Final Fantasy Tactics: Lambs Amongst Lions
By Kei

Ramza: Motivations of Youth

He awakes everyday with humble resolve. With practiced movements he washes himself, maintains his equipment. There is perfection to the routine, for perfection is the only standard acceptable for his name. To be less would be shameful.

Standing before a mirror, he repeats an oath that his mother had taught him, one repeated every morning alone, for his vow need not be heard by any other man.

"I am a Beoulve. I fight where no one cares to. I fight so where I may tread will become better places."

Satisfied, he goes for the door. Time to forge Ivalice better places.

Author's Note: My writing can be loquacious. Learning from R. Controversy, this will be a series of characterizations of the Final Fantasy Tactics cast using only one hundred and one words each in an exercise to economize on words. I probably won't manage one hundred and one chapters like him, but I make no claims of superiority or parity to his skill; I only hope you enjoy this endeavor. In the meantime, do search for his work, titled Little Melancholies.

Using PSP version names. Updates will be made randomly.

Oh, and this author's note is also comprised of one hundred and one words.