Okay I know I've got another story going an I've got an update for it somewhere just got to find it, however this one has been bugging me for some time so I thought I'd just put it down.

Living the Dream of my life,

I was alone,

No one in sight,

This love,

Make me believe you're the only one,

Never give up our day has come

Judas Priest – New Beginnings


The sun blared down on the concrete surface, only adding to the already boiling hot surface beneath Alice's feet. She sighed as she stretched shutting the car door behind her with a small kick as she turned to face Carlos who was stumbling slightly out of the car with a long loud yawn. She looked away from Carlos to see her adoptive mother beaming at the house, her smile almost splitting her face in two.

"Isn't it just beautiful," Mrs Olivera almost squealed out.

Alice couldn't help but let a small smile fall on her own lips as she turned to face the two story blue wooden house with a medium brown roof, a white picket fence surrounding and enclosing the front yard. It was a stereo typical American house and surprisingly enough it made Alice feel comfortable.

Carlos's reply was to simply yawn once again which caused Mrs Olivera to wrap him in a tight hug earning herself a small groan and a long fake exhausted drawn out 'mom' but still when she pulled back she found her son smiling back at her. She turned to face Alice who was still giving the house a look over probably trying to figure out what it was like inside.

"How long till the removal van get's here?" Carlos asked shutting the car door before stepping up to the picket fence gate.

Alice checked her watch and spoke up, "About an hour or two." She smiled when a small grumble came from Carlos as he pushed open the gate making his way down the path. Alice turned to face Mrs Olivera, "Coming mom?"

Mrs Olivera smiled even brighter and with a nod she wrapped her arm around her daughters shoulder. She had never referred to Alice as her adoptive daughter; to her she was always the daughter she wanted but the daughter she could never have.

Alice ran her eyes over the neighbourhood as Mrs Olivera fiddled with the keys trying to find the right one for the front door. It looked like a nice enough neighbourhood, probably because Raccoon City was home to Umbrella and one thing she knew was Umbrella kept things clean. The street had an urban look to it, not to rich but definitely not shabby looking, the street looked clean and seemed normal with people watering their lawns as morning jogs were taken.

"Whoa," Carlos breathed out, his jaw dropping at the large interior of the house once the door was opened, "How did you afford this?"

"The new job pays well," Mrs Olivera beamed once again, "Wait till you two see your rooms."

Alice snapped her attention back to her mother as she herself stepped into the house admiring the large interior herself, still one thing left to ask. "Bedroom come with a bathroom of my own?" she was never a selfish person and she loved Carlos, he wasn't only her brother but her best friend but sharing a bathroom with a teenage boy who had just started to learn how to shave was troublesome.

Mrs Olivera smiled back and with a nod she watched Alice smile back at her before giving her a small squeeze hug. She returned the hug before moving throughout the house going from room to room checking for any inconsistencies but she found none.

Alice had to admit her mother's new job did offer a hell of a lot more perks; shorter hours, a hell of a lot more pay and she seemed more content and happier with her new job than her old one.

"Let's go see our rooms," Carlos clapped his hands together giving a rub of them before clambering up the stairs.

Alice rolled her eyes before following Carlos up the stairs. Once she reached the top she glanced down the stairs making note that not one step made a squeak, Umbrella really did out do themselves.

"Holy crap, I can put my home theatre here, my paintball armour can sit here and my bed can go here and..."

Alice rolled her eyes once again as she walked past the large bedroom that held an excited Carlos. The man had been making plans ever since he was eleven, to get a home theatre with surround sound but as their mother had put it, if he wanted something as big as that he had to get a job and pay for it himself and an eager Carlos agreed to it so he had gotten his first job as a stock boy at thirteen and a half.

She stepped into the next room taking in the large interior, if her room was this big she could just imagine her mother's room, it was bound to be enormous. Alice had to admit she was happy when she found out they were moving, there was just too many bad memories in their old house. She never had any friends other than Carlos, she was always ignored at school which was okay with her but it wasn't until Mr Olivera her adoptive father and Carlos's father had died from a heart attack had everything really taken a turn for the worse. Their mother's mood had dropped dramatically and everyday life seemed to change along with it, so eventually they had packed up and decided it was time to start over again, a new beginning.

"The trucks arrived!" Mrs Olivera called out

Alice snapped herself out of her daze and looked down towards her watch; the truck was early, real early. With a shrug Alice made her way down stairs and outside to the truck currently pulling up into the driveway.

"I don't suppose they could've reversed parked," Carlos grumbled stepping up next to Alice as the truck's engine finally died.

"Aw come on Carlos look on the bright side the exercise will do you good," she chuckled as Carlos glared at her. Alice made her way down to the truck where the removalists was already pulling down and raising the lift.

A small giggle caught Alice's attention and she whipped around towards the sound noticing a laughing redhead stumble outside next door, the redhead looked about her age as did the black haired woman that stumbled out the door with a face splitting smile plastered on her face.

"Hey," the redhead called out between laughs.

Alice gave a courteous nod in the young woman's direction as Carlos fell in beside her giving a small nudge to Alice as he waved furiously to the redhead a huge face splitting grin on his face.

"Can we give you a hand?" the black haired woman asked as she watched her friend slowly stop her laughter.

"That's nice of you to off..."

"That'd be great," Carlos finished a bigger smile than before now plastered on his face.

"Oh right sweet," the redhead moved through her own yard before rounding over towards Alice, "Names Claire."

"Jill," Jill spoke up after Claire had introduced herself.

"Carlos, Carlos Olivera." Carlos quickly stepped up extending his hand towards Claire and Jill.

Alice couldn't stop herself rolling her eyes even if she wanted to. "Alice," she spoke once Carlos had decided to extract his hand.

"And I'm Mrs Olivera," she stepped in between her kids giving them both playful glares, "Which happened to have been forgotten."

Claire chuckled at this and extended her hand towards the woman, "Claire Redfield I live next door with my brother and my younger sister and my best friend."

"Jill Valentine friend of Claire's," Jill followed Claire in suit.

"It's a pleasure to meet you young ladies." She smiled brightly at them before turning her attention to Alice and Carlos, "I've got to do some grocery shopping and stop in too see the new office, so unpacking is up to you both." She gave Carlos a stern look, "And by 'both'," she emphasised the word with finger quotations, "I mean you as well."

"Got it mom," Carlos mock saluted earning a glare from his mother.

"Let's hope you do, see you both later" she turned to face Alice, "Look after your brother while I'm gone." She smiled before moving towards her car.

"You got it," Alice smiled slightly as she watched their mother drive off.

"So where do we start?" Claire clapped her hands together in anticipation.

"Just grab anything and dump it anywhere, Carlos can move it to its correct position." Alice grinned this time as she watched Carlos's face fall and Claire and Jill laugh as they moved to the back of the truck. Alice couldn't help but think to herself that maybe a new beginning was just what they all needed.

Hope you people enjoyed.