Chapter 2

By: MysticFantasy



Jack laid motionless on his bed. He felt like time had just slowed to a near still point at the moment. Everything was quiet, which was unusual for the hospital. Normally he would hear a baby crying, ambulance sirens or a page over the intercom for a doctor to report somewhere.

He looked down at where his knees were under the blanket. He didn't feel any kind of pain which kinda scared him. He felt all kinds of pain when he had woken up after being in a medicated sleep for two days. Every part of his body had hurt like no one's business but it had been his knees that hurt most.

The therapist said that his arm was doing great and would continue to do so as long as he kept up with his practices. The man had no answer as to why Jack wasn't able to make the same progress with his legs which both angered and worried him.

What would happen to him if he wasn't able to walk again? Could he still be the same person?

"Cracker Jack. What are you day dreaming about?" a voice asked.

Jack looked up and saw Bobby had managed to once again sneak up on him. He managed to get into the hospital room without Jack even hearing him.

"Thinking about that guy you left behind in New York?" Bobby asked taking a seat next to the bed.

"Lay off man." Jack sighed turning his head away from his brother.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Bobby asked seriously. "You feeling alright Jackie?"

"I just kinda want to be alone for a while." Jack answered. "I'm not in the mood to see anyone."

"You feelin' alright?" Bobby asked growing more concerned about his younger brother's behavior.

"I'm fine." Jack answered.

"Hey, if there's something wrong you need to tell me." Bobby said.

"I'm fine Bobby." Jack answered wishing that his brother would just leave him alone. But he knew that Bobby would do no such thing until he found out why he was feeling so depressed.

"Jack, we both know that I'm not going to let this drop until you tell me what's wrong. Just tell me what's wrong and save us both a headache." Bobby said.

"I'm just feeling down today. Is that so wrong?" Jack half snapped.

"Yes." Bobby answered. "What's wrong?"

"I'm crippled Bobby! That's what's wrong!"

"You're not crippled Jack."

"Then maybe you have the answer as to why I'm not able to use my legs. Oh wait. I remember. You couldn't let things go and that ended up in me getting shot!"

Jack felt a shiver run down his back and he knew that he had hit low. He hadn't meant to say what he did but that's just how it came out. In a way he knew he was right.

Bobby didn't want to let what happened to their mother slide, and he didn't blame him. He just wished that Bobby had done things in a more cautious way. But Bobby was Bobby and that meant guns and violence.

Two things Jack had never been fond of from the very beginning.

But Jack also knew that if it hadn't been for Bobby never quiting that they never would have found out the truth about what happened to their mother.

He continued to stare at the wall as he heard Bobby get up from his seat and then suddenly felt a bigger weight settle next to him on the bed.

"I know that I caused this Jack." Bobby said sounding surprisingly calm after what had just been said to him. "You're right. If I had kept my nose out of things, you wouldn't be here. But you know how I am Jack. I couldn't accept that mom was gone unless I knew why. It was the only way we could avenge her and give ourselves some peace. Do you honestly think I would have kept going if I knew this was going ot happen to you?"

"No." Jack faintly answered.

"Exactly. Had I known that this would be an outcome than I wouldn't have started poking around like I had. I almost got you killed Jack. I'm trying to help you in any way that I can now because I don't want to lose you in other ways."

Jack turned to face his brother. He was a little astounded at having heard such honesty from Bobby. He didn't get to hear it often and when he did he tried to remember every word that had come from his oldest brother's mouth.

"I'm sorry." Jack said.

"Hey, you don't have anything to apologize for." Bobby said. "You had been telling me from the start that I shouldn't have been doing what we were doing. I know you're going to love hearing this but...I should have listened to you Jackie."

Jack lightly chuckled.

The seven most beautiful words in the English language had just floated into his ears. Those were the very words he'd been waiting years to hear. He just wished that it had been under better cercumstances.

"Look, I know you're getting a little stir crazy from being in here and I really want to do something about it but I can't risk anything messing with your 'delicate' state." Bobby said. "Just let me know any time you're feeling down and I'll do what I can to help you out. I'l bring you your guitar if you want."

"I want my guitar." Jack said.

"I'll call Angel and tell him to bring it over." Bobby vowed. "You alright now?"

"Yeah. I didn't mean to take it out on you man." Jack said.

"It's alright Jackie. I know for a fact that you should take your frustrations out or else they'll eventually get to you. You know that you can take them out on me if you need to."

"No. I don't think I will. I'll take it out on that stupid therapist."

"Good answer Cracker Jack. Now, do you need anything? You hungry?"

"A little." Jack answered.

"Alright. Hang tight and I'll find you something to eat. Be back." Bobby said and left the room.

Jack watched Bobby leave the room before returning to his depressed state. He'd managed to put up a good enough act for his brother but the lashing out had been all too real and Jack hadn't meant it. He felt horrible for hurting his brother.

The very brother that was doing everything he could to make sure that he was being taken care and treated well while he was still in the hospital.

Jack knew that Bobby hid his feelings most of the time but the one thing that Bobby was open about was his love for his brother's. He knew that what happened to him hit Bobby hard. He remembered hearing Bobby pleading for him to stay with them, to keep fighting to live.

For now he acted like he had missed that part in order to let Bobby keep his masculine pride.

Jack felt extremely lucky to have brother's like Bobby, Jerry and Angel. They did anything and everything to make him happy and content.

I need to get better for them. Jack thought to himself. They've always taken care of me and still do. I need to show them that they do help me in situations like this. I can't let my knees keep me down when they're waiting for me to go home.