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Chapter 11

Sebastian looked at the sad sight his master was in; soiled and all ruffled up. It was a shame to see the head of the Phantomhives in such a state. When he heard Bard's loud bellowing, he just knew that Ciel had gotten into some sort of trouble so he stopped what he was doing and went towards where he felt his young master's presence. Though when he found him, he wasn't intending on giving him such a fright to where he soiled himself, but it was a comic sight to him to see someone who was once so proud and arrogant fall this low.

"Se-bah-bah!" Ciel screamed to catch his attention because he didn't understand why the man was just standing there and not changing him. He didn't like feeling wet and dirty and he was very hungry seeing as his breakfast was interrupted.

With a sigh, he approached Ciel as he bent down to pick him up, but he was slapped in the face.


Sebastian was shocked- he was really not expecting that. He glared down at Ciel who was cringing away from him with a screwed up lip before he simply grabbed Ciel and held him away from him seeing as he was squirming to get away. He may be a baby, but even he could understand that the man was angry.

With intent to punish his master, he continued walking towards his master's bedroom all while ignoring the struggling Ciel was doing. With calm and precise steps to prolong the walk to build up the suspense, he came to his destination.

For one brief moment, he pressed Ciel against him to open the door, but once it opened, he slipped inside with a solid click of the door.

Who knows what awaited Ciel now that he has made his butler- the one that's been taking care of him ever since this new situation- angry.

Sebastian tried to calm his composure as he walked towards the giant bed, but his mood was quickly deteriorating as he sat down now that he had the matter at hand. He looked down and made sure he met his master's eyes before he spoke. "Young master, that kind of behavior such as slapping is unbecoming of the head of the Phantomhives. You do realize that it is up to me to punish you as I see fit, given the fact that I am the one occupying the position of your caretaker?" The butler clicked his tongue. "You don't even really understand what I'm saying do you?"

Ciel looked up at his butler with droplets of tears worming their way down a path on his baby round face and with quivering lips. He shook his head at his butler, flinging tears away from his eyes before he clenched his fingers around Sebastian's coat and buried his face in the solid chest. It seemed that his inner conscious sensed the implications behind his butler's words as he almost shielded away from the disciplined hands.

Sighing slightly, Sebastian forced the clenched fingers that were gripped tightly around his coat before grabbing Ciel's chin firmly in his hand and forcing him to meet his eyes. He didn't speak for a few moments until he made sure Ciel was paying close attention. After wide eyes met his, he spoke. "I'm going to give you five spanks after I've changed you, do you understand that they're all for a reason?"

His master whimpered before more tears made their way down his flushed face. Ciel may not understand words just yet, but he could sense the danger behind those seemingly normal words and he only cried harder.

Sebastian placed him on the bed, keeping in mind to change the sheets as well as his suit since they were now slightly damp from coming in contact with the wet bottom of his master. He made his way to the wardrobe where untouched clothes hung and grabbed a folded cloth and pins before he opened a drawer and pulled out a new set of clothes all while trying to keep his mind free of annoyance.

After he grabbed all the necessities as well as a damp cloth to wipe Ciel, he made his way back to where his master was on the bed hicupping and eliciting quivering cries. "Now young master, there's no need for such acts. Now lay back and allow me to change you." He pressed Ciel down against the bed, guiding him until he stayed there.

In fear of receiving a more sinister punishment, Ciel complied and allowed himself to be pushed down until he was flat on his back and facing Sebastian. "Se-bah-bah!" He reached his little arms up in hopes of being picked up and getting away from punishment but he was simply ignored as his butler changed him.

Once he was done, Sebastian got rid of the soiled garments and dirtied cloth by placing them in a small basket he had by the bed in case accidents like this happened during the night. "Now, are you ready, young master?"

Ciel whimpered before his face scrunched up and he started crying while repeating 'no' over and over in hopes of placating the man and getting away from the spanks.

Of course, his cries went ignored as he was forced to a prone position across his butler's knees before he felt a hand on his back. He struggled to get away but that hand kept him on his stomach and as he heard Sebastian's deep voice speak, he knew there was a short pause to come before a sense of pain came.

"This first one is for slapping me that first day." Sebastian remembered that painfully embarrassing day as he was forced to bend over to reach his master's small height. It was the most shameful act that a human ever has committed against him.

"This second one is for those false theatrics while I was attempting to acquire information of the murders." He also remembered the trouble of keeping up the troubling facade for the sake of everyone being kept under the false implications that Ciel was simply away or sick.

Sebastian held off on the third spank while he frowned as he thought of a third act of disobedience from his master while all the while, Ciel cried and kicked his legs out behind him. A firm name calling stopped that but he still cried loudly that almost reached the octave of screeching.

He finally remembered.

"This third one is for tearing multiple strands of my hair out and ripping my coat buttons off." Ah yes, the pain he felt for his only nice coat was a true one and though it was not a physical pain, it was a pain to sew the buttons back on.

"This fourth one is for even thinking of going towards that disgusting vile creature." He had felt quite offended when Ciel had even looked over there and laid his precious eyes on that scum, it was like letting his food touch the ground or something equally disgusting.

"Finally, this last one is for slapping me just now in the hallway and for all the trouble you've caused so far."

By the time he was finished, Ciel was screaming his head off and the only thing that ailed him was a wounded pride and a slightly hurting bottom, as Sebastian didn't spank him all that hard, being so little and all. Sebastian then put the young master's clothes back on as quickly as he could. It was a slight irritating moment and as Sebastian put a hand to his forehead as if to block the oncoming force of a headache, the door slammed open that startled Ciel out of his crying.

Sebastian turned with an irritated look flashing across his face as he looked upon Bard wielding a wooden broom. The blonde man scanned the room, his eyes stopping over Ciel the longest before his scan landed on the butler.

"What's going on in here? One moment I was down in the parlor trying to get something out of the tree and the next I heard Young Master Ciel screaming!"

In his round about way of speaking, Ciel had quieted down to sniffles and hiccups and was staring at Bard with eyes that radiated sadness, which tugged on the man's heartstrings.

The butler caught that glance out the corner of his eye before he faced Bard with his full attention. "I simple spanked him as punishment. You don't need to know what he did so you are to go back to parlor and finish what you were doing." He turned, ignoring Bard's shout and reached out to pick Ciel up but stopped when he leaned away from the touch.

Ciel gave out a little forced word of 'No' before he reached with grubby hands towards Bard. He knew the man who always had a stick in his mouth would not hurt him. "Neh!" He opened his hands and cried out before closing them again to show how much he wanted to be away from the man in black.

When he was reached for again by his butler he pushed away the hands while crying out with little sounds. He wanted Bard and he was determined to put a fight if it meant him not having to go with the 'Punishment Man.'

"Young master, stop," Sebastian spoke sharply as if that would make Ciel stop but it only fueled the struggle and when the cook stepped more into the room, he attempted to crawl right off the bed.

Bard spoke soothingly as he walked towards him, being mindful of the piercing look that Sebastian gave him. He tried to ignore it as he came to a stop by the bed and Ciel tried to climb up him.

"Sebastian, maybe I ought to take him from here..." The way he formed that sentence sounded almost like a question but he was sure he wanted to take Ciel away for now but he wasn't so sure about telling that to Sebastian with the way he was being looked at.

The butler narrowed his eyes before he straightened up and fixed the small wrinkles on his suit. He met Bard's flinching gaze and spoke brusquely, "Fine. I need to go out into town anyway. Do you think you can manage him?"

If he were mocking him, Bard wouldn't know it seeing as he was busy being fussed over by Ciel who was cooing at him and being anything than what he was just a moment ago. The cook stated rather busily, "Yes, Sir."

With that approval, Sebastian left the room in a slight hurry. He changed his pace just to leave the room as quick as possible so he could change his clothes and then hurry into town and away from that sickening sight. Though he was getting rather brash seeing as he left his master in the hands of an idiot, but he did not want to claim that pint-sized human as his noble master.

'It's always humans who are the most troublesome.'

'Though, I would say demons are the most annoying type of race.'

Sebastian stared up at the large, uninviting sign of the Undertaker before closing his eyes briefly in agitation and then walked in.

Inside of the shop, it was a little dusty and coffins littered the space in strange places.

His garnet colored eyes glanced around the space before he picked a coffin where he knew the Undertaker was in and knocked on it. "Undertaker, come out now."

He had no time for false politeness seeing as he had a problem to fix if he wanted his noble master back.

An eerie cackle pierced the death smelling air before the lid of the coffin opened, the scrape it made breaking the air in waves. "Yes, butler~?" The Undertaker stood straight up before he jumped out of the cushioned coffin.

Sebastian wasted no time in getting to the point, "I need the concoction that will combat the effects of the elixir. Soon as possible if not now."

The Undertaker laughed at this while wearing his mouth splitting grin. "Gotten tired of the effects that quickly? I would of thought you'd withstand them, butler," he spoke in an airy tone showing how much he enjoyed the situation.

"Never mind that, I'm here to return my master to his rightful form and I will be leaving with it." The butler's eyes glinted with deathly promises to show how serious he was.

He only received a laughed in return before clothes shifted and the Undertaker produced a small glass vile in the shape of a teardrop. "I figured you would cave so I mixed this up." He threw it at the butler who caught it with deft hands.

Once he caught the vile, he bowed his thanks before turning to leave.

"I hope you know, that concoction hasn't been tried on a human yet."

Sebastian looked over his shoulder and stared impassively at the crazed man who was giggling to himself. "My Young master won't perish from such meager means." He then turned and left leaving the Undertaker laughing by himself in the small shop.

"Ahh~ This is such a laugh."

The journey to the country manor was peaceful now that he had the vile and he did not have to worry about the possibilities of his master reverting to his normal form too slowly. The steady clacking of hooves and shifting dirt as the wheels churned were the only sounds and he was oddly at peace without the cries of his young master and the servants bickering about meaningless things.

His peace was short lived upon entering cobblestone ground before he pulled the horses to a stop in front of the steps to the manor. As he got off the coachmen's seat, the doors slammed open making him snap his head sideways to glance at the sudden disruption to his dwindling peace.

"Mr. Sebastian!"

It was Finny who was running out to greet him, "I'll take the horses!" He actually looked happy at being able to help but the butler really wanted to do it himself seeing as he would be able to prolong the time spent apart from his master.

He smiled falsely and thanked the gardener before warning him not to harm the horses or destroy the carriage.

Finny saluted and stared ahead with glimmering eyes, "Yes, sir!" With that, he hopped onto the seat and cracked the reins making them neigh before trotting away at a rather fast pace.

Sebastian sighed lowly before turning to head up the steps and through the open door. Before he entered he made sure to check the door for any cracks from the force that Finny had exerted onto the frame.

After a look over, he saw that the frame had none so he continued inside making sure to shut the door normally and started walking towards the stairs in strides that fell short of his normal length.

A sharp cry pierced through the rather quiet air that had him quickening his steps. I can't even be gone for an hour or so before he starts missing my presence.

No matter how much Sebastian may be annoyed with Ciel, he couldn't deny the fact that there was some sort of feeling he got when his master missed him. Being needed, even by a baby master was a good feeling to Sebastian, so with that in mind, he expected to see Ciel crying and screeching his name in broken patterns; however, he stopped short of the master bedroom when a giggle sounded from behind the door.

He stood there and frowned openly at the door before he grabbed the knob and opened the door, wondering who had calmed his master down before he could get to him.

The butler was met with a sight he found he wasn't prepared for. He had fully expected that the cook would utterly fail at the task of caring for the young master and that Mey-rin would have taken over by now as she had a motherly touch that could shush the cries. No, it was a sight Sebastian did not expect to see at all.

It was Bard who was holding Ciel- his master and making him giggle. Suddenly, he felt this strong urge to kill the cook for being able to make his master laugh and holding him so close. Ciel should only want him, not the damned cook!

Sebastian cleared his throat making the blonde turn with baby Ciel in his arms with a wide toothless smile and his rattle in one hand.

"Oh, hey Mr. Sebastian," Bard stated in a somewhat nervous tone once he saw the glare being directed at him. "I was wandering the halls looking for something to do so you wouldn't have to when I heard the young master start crying and so I rushed over here." He shifted Ciel in one arm, "And all it was is that he was lonely being cooped up in his crib."


Bard fidgeted under the critical stare he was being subjected to while Ciel's coos and the rattle jingling were the only sounds throughout the room.

As if finally sensing the quiet and still movement, Ciel glanced up at the man holding him while frowning. He didn't like the quiet; it reminded him of being alone and so he reached up and patted the man's face while babbling with a pout. "Mm-negh!" He shook the rattle loudly while squirming in the man's grip before Bard hushed him.

Pouting slightly, Ciel settled against the blonde's arm before sticking the rattle in his mouth.

Fuming inside to see his master so settled with the cook, Sebastian stepped forward to claim what was his and with outstretched arms, he picked Ciel up from around his mid-drift.

When Ciel felt himself being lifted away from the cook, he started squirming before he was turned around and held against a black covered chest. Knowing who it was, he started crying before turning half-way to reach for Bard. He opened and closed his hands repeatedly to show his wanted to return to the cook but the man made no move once Sebastian gave him a look that could kill.

"That will be all. I do believe that you have work to do so get to it." Sebastian spoke rather calmly, which was unusual seeing as he always barked out orders when he got particularly annoyed.

Bard, ignoring Ciel's cries for him, walked around Sebastian (carefully) before leaving the room, regretting having to leave his young master alone when he obviously did not want to be with the butler. But he did not want to push Sebastian anymore with how irritated he seemed to have gotten just by seeing him with Ciel, which didn't really make sense at all.

After he left the bedroom, he walked towards the kitchen to start cooking lunch while pondering as to why Sebastian's mood had been rather ill as of late. It couldn't be because he was jealous, which would be the obvious reason, except that he looked like he could hardly stand to be in the same room with Ciel. Maybe it was because Ciel seemed to be more trouble than usual and Sebastianwas simply put up with all the work.

After all, he's human just like the rest of the servants are so he's bound to get annoyed with all the work.

He paused in the middle of the hallway and snapped his fingers at the revelation. That's it! He's simply tired of all the work! From now on, I'll take care of the young master to help him and Mey-rin can clean all the rooms while Finny can take care of the gardening and feeding the horses! All he would have to do is prepare the young master's meals!

At the idea, he ran down the hall heading to the kitchen where Mey-rin would most likely be.

What an irritating human.

He looked down at Ciel who had his face scrunched up and was giving little silent cries. Ciel knew when to allow himself to cry and this time was not one of them when he was with the man in all black.

With a huff in between the cries, he slyly looked up at the man holding him only to see him staring down at him. "No!" Ciel flinched away from the narrowed garnet eyes before burrowing his face in the man's jacket.

Sebastian felt a flash of annoyance before he placed a hand against his master's back and patted softly to try and coax him into false comfort. When really, all the butler wanted was Ciel to not be afraid of him. He wanted his real master back and not this fake imitation.

"Seh-bah-bah," Ciel whimpered from the jacket before he started wailing making the demon flinch at the sudden increase of noise radiating from the child.

Checking to see if Ciel needed his nappy changed, he felt that it was dry before he moved Ciel away from him and checked his face, which was fine except for tears and snot streaming down it.

With a sigh, the butler calmed his anger down and reached into his pocket to grab his handkerchief and wiped off all the tears and snot. "Young master, is something hurting?" He placed a finger under the trembling chin, forcing Ciel to look up at him with squinted eyes.

Ciel merely shook his head and cried out, "Bad!" He reached up to the demon's face and felt along his chin for the usual prickles of hair but found none. Only smooth skin that he didn't like the feeling of as much as the fuzzy feeling.

Sebastian almost released a growl at this, but instead he decided to simply leave the suffocating room and head to the kitchen where he could find Mey-rin and only her. Not Bard or any other blond haired humans.


The walk down to the kitchen carried only sniffles and small pats as Sebastian tried his hand at comforting but at one point, he may have patted his master a little too harshly because he let out a sharp wail before the butler rubbed the spot.

He then alternated between pats and rubbing leaving Ciel confused at the ministrations because this was the man in black. The man in black was mean and stared at him angrily more often that not and so that being so, he was confused as to why the man was being less mean.

Either way, he didn't want to look up at the man just in case he did something to make him stop his soothing pats and opted to sniffle into his starchy coat.

When Sebastian finally entered the kitchen, he was both slightly thankful to find it empty and a little perturbed as to why it was empty. He looked around before clicking his tongue; he needed someone to watch the young master while he prepared lunch, which was probably going wind up being milk and something smashed.

A tug on his hair broke his thought making him glance down at Ciel.

Large, blue eyes met his, as Ciel demanded, "Honey." The master stared up at the man before his stomach let out a gurgle to show what he meant. He tried to pronounce more but it came out as a series of babbles and the word 'honey' again.

At first, Sebastian was confused as to why his master wanted 'honey' before he heard the gurgle from Ciel's stomach that he realized that he wanted food and seeing as no one was in sight, he would have to go out to the stables and collect milk from one of the cows. He patted Ciel briefly to make sure he understood before he started walking out of the kitchen.

Running footsteps caught his attention and they were coming from the back. The butler faced the kitchen door that led outside to the back before the door slammed opened making the little windows shatter and one of the hinges break.

"Oops, I did not mean for that to happen!"

It was Finny and Ciel seeing blond hair made him perk up and smile. "Eee!"

The cry caught Finny's attention from where he was trying to fix the door where the hinge was and he whirled around only to see Sebastian. "Mr. Sebastian! It was an accident and Bard accidentally let the cow escape after-"

"He did what?"

Finny broke off after that and didn't finish at the scary look that crossed Sebastian' face and silence filled the air until Ciel reached up and tugged on the butler's hair making him stare down at the slight annoyance but Ciel didn't see.

He was too busy looking behind Finny at the approaching human. "Bad! Bad!" It was quite (not really) endearing how his young master couldn't say any words right but in this case, he got the cook's name exactly right.

This was a bad situation.