Okay I re-read this story and found a few mistakes not many but I found them non-the-less so just to explain I will be updating every chapter before this and adding things to those chapters that I should have before to make them more discriptive and flow easier. To everybody that's reading this thank you guys, I want you to know that you are the reason I write.

Running away from the spotlights,
The vision of dreams becomes real,
I'm in the final race,
I've been framed,
I ain't guilty,
But now I'm serious case,
Pray for me,
The world's my enemy

Crack Jaw - Danger

Alice didn't give it a second thought. Using grazed bleeding, pain filled hands she pushed herself to her feet before grabbing for Jill's right elbow assisting the young woman to her feet. Gravel was ripped up from it's roots in the ground and scattered with small parts of debris from other solid objects.
Jill groaned loudly allowing the blond to assist her in. Shots rang out around her as both herself and Alice scrambled for the black Ford Falcon. She could already spot Rain, Carlos, Casper and Claire through the back seat window in the inside the vehicle all crushed together in the backseat with a sprawled out unconscious Claire on top of them.
This got Jill's body working again, the sight of Claire made her push forward to the car jumping in first with Alice behind her it wasn't comfortable but with bullets flying in their direction neither argued.
As Alice slipped into the vehicle behind Jill she slammed the door shut behind her the glass shattering as a bullet impacted the window looking for it's intended target. It whistled above her and past the driver shattering the drivers window who turned to the two young women who had just slid into her vehicle.
"Hold on."
The driver slammed her foot down onto the accelerator, jolting the car forward and through the shambled docking bay. Yanking the steering wheel in any direction possible trying to avoid the larger chunks of debris.
Alice pushed herself upright in the seat staring out the windscreen as Jill sat up trying to get comfortable in the seat that was meant for one person but currently held two. The air was thick with tension as the car dodged debris and bullets.
"Watch it!"
The driver had heard the blonde haired man in the backseat and was quick to slam on the breaks before slamming into the front of an Umbrella Hummer that had skidded around the docking bays exit blocking their path. Shifting the gears into reverse the driver placed her arm across the back of the passenger seat and looked over her should before once again slamming down on the accelerator proppelling the car backwards. The Hummer shifted charging after the retreating Ford Falcon.
The same motions where repeated backwards as they were forward; winding and weaving between debris the driver spun the car around in the largest opening she could find. Back to the closing Umbrella Hummer the gears were shifted once again and the car responded to its orders to move forward.
Carlos glanced out the back windshied as an Umbrella Security Agent leant out of the Hummer with an MP5 pointed in their direction. Carlos ducked just as shots rang out. Rain ducked head between her knees and arms resting above her head, to her this was the position she was planning on staying in until the whole ordeal was over. Casper on the other hand shot forward covering Claire.
"Were losing petrol!" Jill noted on the indicator on the dashboard.
Carlos lifted his head as the car continued forward, "You better think of something fast their closing in!"
"Hold on!" it was the only reply they received from the driver as she yanked the wheel to the right and continued onwards towards a a stack of wood that looked like a makeshift ramp.
The car reached two hundred kilometers and continued climbing. The driver pulled out her lighter flipped it open and as the car barrelled up the makeshift wooden ramp and into the air she gently tossed the lighter out and onto the ramp igniting it instantaneously catching the Umbrella Hummer that sped head first into the flames by surprise.
The car went over the fence and landed on a paved gravel road with a loud crash as a loud boom rocketed the ground shaking it to it's core, a small mushroom of fire erupting behind them; the Umbrella Hummer dealt with.
The occupants in the car relaxed as the driver shifted the gears one last time and skidded around a corner taking of down the empty streets without so much as a look back. Alice watched the calm demeanoured woman for a few seconds, identical in everyway but not the same; this wasn't her, there was a difference - she could never see herself falling for this woman.
"We've got a lot to talk about Claire."

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