Jade's POV—

Everyone had left the party minus Tori and I and our friends we were all sitting there silently staring into the fire listening to slight wind. Nothing about tonight I would change minus the fact that everyone decided to come out at the worst possible time.

"So did you expect anything at all?" I was brought out of my own mind by the sound of Cat's sweet innocent voice. I smiled and looked around everyone their eyes were glued to me like they expected some big reveal. "Honestly, No I didn't know anything, I thought it was a little strange but hell my life is far from being normal so I didn't question it to much." I say kissing Tori on the check, making the brunette blush. "Yay!" Cat yelled excitedly I couldn't help but laugh causing everyone else to laugh also.

Well the whole crew finally headed home leaving Tori and I sitting by the fire by ourself. She turned in my lap and looked at me those eyes looking at me with so much love I couldn't help but smile. "So where were we?" she asked cupping one of her hands to my face and kissing me with so much passion it made my head spin. I pulled away catching my breath blinking at her. "Well Vega I can tell you have much other thoughts than just going upstairs and going to bed now do we." She got up and smiled shyly "well we don't have too if you don't want too…. Buuuttt I was thinking that maybe you know…" she muttered blushing and looking away from me. She was so cute when she wasn't sure of herself it brought me back to the very first time we kissed.

I got up grabbing one of my crutches and walking over to her, "Well Vega you must have read my mind, But lets continue this upstairs what do you say?" I kissed her softly pulling away raising a pierced eyebrow as her grin grew wide. I followed her into the house and up to her room.

Standing here in her room looking around thinking that this has to all be a dream there is no way that this is happening not to me anyways. I shook my head blinking a couple of times to make sure I wasn't dreaming. "Are you feeling okay?" I was brought out of my head by the sound of Tori's voice. Truth was I couldn't feel better.

I made my way over to Tori placing my lips to hers tangling my free hand in her hair pulling her closer to me, moving my mouth to nibble on her neck making her moan into my shoulder the brunette I could tell was already getting wet. Everything about this moment I didn't want to change. She pulled away looking me in the eyes grinning walking over to the bed and flopping down, I raised a eyebrow this really couldn't be happening. I made my way over to her ripping my shirt off in the process leaving me in a tank top. I effortlessly pulled her dress off over her head revealing a dark blue thong and bra I sucked air in everything about her was just simply sexy. She pulled me onto her nibbling on my neck I couldn't help but squirm. From that moment it was like the whole world had faded away making it just me and her a tangled mess on the bed Hard breathing and battling for the top.

I won the battle sliding the thin fabric off sliding one finger in her watching her arch her back making it easier for me to slide in another finger. I started pumping faster in and out of the very wet center of my beauty, Her moans were getting louder and louder "mmmhhmmm baby!" screamed the brunette I could feel her walls tightening around my finger I put my mouth over her clit letting the juices flow in my mouth not missing a drop. I pull out and move off her laying next her I close my eyes and smile to myself. Nothing about this night could get any better; I know I keep saying that but it is true nothing seems to be bad about being with Tori. She moved over and placed her head on my chest. I kissed her forehead.