Title: Returning Home
Author: Inquisitive1
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Chapter 1
Tara enters the mansion hearing Kieran shriek with laughter, smiling the blond witch stands in the entry way of the living room listening to the two half vampires goofing off. "And to think just a few days ago I could have lost the last of my family." Tara thinks grateful that the Goddesses didn't allow it to happen.

"DOMINICK" shrieks Kieran as she giggles "Stop it! You know I hate" she giggles uncontrollably, "to.... be..... tick..ledddd" she squirms away from him

Tara walks into the room her voice stern yet holding a hint of laughter "Aren't you supposed to be doing your homework?" she asks Kieran

Kieran and Dominick look up at her their eyes filled with guilt and
sheepishly say "Sorry" as they sit up and Dominick hands Kieran her notebook

"Since you aren't studying I have something for you two" Tara mentions
while she sits across from them on the edge of the coffee table

"What?" Kieran asks excitedly "A new stuffed animal for the baby" she
guesses hopefully

Tara and Dominick laugh at her eagerness. "Kieran don't you think its a little early to for the baby to get stuffed animals?" Tara inquires "You have 6 months"

Kieran flops back on the couch her arms crossed over her chest and pouts "No. Its never to early for stuffed animals." she then adds "And the baby wants them"

Dominick rolls his eyes at Tara as he pulls Kieran onto his lap his hand covering her flat belly "Midget you mean you want them" he laughs "I think the baby is a little to young to know what it wants"

"OK fine I want them" she admits then grins at Dominick "Baby will you
buy us that really big stuffed dog with the floppy ears?" she asks hopefully

"We'll see" he answers kissing her nose he turns to Tara "So whats the
deal?" he asks

Tara opens the bag she brought in and she pulls out three journals and
places them on the table. "Kieran before Buffy died she made me and Angel
promise to give these to you when we thought you were ready."

"What are they?" she asks curiously

Tara hands her one "Open it and read the front page" she instructs

Curious Kieran opens it her eyes grow wide as she reads the name "Journal of Faith Mariana Conners" she looks at Tara surprised "My mother's journal?"

Tara nods "She started this journal just not long after you two left. She wanted you to have it when you were old enough." Tara then picks up two more journals "These are your father's."

Tara smiles at the two as she stands "Read them. You'll understand more" she leaves the room they hear the front door close

The two are silent as they stare at the journals. "Lets read some of
Faith's first" Dominick suggests softly as he puts the other journals on the
floor beside the couch.

" 'kay" Kieran whispers.

He pulls Kieran close as he opens to the first page
'February 20, 2000
Here I am sitting in the mansion where I am now living with two vampires... a few hours I woke from my coma. I'm happy yet I'm scared mostly unsure. I guess its all because of the two people we met a few days ago. I can't remember much about them other than their names... Giles thinks its possible that they placed a spell on us. I wish I knew who they were. Something tells me they were important.

I'm surprised Buffy agreed to let me move in. I mean I'm surprised after all she and Soulboy are back together. I know she hasn't totally forgiven me for trying to kill Angel or trying to get him to revert to Angelus. But Angel, he forgave me then told me that if I need a place to live I can live at the mansion as long as I like. Angel wants to help straighten up me out to save me. It'll been a long process but I am ready for that change. Angel knows how hard it is for a person to change but I think he and Buffy will help me. But I am making a promise to them and myself that I will try to make things right... or at least better than they were.

March 1, 2000
I've been out of my coma for two weeks its been tense but Angel and Buffy are being really kind. Things have changed in Sunnydale or as Spike calls it Sunnyhell. Spike is Angel's childe, he's a peroxide blonde British vampire who Buffy calls a Billy Idol wannabe. He's a Master vampire who's around a 130 though he acts like he's a kid. He and Angel are trying to work things out. Buffy told be about the problems that happened when Angel became Angelus and how Spike's lover left him for Angelus. Then all that Spike went through after Dru left him again after Angel returned from Hell.

But it amazes me that Buffy has trusted me enough to allow me to live
with the love of her life and his childe. Then again Soulboy only lives here on the weekends so its mostly me and Spike. I know that she's a little unsure about me even living here on the weekends when Angel's here but she's going to give it a try.'

Dominick reads aloud the first few months of Faith's awakening and then he looks at the clock putting the book down he kisses Kieran's temple "You hungry baby?" he asks at Kieran's silent nod he stands "I'll make us some dinner then we can do some more reading." he walks into the kitchen and
begins to pull things out for dinner.

Kieran pulls the blanket around herself watching as Dominick moves around the kitchen, she absently rubs her abdomen. Feeling lonely she stands up pulling the blanket close she slowly pads into the kitchen, sighing heavily as she sits in the chair at the counter cradling her chin in her hands. "Dom?"

"Yeah baby?" Dominick answers looking at her

Kieran fidgets with her hands as she nervously asks "Um... do you think my mom wanted me?"

"Your here aren't you?" he asks "She wouldn't have had you if she didn't want you" seeing the uncertainty on her face. He leans forward taking her hands "Kiera she wanted you. Spike wanted you. They both adored you. I adore you" he adds with a smile as he kisses her knuckles

I do too reminds the demon

Kieran smiles back "Thanks"

"After dinner we'll read more" he says turning back to fix dinner

"OK" she sighs watching as her lover makes them dinner

"How was school?" he asks opening the fridge

Kieran tells Dominick about her day at school while he finishes making
dinner. As they sit down to eat Dominick tells Kieran about his day. After
dinner Kieran is watching Dominick rinse off the dishes "Baby?" she asks
walking behind him she wraps her arms around his waist


"Are we done yet?" she asks laying her head against his back

"Not yet. I want to finish the dishes first. Why don't you go rest in the living room" he suggests

"OK" she sighs kissing his neck she returns to the living room and lays down on the couch. Kieran lifts up her shirt and lays her hand against her abdomen and smiles happily then looks at Dominick as he works in the kitchen "Well little person your Daddy is in his obsessive cleaning mode"

"I heard that" Dominick calls "I'm not obsessive"

Kieran chuckles "Your Daddy is living in denial land" she looks up to see Dominick watching her from the kitchen door way with a smile on his face
"Your Daddy is way too into cleaning"

Dominick walks over to the couch and sits beside Kieran his hand resting on her flat belly. "Yes but if Daddy wasn't here then this place would be a mess" he leans down nuzzling her stomach he places a light kiss on her belly button. Looking up at her he smiles "Ready to read more?"

Kieran reaches out and traces his features lightly "I'm ready" she smiles back

Dominick kisses her fingers he moves her feet so he can sit. He smiles
when Kieran cuddles up against him kisses the top of her head he opens the
journal to where they left off.

'March 20, 2000,
I've been back among the alert for a month and things are looking good. I keep vamp hours now. Its fine though. Since Buffy does the college thing during the day and Angel and Spike can't go out. I spend my days hanging with Spike and Angel. Mostly Spike cause Angel divides his time between LA and Sunnydale. Spike's cool though we talk watch soaps. Buffy always called him a strange vampire and I now see why. He's like a kid half the time.

Things with me and Buffy are still a little tense. But with the others
it is like an ice berg. Willow still doesn't like me. Xander's still mad
about the almost killing him. Anya just doesn't like me cause I screwed her
boyfriend. Giles and I are still a little unsure same with Joyce. Other than
Spike and Angel the only two I am comfortable with are Cordelia and Wes. Wesley asked me to forgive him for trying to turn me over to the Council. Cordelia is Cordelia she and I never really got along mostly cause of our differences in growing up. We never had to fight over a guy or a job so we were better able to get over the things that happened.

April 2000-

Not much is going on this month. Fought a few demons. Things are 5 by 5.'

Dominick chuckles "Why am I not surprised that you are the same way writing short sentences?"

"Buzz of" Kieran smacks him

"Its weird" he sighs


"I mean just yesterday we were with our parents and now...."

"We're reading about what happened after we left"

"Yeah" he sighs looking up at the clock "Time for someone to go to bed"

"Do I have too?" Kieran whines

"Its a school night baby. You need your rest" he says pulling her to her feet "besides you have a test in the morning."

Kieran's hand wanders to her stomach "Damn" she groans racing towards the bathroom. Leaning over the toilet she looses her lunch and dinner. Hanging over the toilet she glares up at him "You just had to mention that test" she groans

"I'm sorry" he apologizes wincing as he listens to Kieran gagging. He reaches for a wet washcloth placing it on her forehead "How's that?"

"Better" she sighs leaning against him

"Come on I'll carry you up to bed" he says picking her up

"Thanks" Kieran mumbles wrapping her arms around his neck

Dominick carries her up to their bedroom laying her down on the bed. "I'm going to go patrol. I'll be back in a little bit" he promises kissing her forehead gently

"Wake me when you get back"

"Sure." he promises pulling on his boots walking towards the door "Love you" he tells her

"Love you too" she sighs
**** Hour later ****
Dominick enters the bedroom smiling at the sight of his sleeping love. Sitting on the edge of the bed he strokes her hair "Baby" he whispers

Kieran sighs sleepily opening her eyes "How'd it go?"

"It was quiet. Initiative wasn't out. Got three vampires" he tells her as he removes his boots

"That's good" she says

"How are you?"

"Fine. I stopped hanging over the toilet about 15 minutes ago"

"So you feel better?" he asks removing his pants

"Yep." she nods proping herself up on her side. "I forgot to tell you that I have a doctor's appointment after school."

"Want me to pick you up?" he asks laying down beside her

"Of course you better pick me up." she touches his cheek "I want you to come with me to all the appointments we're in this together"

"Yeah we are" he smiles kissing her

"Can you drop me off at Brent's tomorrow morning?"

"Are you going to tell him?" he asks


"Want me to be there?" he asks

"No" she shakes her head "I need to do this by myself. I just need to find a way to tell him."

"Get some sleep baby you have an early morning" he pulls her to him

Kieran sighs nuzzling his chest sleepily she closes her eyes "Night"

"Night" he echoes kissing her head

Chapter 2
**** 6 AM ****
Dominick groans at the sound of the alarm buzzing, rolling over he hits the snooze button. He opens his eyes grinning at the sight of Kieran sprawled next to him. "Kieran" he kisses her ear

"Mmm" she sighs at the feeling

"Time to get up" he whispers nuzzling her neck

Kieran groans her eyes fluttering open "Hi" she yawns stretching

"Come on get up" he nudges her

"Nice greeting" she teases

Dominick smiles pulling her to him he kisses her his hands tangling in her hair "Is that better?" he asks breathlessly

"Hmm" she sighs "yeah"

"Good now go shower I'll go make breakfast" he stands

"OK" she agrees reluctantly getting out of bed she heads into the bathroom
**** Half hour later ****
Kieran enters the kitchen wearing a pair of jeans with holes in the knees, a gray long sleeved shirt and black boots carrying her backpack and jacket. "Hey" she greets kissing Dominick's cheek

Dominick grins "Hi. How are my two favorite people?" he asks pulling her against him his hand wandering under her shirt resting on her stomach

Kieran smiles happily "We're good." she kisses his chin moving away from his side she pulls herself up onto the kitchen counter. Leaning back on her hands she asks "What's for breakfast?"

Dominick moves between her legs and kisses her "Well we have waffles, bacon and eggs." he crouches down so he is level with her stomach "Morning little one" he whispers kissing her stomach "Little one you better be good for Mommy while you're at school. We want Mommy to graduate from highschool and to do that she can't miss class so I want you to be on your best behavior." he grins at Kieran "And that goes for Mommy too"

Kieran rolls her eyes "I will. Now feed us we're hungry" she demands

Dominick chuckles kissing Kieran again "Can't have that" he moves away from Kieran to the stovetop. "Here's your food" he announces handing Kieran a plate "Now I'm going to take a quick shower." Kieran nods her attention on the plate before her. Dominick shakes his head exiting the kitchen.
**** 15 minutes later ****
Dominick enters the kitchen wearing a T-shirt and jeans "You ready?" he asks Kieran who is rinsing off her plate

"Yep" she nods

Dominick picks up her backpack "Lets go then" he follows Kieran out to his car, a black Mustang, opening the passenger door open for her. Going around he gets into the drivers side, buckling his seatbelt he starts the car. "You OK?" he asks

Kieran shrugs "I don't know."

"Are you sure you don't want me there when you tell him?" he asks pulling the car into the street

"I'm sure. I need to tell him by myself."

"All right but I want you to call me if you need me."

"I will." Kieran promises

Dominick pulls the car into the driveway turning to Kieran "I'll pick you up after school right infront"

" 'kay" Kieran says leaning across the seat she kisses his cheek "we'll see you later."

"Have a good day. If you need me I'll be home all day"

Kieran opens the door grabbing her backpack "Love you"

"Love you too" Dominick grins

Kieran closes the car door and walks up to the front door turning around she waves to Dominick. She turns back to the door knocking then opening the door "Brent" she calls knowing his mother is already at work

Brent comes to the top of the stairs "Hey what are you doing here? Its not even 7"

Kieran nods putting her backpack on the floor she removes her jacket "I know I needed to talk to you"

Brent frowns at her tone "Come on up" he invites

Kieran walks up the stairs following Brent into his bedroom she sits down on the recliner.

"Kieran whats going on?" he asks "You've been acting weird since Angel died."

"I know." she sighs

"Kieran what's going on?" he asks not getting an answer he tries again "Kieran we're friends you can tell me anything"

Kieran looks at him briefly then at the floor "Brent there are things about me you don't know."

"Your past is your business"

"This isn't about the past... well not really. Its mostly about the present and future."

"OK" he nods

Kieran takes a deep breath "Brent I'm pregnant"

Brent stares at her shocked finally he stands pacing the room "Are you sure?"

Kieran nods "Yes"

He looks at her then the floor "I know I'm not the father so who is?"

"Dominick is" she answers softly

Brent looks up at her his face showing hurt, understanding and anger "Does he know?"

"Yes. I told him the other night"

"How'd he take it?" Brent asks sitting on the edge of the bed

"Shocked at first but he's happy now. So am I"

Brent nods "Good"

Kieran looks at him "I'm sorry"

Brent shrugs "Its cool. I always knew that you two would be together"

"Brent I never wanted to hurt you its just...."

"I know you didn't Kieran."

"Brent you are one of my best friends and I never want that to change"

"Hey it won't." Brent promises "We'll always be friends"

"I hope so. I have few friends and family." she smiles "and this baby needs an uncle to spoil it"

Brent grins "So when will my honorary niece or nephew be born?"

"Um six months" Kieran admits

Brent looks at her startled "Your three months pregnant and waited this long to tell me?"

"Actually I found out last week" she tells him


Kieran looks at him hopefully "So we're cool? You're not going to go all loco?"

Brent chuckles "No. I just want you to be happy and I know Dominick makes you happy"

Kieran smiles happily and nods "He always has and always will"

Brent nods standing "Good"

Kieran stands too "Thank you" she says hugging him

"Be happy" he whispers

"I will" she promises then pulls away "Now you go get dressed we'll stop off at the bakery for donuts"

"Sweet" he grins heading into his bathroom "I'll be ready in 15."

"I'll be watching cartoons downstairs" Kieran calls walking down the stairs Dom?

Hey baby how'd it go?

Good he didn't yell she flops on the couch with the remote

I'm glad

What are you doing? Kieran flips through channels

In bed missing you

Hey why are you in bed?

I didn't sleep much.

Oh. I wish I was with you

Same. The bed seems empty without you in it.

Kieran stops changing channels wanting to talk with her love I miss you too

How do you feel?

Fine. Other than the fact that I want you so bad that I ache.

God baby don't do this to me

Do what?

Don't play innocent with me. I know what your up to.

The only thing I'm up too is wishing that I was with you touching you, tasting you, smelling you. Mmmm I wish I was there. The fun we could have

What kind?

Kieran opens her eyes to see Brent walking down the stairs I'll tell you during math. Brent's ready to go.

I hate you

No you don't.


"Ready?" Brent asks entering the living room

"Yep just arguing with Dom"

Brent cocks his eyebrow curiously "Do I want to know?"

"Nope" she smiles mysteriously

He rolls his eyes "Come on lets go" he gestures towards the door. Kieran follows him out the door.
**** 10 mins later ****
Kieran and Brent enter the hallway of the school finding their frineds sitting in the alcove. "Hey guys" she greets flopping beside Jez and Lise.

"Where were you?" Lise asks "I called a bunch of times"

Kieran looks down at the floor "Dom came back"

Jez grins "So how is he?"

"Good" Kieran answers just as the bell rings signalling class is about to start. "Gotta go. I'm trying to be good" she stands hurrying off towards her math class.

"So you two broke up?" Chaos asks Brent

Brent nods "Yeah. It was for the best" he walks towards his first class

Kieran enters her class sitting at her seat surprising the teacher at her appearance.

"Miss Addington a pleasure to have you here" Mr Jansen states drily

Kieran smiles "Hi Mr Jansen. I had nothing better to do this morning."

"Well I'm glad you could make it" he remarks

Kieran opens her math book pretending that she is paying attention as Mr Jansen lectures whiles her mind is on her lover.
**** Lunchtime ****
Kieran exits her science class heading out to the quad to join her friends at their regular table. Going outside she finds Dominick sitting alone at the table waiting for them. She smiles when she sees the familiar brown eyes looking back at her. Walking over to the table she sits beside Dominick "Hey what are you doing here?" she asks

"To see you. I miss you" he admits "Plus I bring you food" he grins holding up lunch bag

"Thanks baby" she takes the bag putting it on the table. Kieran looks around to see if there are any teachers nearby not finding any she moves closer "So are you gonna kiss me?"

Dominick looks around "Oh yeah" he grins kissing her quickly

"Hey" she protests


"Too short Mister try again" she puts her arms around his neck she pulls his lips back to hers. They lose themselves in the kiss

"Woo hoo" hoots Jez surprising the two out of their passionate kiss.

Kieran looks at Jez annoyed noticing Lise, Chaos and Brent also there "Go 'way" she growls

Jez grins "Took you two long enough"

"Good to see you guys" Dominick smiles resting their clasped hands on the table.

"Good thing you came back" Brent glares "Otherwise I woulda had to hunt you down and beat your ass"

"If you had I woulda beat your ass" Kieran replies glaring at Brent teasingly

"So take it you two are together" Lise states

Kieran nods "Yep" she says happily laying her head on Dominick's shoulder.

"Brent thanks for watching out for them" Dominick says appreciatively kissing Kieran's temple.

"Them?" Chaos says startled looking up from his lunch

Kieran and Dominick look at each other "They'll find out sooner or later" Dominick shrugs

Kieran nods squeezing his hand "Um what we have to tell you we want to keep between us for now"

"No prob" Chaos promises

Jez and Lise nod in agreement

Kieran looks at Dominick and Brent for strength then looks at her friends "Dominick and I" she pauses

Dominick senses her need for comfort pulls her against him I'm here it'll be OK.

Reassured Kieran takes a deep breath and continues "are going to have a baby" she tells them. Jez, Lise and Chaos look at her stunned

"A baby?!?" exclaims Lise stunned

"When?" demands Jez

"Six months" Dominick replies

Chaos looks at his best friend noticing the smirk on his face "You knew? And you didn't tell me?"

"Kieran told me this morning. It was something she needed to tell you herself"

"Took you a while to tell us" Lise complains

"I've only known for less then a week. I just told Dominick two days ago" Kieran defends

"Congrats" Jez says happily

"Thanks" Dominick grins

"Old guy alert" Brent hisses

Kieran and Dominick move apart relucantly "Hello Principal Granvelli" Kieran greets

"Mr. Connely what are you doing with these hooligans?" asks Principal Granvelli

Dominick looks at the man before him calmly "Visiting"

"I had high hopes for you young man. Why hang out with these troublemakers?"

"I live with one of these so-called troublemakers and the others are my friends"

The Prinicpal shakes his head "Your parents would be disappointed that you are wasting your intelligence"

Dominick growls low "My parents are none of your concern. And I know that they would be more disappointed if I was wasting my intelligence by being an ignorant, self-absorbed, in the words of Spike, bloody wanker like yourself"

Paling the Prinicpal turns away hurrying inside

Kieran chuckles "Daddy always did have a way with words" she kisses his cheek "Thanks, Nick. No matter how much fun that was watching him squirm you can't do that."

"Why not?" Nick whines

"Because if you keep popping up when you get pissed off people are going to think you are crazy" she grins at the confused looks on their friends faces "All right guys I know your confused so I'll make it easy this is Nick he's Dominick's worse half"

"Hey" Nick protests

"All right his demon half" Kieran amends

"What?!" exclaims Jez

"Relax he's still good. He was reformed over the weekend"

"Reformed how?" Chaos asks

Nick looks at Kieran "Goody two shoes and I merged" he answers

"Cool" Chaos shrugs

Kieran nods "Yep." she laces her fingers through his smiling as she senses Dominick resurface

"You better eat your lunch" Dominick suggests

"All right" she agrees opening the bag she takes out the sandwich, apple, chips and cookies. "Animal cookies" she says happily

Dominick and the others laugh at her eagerness.

"So what do you want the baby to be? Boy or Girl?" asks Lise

"Either one would be good" Dominick answers

"What about you Kieran?" asks Lise

Kieran looks up from playing with her animal crackers "Huh?" she asks puzzled

"Nothing" Lise laughs shaking her head

The bell rings signalling the end of lunch "Don't want lunch to end" Kieran pouts

"Well it is over" Dominick stands pulling Kieran to her feet "I'm picking you up don't forget"

" 'kay" Kieran nods "See you after school" she watches as he walks to his car