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Entry 00 New dispatch Orders

I had to run out and get a new journal. I didn't realize how close I was to filling out my last one. I abridged the last bits of the mission to make it fit when I got back, no use breaking up a short assignment like that over 2 books.

Immediately upon my return from Heaven's Gate I received my next mission. Didn't even make it home this time. The life of an Ancient is a busy one... I wish I could have spent a little more time with Chris but... This one is big. This one is personal. It's a rare day when the Magi actually give you the chance for this kind of revenge.

Seight was killed on her last mission. The Magi decided to let me finish up since we're. Since we were so close. Thinking further, my previous statement is a little off. I shouldn't be seeking revenge against The Origin, killing angels is just what he does. The Magi are the one that sent her off, alone, to storm his lair. I wish I could have been there when Hector finally got what was coming to him. It's been fairly obvious what he's been doing, but the Magi would never turn on their own. It was only a matter of time before he pissed someone off that was either too strong, or too stubborn to give up. To think that an ordinary Grim Angel would be capable of killing a Magi. Maybe I could take the rest of them... Throat almost tore itself inside out at that thought. If I wasn't their slave... I probably would have snapped thousands of years ago...

Regardless, I've been ordered to finish up Seight's mission. Honestly, I don't have high hopes for myself. As damaged as he is, The Origin is still completely capable of destroying an Ancient One, even without all his little minions. I might be able to take him though. I mean, only two of us are still around now. That's a sickening thought. Just me and Agreth? Hah. I guess our workload just increased. Again. Hopefully the bastard won't get himself killed, I'm already busy enough as is. Oh, who am I kidding, he's going to bite it before I do. He still hasn't figured out that fighting fair is pointless. Frightening concept. Being alone. I suppose it's not too much different than now. But. Even if I'm the last Ancient. I still have Chris. I still have my son.

I've yet to be debriefed on what exactly this mission is, or all the details relating to my departure. I'll have to wait and see till tomorrow if I'm actually going this all alone. Maybe they'll have enough sense to put me up with Agreth. Or at least an Arcane Angel. Maybe even Kazé.

They might force me to stop by Riviera to check on things, might even have me deal with the Angel down there. What was his name? Ein? Even if they don't, I might just ask him for help. I mean. He DID kill Hector. He's got to be at least decently strong. Although that might not be enough for The Origin. He's a step above the Magi. There's a reason they send us angels out to fight instead of dealing with their own problems.

Speaking of, Kazé wasn't thrilled when I told them all this. He doesn't want me to die, and deep down I don't either. He said I should tell Chris about Seight. I considered it, but honestly, I'd rather him go on thinking his mother is on a mission for at least a little longer. I know I can't keep it from him forever, but I just want him to be happy... Kazé also wondered why I wasn't terribly upset. I'm sure what to tell him. Ancient Ones like Seight and I know that we're going to die in combat against some horrible evil. I mean, Seight was going against The Origin's forces, after their last battle with her, this outcome was inevitable. I decided NOT to look at the post-conflict projections. I didn't want to see a woman that I'd loved torn to ribbons and then have to know one day I'd have to tell Chris what happened to her. It's better that we not know, for all of us.

I think I've got a reason why I'm not telling Chris. I remember when Seight's parents died. What it did to her. I don't want to see that happen to Chris. Not now anyway... At least Chris has parents to be upset over. Both he and his mother are children of Ancient Ones. I... I was one of the first. I was created, not born. No parents. No grief. No love. It took me a while to figure out love from Seight. She taught me so many things. I never got to pay her back. War breeds regret I suppose.

After a good night's rest I'll be informed of my mission specs and will most likely have to leave immediately. I'll keep writing when I have an update.


Like I said, shorter entries at first. It picks up around Entry 03 if I remember right. I'll try to lengthen the rest of them.