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Showering with Hibari.

It was a normal morning. Hibari, sitting in the living room, read the newspaper, drinking his morning tea. The sun rose and shone through the windows, bringing color into the room. Before Tsuna moved in, Hibari was not much for decoration, but now, with newly furniture and paintings, the living room was as bright as Tsuna's smile.

But as perfect as this usual morning seemed, one thing (or one someone) felt as if Hibari stopped "spoiling" him (If you catch my drift). Now, a small brunette decided to take charge, if Hibari wasn't going to. This began a challenge to see if Hibari could resist.

Tsuna peered around the corner to glance at Hibari peacefully reading his newspaper. Tsuna smiled an evil smile as he walked into the room. Hibari, being an aloof person, made no expression or movement, but he did take note of Tsuna's wicked smile. Hibari was curious. What Hibari did not see was going to be his ticket to hell. A really nice hell for Tsuna was only wearing Hibari's white T-shirt, ready to be ripped off by a certain carnivore.

"Ne, Kyouya!" Tsuna said as cutely as possible. They have been together for more than a couple of months so they thought it best to call each other by their first names.

"Hn." Kyouya seemed not amused in anyway, but Tsuna saw through it. Hibari was curious.

"I'm going to take a shower so wait for me okay?" Tsuna emphasized shower because he usually took one at night. Hibari didn't look up, but his eyebrows furrowed with confusion. He knew Tsuna didn't like taking showers in the morning…

"Hn." Kyouya gave him. He wasn't going to lose a competition he either knew or didn't know about!

"I'm going to take a hot shower. I love the feel of hot water on my soft…skin." Tsuna hesitated between soft and skin, masking his usual tenor voice with a more husky voice (if that was possible). Tsuna smiled. He saw it. Hibari twitch.

"…Hn." Hibari was still "reading" his newspaper, distracting himself away from his naughty thoughts of doing… nice things to Tsuna.

Tsuna pressed on, "I just love it when I was my whole entire body with soap. It just feels so good~!" Tsuna almost moaned as a slight tease. It practically spoke, "This is what you could hear if you took me to bed."

Hibari didn't move for a while. "…" With no sound, he simply nodded his head as if forcibly.

"He's so slow!" Tsuna practically screamed in his own thoughts. And then, Tsuna had a plan.

An evil plan.

But fangirls needed this evil plan to go crazy about.

"Eek!" Tsuna fell. And he didn't just fall. He fell in a way that could make Hibari blush. Hibari immediately looked up, ready to run to his herbivore's side then-

Tsuna shrieked and covered his cute member with that overly sized white T-shirt. Hibari was stone, literally. He couldn't move. His eye still locked at Tsuna's groin, who could see through that white T-shirt. Then, Hibari's eyes traveled upward, realizing that Tsuna was wearing his T-shirt and naked. Blood began to boil and he felt hot. Something about their lovers wearing their clothes seemed to turn Hibari on.

There it was again. Tsuna smiled an evil smile.

Then he knew it.

He fell into Tsuna's trap.

Through the whole night, the neighbors heard loud moans and grunts of pleasure. The night was still young, and it seemed like it was forever.


"Shower" became a new slang. It means, "Let's bang 3!"

"Tsunayoshi…" Hibari smirked, speaking with a rough husky voice. "I'm taking a shower."

Tsuna almost screamed, and his member already hard. The neighbors won't be able to sleep tonight!

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