Tori's POV—

There she is, waiting for Sikowitz to show up and unlock the door to the classroom she was standing with Beck every time I seen them together I wish it was me standing there with her, I wish I was the one holding her hand. Don't take me the wrong way I don't want Beck hurt, and he is a really good friend of mine but it's hard to hang out with the two of them especially when all I can think about is holding her hand or kissing her like he gets privileged all the time. Jade West Has been nothing but cruel to me ever since I started at Hollywood Arts but yet for some reason there is just something about her that whatever it is, I can't seem to put my finger on it but she means a lot more to me than I let on to anyone.

Jade's POV—

So its another day, that I have to be tormented by the girl that I am in love with, I am standing outside Sikowitz class waiting for him to show up he is late as usual. Beck is flirting with Cat not like I care I mean me and him have had this secret relationship going on for quite some, pretty much ever since Vega's first day here I was attracted to her seeing her perform let it shine it sent shivers down my spin, I couldn't keep my eyes off her the way she moved, her voice was like a nothing I have ever heard. She took her annoying sisters place in the spotlight but I was not complaining from that day on Tori has been on my mind. So finally after like what seemed a lifetime Tori showed up with Andre she and he are pretty close but he is no worry for me considering he is gay. Damn she looks so good today she is wearing a light green tank top and skinny jeans she was way to adorable for her own good... (There I go again getting sidetracked) Ok now for me to explain me and Becks secret relationship well that's not as hard as it seems once I realized that I didn't have the same feelings for him from when we first started dating ( I have dated girls before! Just to throw that one out there!) And that Tori had pretty much won my heart I explained everything to him. Ya he was hurt at first but then he understood (I do have a heart ya'know!) and then that's when he explained that he had feelings for Cat sweet innocent cat... I was actually happy for him, but me and him have kept up with this relationship making people think we were together kissing and holding hands to make Tori and Cat jealous if they had feelings too I really hope she does.

Tori's POV—

"So last night was crazy, my grandma's about had a heart attack when she came in and me and him were both shirtless and laying on my bed."

Andre was continuing his story about his night with his boyfriend Skyler. I wasn't really paying attention I was in my own little world I was busy trying not to stare at Jade and trying to keep my focus not running over to her and confessing my love for her right there at this given moment.

"Helloooooo… Earth to Tori!"

"oh yeah sorry Andre I was in my own little world." I say blushing and looking up, my gaze meeting Andres he looked concerned about something but I didn't question it. I think he knows something is up with me but he hasn't come out and asked me yet I hope he just doesn't ask Andre is my best friend I cant keep stuff from him and Until I came to grasps of what I felt for Jade I didn't want to tell anyone.

Andre continued on with his story that i really didn't listen too i was to busy thinking about Jade. I can not tell you how hard this is for me, I really like Jade i have for god like 5 months, but then i am torn she's with Beck and i don't want him hurt he is way to nice of guy and he is a good friend of mine but yet part of me just wishes that they weren't together so Jade would be mine.

I walk over to where Cat,Robbie,Jade and Beck were standing... having no idea where Sikowitz was he was probably off on some crazy antic like always that made him late. "Hey guys! how was everyone's Night?" i ask the group looking around at my friends and the love of my life, Jade must have noticed me staring at her cause she gave me a annoyed look.

"Hey Tor!" Cat exclaimed wrapping her arms around my waist. Cat was always so sweet and innocent i couldnt but help but smile at her. "My night was great!" She said bouncing up and down and smiling over at beck.. that was a little weird but i didnt question it.

"Hey tor, whats cracking!" Beck stepped forward and hugged me tightly. and Jade looked over like she was going to kill me, These are the times i want to look at her and just tell her i dont want Beck that i want her but i am to much of a chicken to do such thing. The small talk was cut short with Sikowitz Throwing open the door and smiling at us.


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