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Chapter 1

Autumn and school had started once again. Hidan, Kakuzu, Itachi, Kisame, Zetsu and Tobi had all graduated, laughing at the three other members of the Akatsuki, who still had senior year to survive. It was the beginning of September, when the gang decided to spend the night at a 24-hour amusement park.

"Pein, c'mon!" Sasori yelled, Deidara clinging to his arm, as they were about to go to the haunted house.

"No, go on without me!" Pein shouted back. "I'll go get a drink, I'm thirsty."

"Suit yourself!" Sasori said, and waved at him as they disappeared into the building.

Pein smiled at them and nodded, starting to walk towards the park's cafe. He kept his gaze down and therefore didn't notice someone running towards him, before they'd already collided. Pein almost fell over, but managed to keep his balance and looked at his attacker. A blue-haired girl, about his age, was sitting on the ground and glaring at him, food all over her shirt.

"Oh, sorry," Pein apologized, giving her his gentleman-smile, although he knew the girl was the one who had run into him. He extended his hand to help the girl up, but that only seemed to irk her even further. She looked at Pein's hand with disgust and then shifted her gaze back to the boy's face. "Is there any way I can make it up to you?" Pein offered, still holding his hand out. Deep inside he wondered if the girl was lesbian.

"Yeah, 3000 yens for a new shirt, bastard," she hissed as a response and got up. The girl walked away with grace, leaving the stunned boy just standing there, his arm still reaching out.

The next day at school, Sasori and Deidara were almost rolling on the floor in laughter after Pein had told them what had happened.

"Ever thought about retiring, playboy?" Deidara asked, causing the calmed down Sasori to burst out laughing again. Pein muttered something unclear and rolled his eyes, turning around to face the blackboard. He wanted to slam his head against his table for telling those two, but decided against it, since he still had a reputation to keep up in the school.

The bell rang, forcing Deidara and Sasori to settle down and sit down behind their table next to Pein's. Sasori was still chuckling when the teacher entered the classroom, a short-haired girl following him.

"Morning, class," Iruka said, smiling widely like it was his birthday. "As you can see, we have a new student."

Both Deidara and Pein were staring at the girl, open-mouthed, unlike Sasori, who looked like he really didn't give a fuck. But he must've been the only one in the class.

The girl was wearing black platform boots, fishnet leggings and a black checkered anarchy skirt just long enough to cover everything, but short enough to still keep things interesting; with a belt and a buckle in the shape of two letters - KI.

There was a black basque with purple lace covering her chest and stomach and a silver cross necklace around her neck. Her hair was cut short and blue; she was wearing a black eyeliner and ultramarine eye shadow and had a lip piercing in addition to an eyebrow piercing.

"That's the girl that ran into me yesterday," Pein whispered, making his comrades look at him in surprise.

"You ruined my sister's shirt?" Deidara hissed, lowly enough so the teacher wouldn't hear him. "Bastard!"

"That's what she said," Pein replied truthfully, as the three of them turned their gazes back to the girl standing in front of the classroom. Even Sasori was interested now. The girl just kept looking at the teacher, hands behind her back, listening to his blabbering with a polite expression on her face. After five seconds, both of the redheads snapped.

"Your sister?"

Will you shut up already, you moron, and just let me introduce myself? the girl thought in her head, not letting it show on her face though. Out of habit, she started playing with her tongue piercing, holding it between her teeth, when Iruka finally gave her the permission to speak.

"Hello," she said, turning to face the class. "I'm Konan Iwaga."

Whispering began as everybody recognized her surname. Konan held back the urge to roll her eyes and just smiled, baring her white teeth, answering before anyone could form the question.

"Yes, I'm Deidara's twin sister." She looked at the teacher hesitatingly, who had to remind himself not to stare. "I don't know what else to say," Konan said in her most angelic voice, putting on an innocent face only her brother could see through.

"W-well then," Iruka slurred, obviously finding it difficult to concentrate. "A-any questions class?"

Numerous hands shot up and the teacher picked one of the students.

"Are you single?" a redheaded boy with many piercings asked, causing the annoying whispering to begin again, this time even louder than before. Konan looked at the boy and instantly recognized him from the day before.

Nagato Yogen, Konan thought. A member of the Akatsuki. 18 years old, born on September 19 in Japan. Blood type A. Mother is an Irish doctor and father a Japanese writer, who owns a tattoo parlor. No siblings. Single. Nicknamed Pein for breaking so many girls' hearts in this school people have lost count. Yes, Konan had done her homework. Status, she thought, holding back a smirk; going down.

"Yes," she said with a charming smile, making the boy doubt if it really was the same girl he had met a day ago.

"Are you a chick?" a blonde boy yelled from the spot. Naruto Uzumaki, Konan remembered from her little research. "Because, ya know, the last hot chick that walked in here turned out-"

He was cut off by a spitball in his face, shot by the redhead sitting next to Deidara, Konan's brother. Sasori Akasuna.

"Yes, I'm a girl," she replied politely. "And yes, I'm straight," she answered, once again, in advance, reading the question off the faces of so many students in the class. There was cheering at the back of the class.

Deidara and Sasori shared a look that clearly stated they were both having a déjà vu, even though their thoughts differed a little. In Sasori's case it was – another Iwaga, hotness that everybody wants to screw and the same questions from the crowd. In Deidara's case, however, it was – another Iwaga, glowing like gold on the outside, freezing as ice on the inside; eyes set on a goal.

Even though Deidara knew his sister better than himself, he had no idea what her goal might've been. But he was sure to find out soon enough, and the only thing left to do then, would be to watch the show.

Deidara and Sasori both looked in Pein's direction when they heard him chuckle.

"She's not gonna last a week," he mumbled, keeping an eye contact with the smiling new girl. Deidara raised his eyebrows as Sasori rolled his eyes and sighed, seeming annoyed at his friend's old habits.

"Okay, so, since there are no more questions," Iruka said, ignoring the rest of the raised hands. "Why don't you go and sit down, Konan?"

The girl turned to him, nodded, and went straight to the free seat next to Pein, ignoring all the other free seats in the class. Many students in the class gasped in surprise.

"Hello, Nagato," she greeted the boy as if they'd known each other for ages already. "Sasori, Dei," she nodded at the couple sitting next to Pein, giving them a warm smile. The two redheads were stunned into a frozen state, while the blond didn't look the slightest bit surprised. Of course she knew their names and Pein's real name, Deidara thought, rolling his eyes at his show-off sister. She probably even knows in which hospital their parents were born in.

They didn't have any more opportunities to chat during the class, but plenty for Pein to keep glancing at the girl when he thought she wasn't looking. What he didn't know was that Konan was perfectly aware of his every movement. The technique of seeing through her eyelashes when her eyes seem to be closed had been the basics of her training. Literally, a child's play.

Right when the bell rang, Pein sighed in relief and turned to face Konan. He was about to open his mouth, when, to his supreme annoyance, Sakura was already by his deskmate's side, greeting her with a wide and friendly smile.

"Tsunade told me you haven't seen your room yet," the pink haired girl said, oblivious of the death glare coming from behind the blue-haired girl.

Konan returned the smile lightheartedly and nodded. "Yes, I'm dying to see it."

She waved the boys goodbye and followed Sakura out of the classroom. Pein hadn't even had the chance to spill one single word. What the fuck? To any other guy, this kind of ignorance coming from a hot chick might've seemed absolutely normal and only made them bite their nails out of anxiousness of seeing the girl again.

On Pein, it had a slightly different effect. He felt like a world famous rockstar, stepping onto the stage only to confront the situation where no one recognizes him. Feeling completely out of his element, he couldn't help but stare after the two girls, his eyes keeping wandering down to the newcomer's skirt.

Had he not been caught off guard, he would've been able to think straight and guess the girl's game, since she was related to Deidara after all and even though he didn't know the blond's full history, he knew enough to be able to draw his own conclusions. But given the circumstances, he put the girl's behavior down to her innocent and airhead personality, completely forgetting what impression she'd left the day before.

After seeing Konan leave, Sasori and Deidara burst out laughing again, earning a death glare from the very annoyed Pein. If anything, friends were to annoy one even further.

"As you can see, this is the girls' dormitory, and the third room on your left, is your room," Sakura said, handing the other girl the keys.

Konan thanked her and was about to part from her, when something popped into her mind. "Wait! Sakura!" she called her back.

"Yes?" the pink-haired girl stopped and turned around again.

"Who do I share my room with?" Even though one could already guess it from the homework Konan had done, I feel the need to mention this - she did not like surprises.

Sakura laughed a little at an inside joke before answering. "Tayuya Hokumon."

The name alone was enough for Konan to understand the joke. A sweet and kind girl sharing a room with a chick everyone considered an asshole. Contrary to what the pink-haired girl might've thought, Konan had to admit she was rather pleased with the situation. Overbearing and foul-mouthed people may have seemed repulsive to some, but to her they were like soul mates.

Konan nodded and smiled as a thank you, before unlocking her door and stepping inside.

The first thing she noticed was her huge bag lying next to a made bed, probably carried there while she'd rushed to the first class right from her hotel. Tsunade herself had come to greet her, which had been, again, one of the many conditions on which Konan had been allowed to step onto the surface of the same island her brother was on.

Truth be told, Tsunade was the reason the whole trip was possible. With her contacts and connections, the paper confirming the treaty of Konan and Deidara remaining separated from each other, had been sent through the shredder, allowing Konan to become a free girl once again. No more limits, no more cops keeping records of her every move. A new fresh page had been turned, ready to have the old history written on it in a fresh and invisible ink. No more mistakes. What happened unbeknown to the government, had to stay unbeknown to the government.

But do not think Tsunade had done this just because she was feeling kind and was in a good mood. Far from that. Her will to cut someone's throat open had never been greater and that was exactly what had persuaded her into calling the girl. An eye for an eye deal – a term both females were familiar with.

Everything had gone well – Konan's presence in Hidden High School confirmed that. But why had she gone to such great lengths to transfer here? The joy of beating the authority at their own game? The chance to see her brother again? Nah.

Konan took her diary out of the bag and threw it onto the desk. It landed open on a page she'd written on a month ago.

Dear frigging diary,

Heh, guess who's been depressed until now? The knowledge of the treaty has spread all over the underworld by now, fucking up the reputation we've built for years. Though it probably hasn't reached Deidara yet. From what I know, he's trying to play good for some time.

I got a call from Tsunade, HHS headmaster, in the morning. Yeah, I was surprised. She offered me a deal – if I'm able to find out the address of some damn businessman's secret lover, the treaty will be cancelled – just like that. Something to brighten up my day. Now I'm going from planning a break-in to the White House to stalking a middle-aged man. Haha, oh I love irony.

I saw a video on youtube that was filmed at Dei's school's last Xmas dance. A guy named Pein had been dating this girl Tenten for a few weeks or so and he dumped her on stage, after they'd both been announced as the 'king and queen' and the girl had said that they would always remain as the 'royal couple'. I did a little research on my own – this Pein turns out to be THE Pein – the leader of the Akatsuki. The infamous dark-sexy heartbreaker who basically runs the city. Mentioning that he's got some hell of a rep is probably unnecessary.

But reputation is like energy – it cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred. Reputation comes from ruining someone else's, and if your rep is ruined, someone else's gets bigger. That, I guess, is my new plan.

A close up picture of Pein with a red circle around it had been glued to the lower part of the page.

To be continued...

A/N: It took me three tries to write Konan's diary entry, just because I wasn't sure what I wanted the real her to be like. The first version was a happy-go-lucky girl, who makes up for her personality by her flawless schemes. The second one was a fangirl, who'd seen the video of Pein and was dying to meet him - kind of like Misa from Death Note. Erasing that version as well, I wrote this one. I think out of the three, this is the best one.