Title: Fate's Favored Sons - Prologue
Fandom: The Chronicles of Riddick/Harry Potter
Chapter Rating: PG-13, eventual NC-17
Chapter Wordcount: 3170
Characters/Pairings: Richard B. Riddick/Harry Potter
Spoilers: HP Books 1-6 to be safe & entire Riddick 'Verse.
Warnings: AU, alternate universes, violence, language, character death (minor characters), M/M explicit sex, first-time, mPreg, knotting, alpha/omega mating, animal traits, D/s relationships.
Summary: A new prophesy is given and soon Fate comes calling with a new destiny for Harry. Sent to a new universe where he is changed forever; Harry learns all that it means to be a Furyan, mated to an Alpha Prime and one of Fate's favored sons.
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the Riddick 'Verse, nor do I make any profit from these writings.
Author's Notes: I made some big changes to the Riddick verse that as the plot unfolds will diverge greatly from TCoR canon. So be warned. The story begins sometime after Pitch Black, but well before the beginning of The Chronicles of Riddick.
Also, this story is not related to my Animalis Series, i'm just completely enamored of the pairing and wanted to write another story with the two of them together. *g*

Prologue: Fate Comes Calling

Harry Potter sat atop the Astronomy Tower, legs dangling over the side, mind lost in thought as he looked unseeing out across the Hogwarts grounds below. The wind whistled around him, his robes moving only slightly compared to the strength of the wind at such a height, but that was to be expected, the tower having been spelled to keep strong winds from carrying students away.

Fiddling with his wand, Harry's mind milled over the events of the last year or so and the Final Battle that had taken place on the Quidditch pitch just two months ago. It was amazing really how quickly it all came to a head, Voldemort's forces steadily being overrun as finally the Ministry started doing their job and actively participating in the war. Harry figured a big part of that was Fudge's mid-term removal and Amelia Bones' sudden election into the Minister of Magic position. After that change-up she'd started cleaning house and sacking people left and right who were either Voldemort supporters or too sacred or greedy to do their jobs properly.

Within a month of Minister Bones' appointment to Minister of Magic, Voldemort's forces were on the run, hiding, rather than attacking muggles and wizarding communities. The Order with the unwavering help of the reformed Ministry had tracked down every Horcrux Voldemort had squirreled away with a part of his soul and all that was left was to kill the last piece of Voldemort's soul encased without the body he inhabited. The atmosphere in wizarding Britain changed as word of Voldemort's forces running in fear reached the public's ears and people began standing up to fight instead of cowering in fear and it became clear that it was only a matter of time before the Light side won the war.

Voldemort had decided to make his move before it was too late and stormed Hogwarts intent on killing Harry. He'd brought along a couple hundred death eaters, trolls, giants, vampires, etc. A lot of people had died that night, on either side, but in the end, Harry was able to deliver the killing blow and defeat Voldemort for good.

Harry had lost many friends that night, but the hardest deaths to take had been Remus, Hermione, Hagrid and Luna. Their deaths had sent Harry into a depression that he'd since had trouble breaking free of. Remus and Hermione had died directly from protecting Harry while he made his way towards Voldemort. The death eaters had done everything they could to get Harry worn and tried before he fought Voldemort. They'd never actively sent any killing curses or the like, merely trying to get him tired and unbalanced to ensure their leader had the upper hand. But quickly Remus, Hermione and Ron had realized what was happening and had moved in fluid motion with Harry while he continued through the battlefield, keeping the death eaters as distracted as possible.

Lucius Malfoy hadn't liked that and had sent a killing curse towards Hermione. Remus, ever the professor and protector of those he still considered as his students, had jumped in front of the curse and had taken it directly to the chest. Harry had become distracted when he saw Remus fall and had run to him, but Remus had been gone by then, his eyes glazed and unseeing as they stared up into the dark sky. Harry had screamed and had gone after Malfoy, spewing curses and screams as he dueled with the blonde death eater, finally getting the upper hand and sending off a vicious cutting curse that had taken Malfoy down with a blood curdling scream.

It was just as Harry was turning back towards his friends when Bellatrix Lestrange had come out of nowhere and had sent a reducto spell flying towards Hermione. Hermione hadn't even seen it coming; one moment she was standing there waiting for Harry to step back into their battle formation and the next she was hurtling through the air, her chest crunching loudly with the force of the spell. Ron had flipped at seeing Hermione dead before him and had sent the fastest killing curse Harry had ever seen, Bellatrix dying with that insane smile still plastered on her face, never having even scene the curse heading towards her.

Things had gone blurry after that, Harry remembered standing in front of Voldemort and hearing the dark wizard taunting him. He remembered curses flying back and forth, and he remembered the look of shock on Voldemort's snakelike face as he fell backwards onto the muddy grass behind him. Within an hour of Voldemort falling in battle the Light side had won, death eaters either surrendering after their leader had been defeated or they were killed while in battle. And just like that it was all over.

Funerals seemed to go on for weeks after that, but slowly they tapered off and everyone went back to their normal lives. Hogwarts was mostly undamaged during the fight as most of it took place on the Quidditch pitch, only a few minor repairs had needed to take place after that. The school had been closed for a few weeks while families adjusted to loved ones being injured or having died.

Harry didn't know what to do with himself now that they were back at Hogwarts. It felt wrong to be at Hogwarts without Hermione, she'd been one third of the "Golden Trio" as they were called and without her, Harry and Ron felt incomplete. Ron was taking her death just as hard, maybe harder. Harry had loved Hermione, but Ron, he had been in love with her. Harry had never been in love, but he imagined just from Ron's lost look, that losing the person you loved most in the world would be like having your heart ripped out repeatedly, never healing and never going away.

"Harry, mate, it's time for Divination." Ron's somber voice cut through the wind bringing Harry's back to himself and he sighed.

Standing up, Harry gathered his book bag and walked to the entrance to the stairs. Ron tried to smile at Harry, but it didn't quite reach his red blood shot eyes. Neither of them had been sleeping very well and it showed. "Come on, the old Bat is sure to give you a laugh, now that old Voldie's kicked it. A death prophesy is bound to be a little more fun now, huh?"

Harry snorted and nodded as they made their way to Professor Trelawney's classroom, the smell of patchouli guiding their way. Entering the classroom, Ron and Harry took their spots at one of the low tables, Ron grumbling about the stupid pillow seats being uncomfortable as they sat down. Within a few minutes, Trelawney swept in the classroom with her usual dramatic flair, her eyes especially wide behind the thick glasses that magnified her eyes to the rest of the world.

"My dear students, I welcome you all back to Hogwarts' tender embrace." Professor Trelawney's voice had the same gauzy distant sound it usually did as she spoke to them. "Let us begin our work, delving into the mysteries of the third eye…"

She droned on, talking about the tarot card and how it was used to divine the past, present and future. She had them all choose a partner and try to read each other's fortune.

"Why exactly did we take this subject again?" Ron sighed as he tried to read the card's he'd pulled for Harry's fortune, a deep frownline down the middle of his forehead as his eyes moved from the card to his Divination book and back again. "Bloody impossible!"

"For some stupid reason, it's a required pre-requisite course for entry into the Auror program." Harry shrugged his shoulders and waited for Ron to figure out what his card's meant.

Back at the beginning of the school year, Harry had been dead set on becoming an Auror like his father and godfather, but now that the war was done and his purpose was over, he wasn't so sure what he wanted to do anymore. He'd pretty much decided not to enroll in the Auror program when they graduated, but he hadn't figured out how to tell Ron that yet.

Ron was even surer of his calling now that the war was over, his need to go out and find the few death eaters that had escaped the final battle pushing him on. Hermione's death was hitting him hard and Ron was taking that drive and anger and funneling it towards capturing those even a little responsible for her death and making them pay for it.

"What have we hear, Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley?" Trelawney asked as she stepped up to their table.

"I haven't a clue." Ron said with a huff.

Trelawney leaned down and stared at Harry's tarot card fortune and studied it with an eerie quietness that he'd never seen before. Harry was surprised by how quiet she was being; usually she'd have been predicting Harry's death by about now. Just as he was about to ask her if everything was alright, she snapped her head towards him, her eyes glassy and far away.

As soon as Harry saw that look he knew what was coming. He had enough time to hear Ron whisper "Oh bloody fuck" before a low booming voice came from her mouth.

"Time has run out for the Boy-Who-Lived, this day as the clock strikes eight, fate will come calling and he will be done. He will emerge, falling, into his next life, bound to the Riddick and the Riddick to he, sent tumbling into a new future, a new verse. Fate has plans for her favored sons, joined, unmoving, they will create a new world and she will embrace them. They will bring life, forging a new pack from the ashes of the old."

Harry sat watching Trelawney as she slowly came out of the foggy haze of her trance, shaking her head and coughing slightly. His mind was screaming, trying to deny what he knew was true. Her prophesy had been real, it had been the same voice and trance as in third-year when she predicted Wormtail returning to Voldemort's side. The prophecy was nothing like her yearly predictions of his death… it was real.

"Harry…" Ron murmured slowly, his eyes wide and scared as he looked at Harry.

Trelawney cleared her thought she completely came out of the trance and resumed perusing the tarot cards.

"It looks as if Mr. Weasley has scrambled the cards, my dear Harry. Multiple universes… perish the thought," Trelawney laughed. The loud laugh, annoyingly similar to a braying donkey, echoed through the room as she shook her head and smiled. "Mr. Weasley, please deal them again, if you will."

"Harry, mate, wait up!" Ron yelled as he ran down the hall towards Harry who had left the Divination classroom quickly after the class ended.

Harry slowed down and let Ron catch up with him, feeling sorry he ran out on his best friend. "Sorry, Ron… I just needed to get out of there."

Sighing, Ron nodded his head and spoke. "I know mate, so what are we going to do about this new prophecy? We got to figure out what it means and how to stop it. Merlin, I wish Hermione was her, she always knew what to do with things like this."

"I don't know if we can stop it. Her real prophesies always came true, no matter what we did after hearing them… they always happened like she said they would." Harry shook his head and watched a few of his fellow students walk by.

It looked like news of the new prophesy has spread quickly, everyone was watching him and whispering, murmuring about it and his new fate. Harry wondered what it meant. Would he die and be reborn? Or maybe it had something to do with what Trelawney had laughed about after she came out of this trance… something about multiple universes? The thought felt eerily accurate, the line in the prophesy about a new verse ringing through his head.

Shaking out of the fugue he'd fallen into, Harry tried not to let his fear of the unknown consume him. What little time he had left, he wanted to be with his family and friends.

"I want to say goodbye, can you get everyone here… quickly?" Harry asked his friend, his voice quiet as he spoke.

"Harry, maybe it doesn't mean what it sounds like." Ron hedged softly.

"What else could it mean? It said my time had run out, that fate would come calling and I would be done. That I would go to my next life… whether I die or I'm sent somewhere else, to a new universe, either way I probably won't be in this life anymore." Looking away for a moment to try and hide the tears that were pooling in his eyes, Harry spoke again. "I just want to say goodbye, before it's too late… if I'm wrong, then it won't matter if we do this."


The next few hours went by quickly. The Weasley's had come immediately after Ron had sent an owl straight to them. Mrs. Weasley's had since flipped back and forth between crying and loudly denying that her baby was going to die. They were all gathered in a private dining room near the Great Hall, having Harry's last meal of sort's. The Weasley's, Dumbledore and most of the Order had viewed a pensieve memory of the prophesy and had begun discussing what it might mean and how they could fight it.

Dumbledore strongly believed it didn't mean Harry would die, that he would rather be sent somewhere away from this world. He'd felt so strongly about that belief that he had put together a sort of care package for Harry. He'd had the elves pack up Harry's belongings, with Harry's permission he'd owled Gringott's to empty Harry's vaults and exchange the currency for gold and jewels… items that would have value in whatever world he was sent to. He'd even had the elves pack a supply of food spelled to stay fresh until the spell was removed. He'd had all of the things packed within a bottomless trunk and shrunk, smiling sadly as Harry put it in his pants pocket with a quiet thank you.

Mrs. Weasley hadn't been fond of this, yelling at Dumbledore that he should be doing something instead of accepting the ridiculous idea and that he should be saving Harry. Harry wasn't sure what the prophesy meant, but he was oddly accepting of whatever was too come. He'd escaped fate for long enough, maybe it really was his time, whatever that meant.

As eight o'clock drew closer, the room began to get tense and Mrs. Weasley grabbed hold of Harry, refusing to let go. The rooms clock struck eight, one bell rang, then two, then three, then four... Just as Harry was almost thinking that it had all been wrong, that nothing was going to happen, a loud boom rocked the room and Draco Malfoy barreled through the splintered door and threw a potion at the gathered crowd. The potion vial broke and a clear liquid seemed to spring from the vial, growing impossibly large in a second and encasing everyone in a hollow bubble except for Harry and Mrs. Weasley, would had been much closer to the door.

Harry and Mrs. Weasley drew their wands, but Malfoy was already moving, yelling "Petrificus totalus!" Mrs. Weasley fell over as the full body-bind curse hit her; Harry tried to ignore the dull thud of her body hitting the floor below her as he raised his wand.

"Expelliarmus!" Harry yelled, a pulse of light burst from his wand and careened towards Malfoy.

Malfoy ducked behind a nearby chair and evaded the spell as he sent another "Petrificus totalus!" towards Harry.

Harry didn't have the benefit of a piece of furniture to hide behind, but he dived out of the way of the spell before it hit him anyways, barely missing it as the spell flew past him. They sent several spells at each other and each time both of them just barely stepped out of the way of the oncoming spell. Harry could hear the muffled yells of everyone encased in the bubble as they tried to find a way out of it, but nothing seemed to work. Pulses of light glimmered across the walls like a strange glittering rainbow, the Order's spells magnified and disbursed through the diamond like structure of the bubble.

Time seemed to slow down as Harry fought, all the while knowing with a strange certainty that his time was almost up. Taking a misstep, Harry didn't quite move quickly enough when Malfoy sent a "Petrificus totalus!" his way and Harry felt his body lock-up and fall back onto the rug below him.

"Hello, Potty. Miss me?" Malfoy sneered down at Harry as he stood over him, his face pulled in the all too familiar angry sneer as he pointed his wand at Harry. "I was away, I just returned tonight from my family home … burying my father as you know. I had to watch my mother cry as he was laid to rest, her tears wouldn't stop. Do you know what that felt like? To watch my mother die a little inside as her husband was put in the ground?"

Malfoy paced back and forth, his body tight with tension as he spoke. "She hasn't spoken since then, except to make me promise her something. I promised my mother I would avenge his death; make it right for what you did to him. She made me promise that I would make it slow and painful… she showed me curses that would make you wish that you'd never been born, things that are so dark that even the Dark Lord would have thought twice against using."

"But, I can't do that… I'm not a murderer. Despite what you all believe, I am not my father," Malfoy growled as he looked at everyone behind the bubble before pulled a vial from his pocket and showing Harry. "…but I will avenge him. Do you see this, Potty? It is a special potion that will send you far away from anyone you love. It will take your life from you; everything you know will be gone. It's not death, but it might as well be… I know how much family means to you."

Malfoy kneeled down, pulling the stopper from the vial and opening Harry's mouth, he poured the potion down Harry's throat, using a spell to make the muscles swallow it. As soon as all of it was inside him, Harry felt nearly weightless, as if he were a balloon tied down, bobbing up and down as it tried to float away. The room began to lose clarity and the last thing Harry saw or heard was Draco Malfoy, "Good riddance, Potter."


Author's Note 2: I'm not sure how often i will be updating this. I have two more chapters written after this and the full plot outlined, but seeing as this is probably going to be a fairly large story with about 10 chapters or so, i still have a lot to write. We'll see how my muse goes.