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~~Baby Steps~~

Chapter 1

It was dark in the master's room as usual when a figure entered the room shrouded in darkness; it hardly seemed like morning since the curtains were not drawn.

Sebastian opened the curtains with a swift movement, tying them to keep them open. He then turned around and walked towards the bed where a lone lump was situated.

"Young master, it is time to wake up."

The lump covered in covers moved around until a figure finally emerged revealing a young boy with blue tinted hair and smooth pale skin that looked soft to the touch. In fact, Sebastian often compared his master's cheeks to those of a cat's pads on its paws, though he never admitted as such to his master.

When the boy finally opened his bleary eyes, though a bit slitted due to the gentle sunlight streaming in, they revealed a set of mismatched eyes; one a dark blue that was the color of a rare gem while the other was more of a purple with a Faustian symbol in the middle of it.

That eye was in pale comparison to its twin, which was never covered. This is the look of Ciel Phantomhive, head of the Phantomhive noble family and owner of the Funtom Company. Though the Phantomhive's name is usually in the spotlight, it is actually shrouded in darkness for it is that the Phantomhive's are the Queen's guard dog.

"Today's breakfast will consist of a lightly poached salmon accompanied with a delicate mint salad. Offered with it we have either toast or scone," Sebastian announced smoothly.

Ciel was also master and holder of a contract with Sebastian Michaelis; his loyal demon butler. Due to certain unfortunate circumstances that are not disclosed, he came to acquire him as his butler and in return his soul is to become Sebastian's next meal.

As Ciel stretched like a cat on this lazy day, Sebastian told him of today's agenda. When he was done he then changed his young master into clothes for the day.

The day passed as normal; dishes were broken and a frantic Mey-rin apologized; gardens were destroyed by a crying Finny and an overzealous Bard made explosions. Ciel's day was clear and free of people so he decided to spend his time doing paperwork for his company that Sebastian was always berating him to get completed.

While Ciel was busy working on some important papers regarding the production of toys and sales rate, he suddenly heard a large commotion. With a sigh he looked up and out the window, which he often daydreamed out of and into the gardens only to see it that it was completely destroyed.

Those idiots for servants are making a mess! Sebastian had better stop them before they destroy all the gardens! He thought with an angry scowl on his perfect face. He could already feel a headache pushing its way to his temples. With a weary glance, he turned back to his work hoping to focus his concentration on the tedious paperwork.

Boom... Boom...Boom...Boom

An eye twitching was the result. Why hasn't Sebastian stopped them? I can't concentrate on my work!He is the one who is always pestering me to do my work. If I hear one more-


That is it! And with that Ciel marched off towards the door intending on reprimanding them... and maybe knocking some sense into them when the door opened to reveal Sebastian dressed in his usual butler garb.

"Young master, I apologize for the trouble. I quickly put an end to it."

Somewhere in the mansion the servants were nursing wounds due to their trouble they were causing.

Ciel glared and said haughtily, "It should have been stopped earlier before they destroyed my garden. I swear they act like children that need to need to be coddled constantly. I don't ever recall acting that way at any age." I swear they are more trouble than they're worth.

After his mini rant Ciel walked towards his mahogany desk that was littered with pages with the name Funtom written on them, and stood by his window looking out with his hands clasped behind his back.

Sebastian added in almost after thought or so it would seem had it not been for that devious smirk. "As I do recall, young master, you put up quite a fuss when I told you that you could not have sweets all the time." Almost like an angry kitten being denied its milk, he mused.

The demon looked smug. "In fact you nearly threw a tantrum, which is something children do. Am I right?"

Ciel turned swiftly, a glare on his pale face from his butler's words. "I do not! Even if I was a child, I would still act the same." With a huff he walked towards his chair and sank down in its soft embrace.

"I apologize, young master. It is as you say then. There is no way to prove it since I have not come in contact with you in your earlier years." Ciel did not see the smirk on Sebastian's face or else he would have known something was up.

Ciel dismissed Sebastian with a wave of his hand without glancing up and continued working now that he had quiet.

Sebastian bowed, "Excuse me, young master." And with that the demon strolled out the study with a devious smirk on his handsome face. So you say.

In the kitchen, Finny and Bard were busy preparing today's dinner both sporting bruises from today's fiasco. They were talking quietly when Sebastian made an appearance.

"Bard, you are to prepare and make dinner for the young master." Poor Ciel, Bard really was not the best cook.

With this Bard perked up and saluted. "Yes, sir."

Sebastian continued, "I will be running a short errand so I will be back shortly. Finny you are to help and whatever you do, do not mess this up or break anything. Bard, you may not use your flamethrower." Before he left he gave them a final reminder. "Remember what I said…" he warned them with a smile that made babies cry and ladies clutch their children tighter to them.

He left behind a horror struck Bard.

A hand waved in Bard's face, knocking him out of his stupor. "Bard, come on, the young master needs you to prepare his dinner," complained Finny.

Bard perked up. "Right, Finny bring out the food while I get my flamethrower." He started towards the door.

"But Sebastian said not to use your flamethrower," Finny reminded him.

This made Bard pause in mid step. He slowly turned. "Sebastian won't find out. Besides what Sebastian doesn't know won't hurt him." With that he continued walking until he was out the door, whistling a cheery tune.

Finny shook his head. Poor Bard, he doesn't know what's coming to him. Oh well, I warned him. With a shrug of his shoulders Finny went to get the food when Mey-rin walked in.

"Finny, I just saw Bard whistling, is he alright?"

Finny looked up from his crouched position that he was in to reach some flour to see that it was Mey-rin. He greeted her with a smile. "Oh he's just happy that he gets to use his flamethrower now that Sebastian is away. Even though he's not supposed to."

Mey-rin adopted a worried look on her face. "Do you suppose he will be alright?" Poor Bard, everyone knows the consequences, and no one wanted to face an angry Sebastian.

Finny contemplated, after a few moments he answered, "Who knows, it will depend on the mood Sebastian is in when he gets back from running his errand or how destroyed the kitchen is."

They both thought about it for a few seconds. Yeah, he is not going to be all right, is what they both thought.

As it turned out Sebastian was not in a good mood. He had to go everywhere to get what he was searching for and he had a run in with Grell and almost got molested by him.

Bloody bastards! They can't do anything right even after all these thousands of years! He looked down at his prize that was clenched in his hand and smirked. But all the trouble I went through will pay off, he thought as he made his way back to the mansion until he was stopped by a kitten that had fur black as night and odd colored eyes; one eye was yellow, the other blue. Such odd colored eyes, almost like my master's own mismatched eyes, he mused.

He gently held the kitten in his hands and started petting its smooth silky fur. Ahh, so soft and shiny. Almost like my own Young Master's hair... When I brush it.

Sebastian next felt the kitten's smooth but rough pads. He was in paradise, doing nothing but holding the thing of his affections. The kitten mewled in pleasure and started to purr which made Sebastian more content but after realizing how late in the evening it was, he petted the kitten a few more times before setting the kitten down on the ground.

The kitten mewed sadly in response, its mismatch eyes shining in sadness. Sebastian sighed and bent down to rub his hand through its fur once more before standing straight up. Such unique eyes and beauty. (like Ciel)

The butler started walking back towards the mansion but was stopped when he heard the kitten mew. He glanced back to see it missing. Strange.

Again he continued walking until he heard it mew from beside him- and so he looked down. The kitten was following him.

"No, little kitten, The Young Master does not like cats, or rather he is allergic to them." He said to the kitten. Oh how badly he wanted to take it with him but alas, he could not.

The kitten meowed pitifully and rubbed against his pant leg. Sebastian started and after a few more moments, he finally picked up the kitten, to which it purred in happiness, and took it with him to the mansion. The Young Master won't be happy if he finds out.

When Sebastian got back, he immediately put the kitten out in the gardens, promising it a bowl of milk. Then he went back in the mansion and inspected its condition.

Everything was in place and nothing seemed to be broken that is until he went to the kitchen and was not surprised to that it was a complete mess. But no one was around for they had retired hours ago.

They can't even follow simple instructions, he thought. The walls of the kitchen were charred with bits of food plastered on them. The walls were not the only things that took the blunt of the explosion. There was food everywhere; the floors and ceiling were covered as well.

The stove was also completely destroyed. It looks like I've got to order another one on the morrow. Now I've got to clean up their mess that they didn't bother cleaning. He got to work cleaning and was done in a matter of minutes. Exasperated, he sighed and wiped his forehead. The kitchen was sparkling with its cleanliness. Sebastian looked at his pocket watch. Twelve o'clock, I should probably check on the young master. He then climbed the slow descent to his master's bedroom only after getting the candelabra, though he did not need it, and then walked at a moderate pace to the room.

He knocked gently, "Young master, are you awake?" He received no answer.

He turned the knob gently and slowly opened the door to find out that he was indeed asleep. He was amazed to see that he was in his nightshirt seeing as the boy barely knew how to dress himself. He walked to inspect his master to make sure he was not harmed. With those idiots anything is possible.

His eyes inspected his master's form and stopped at a small cut that marred his pale cheek.

He sighed and passed the cut and continued his examination, pleased when nothing else appeared to be damaged. He started to leave, candelabra in hand when Ciel turned over revealing a patch of white milky skin from where his nightshirt slid down. On closer inspection he found out that Ciel didn't button his nightshirt correctly. Honestly, is it really that hard? As he proceeded to leave he felt a tug on his cuff.

He looked down to see his master glaring at him, his mismatched eyes shining in the soft candlelight. "Where were you? I can't believe you left those idiots to cook for me, if it was not for Tanaka, I would have gone hungry."

An image of Tanaka popped in Sebastian mind. Ho,ho,ho.

Ciel continued, "Then those troublesome idiots nearly scalded me alive with my bath water so I skipped it."

Sebastian tsked at that. "Young Master that is unsanitary."

He then sighed exasperated. Really, could those servants do anything right? "I'm sorry, young master. I had to run an errand."

Ciel's eyes if possible, glared even harder matching one of Sebastian's glares. He sat up and rolled himself out of bed revealing more skin and stalked towards the window. "I don't wish to hear anymore from you. Go and draw me a bath."

The demon bowed, "Yes, my lord." His ruby eyes were glowing, his mind processing his next move.

When the bath was ready, Sebastian went and fetched his little master. He would not deny it, he recently started feeling some sort of emotion towards his master, more than just the contract and his aesthetics, something a bit deeper, yet he could not pinpoint the emotion so he let it go. But as it started happening more often and only when his master did certain things, did he start thinking more on it. It could not be love, that was a ludicrous notion but he started to think it was what humans called a crush.

He blanched. It could not be possible, I, a demon could not feel love nor anything other than possessiveness and the rest of the seven sins. But there are cases where a demon lets himself feel other things. Why? That was beyond him. But still, there are times where I wish to devour the boy and not in a food sense.

When he found his master he visibly shuddered. Ciel was in his bed curled up and was showing a vast amount of skin. Smooth pale legs, a delicately curved back that was the color as the rest of his features and a pale elegant neck that led into a plethora amount of dark blue hair. Ciel rolled over and Sebastian quickly composed himself.

"Young master, the bath is ready." He then walked away and out his master's bedroom. Only after hearing his master catch up did resume a normal pace.

When they got to the bathroom that was down the hall from Ciel's room, Ciel cautiously checked the water in case it was too hot. Hmm… it is warm enough.

After stripping down, he stepped in and sank in until he was completely submerged with only his head above the water. He laid his head back and closed his eyes, completely relaxing. He opened his eyes and looked for Sebastian, spotting him by the door. What's wrong with him? He looks tense. Tense was an understatement, after all the one he recently started to desire was only inches away covered in only bubbles and nothing else. Demons were not known to be patient and Sebastian was no different.

Ciel quickly got bored of Sebastian lingering figure by the door. "Sebastian, come and wash me," Ciel commanded.

Sebastian, ever the faithful servant, quickly complied to his master's wishes and kneeled down against the tub and grabbed a bottle and a sponge and started scrubbing. Such smooth, unblemished skin, save for the brand mark, but it still doesn't take away from his beauty. It makes me want to taste him. As Sebastian lost himself in his inappropriate thoughts, Ciel sorted through his own problems.

Sebastian has been acting weird, I wonder if he's all right... He shook his head. I shouldn't worry over such frivolous things... But still, I catch him watching me as one does prey with those unearthly bright red eyes. Almost as if he wants to eat me. His eyes that rarely show emotion now show hints of desire and hunger. I too, have been feeling embarrassing emotions I do not even want to delve into. Like for instance, when he touches my skin for just a brief moment, I want him to continue and not pause in his ministrations... What am I thinking? Someone of my status should not be thinking such inappropriate things. He is my servant and I, his master. Not to mention he is a man... but I still do yearn for his soft almost teasing touches. I do get sort of envious of Grell when he is near, though I do not show it. Such meaningless feelings are not even worth contemplating over, especially over a worthless creature, so I will do my best to ignore it.

And with that Ciel broke off from those thoughts and concentrated on Sebastian. He glanced over his shoulder to see Sebastian scrubbing his back. His dark hair perfectly framing his face, eyes though were downcast, he knew that if he were to look up, the color of his eyes would be a fiery red, his skin a pale porcelain color that was unblemished and looked smooth as marble.

Sebastian paused his actions and looked up to see his master staring at him. "Is there something the matter, young master?"

Ciel turned back around, the water sloshing gently against the sides of the tub. "No... What were you running an errand for; did we run out of tea of something of that sort?"

Sebastian smiled coyly, "My, my, is the young master curious about me?"

Ciel snapped his head back towards Sebastian fighting a blush that was making its way up his neck as Sebastian sat back on his haunches with an amused expression. "No, I am not. I'm merely wondering what would cause you to shirk your duties is all. It is not like you."

Sebastian still had an amused expression on his face. "Well, I had to go and talk to a man about personal business and it took a bit longer than I expected." Sebastian smirked inwardly at the real reason he was gone, but it was too early in the game to reveal that fact.

Anyhow, Ciel didn't give him an order, so he saw no harm in twisting the truth slightly.

"Now turn back around so I can finish washing you."

Ciel stared at him for a hint of deception and found none. Then he slowly turned around, relaxing his tense muscles. He saw the smirk on his butler's face, but thought nothing of it; after all, Sebastian was always scheming. However, in the back of his mind, Ciel knew he was up to something so he stored that bit of information in the back of his mind.

When Ciel got done with his bath, he got out of the tub and faced Sebastian, letting him dry him off. A loud sucking sound distracted him; he turned and watched the tub slowly drain the last remains of the bath water. He wished all his thoughts could have drained away in a similar manner. He turned toward Sebastian again, ignoring the questioning gaze and let Sebastian finish drying him off.

They were both fighting a battle unknown to each other; Sebastian fighting his demonic urges and Ciel, his blush that kept creeping up after every heated touch to his body that Sebastian invoked. When Sebastian was done, he went and fetched his master's nightshirt and began dressing him, this time making sure all the buttons were in its correct place. By the time Ciel was dry and dressed he was already fighting a common human problem; sleep. He walked towards the soft plushy quilts of the bed and got under them, immersing himself in the soft bedding.

Turning his back towards his butler he quickly fell in a deep sleep, the day's events taking its toll on his small body.

Sebastian smirked at how childish and naive his young master was; turning his back to a demon, falling into a deep slumber with danger in the room. It does not matter anyhow; his contract forbids him in harming him. He silently left the room and walked his path to his quarters to prepare for tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be interesting, very interesting indeed, he mused. But on the other hand he now has a kitten to look forward to, as well. He smiled in response to thought of his kitten who reminds him so much like his Young Master. Sebastian continued walking through the dark corridors of the mansion with those thoughts in mind.

Gentle sunlight streamed in through the miniscule gap in the curtains that have been left open the previous night. A figure fumbled around on the bed, trying to escape the sun. Ciel, finally fed up with the irritating light, got up and walked to the curtains to close them correctly. He finally got to his bed when he realized something was wrong. Everything seemed much bigger. He ran to his curtains and yanked them open and glanced at his hands. A gasp left his mouth, his hands are now small and childlike, but that is not possible.

Scared of the implications, he ran to the mirror and looked at his reflection. It took him a few moments to process his new appearance, realizing with horror that he was not dreaming. Then he did something he thought he would never do again. He started crying, letting out an occasional hiccup. Why am I crying? I can't stop! It must be because I am a little child. Ciel then took a closer look at himself. He looked exactly as he did when he was younger; his small delicate features were the same, as well as his hair, a lighter color of blue with strands of silver if he were to go out into the sun.

The only thing that stayed the same were his skin color and eyes, though his eyes were now more doe like, they still held the same color in both of them, along with the symbol being sported in one of them. Sniffling with the occasional hiccups is how Sebastian discovered him when he came in the room to wake his young master and to see if his plan worked correctly.

He looked at the now child earl and smirked. It was successful. He smiled deviously and approached his master to let his presence be known.

Ciel wiped his eyes hastily. This is something an Earl of Phantomhive should never be subjected to. "Sebastian, what is wrong with me, why do I look like this? I look like I'm five!" Ciel's now high-pitched voice demanded.

Sebastian chuckled mockingly at the boy. "Whatever do you mean, young master?"

Astonished, Ciel quickly put the pieces together. "The smirks and smart remarks. The errand. It was you! You did this!"

Sebastian reply was spoken with an amused tone. "Whatever do you mean?" he repeated.

Furious Ciel whipped around and glared up at him. "Don't play stupid with me! You had something to do with this, didn't you?"

Sebastian replied tauntingly, "Yes, I did. You see, yesterday you gave me a brilliant idea and of course I had to take the chance while I still could. After all what kind of butler would I be if I didn't take chances? So young master, what do you think of my handiwork?" he asked as he came to stand in front of the child that barely reached his waist.

Ciel glared up at him, his eyes practically shooting fire. Angrily he moved his hair out of the way to show his glowing symbol in his eye. "Sebastian, I order you to change me back!"

Sebastian hand tingled where his symbol was but ignored it. Instead of doing what Ciel ordered, he shook his head. "Though I am not in any position to ignore your order, I'm afraid it can't be done. It will simply have to wear off," he answered in a sly tone not seeming the least bit sorry.

Ciel continued to glare at him, his mismatched eyes shining with anger. Sebastian continued. "You see young master, I used the rarest elixir in the demon world."

Ciel was furious. Being unable to reach his butler's ridiculous height due to his own new height, he crooked a finger at Sebastian. "Bend down, Sebastian," he commanded.

Confused as to why Ciel asked him that, he complied.


The hit made Sebastian's head turn to the side; an angry red imprint of Ciel's hand on his face, standing out against Sebastian's pale complexion. He looked down at Ciel stunned.

"Young master?"

Ciel was huffing due to the exertion he used from his petite body, his bottom lip quivering. "Don't act as if you didn't deserve that. Now go and bring me some suitable clothes that will fit right this instant." It was hard to sound commanding in his childish new voice.

Sebastian bowed down on one knee, "Yes, my lord." When he stood, his eyes were cold and devoid of all emotions as he walked stiffly out the room.

When Sebastian returned with some small clothes, he went to his master's bedroom. Upon entering, he spotted him by the window in his too big nightshirt. It was almost comical despite the tense atmosphere.

Ciel turned and faced him, "Finally, now hurry and dress me, I'm already behind schedule," he demanded, exasperated.

After Sebastian showed Ciel his clothes to approve of them, he then dressed him as usual only this time there was no lingering light feather touches. Ciel was going to demand more answers when Sebastian proceeded to seemingly vanish into thin air. Stupid demon, what is he playing at? He seems to forget who the master this house and forgets his place. I still have more questions to ask him. He's not going to get away this time, he will answer me.

Ciel then proceeded to leave the comfort of his bedroom and walked towards his study. Just as he was about to turn the corner he crashed into someone landing on top of them. He got up quickly and dusted himself off. Annoyed, he looked down only to see Mey-rin sprawled on the floor. He sighed and offered his hand to which she ignored and scrambled up, apologizing profusely while bowing.

These servants are something else. Ciel mused. Tired of the girl's antics he cut her off. "Mey-rin, what are you doing, shouldn't you be working?"

Mey-rin stopped bowing and looked up at his short stature and adopted a puzzled look. "Y-Young master?"

"Of course, it's me, who else would it be?" He snapped.

She started apologizing again. Sighing, Ciel ran a hand through his tousled locks. "I apologize, I've a stressful day and it's barely noon. Now as you can tell, I'm in a bit of a predicament, so when you see Sebastian, tell him to bring me my morning tea and breakfast."

A flustered Mey-rin hastily nodded her head and saluted. "Yes, young master!" She turned on her heels and ran down the hall, but all of a sudden she stopped and turned around. "Young master, it's not my place, but I'll say this, you look adorable." After saying that she quickly made her way to the kitchen.

Ciel scowled. I am not adorable! I am fearless! He dropped the scowl, sighing and continued walking to his study in hope of relaxing and not having to deal with annoying people. Sebastian of course being one of them. Sebastian had better hope this wears off for his sake, until then I will make his life a living hell, no pun intended.

When he came to approach his study, he walked right in and froze for a moment, before he resumed walking towards his neat desk and sat in his plush chair. "Finally you're here, I am hungry."

Sebastian was by the desk waiting to serve his young master. The air was stifling almost suffocating as Sebastian listed the day's breakfast, but he was ignoring his butler and got lost in his own thoughts. I detest being younger. It makes me feel weak and it reminds me of my past. Where there was no one near to help no matter how much I cried out. But on the plus side, apparently from what I've gathered, I am around the age of five but I still have the same mentality as my original age. Though on the down side these bothersome feelings have not been affected either. Pity. Sebastian must have added the elixir without my notice.

"Sebastian, how did you give that elixir? I am curious to know how you did it without my knowing." Ciel already had his suspicious, but wanted to hear it from his butler's mouth to confirm it.

Sebastian had finish poring his tea not saying a word and set down the cup in front of him. He swallowed before answering. "I'm sure you already have your suspicious, so why ask if you already know?"

Ciel banged his fist down on the hard desktop and snarled, "I know, but I want to hear it from your mouth! You are in no position to evade my questions."

Sighing, Sebastian ran a hand through his inky black locks. "It's simple, young master. I poured it in your bath water and let you soak in it. The elixir is the rarest simply because not many demons know where to find it. I'm one of the fortunate to know of its whereabouts."

Ciel let all the information sink in. Just as he was about to ask another question a plate of food was placed in front of him, efficiently cutting him off. He grumbled and ate quickly; the sound of dishes clinking and the occasional throat clearing filled the quiet air. When he was done and Sebastian cleaned up and placed the dirty dishes on the cart and started wheeling it away until Ciel stopped him.

"Why did you give it to me? Was it to teach me a lesson? You are forgetting your place and who you're dealing with, Sebastian!" Ciel smirked at Sebastian's astonished face. But with his master's next words it quickly fell and was replaced with an indifferent expression.

"Now then, your lesson is to clean the whole mansion inside and out. It had better be clean enough where I can eat off the floor, not that I would anyhow." With that he turned in his chair and faced the window not even bothering to daydream out of it. Smile long gone from his face as somber look replaced it. He did not really like treating Sebastian like this, but he would not lose the game Sebastian had initiated.

"Yes, my lord. It will be done." Sebastian continued walking out, the cart clinking softly, intending on following his master's orders. Sebastian did not plan on loosing the little game his master intended on continuing. He knew his master well enough to know what's exactly on his mind. He did not intend on conceding, after all what type of demon would he be should he let a human outsmart him?

That day had ended and soon the next day was upon them. The routine was normal as usual even though Ciel was still a smaller version of himself, the day still passed normally. Sebastian woke him on time and dressed him, as was custom, however, Ciel missed the sly glances Sebastian used to give him.

He was unaware of everything it seemed, he did not even complain when crashes could be heard from his study. Ciel was lost in his own troubling thoughts. How long would the elixir be in effect? Would the Queen give him a new case and if so how would he show up looking like a child? All in all, it was very tiresome.

At noon while he was busy signing papers concerning construction of a new factory dealing with his company he noticed Sebastian outside in the garden petting a kitten though he was supposed to be tending to the flowers. He sighed, remembering his predicament. It was irritating being so small, all his servants tried to baby him, excluding Sebastian, as if they forgotten who he is. He still remembers earlier this day where the incident took place.


Ciel was walking towards the kitchen in the hopes of sneaking some sweets. And just as he was about to round the corner to enter the kitchen he collided with Mey-rin again. She had been carrying dishes and they all crashed to the floor, shattering loudly in a thousand pieces.

He picked himself up, cutting himself in the process and looked down at Mey-rin who was down on her back looking dazed. With a quick headshake, she scrambled up and apologized profusely. "I'm sorry young master. I could not see where I was going." She kept jabbering until she noticed Ciel's hand was bleeding. "Young master, you're hurt! Here, let me help you."

Ciel looked at his hand almost hypnotized with his life's essence flowing out at a slow pace.

Mey-rin snapped him out of his daze and started dragging him off to the kitchen after latching on to his unhurt hand. He struggled at first but gave up knowing she would not stop until he was bandaged. Instead he tried to talk her out of it but to no prevail. Well he could always threaten her, but he was not that cruel to his servants.

"Really Mey-rin, I'm fine. It's just a little scratch."

She ignored him and went towards the cabinets to scrounge through it to find a first aid kit. "Ah-ha! I've found it," she exclaimed.

"Found what?" A familiar voice asked.

She whipped around to see Finny and Bard. "What did you find?" It was Finny who asked both times, having to ask again since his question went unanswered the first time.

"A first aid kit." She answered waving towards Ciel and grabbed his hand ignoring his objections and started cleaning it off. When she finished she bandaged it to prevent dirt from getting in it. It was done sloppily but it would have to do for now until he saw Sebastian.

Finny at that time noticed Ciel for the first time. "Who's this little guy? He's so cute!" He grabbed Ciel and pulled him in a bone-crushing hug and started coddling him and cooing while squeezing Ciel until he was about to pop.

That is until Bard cut in, he smacked Finny in the back of his head. "Let go of the poor kid, you're going to kill him!"

With a sigh, Finny let Ciel down. As soon as he was safely on the ground he greedily sucked in the much-needed air and glared at Finny. "Are you trying to kill me?" He shook his head in order to get the blood flowing back to the rest of his body and was about to make an exit, the sweets long forgotten but he was picked up again. "H-Hey! Put me down!"

He looked at the perpetrator and found it to be Bard. "See Finny, this is how you hold a kid. Isn't this much better, kid?"

Ciel glared as much as a little child could and was about to start yelling insults until two hands started pinching his cheeks preventing him from talking. It was Finny and Mey-rin who were gushing over his cuteness. Though Mey-rin knew this was the young master, she felt left out and got lost in his cuteness.

They're all out to get me, curse my cute looks!

Finally Ciel had enough, his cheeks hurt, which by now were now a bright red from anger and the pinches he received and he was uncomfortable in Bard's wiry arms.

"Put me down, Bard! Mey-rin, Finny, stop pinching me!" He ordered in his childish voice.

Mey-rin, who was horrified by her actions against her young master quickly told Bard and Finny to stop.

"But why? He's so cute!" Finny whined while pouting, his green eyes shining with unshed tears.

Bard had to agree; the kid was adorable with his soft baby locks and not to mention he was so small like a little teddy bear. His big blue eye though was glaring, but it possessed innocence only a child could have.

Mey-rin, still embarrassed by her actions quickly told them why. "That is the young master!"

They all looked down at said person; Ciel's clothes were ruffled, his hair askew and his cheeks were read and a glare remained in place that was more of a pout. All in all, he looked like an angry ruffled kitten.

He was set down and he hastily fixed his hair and clothes, but could do nothing about his cheeks. Not one word was said. The silence was unbearable and thick like a heavy fog. It was Finny who broke it, having never seen the young master nor did Bard at all yesterday, he asked the question that everyone was wondering.

"How is that the young master?"

Ciel sighed at the foolishness of the question and started walking away, but not before ordering Mey-rin to explain the situation.

She stopped him, "But how, I do not even know all the details myself?"

She received no answer as he continued walking out the kitchen until they could no longer hear footsteps. The silence was eerie.

Once again Finny broke it, "So is that the young master?"

Mey-rin gave a sigh and explained to the extent of all that she could.

*End flashback*

After Ciel shook himself out of the past he sank back in his comfortable chair, closing his eyes trying to will away the headache that was quickly forming. What a stressful day indeed and it is bound to get more stressful, Ciel mused.

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