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Ranma's Son, Chapter 1:

It was close to midnight on Halloween, in Godric's Hollow. The leaves were being blown about in the autumn wind. Not a person in sight, all tucked away in bed, except for one. "Damn it! That is the last time I ever follow Ryoga!" Shouted a young boy. He looked to be in his early teens. He had shoulder length hair tied into a pony tail, and stormy blue eyes. His name is Ranma Soatome, heir of the Soatome School of Indiscriminate Grappling, and he was completely lost. "Stupid idiot, how can he get lost like that? I swear we passed pyramids before we got here, then he vanishes." He had followed Ryoga for three days. The only reason he continued after the first, was because no one spoke Japanese where they were. Until recently, that is, when they arrived in here in England. Ranma was fluent in English thanks to a stay at a U.S. Base when he was younger. He left Ryoga's side for a moment to get their bearings, but the Lost-Boy lived up to his name and vanished. Ranma let out a sigh, as he had no idea what he was going to do now.

A blast rang out into the night startling Ranma out of his thoughts. The air next to him shimmered and broke revealing a burning house. He would have spent more time thinking about why a house suddenly appeared, but the lessons about protecting others Genma beat into his head since he was six kicked in. Ranma charged in through the front door and came across the body of a man, swallowing, he reached down and touched the man's chest, no heartbeat. Ranma let out a sad sigh and continued into the house looking for survivors. A shriek came from upstairs, informing him someone was still alive. He came into a nursery and froze, the scene in front was hard to look at. A red haired woman collapsed next to a crib, a crying infant bleeding from his forehead. Ranma slowly approached the woman and checked for a pulse, hoping that… There was none.

He let out a shuddering breathe, picking the little orphan up carefully, he began to rock him making gentle shushing noises. "Don't worry little one, I'm here." Ranma dabbed a cloth on the child's face, wiping away the blood. He couldn't leave the child here obviously, his parents were dead and he was all alone now… like himself. Ranma considered that, his father was back in Japan, he had no idea whether or not his mother was alive, let alone where she was. He honestly didn't like the thought of being by himself, he wouldn't admit it out loud but it did scare him. He carried the boy around the room, noticing the plaque on the door for the first time, "Harry." Looking down at the baby, no Harry, who had calmed down. Ranma allowed a sad smile to play across his face, "Don't worry, Harry, I'll be your family now." Ranma whispered.

Ranma picked up a bag next to the crib which was filled with diapers, and set a brisk pace downstairs to the kitchen. He rummage through the cabinets, happy to discover jars of baby food. "At least he is past formula." Ranma thought with mild relief. He took some food for himself and placed it all in the bag. Heading back to the front of the house he took a coat out of a closet and wrapped Harry in it. With this, Ranma dashed out into the night, and decided to get as far from this town as possible.

Later that night, Sirius Black would arrive to find his brother in all but blood dead. At the sight of Lily lying dead, and Harry missing though he broke down repeating the words "I failed them." Over and over. He would later be discovered by Hagrid, who would take him to Dumbledore. After questioning Black, Dumbledore would inform the Auror's to place a warrant out for Pettigrew. For the next few years, they would try every spell in the book to find young Harry, but none would work. The closest they ever got was the image of a panther, the cat growled at Dumbledore before swiping it's claws at him, the scrying bowl he was using fell into five cleanly sliced segments and the image was lost.


Three months after Ranma adopted Harry, found them in France. Ranma was earning enough to live by at a gym. They taught a fierce style of kickboxing called Savate, Ranma picked up the style quickly enough and decided to help teach the beginners, this earned him enough money to keep himself and Harry fed. Ranma was also being taught French by the younger members of the gym. Without Genma around for guidance, Ranma found himself having to take his education seriously. He had no one to rely one but himself, normally this wouldn't be enough to get him going to the lengths he is now, but with Harry depending on him for everything at the moment. Well, Ranma always learned best under pressure. He was currently guiding one of the younger students in kicking drills, and [though] he was heavily accented his instruction were clear.

Ranma noticed a jade-eyed babe waddling towards him, "Papa porte-moi." Harry called with his arms up in the air. Ah, there was the other reason to focus on education, Harry was eerily smart, he had already picked up several English, Japanese and French words. Ranma obliged to his adopted sons request, turning back to the he called out, "C'est bon, prenez tous une pause." (That's good, take all a break.) He carried Harry off to the side as the students fell to the mats. Ranma let out a small laugh, while a few were in the gym for self defense, most wanted to make it big. But it was obvious it would be some time before they could ever set foot in the ring. The gym owner Alexander chuckled as he came up to him. "Running them hard Ranma."

Ranma gave cocky smirk at the comment, "The difference in stamina to do drills and stamina to fight is so huge I don't think they'll realize until I throw them into a ring." Ranma told him, Alexander nodded to his point. "True, true. But be sure to let them recover properly, it wouldn't due if they could not make it back home from exhaustion." It saddened him that the teen and the infant were on their own, but it wasn't the first time he took in cases like the boy. Ranma would work for the gym and stay in one of the overhead apartments. Alexander's gym was also a haven for homeless kids, he provided the second chance they needed through disciplined training.

Ranma gave the man a smirk, "I will… Thank you for everything Alexander-san." Ranma finished with a bow, before leaving to get Harry something to eat. He would be here until he had enough money to journey to China at least, the nomadic tendencies from traveling with Genma kicking in.


One year had passed since Ranma adopted Harry, one year in which the young boy could now speak French fluently, and the toddler could speak a great deal more than an average two year old. Though speaking and understanding are two very different things. When he was just starting Ranma allowed Harry to call him papa because it was an easy word, but as time passed and he fell into the roll parent he fully considered Harry to be his son. He filed paperwork with the Japanese embassy to that effect. Thinking ahead, he also got both of them passports and identification papers. Harry's name was now Harry Soatome, adopted son of Ranma Soatome, born July 1, 1988.

Ranma gathered Harry in his arms and set out, he planned to reach China by way of Russia, more supplies readily available than the Middle East, which was mostly dessert. Ranma had learned a lot while in France, before he left he tested out of High School, which was a nightmare to accomplish but Alexander said it was important, and he had a great deal of respect for the man. He came in the middle of those that tested, a great accomplishment considering his age. Ranma had a contented grin on his face, he had accomplished so much in the past year once he put his mind to it. He couldn't blame has poor studies from before on Genma, the old man had put him in schools whenever they had stopped in an area long enough.

Speaking of Genma he had the embassy send him a message that he would be in Beijing and would meet him at the embassy there in a couple of months.


Blood, everywhere he looked there was blood, and the corpse's of their attackers. Ranma never thought he would be attacked by a dragon, let alone three. Had it just been one he could have escaped with Harry without a problem, but three had attacked and surrounded them. Ranma was holding a sobbing Harry close to him, he had almost lost him. He would have as well if not for… For the first time ever, Ranma thanked Genma for the Neko-ken.

Ranma toldHarry to hide, to find cover while he led them off, unfortunately he only got the attention of two of the beast while one went after Harry. "NO!" Ranma screamed, and deep down in the essence the was Ranma Soatome… something shattered.

The Chinese Fireball had almost claimed his prize when a searing pain erupted in its legs. Turning around to find the cause, it saw the other human, but it had changed. The humans pupils had turned to slits, it was growling at him like some of the big cats he had hunted in the past. But most of all, the dragon saw a power pulsing around the human, and gaining the shape of claws around his hand. This was the last observation the foolish fire breather had made for in the time it paused from the surprise of seeing the human, the human closed the distance,and brought its claws across the dragons neck.

Ranma was pissed, he was far beyond pissed,he was enraged. These pathetic lizards dared to threaten his cub. They DARED to hunt HIM! They would pay a toll for their arrogance, and it would come from their hides. Ranma had made short work of the threat to his cub now he focused on the others. They had taken a defensive position, but it was too late for them to realize the mistake of hunting him. He charged, dashing in on all fours,he soon reached them. Launching into the air,he turned and landed on the beast's back. Using his claws,the wings were torn asunder. The other dragon tried to snare Ranma in its fangs,but he was too nimble for it to catch. Diving to the ground,Ranma attack the bellies of both beasts, andsoon both were bleeding out. As they roared in pain, he finished by aiming for where the heart would be, fingers slipping between the ribs.

Ranma walked away, his rage sated,and quickly made his way to his cub. Harry who was in a state of shock, snapped out of it when Ranma placed a hand on his shoulder. The damn broke,and the little boy latched onto him for dear life.

Ranma looked at his hands, the nails had become pointed, resembling claws. He had a feeling that wasn't the only change to have happened either, but for now it didn't matter, their supplies were off to the side of the battle field, Ranma had abandoned them in the hope that the monsters were after his food. Holding Harry close, he hoisted the boy onto his back and left the area. He had no idea if there were more of those creatures, but he wouldn't take the chance. They made it to a small town, and Ranma told them he was attack by a bear and managed to kill it to explain the blood. They got cleaned up, and Harry was brought to the local clinic to check for any damage that Ranma might have missed.

It was late when they made it back to the inn, Harry was already asleep. Ranma finally looked in a mirror, and noticed the extent of the changes. He looked feral. Eyes like a cat's, pronounce incisors, and his claws. He frowned, remembering much more damage being done than these little claws could do. He remembered the power he felt, focusing he could feel it again as it sprang to the tips of his fingers forming into translucent blades. He felt a pull from his core… Ki, it was Ki, he managed to tap his Ki as an attack. Before, he could only augment his body slightly, but now… He would have to meditate on this.


Ranma awoke to a scream. He was on his feet and ready for battle in less than a blink, only to discover no visible enemy. Harry was having a nightmare. Ranma was at his side shaking him awake, "Harry, Harry wake up, it's a dream." Harry's eyes snapped open and he looked around franticly, once he saw his father he latched onto him, sobbing. Ranma began to gently rock him back and forth, rubbing his back to help calm him down. "…" Harry mumbled in to his chest.

Ranma looked down at his son, "What was that?" He asked softly.

"They came back, the monsters came back and got you." Harry whimpered. Ranma understood why he was so scared now, and felt like an idiot. Genma had needed to go to great lengths to help him recover from the Neko-ken. It was not the first or last esoteric technique he subjected Ranma to. Several had the desired results, but it was a game of chance with them.

Ranma had simply passed out from the day's ordeal without thinking of Harry's mental condition. "Don't worry Harry, I'm here, and I won't let any monsters ever beat me." He told Harry, while pulling the child into his lap. "Harry, I want you to do what I do." Ranma told the child, repositioning him to where his back is pressed against his stomach. Sitting on the floor Indian-style, he prompted Harry to cross his legs the same way. The still sniffling child complied. Ranma then began to breath in slowly, he held the breath for a moment, than breathed out slowly. He kept up this action with Harry pressed into his middle, and slowly Harry did the same. His sniffles stopped, and his tears began to dry as he went through the motions. The exercise calmed him down from the nightmare as he listened to his father's breathing, felt the air filling his and his papa's lungs, and leaving again.

Harry felt safe, and content, that was the only way to describe it. There was just him and his papa, nothing else existed, and nothing could harm them. Harry kept up the meditative exercise for a few more minutes before succumbing to sleep.

Ranma smiled as he felt a shift in Harry's breathing, his son was sleeping peacefully now. Ranma kept in the meditation though, he could regain energy using this technique, and it would be best to remain alert. Harry was almost three now, and they would be meeting Genma soon, then he could sleep, there would be someone else to help keep watch.


Genma waited in the lobby of the embassy, he had been surprised when after nearly a month of searching he received a message from Ranma, It explained where he was and that he was earning money to return. It went further to explain he was taking care of a child. Genma was very surprised at that. Though, he was considering it a blessing in disguise for when they met with Nodaka for the first time in years.

When Ranma's next letter came, explaining that he working on his schooling while he was there, Genma felt an odd sense of pride. The boy was taking incentive to better himself outside of martial arts. Though, he was a bit miffed that the boy didn't want him to come get him. He had a strange emotion fill him as Ranma continued to write about the child, a mixture of pride, worry, and wanting to lecture his son for getting in over his head. When he received the message that Ranma had adopted the child as his own, though, Genma could honestly say that he only wanted to meet his new grandson.

When Ranma told him he we be at the Chinese embassy by October, he got moving. It was time to retrieve his son, and see how much he has grown. Thus we are back in the lobby, with Genma sitting at one of the plush benches. Sensing something familiar enter the building he decided to test to see if it was Ranma. "Where is that good-for-nothing Boy." He lamented dramatically.

Only to get whopped upside the head, "Who are you calling good for nothing, ya jackass." Berated the figure who'd struck him.

Genma turned around sharply, to find a young man holding a younger child. The teen wore a simple pair of wraparound sunglasses, a red polo shirt, and black jeans. He had black hair, tied into a tail that dropped past his shoulders. The younger child was dressed in a blue t-shirt and denim shorts. He also had the greenest eyes Genma had ever seen. "Oi, Pops you gonna keep staring like an idiot or are you gonna greet your grandson." Ranma, for only Ranma was this insulting to him, said while indicating Harry.

"Ranma! Do you have any idea how much you worried me?" Genma hollered, being completely honest for once.

Ranma winced, "Yeah… sorry about that pops." Ranma told him.

Genma quirked a brow, it seems that time away had humbled the boy a good deal, now if he could just g-

"Jiji!" The cry interrupted Genma's thought process, and brought his attention to the small child in Ranma's arms.

"Well this must be Haru." Genma said, and Ranma brought his hand to his face.

"I forgot most people can't say his name in Japanese." Ranma groaned.

"He'll get used to it. Here, let me hold him." Genma said holding out his arms. Ranma handed Harry over to Genma. Harry looked at the bear sized man who was supposed to be his Jiji. He tilted his head and sniffed the air before pinching his nose. "Tu pues comme un panda mouillé." Harry said, leaning back from Genma. This, of course, set Ranma off laughing.

A bewildered Genma looked from his grandson to his son, trying to puzzle out the sentence. "What did he say?"

"He said you smell like wet panda." Ranma gasped out between chuckles.

"Oh how could the gods curse me with such disrespectful children." Genma lamented.

"Oh stuff it pops," Ranma scoffed at his father's behavior, "So we headed home or what?"

"First, I want to see how rusty you've gotten, and there is a training ground here in China I want to visit, after that we go back to Japan." Genma listed off, then asked about something that had been bugging him sense the boy got here. "What's with those sunglasses, can't look your old man in the eye anymore."

Ranma flinched visibly, and brought a hand up to his shades, "… you'll see." He said solemnly.

Genma then noticed the boy's hand, and how his nails looked like claws. "Oi, Ranma?" concern laced his quiet words.

"Not here, let's get someplace more private." Ranma said, he plucked Harry from his father's arms, and set a brisk pace down the road. Genma felt his stomach sink, something had happened in the boys time away, something big.

They arrived at the hotel Ranma was using. It was of the more expensive variety, having a sitting room and a bedroom. He put Harry on one of the beds gently, as he had fallen asleep on the way back. With that done, he went back to the sitting room where Genma waited. Going to the table and pouring two cups of tea he took a heavy sip of his and tried to relax.

Genma had never seen the boy like this; he was coiled tighter than a wire trap, and probably more deadly if he was set off. For now, he simply drank his tea and let Ranma gather his thoughts.

A deep sigh escaped Ranma, and he looked toward his father. "I will say this only one time." Ranma grit out as memories of the incident to spark this conversation flitted through his head. "Thank-you for teaching me the Neko-Ken."

Whatever Genma was expecting, it certainly wasn't that as he dropped his cup and stared at Ranma in horror. That incident had been the greatest mistake of his life, the damage done was irreversible, and he barely managed to get the boy's sanity back afterwards. It was only thanks to the help of an old woman, who Genma suspected to be a witch or spiritualist, that Ranma ever came out of it in the first place. Before he could ask what Ranma was talking about, the boy removed his sunglasses. The words died a painful death in Genma's throat. All he could manage now was a harsh whisper, "What happened?"

Ranma's eye now held slit pupils, they were the eyes of a cat. Ranma took a calming breath and began the tale. When he finished he and Genma sat in silence.

"Dragons!" Genma thought furiously, "He fought dragons, but they're myt- No! You've seen Happosai summon a demon before,and the boy can take any normal animal. If not dragons then something very unnatural attacked them." Genma was torn, on one hand he believed his son was certainly attacked by something powerful, there would be no need for him to master the Neko-Ken otherwise. He wanted to scoff at the idea but he knew there were strange things in the world. Before Ranma vanished, they had been to more than one magical area… Genma shivered as he tried to forget the cave with the giant spiders.

He looked at his son and noticed bags under his eyes, Genma frowned. "Ranma, when was the last time you slept?"

"Huh? Oh, today was the first time in about a month." He said sheepishly, "I just haven't felt secure enough till we got to the city, so I meditated just in-case…" Left unsaid was the real reason, but Genma understood.

"Go to bed boy, I'll keep watch." Genma told him. Ranma smiled gratefully, and slumped off to the bedroom without a word. Genma sat in silence, and contemplated the story he had just heard. He was sorely tempted to just scrap the rest of the trip, and get the boy back to Japan. Being on constant high alert was detrimental to his health and training. It was the reason he trained the boy to defend himself in his sleep, "But he can't defend others in his sleep" the reasons for these actions were obvious. "I'll give him a week to recover, if he doesn't wind down we'll head home." Genma nodded to himself. Genma rose to his feet and went to the bedroom, peeking through the door he saw Ranma curled protectively around Harry. "No-chan, if nothing else, the boy is a good father." Genma mumbled to himself. Strangely, despite his devotion to the art, this fact made Genma immensely proud of his son. "Sleep well boy, your old man is here to watch your back again."


Three silhouettes were seen coming through the morning mist. They walked down to dirt path which ended in a valley filled with springs. A large bear of a man came out of the mist first, followed by a wild looking young man leading a child by the hand. They continued on in silence enjoying the sounds of nature until, "Papa, my feet hurt." Whined the little one.

"Ignore the pain, you need to start building up your strength." Chuckled Ranma to his son. He continued to pull the boy along, they had been walking like this for a few miles now but they would break soon.

A portly man in a military uniform stepped out from a hut, off to the side. He looked upon the new arrivals with a small hint of anxiety. "Maybe this time," he thought, "They will listen and go home before anything bad happens… And maybe the Musk and the Amazons will have peace." He snorted at the last thought before becoming professional. "Ah, welcome good sir's too Jusenkyo. Many tragic tales reside in this place."

Genma ignored the guide, choosing instead to look upon the training ground. Obviously it was meant to test agility and balance, as one could see from the bamboo poles. The numerous springs must serve to cushion any falls, "Probably why the site was chosen when it was first made." Genma thought to himself. He almost sighed, they could have easily recreated such a site in Japan. "Oh well, as long as we are here we might as well use it, good chance to see how rusty the boy is as well." Genma decided. "Boy! Let's go." Genma called out as he leapt atop pole.

Ranma had heard the Guides introduction, and was about to ask for more information, when his father called out. "One moment, pops. I'm talking to the Guide!" Ranma yelled at Genma. He turned back to the man and began speaking in accented Chinese, "What do you mean, tragic tales?" Ranma's Chinese, was far from perfect, but he knew enough, and understood better than he spoke.

Before the Guide could explain, Genma called out his son, "Well if the little girl wants to waste time chatting, then by all means." Genma could see the twitch in his sons form from where he stood. "Well, normally the boy would have attacked from that alone. It seems he gained some restraint over his ego." Genma decided to push a bit more, "Oh cruel gods, why did you saddle me with this weak willed Daughter." Genma lamented.

Ranma had learned many things in his time away from Genma. He had grown responsible, had learned that his pride doesn't mean everything, hell; he even finished high school. But despite all that he was still Ranma, and when his pops started flinging insults, he could no longer resist the urge to upstage the old man. Ranma looked at the guide and pointed to Harry, "Watch him." He ordered, before jumping up to meet Genma in combat.

"Ha, that's more like it-oof!" Genma's speech was cut off by Ranma's foot impacting his solar plexus, causing the fat man to crash into one of the springs. Ranma landed lightly atop one of the bamboo poles with a slight smirk on his face. He decided to give Genma a taste of his own medicine, "Oh why did the gods curse me with such a weak father. A feather tap was all it took to topple him." Ranma felt he did a rather good job of hamming it up.

The surface of the spring rippled, then surged, as a large form burst forth to land atop a pole across from Ranma. It assumed a fighting stance gave a mighty sound of battle. "GWARF."


The Guide was surprised, at first he thought that these two would just be more victims, as his Japanese was not very good. Then the boy had spoken to him in Chinese, heavily accented Chinese, but still. But taunts from the older customer eventually drew the younger over the springs. But not before young customer ordered him to watch the child. "A wise choice, no need for one so young to bear a curse." The guide thought.

The younger customer moved like lightning, striking the older into a spring during an unguarded moment. The guide groaned, already one was cursed. Quickly he needed to warn them quickly. "Oh no! Customer fall into spring, now he'll receive a curse!" The guide called out. Unfortunately, his voice was drown out by the sound of a giant panda bursting forth from the spring. "Customer fall in Spring of Drown Giant Panda, tragic tale of giant panda who drown in spring two-thousand years ago!" The guide shouted.

"What!" Was Ranma response, before jumping away from the pole he was on as the panda went to attack. The guide watched as they continued to trade blows over the springs. The younger customer heard his warning, but he would need to escape the older customer before he could get to safety. The Guide looked to his side to check on the child he was charged with. The boy was shaking terribly, was he afraid?

The two fighters had landed, and were staring each other down, when the Guide discovered the truth. "Maintenant, il est vraiment un panda mouillé!" ("Now he truly is a wet panda!") The boy called out, before falling on his back laughing. The guide didn't understand the words, but apparently the younger customer did, if the loud snort was any indication. It was a shame that this allowed said panda, to get a strike in knocking the younger customer into a spring.

"Oh no! Young customer has fallen into the Spring of Drown Girl, very tragic tale of a girl who drown fifteen hundred years ago!" the surface of the pond was breached by a shock of red. A very lovely young girl had come to the surface.


"Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" Ranma berated himself over dropping his guard. Yes Harry's joke was worth a chuckle, but really, he should have known better than to give his pops an opening. Now he was going to turn into some friggin animal too. He quickly reached the surface, the Guides cries muffled by the water, so he didn't hear what spring he fell into. Bursting through the water and taking a gasp of air the first thing he noticed was that his chest seemed heavier. Looking down, he saw that there were two fleshy mounds protruding from his chest. Tentatively, Ranma reached up to open his shirt. He vaguely noticed that his hands were smaller, and that his arms were slimmer, as he gazed down at of pair of breast, he knew he didn't have before.

"W-what." He yelped, trying to understand exactly what was going on. He quickly shoved a hand between his legs, checking for a certain piece of anatomy. It wasn't there. He, Ranma Soatome, was now a she. He blue eyes flashed dangerously as a red battle aura engulfed he person, she turned towards the cause. "Genma!" She screeched, as she leapt from the water, Ki claws fully visible in all their menacing glory, bearing down on a now fleeing panda.

After this the Guide knew it would still be a while before the fighting stopped, he turned towards the child, "It looks like your father will be busy, would you like to drink some tea?"

Harry looked at the guide, then at the fight, before looking at the guide again and gave a nod. The guide lead Harry into the hut and prepared two cups of tea. By the sounds coming from outside, the young customer had caught the panda. The Guide praised himself on his decision, which spared the child from viewing something so violent. He sighed, it was going to be a long day, maybe he should introduce the boy to Plum, she could use a playmate.


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