipped in, finding her tongue and twirling them together. The two of them deepened their kiss through their roaming wet lips as Senna loudened her sexy moan and brushed her bare skin against his. His hands squeezed her butt cheeks firmly and circled them.

They've been kissing steamily for more than five minutes until they broke the kiss for some air. Panting heavily, Ichigo rested his head on the pillow and Senna rested hers on his collarbone. Neither of them moved for a while. Both of their arms were still in the same spot. After waiting for some time, Senna was the first to break the silence.

"Wow, Ichi... that was great!" she complimented.

Ichigo retrieved his left hand from her butt to her back and caressed it, smiling at her.

"Think you're ready for another round?" he asked perversely.

Senna grew a seductive grin on her face. She knew exactly what their next "round" would be; a dirty thought came to her mind. She lifted her head and eyed at him.

"I know how to make things more interesting~ " she replied sexily.

Carefully, Senna got up and shifted herself to the edge of the bed, placing her feet on the floor. Ichigo sat up and watched her if she happen to fall due to her pregnancy. Senna slowly knelt in front of the luggage and opened it, seeing her two special containers. She took them in her hands and walked back towards the bed. Although, Ichigo noticed something new in her hands, he was a bit curious about them.

"Here, anata~ Make sure your cock is nice and hard~ " she said in a very sexy tone, handing one of the small container to him.

Ichigo took it in his right hand and opened the cap, placing it next to the lamp light. He dropped one pill on his left palm and put the container where the cap was. Taking it in his mouth, he swallowed the pill and felt the effect reacting. With a relaxing moan, he felt his erection stimulating again, and eyed at his hardened member. Finally, after waiting for a whole week, he can feel that energy inside him. With one last sigh, he looked at Senna sitting on the bed near him, who was curiously examining the other container in her hands.

With a sexy smile, Senna finished reading the instructions and turned to her right, approaching towards her strawberry husband. She crawled seductively until she's sitting on his thighs, straddling him with her knees. She can feel his stimulated cock touching her clit. Her left hand placed her container next to his by the lamp light before reaching his hardened cock, finding the tip at her wet pussy.

Ichigo continuously laid his eyes at her beautiful D-size breasts and pink nipples until her pussy engulfed his manhood.

As she aimed the tip at her wet opening, Senna removed her left hand and slowly descended herself, feeling the welcoming pleasure back to her body, and his cock, again.

"Aaaaaaahhhhnnn~ " Arching her head, Senna moaned in delight from his hard cock in a sitting position. She gazed at him with her lovely amber eyes, filled with pure lust. "Ichi~ "

"Senna... "

The pregnant purple-haired leaned towards him for a passionate kiss and moaned sweetly through their moving lips. Ichigo returned the kiss and loved the way she moan when they work their mouth. With her eyes close, her hands found their way to his wrists to begin her part. Breaking the kiss, she straightened herself and raised her arms, reaching his hands to her grown breasts until they're touching them.

"Anata~ Make sure to touch me good~ " she inquired sexily.

A grin grew on Ichigo's face, "With pleasure." his hands began to massage her breasts enthusiastically. He delightfully massaged and squeezed them together, feeling those gorgeous softness and firmness in his hands.

"Haaaahhh~ Haaaahhh~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Ooooohhh~ Ichigo~ !" Senna moaned sexily, loving the way he massaged her bosoms with his dirty hands. She began to move her hips sideways in a slow motion to make the pleasure more enjoyable with his hard cock inside her. "Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Ooooohhh yeessss~ Ichi~ Touch 'em~ Touch me~ Feel me more~ Haaaahhh~ Haaaahhh~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ !" she pleaded highly between moaning, wanting him to touch her even more. Her moving hips sped up a bit, trying to saturate his cock with her pussy juice.

Ichigo exhaled before complying. Massaging her beautiful bosom, he touched and squeezed them more than before. His eyes stared at her breasts. He couldn't avert his eyes away from them. Plus, her lewd pussy tightened and wetting his member while grinding herself. He leaned towards her right nipple and took it in his mouth, sucking on it while licking it from the inside.

Senna felt the spark stunning her body from this intense rapture. "AAAAHHNN! I-ICHIGO~ !" She cried out a delightful moan from his mouth, sucking her right nipple. Her hands moved to the back of his head and brought him closer to suck it deeper. She watched him, seeing how aggressive he was. "Ooooohhh~ Ichigo~ Ooohh yeah~ My... my nipple~ Suck it... Suck my nipple good~ " She pleaded while blushing; her right nipple nearly hardened.

Ichigo removed his mouth and twirled his tongue around that nipple before switching to her next one. Again, he took the left nipple in his mouth, sucking and licking it from the inside. Both his hands were still massaging her breasts between roaming and squeezing them.

"Ooooohhh~ " Senna let out a pleasant moan from his nipple sucking. With her hands grasping the back of his head, she pulled him closer to her left breast to deepen his mouth. She can feel her both her nipples hardened.

Ichigo finished sucking her nipple with a mouth smack and twirled it with his tongue while massaging them continuously. He felt her hands on his head lowered until they're on the sides of his face. He switched back to her right hard nipple and took it in his mouth again, wetting it with his tongue. Senna moaned softly from his tongue job and stopped her moving hips from saturating his stiffed erection inside her womanhood.

The orange-haired continued to lick her right nipple, but her hands on his face brought him to her lips in a short passionate kiss. They roamed their lips together and let out a small moan before parting their kiss to catch their breath for a moment to regain their energies. His hands gave her grown breasts one last squeeze before lowering down to her waist.

After waiting for another minute or two, Senna was the first to move by upping herself off her husband's stiffed cock until it was out of her pussy. She sat on the edge of the bed next to Ichigo and took the second container with her right hand, readying to give Ichigo a special job. Opening the cap, she poured out a small dip of fluid into her left palm and closed the cap. Placing the container back the way it was, she rubbed the fluid in both her hands together.

Ichigo looked at the second container which Senna used it on her hands and couldn't believe what it was. A lubricant for women. He had no idea Yoruichi would give her such dirty stuff for Senna. He averted his eyes to his wife and saw her rubbing her breasts with lubricants on her palms.

"This is gonna be one hell of a night." he thought.

Senna covered her entire chest with lubricant, even the center of her chest. With a proud smile on her face, she was very eager. After all the massaging and touching from Ichigo, her lovely grown breasts felt so much better than before. The purple-haired woman had never felt this sexy than her first night.

Smiling sexily at him, she turned to face Ichigo with her very drenched bosom filled with lubricant, cupping her breasts to him.

"Ichi~ You wanna put your hard cock in between my tits~ ?" she asked him naughtily.

Ichigo paused from her dirty line. Could this be how Senna wanted him to massage her breasts beforehand? He looked at her lovely lubricated breasts. He starts to position himself on top of his goddess with his shins besides her, spreading apart - instead of sitting on her. He looked down at her wet grown breasts and cute expression. His right hand held his erection and placed it between her slippery breasts. When he did, both her breasts felt nice and good from the contact, plus the lubricant made them very wet and slippery. He never knew putting his arousal between them would be this nice.

Senna stared at his delicious tip, thinking about the first night she took it in her mouth. She blushed from the extreme close-up. Plus, she loved the warmness from his cock touching between her bosoms. She can smell both his cum and her pussy juice from his tip. She felt so addictive, having his cock in her mouth and her pussy, but between her breasts was something else. She eyed at him with her seductive stare.

Ichigo stared at her grown breasts and held them firmly from both sides before pressing them together on his stiffed erection; that earn a small giggle from Senna. With that, the feeling was so greasy when he tightened them. He began to move himself forward, then backward, repeating the same motion while squeezing her wet breasts.

He's starting to love that special liquid covering her chest as he sped up a bit.

It felt a bit similar to her pussy.

He had no idea how good it felt when he thrusts.

"Aaaaaahhhnn~ Aaaaaahhhnn~ Haaaaahhh~ " Senna moaned softly from this hard moment, feeling his cock rubbing her wet breasts repeatedly. "Aaaaahhh~ " She stuck her tongue out and licked his tip whenever he moved it close to her face. This titjob seemed to be really entertaining.

Ichigo began to quicken his pace, rubbing his member between her grown breasts. He was enjoying her lovely squeezing breasts on him.

While Senna moaned and licked his tip, both her hands lowered and squeezed her oily breasts to support his thrusting cock. With both their hands squeezing together, Ichigo's thrusting was faster, harder, and more enjoyable.

"Ooooohh~ Ooooohh~ Ichi~ Yeaaahh~ Mooore~ Mooore~ Aaaaaahhhnn~ Aaaaaahhhnn~ " the pregnant woman pleaded lustily between moaning. She moved her wet breasts, rubbing his hard cock with her own hands to support his thrusting. She wanted him to release as much cum as he can.

Ichigo liked her assistance from her rubbing breasts. He went faster and harder than before. He can feel his second edge is about to reach soon, but decided to keep it to himself. With a few more thrusts, he let out a moan, leaving his member between her bosoms, and massively spewed his white juice at her face.

"Aaaaahh!" Senna cried out a pleasurable gasp and shut her eyes, feeling her face being splattered by his delicious cum. Her mouth was partly opened and felt his cum on her tongue. Her hands didn't stop rubbing his hard cock with her wet, grown breasts.

Then the orange-haired released more cum and spewed at her face while some land in her mouth. Senna's hands began to move slowly and felt more of his cum shooting at her face. She felt the hot feeling with his delicious cum on her face, and she loved it. She was amazed that her husband gave her a creamy facial after a nice, sexy titjob.

Winded with exhaustion, both of their hands removed themselves from her breasts as Ichigo carefully lifted himself off her body before sitting on the bed. He had never been this tired before, especially his first night during their three rounds. He looked at his goddess with her cum-covered face. He had to admit, she somehow looked sexy with his white juice on her.

With her eyes still shut, Senna licked the cum from her lips and swallowed them, letting out a happy sigh from the delicious taste. Her right index finger moved to her face, tracing her cheeks and removing the sticky fluid bit by bit. She took them in her mouth and swallowed her leftover drink in delight. Taking her finger out, she was in bliss as her face was now cleaned. She slowly sat up and gazed at Ichigo with lust, her palms on the bed, and panting with her D-size breasts heaving up and down.

Ichigo just sat there and stared at her beautiful amber eyes, then lowered his eyes to her wonderful naked body. He watched her lovely, wet breasts and pink nipples bouncing every time she breathed for air.

Growing a sexy smile, Senna approached towards Ichigo in a slow crab walk with her legs spread open, showing her wet folds, and lowered her firm butt on his thighs. She leaned forward and brought her lips to his in a deep passionate kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck. Ichigo wrapped his around her back and returned the kiss. Her grown breasts pressed deeply and rubbed against his chest due to its extreme wetness of the lubricant. Her sweet, sexy moan was heard through their busy lips.

The lovers were giving each other a heavy, steamy kiss with their roaming lips. With their arms around each other, they've been bringing each others' bodies closer and deeper together, feeling the warm contact of their bare skin.

After more than five or six minutes, they finally broke the kiss and breathed for some air with their arms attached to each other. Neither of them said anything until Senna spoke.

"That was great, honey!" she said cheerfully.

"Yeah... it sure was." Ichigo added, finally caught his breath. "Wanna hit the shower?"

"In our best honeymoon... " Senna happily smiled at him, "You bet! Of course, you're carrying me straight to the bathroom. And~ don't you dare drop me." she inquired, still locking her arms around his neck.

"I won't." he chuckled, lowering his hands until they're on her firm butt cheeks.

The orange-haired turned himself to the right side of the bed and planted his feet on the floor before getting off the bed. He stood up and carried his goddess with both hands holding her butt tightly, making his way to the bathroom without dropping his wife due to her pregnancy. At least, the bathroom door was left open when they first came in. He gently placed Senna down on her bare feet and flipped the light switch on.

Senna's legs wobbled a little and tried her best to stand up straight. She felt very perky to have a shower with her strawberry again - just like their first night before their departure. Standing besides the shower, the purple-haired woman turned the lever towards the warm water. She flipped the basin switch so the water won't go down the drain. She just stood there waiting for the water to rise up.

Ichigo gazed at his naked wife in amazement. He quietly snuck his way towards her until he was standing behind her. He wrapped his arms around and grabbed her wet breasts with his free hands, pulling her body close to his torso.

Senna let out a pleasurable gasp, and noticed her husband was groping her lewd breasts with his dirty hands.

"Ooooohh~ Ichigo~ you hentai~ " she moaned sexily, letting him touch her freely as much as he can.

"Force of habit." he replied with a grin and continued groping her lovely D-size bosom.

While the water was rising slowly, Senna was captivated by Ichigo's handiwork and moaned sexily. He continuously roamed and squeezed them, loving the softness and firmness in his hands. He leaned his head to the right side of her cheek and gave her a soft kiss, then licking the same spot.

"Haaaaahhh~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ " Senna's mind was drawing a blank. She couldn't help but want more pleasure. She can feel his "friend" pressing between her butt. She opened her eyes to check on the water, and noticed it was near the top. She used her hands to remove his from her breasts and extending her right hand to turn the lever off.

Then the lovers stepped in the tub. The orange-haired lowered his body on the water and leaned back. Senna did the same and rested her back against his torso. She just sat comfortably while Ichigo wrapped his arms around her. Finally, the newlyweds felt relaxed from the warm water cooling their bodies after their wild sex.



"Tonight was great." Senna smiled.

"Yeah... it sure was. Say, where did you get that lubricant from?" he asked.

"Oh, that. Your aunt lent it to me for our honeymoon." the purple-haired told him sweetly, giggled with a slight blush.

Ichigo didn't knew his aunt would give her such thing to Senna. Teaching her titjob was one thing, but a lubricant? What else does his auntie Rangiku has?

"Ichigo, I'm glad I met you." she said sweetly, turning her head to the right and give him a sweet kiss on his left cheek.

"Same here." the strawberry slid his hands up to her breasts from underwater. However, his wrists were caught by her hands.

"Anata, ever heard of "keeping your hands to yourself~ " ?" she questioned him in a playful tone.

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself." he chuckled. He was starting to become a real pervert.

The couple waited a few more minutes to relax themselves before their honeymoon ended. They stood up from the water and drained the water down the drain basin. Closing the curtain, they turned the handle and let the shower saturate their bodies with warm water. With their drenched bodies, Ichigo perversely used his dirty hands to grope Senna and brushed the water on her body, which earn a delightful moan from her mouth.

Senna loved the way he touched her body. She allowed him to clean her body with a shower gel. Ichigo enjoyed spreading the suds around her body, and her lovely grown bosom. Feeling the pleasure flowing through her body, the purple-haired moaned sexily from his magic hands, and couldn't wait for her turn. Once Ichigo finished scrubbing her body, it was finally Senna's turn to clean him.

The curtain was pulled open as they stepped out to dry their drenched bodies with towels. Ichigo kept his eyes on her hot, naked body as she dried herself. After their bodies were completely dry, Ichigo carried her in his arms in a bridal style.

"Ooooohh~ Ichi~ Aren't you sweet." Senna gave him a kiss on his right cheek. A small blush was on his as a respond.

He walked out of the bathroom towards their king-size bed. He gently placed her on the bed as Senna backed up a bit to give him some space before he climbed on the bed with her. She extended her arms to reach the bed sheet and covered them both. Facing each other, the two of them pressed their bare bodies and gave each other a heavy, passionate good-night kiss with their hands cupping their faces. Breaking the kiss, they cuddled very close to each other with their arms wrapped around their waists.

"Love you, Ichi!"

"Love you too, Senna."

Finally, they closed their eyes and fell asleep from their best day of their lives.


Breaking the kiss, Senna moved herself until her body was laying flat on her husband's torso. Her grown breasts and erected nipples pressed against his chest with him laying on the bed. She wrapped her arms around Ichigo's neck from under the pillow, followed by Ichigo who wrapped his around her waist.

Smiling happily, Senna remembered something from the newspaper she read, and was ready to tell him about it.

"Hey Ichigo, there's something in the newspaper I read this morning. And I'm sure~ you'll like it." she began.

"What's it about?"

"Shadow Clone Jutsu."

With a bit of confusion, he asked again.

"What's that?"

"Don't you read the newspaper?" she pouted lightly.

"I don't read them." he answered truthfully.

"Well~ " Senna smiled seductively at him and began to explain the entire detail to him.

A few minutes later, Ichigo widened his eyes a bit and was incredibly surprised to hear it from Senna. He had no idea there was such class to learn that technique.

"What makes you wanna learn it?" he asked her.

"Well~ I was thinking about having a threesome with your clone. Although, since it is another you, I prefer to have the fake cock in my butt and my mouth instead of my pussy. The only cock I will enjoy the most is yours, my strawberry pervert."

Hearing those dirty words from his wife, Ichigo didn't know she'd be this naughty - especially when it came to that Shadow Clone Jutsu thing. Maybe having a threesome with another him wouldn't be that bad. But if it had been another man, that would ruined their marriage; he knew neither of them would want that. However, he just realized something that Senna didn't mention.

"What about your clone, Senna? Any plans for that?" he questioned with a sly smile.

Senna had a feeling he would ask about her clone. She grew a sexy smile before answering him.

"Maybe in my spare time, I would enjoy touching and kissing myself, if you know what I mean, honey." she giggled, "Or~ we could have a threesome with my clone. Would you like to enjoy having sex with another me~ ? It won't affect our marriage." she pointed.

Again, with those dirty words came from Senna, Ichigo made a thought and pictured it in his head with two naked Sennas in their bed - aka two identical wives. He wondered what it's like to have sex with two women in one night. Without a second thought, he made up his answer.

"Alright. Let's learn this Shadow Clone Jutsu."

Senna pecked his lips happily, "Thanks, honey!"

"After your pregnancy." he finished.

"Ah mou... That's a long 9 months to wait, Ichi~ " the purple-haired faked her pouting in an act.

"Get used to it. Besides, that class won't go anywhere." he pointed.

They shared a good night kiss before falling asleep from their best day of their lives.




The next day, the morning sunlight beamed through the curtain where the newlyweds were sleeping. Ichigo snored lightly with his arms around his sleeping goddess. Senna had a happy smile on her face in her sleep until her slumber was disturbed by sunlight.

She opened her eyes and roused from her beauty sleep after the wild night she had. Looking at her sleeping husband, she slowly removed her arms from under the pillow without disturbing him. Her hands placed on his chest while watching him sleep until he woke up.

Ichigo roused with his eyes open and felt a familiar warm body on his torso. His eyes caught on his wife who was smiling at him cutely, the feeling of her firm and soft breasts on his chest.

"Ohayo, strawberry-kun~ "

He smiled back, "How long had you been awake?" he asked, rubbing her bare back with his hands.

"For a while. No thanks to your hair, that is." she teased him, giggled.

"Hey, that hurt." Ichigo faked his hurtful tone.

Senna moved to the side and raised herself until she was sitting on the bed, revealing her naked torso and her bosoms. Ichigo followed as they both stretched their arms in the air.

The purple-haired wife slowly laid back on the bed and removed the bed sheet off her with her own legs, exposing her nude body. With a moan, she stretched her arms and legs together. Ichigo couldn't help but stared at her wonderful body. He can feel himself getting turned on just by gazing at her attractive legs, her shaved body, her tight and lewd pussy, her beautiful grown breasts, her smooth and soft skin, and her pretty face.

Every time he looked at her, their honeymoon scenes kept replaying in his mind nonstop. Now he's feeling even more turned on - literally.

The orange-haired changed his sight to see the time near the phone. It was 10:05.

They still have time.

He knew a perfect way to kill time before their ride arrived.

Senna sat up and was about to get off the bed until a pair of hands caught her breasts, and squeaked out a moan. Obviously it was her husband, who was massaging her breasts freely with his dirty hands and kissing her left neck.

"Ooooohh, Ichigo~ " she moaned from his handiwork and his lips, feeling the pleasure coming back.

Ichigo exchanged his lips to his tongue and traveled from her neck to her left cheek, then kissing that spot.

"Wanna have morning sex before we leave?" he asked perversely, still roaming his hands.

"Aaaahhnn~ Are you trying to rape me~ ?" she asked back in a seductive tone.

"We'll see." a smirk grew on his face.

The lovers were enjoying their hot, pleasant morning sex. Senna positioned herself in a doggy-style while her strawberry thrusted into her pussy repeatedly, holding her elbows tightly. She loved being pounded in this position, her breasts bouncing up and down.

Ichigo was aggressive, pleasuring her harder and faster like a wild animal. He leaned forward until his chest pressed against her back, grabbing her breasts with his free hands. He massaged them firmly while pounding her nonstop, kissing her right neck and hearing her sexy moan through his left ear.

As for her sensational reward, Ichigo gave her a massive loads of creampie inside her pussy. Senna cried out the sexiest moan - from both her orgasm and her receivement. With her butt lifted up, both of their cums were leaking out of her womanhood which slid down to her thighs.

They had fun with their morning sex, and now they're preparing to pack all their things before their ride came.

For their wedding and honeymoon, they had the best time of their lives.

End of chapter 10

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