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Ranma's Son

Chapter 2:

It was rainy day in Nerima ward, but not to the degree that people were forced to stay inside. No it was more of a light shower. On this day the attention of the people living in the ward was captured by the strangest sight. Three figures were making their way down the streets this was not the odd part. One figure, who was maintaining an impressive speed on two legs, was a giant panda. The others consisted of a petite, well endowed girl, with a flaming mane of red hair, and a face that seemed to evoke thoughts of murder: A small child, with black hair and red streaks, riding on top of the girl's shoulders, laughing without a care in the world. Earlier thoughts about the girls emotional disposition were confirmed when she spoke.

"Get back here so I can skin ya', you fat bastard!"

Needless to say, the sight of a tiny slip of a girl inducing fear into a beast several times her mass left several of the citizens of Nerima ward unable to form any coherent thoughts. They were stunned to silence, but in the back of their head was a thought that all shared. 'It's going to be one of those days.'


Genma ran for his life as he was pursued by his son turned daughter. The boy had taken the news of them returning to Japan well. He hadn't taken the news of his fiancée well. Thus Genma was doing his level best not to let Ranma catch him.

Ranma on the other hand had her attentions divided, though she appeared to be on a single minded hunt. She had to make sure Genma couldn't escape, that Harry was kept safe, and fuming over the knowledge that the panda she was chasing promised her to marry someone she didn't even know.

Harry? Harry was having a ball riding on top of Mama while she played with Grandpa. The only bad part was the rain stung a bit, but he would get used to it. After all, if he told Mama, then she would stop chasing Grandpa and he didn't, didn, di, "Achoo!"

"Harry! Are you cold, are you getting a fever damn you're shivering, and soaked." Ranma started checking over her son for any sign of sickness after the sneeze, acting very much like an over protective mother. She pulled a blanket from her bag and quickly bundled the child in it.

Ah, the blanket of doom, it always came out when the fun was over. Harry pouted as he was wrapped in the cocoon of fabric. He learned a while back not to bother fighting it, mama got her way no matter how much he struggled. He resigned himself to his fate for now.

Ranma made sure to wrap Harry tight enough to prevent him from squirming, Harry was much more active than a month ago and tended to resist any attempt to keep him warm, safe and clean. She had received several assurances that this was normal behavior for a child Harry's age.

While she didn't mind that, he did manage to get himself into more trouble than he used to. She dealt with this by starting his training, but there were only so many katas you could teach to a child Harry's age. So she had learned to keep an eye out, it still amazed her, the number of things he managed to crawl into.

Looking up, she spied her father hiding behind a wall holding out a sign. "The Tendo's have a Furo." It was an offering. Get Harry warmed up before he gets sick. In exchange, Ranma would meet his fiancées. "Fine you old bastard, but don't try anything funny or I will take Granny's advice and turn you into a rug." Ranma threatened. The panda nodded its head vigorously and lead the way down the street, a grumbling redhead close behind.


Soun Tendo looked down upon the letter and wept. This sadly was not an uncommon occurrence. No, ever since the man's wife passed away Soun had been more waterworks than man. It was an odd sight to anyone not used to the man. His long hair, firm jaw, and trimmed mustache made him look the very embodiment of manliness. Yet most earthworms have more spine than him. Truly a sad thing.

Now what could be in the mail that would trigger today's round of tears? Why a postcard from his old friend Genma.

Dear Tendo,

Returning from China, bringing Ranma, have news.


Yes Genma was always a man of few words, but the message was enough to trigger tears of joy. Finally the schools would be joined. A promise the men had made after their greatest triumph, getting rid of the Master. The mere thought of that monster made Soun shiver in fear. But enough of that, today was a happy day.

"Nabiki, Kasumi, Akane!" Soun called out setting out of the den to find his daughters. He called a second time and was rewarded with the Arrival of his eldest and middle children. "Akane! Where is that girl?" He questioned.

"She's out on her run daddy." Nabiki, a girl of average height with brown eyes and hair styled in a pageboy cut. She had a lovely build showing that she was blossoming into a fine young woman of 17 years.

"What has you so excited father?" A calm voice questioned. It came from Kasumi, a rather beautiful girl who any man in the world would be lucky to have.

"I have received news from an old friend of mine. He and his son should be arriving soon." Soun explained. The girls were wondering just who this friend was, and Kasumi was already adjusting the nights menu for additional people.

"I'm home!" Echoed a voice through the house; signifying the arrival of the youngest daughter.

"I'll go get her daddy." Nabiki told her father, as she moved to the dojo, the only likely place Akane would go to. She rounded the corner and was greeted with the site of her baby sister punching through a stack of concrete bricks. "No wonder all the boys think you're weird Akane."

"Let them think what they want." Akane said with a huff, "Besides, not everything revolves around boys." She adjusted the belt on her gi. Akane was not far behind her sisters in looks, it would just take a bit more growing for others to notice.

"Oh, then what daddy has to say probably won't interest you." Nabiki said walking off, leaving Akane to stare at her in curiosity.


"Fiancée!" Three voices rang out.

"That's right, the son of a very good friend of mine. The son's name is Ranma Saotome, if one of you three girls were to marry him and carry one the training center, then the Tendo family legacy would be secure." Soun told his daughters.

"Wait a minute!" Akane hollered, "Don't we have some say in who we are going to marry!" She demanded, glaring at her father for this stupid stunt.

"Akane's right daddy, we don't even know Ranma." Kasumi told him.

"That's easily fixed, he is on his way here. He and his father have been on a voyage of training. Recently it seems they have crossed into China." Soun told his girls, hoping some of the exploits of Ranma and his father would warm them to the idea.

"Wow China!" Nabiki said. 'This might not be so bad.' She really wasn't interested in any of the boys at her current school. They were all too dumb to bother with. "Is he cute?" Of course she had standards.

"What's so great about walking to China?" Grumbled Akane, proving she is just as bad at geography as she is at cooking.

"How old is he? Younger men bore me." Stated Kasumi, then a better question came to her, "Father, what is Ranma even like?"

Soun gave a nervous chuckle before saying he had no idea as flatly as possible. The girls were about to burst into protest when the doorbell rang.

"Ooh that must be Ranma!" Nabiki said as she ran to the door with her father, barely seconds had passed before they were running back to the dining room with a giant panda waddling in behind them.

"Daddy, is this your friend?" Kasumi asked with some nervousness. Soun shook his head furiously.

"Oh so some random giant panda happens to come to our house!" Screeched Nabiki.

"Baka! You're scaring them spitless." A voice yelled before the panda was launched out into the. Looking back into the hall they saw a small redhead, foot extended in the air about chest height, carrying a bundled blanket.

"A-are you?" Soun began cautiously trying to make sense of the situation.

"Ranma Saotome. Sorry about this." The now named Ranma stated.

Soun lunge forward attempting to embrace Ranma only to be stopped by the redhead's flat palm to his chest, "Hey careful, I have precious cargo here!" The redhead yelled.

Blinking at the statement, the Tendo family wondered what that could mean before the bundled blanket began squirming, after a moment a head covered in a mop of black, red-streaked hair worked its way free. The Tendo's were pinned in place by a pair of emerald green eyes that held a great deal of mirth in them. Ranma began loosening the blankets to reveal more of the child, "Meet Harry Saotome, my son."



Harry was laughing it seemed the fun had started again. He didn't know who the new people were but mama was talking to them. When mama told them about him they made a bunch of funny faces and started asking questions to fast for him to follow. Mama had finally let the blanket loose to let him move now he just needed to escape.

It took time but he was certain he could get away; he waited until mama went to sit down before bolting away. Harry made it as far as the edge of the table before getting snatched up. This was not his mama's hands however, he soon found himself looking into the eyes of the tall girl in the nice dress. "Oh my, aren't you cute." She said before moving her fingers. 'No!' Harry though horrified as the new ladies fingers moved across his sides, 'She found them, but only mama knows!' Harry opened his mouth as the inevitable happened.


Ranma smirked as the oldest daughter found Harry's ticklish spots, happy that one of them didn't mind the child. These happy thoughts were disrupted by the feeling of a finger prodding her breasts. A small shiver made its way down her spine, but according to the amazons there was no surefire cure for the curse so she better get used to the thought. But back to the matter at hand, "I would grateful if you would stop doing that."

The girl with the pageboy hairstyle looked up at here before glowering at her father, "Some fiancé daddy, he is a she."

"I don't understand, Saotome-kun always said he had a son, and he never said anything about a grandchild." Soun tried to defend.

"Does this look like a son to you?" Nabiki questioned as she grabbed Ranma's breast again.

This time though Ranma had had enough of the groping and took hold of Nabiki's wrist. "Stop, please." Ranma said a bit more forceful this time to get the point across. Ranma let out a sigh after Nabiki had pulled her hand back. "Look I am sure all of you want answers, but the story is going to take some time and we might as well have some tea while we are at it." Ranma told them.

Kasumi nodded her head and rose from the table, Ranma snatched Harry back before he could wonder off and cause mischief. It wasn't long before tea was served for everyone at the table including the panda which had lumbered its way back inside. Ranma lifted her cup to her lips and took a generous sip before starting the tale.

"Towards the end of the training trip my father took us to a valley in china, in this valley were hundreds of springs with bamboo pools sticking up from each of them. This was the valley of Jusenkyo. What we didn't know was the valley had a curse on it. If you fell into a spring where something had drowned previously, then you take on the shape of what drowned." Ranma told them, before flinging the rest of her still hot tea onto the panda. The sisters watched in morbid fascination as it quickly changed into a fat man with glasses, dressed in a dirty white gi.

"Wha-what, then you!" Stumbled Akane, a shaky finger extending towards the red haired girl.

Ranma sighed, "Let me introduce my father Genma Saotome, as you can see," she was interrupted when Harry decided to mimic her. He splashed his tea on Ranma's face triggering the transformation. "-Hot water changes the person back to their original form while cold will trigger the cursed form." Ranma finished while leveling a withering stare at Harry who pretended to be innocent. "If you would excuse me for a moment it seems Harry-chan is past due for his nap." Ranma stated as he lifted the protesting child from the floor. Kasumi took this moment to lead him to the den.

The remaining members of the table descended into a shocked silence, which lasted only a few moments before Genma broke the silence. "So Tendo, it certainly has been a long time."


"He certainly is precious." Kasumi said as she looked down on the now slumbering child as his father; "Or would that be mother? Or both?" She thought ruefully, rubbed the now sleeping child's back. It was a serene mask that enveloped Ranma's face as he preformed this simple task.

"Yes, he is." Ranma agreed and that was all that needed to be said. The two of them sat in companionable silence. Ranma happily focusing on Harry, Kasumi gaining insight for the person that would be joining her family by some means. He had a warm presence much like what she remembered her own mother having. The curse, that made her nervous, it was so strange, but… Ranma was a good person so what did it matter if the was a bit of strangeness to come with him. It was terribly boring around here anyway.


"Saotome-kun! What is the meaning of this? How did your son get a child? You haven't betrayed our pact have you!" Soun's rapid fire questions and demand were met with a nervous Genma giving a placating gesture.

"Now, now Soun. It is nothing like that." The darkening aura around the other martial artist faded somewhat and Genma gave a mental sigh of relief. Genma took a moment to collect his thoughts before speaking, his face serious. "Close to two years ago me and the boy got separated. I don't know how it happened but the boy went off to duel with another martial artist but somehow ended up in England. While there he heard an explosion, a house had some kind of bomb go off in it or something. The boy went inside to look for survivors, most everyone was dead except for Harry-kun." Genma told them. The Tendo's were stunned with this revelation. "He took the boy and decided to adopt him. I think this happened because me and Ranma were on the road so much, the boy was tired of being alone and now he was lost in a foreign country without even me by his side." Genma shook his head as he explained this, "No, I think Ranma took Harry with him at the time simply because he was afraid of being alone. That changed of course, as you can see Harry is now my grandson."

A chuckle escaped from the bald martial artist as he sipped his tea. "Surprised the hell out of me when I receive a letter from him a month after he vanished. I had no idea how he knew where I was at, turns out he mailed a letter to every bar in the area to find me. I sent a letter back asking for more information, and how he could adopt a child when he should be finding a way back, but I also included a way to contact me again. Ranma found room and work at a gym over there, he began saving money for the trip back. He had to do a lot of things before the master of the gym would let him go on such a trip. He required that Ranma test out of High School, and get all the relevant paper for him and Harry taken care of."

"Hold Up!" Nabiki interrupted unable to believe the tail, "You expect me to believe he completed high school in France, could he even speak the language?"

"Of course he can now, he spent over a year in France, and I had already had the boy fluent in English before he vanished." Genma shot back at her before he continued on with the story. "Now, he was making his way back to me through a land route, it was when he was crossing over into China that things got bad. There was an incident, it rattled Ranma pretty badly and he had nearly been dead on his feet when he met up with me. If he wants to tell you about it he will but until then keep your lips zipped." Genma threatened, he knew the boy was a crappy liar so he decided to get this out of the way now. "I don't need anyone here reminding him of that, he still can't sleep normally and I don't want him having flashbacks. After we met up again I took some time to let him rest before we headed out to our final destination, and well you can see what came of that excursion." Genma finished in a slightly bitter tone.

"Jusenkyo, until now its horrors were shrouded in myth. I am truly sorry about this Saotome-kun." Soun told him.

"You're sorry?" Akane questioned incredulously, "One of us has to marry that pervert!" She yelled, before getting up.

"Where are you going young lady?" Questioned Soun, surprised his youngest would insult their guest in such a way.

"I am going to the Dojo." She said over her shoulder as she stormed out of the room.

"That girl." Soun sighed. "Oh Saotome-kun about our pact…" Soun trailed off as Genma was shaking his head furiously. "What's the matter Saotome-kun, are you trying to back out!" Soun growled at his friend.

"Nothing of the sort Tendo, but the boy has been through a lot of stress and I would like to let him rest for a bit first." Genma told Soun, "And let him warm up to the idea without skinning me first." He groused mentally. Soun nodded in agreement to this idea.

Nabiki rolled her eyes. "Well," she thought, "at least I'll get to know the guy first." Picking ones future life partner from a single meeting was bad business after all.


Ranma listened as the youngest daughter stormed off before turning to Kasumi, "How am I a pervert?"

"Don't mind Akane, she's just still in that 'Boy's are Icky' phase, she'll get over it." Kasumi sighed. Really her younger sister was just foolish at times.

"Ah." Ranma said in understanding, "I think I know what you are talking about. Because of pops I used to think all girls were weak. I ended up meeting a few who proved that wrong though. Helped a bit that I turned into one too." He muttered the last part but Kasumi still heard it.

"Ah, I bet that was interesting, it must of confused Harii-chan though." Kasumi said.

Ranma snorted at that. "No it didn't. After I got done chasing down pops and beating him half to death I go back to the guides hut to find Harry playing with his daughter. He looked up at me in my cursed form and the first word out of his mouth is 'Mama!'" He told her before giving a sigh.

Kasumi had her hand covering her mouth; it would be rude to show you were laughing at someone's expense, before saying. "Oh my. Well at least he took it well."

"Yeah, blew over real well, the next village we stopped in got a real laugh out of the situation." He told her, he could see the small shake in her shoulders, apparently she agreed with the amazons on this.

"What now?" Kasumi asked Ranma, who looked at her quizzically. "What are you going to do now?" She clarified.

Ranma looked at her for a moment, before turning to look at his son. "I need to get Harry in school, then I need to get a job…" he trailed off for a moment before speaking again. "I want him to make friends, to have a normal family." he snorted at the last part, "Well as normal of a family as he can get. I don't want him to grow up with nothing but the art and the cloths on his back."

Kasumi looked at the young man in front of her. She saw how his shoulders slumped a bit when he talked, the sadness exuded by his voice. She saw the loneliness in his eyes flicker for a moment, which was replaced by something lighter due to Harii-chan grabbing his hand. Kasumi smiled, "I think I can help you with that."

"Really! Thank you Kasumi-san, you don't know how," Ranma's sudden excited babble was cut off when Kasumi pressed a finger to his lips.

"Call me Onee-chan, after all you are going to be staying here for a while, and I always wanted a little brother." She told him.

The light she saw in his eyes earlier seemed to grow just a bit. "Thank you Onee-chan."

Kasumi nodded at this, "Now you wait here, I will let you know when dinner is ready." Kasumi told him before getting up and leaving the room. She made her way to the kitchen to begin preparations for dinner. She had just pulled a few extra ingredients out of the fridge when she heard a voice.

"That was rather out of character for you Onee-chan." Nabiki was standing in the kitchen and keeping her voice low enough for it to no go beyond the room. "I have never seen you get so friendly with strangers before."

"Oh there is nothing strange about it Imouto-chan." Kasumi told her, her head tilted to the side a bit as though she was thinking of something. "Ranma's a good boy, he could use a few friends." With she turned and got back to work on dinner. Nabiki knew she wasn't going to get any more from her. She could crack the trick the biggest jocks, crack the toughest punks but she could never get information from her older sister if Kasumi didn't want her to have it. She did know one thing now, Ranma had Kasumi's approval and that was a rare thing. That overly polite routine Kasumi always had going was to keep people at a distance, it disarmed them as them never knew how to deal with it. Kasumi used it to keep her sisters and herself safe, she only dropped it around them, and apparently now Ranma. Perhaps Nabiki should consider getting to know her future fiancé better. She clicked her tongue before walking out of the kitchen.

Kasumi was busily slicing vegetables on the counter but gave a small laugh after Nabiki was out of range. "Yes Imouto, Ranma is a good boy… and you better work quick because you are not going to find better." Kasumi said quietly as she continued making the evenings meal.

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