"Gary," Alanna whispered from the doorway of her room. Gary had been making his way to his own room after a very eventful dinner in which rats had burst from Varice Kingsford's cake in the style of an undeniable omen from the gods. When Alanna called to him, he knew she must want to discuss it so after looking up and down the corridor, he discreetly entered her room. Once she had shut the door behind him, the corners of the room filled with purple fire.

"Well," she began, "that was possibly the most eventful meal I've ever had. It's a wonder I'm not suffering some kind of indigestion.."

"Mm," Gary affirmed, "if Ozorne doesn't start paying attention to these omens, he's going to drive his country into the ground – what with the added threat of war and all. Although that could work to our advantage, I wouldn't wish it upon any country."

Alanna looked thoughtful. "Yes the omens and oncoming war are all very well and will become immediately important to me in just a moment. But there's something I have to share first," she gazed at the wall behind Gary, eyes unfocused, "I have to know I wasn't the only one to see it."

Gary raised his eyebrows at her. It wasn't like Alanna to put off matters of war and the gods. He wondered was was causing her to stray so. She still looked thoughtful as she wandered over to a chair and sat on it. Deciding she needed prompting, Gary spoke. "See what?"

"Daine..." she trailed off.

"Sent the rats back? Yes I saw that. Very impressive feat, though not uncommon for her. What of it?" Gary was really very confused by now.

"No it's not that. I can't believe I didn't see it before! I guess I just assumed it was Numair's protective nature for Daine..." she still seemed to be miles away. Gary caught on.

"Oh, that," he replied, "do you mean the way he vaulted a table just to see to Daine's safety after she had merely been bitten?"

Alanna looked up at him sharply. "So you did see it? It's not just me?"

Gary chuckled. "Oh, no. I have definitely noticed something brewing there."

"He almost completely ignored Varice!" Alanna said incredulously, "his young student over his first love? That is really making a statement...without him seemingly meaning to as well..."

"What do you mean?" Gary frowned, "surely they couldn't expect us not to notice?"

"Oh but that's just it, I don't think they haveeven noticed it yet."

"Are you telling me that Numair – Numair – doesn't recognise his own feelings for a woman?" Now Gary was incredulous. Everyone knew of Numair's reputation with women.

Alanna wrinkled her nose at him. "Just because he beds women, doesn't mean he loves each one to the extent he obviously loves Daine. I guess the fact that they haven't recognised it yet means that it really is love, of sorts. It means nothing physical has occurred to either of them yet..."

Gary suddenly realised something. "Oh dear," he murmured.

"I know," Alanna replied, having already thought of what he meant.

"This could be really bad timing...I told Jon it could dangerous throwing Numair and Daine into this situation – Numair's so protective of her already, and he has a history with the place."

"I mentioned something similar to him," Alanna nibbled her thumb thoughtfully, "but he just said 'to send one, you have to send the other and we need both'. I guess he's right." Alanna sighed then looked up brightly at Gary. "Politics aside though – it'll be fun to watch. I don't know if I have the patience to lie in wait for the day they come to realise it."

Gary laughed outright. "Oh please, gods willing, let me be there for the day they decide to tell us. As if we didn't already know!"

Alanna joined him in his laughter and the pair laughed over it for a long while, enjoy a rare peaceful moment in their lives of tumult and stress.