Chapter 3: Three Mercs and an Adopted Furyan Walk into a Bar…

Thirty-six hours after taking off, their ship sat down on Sangura. Harry hardly kept the growl of annoyance from slipping past his lips, the short trip had tried his patience like nothing had in a very long time. The idiot who had touched him in the tavern had steered clear, but Toombs and the other one had taken it as a challenge. They'd touched and leered, slipping innuendos into conversations at every turn, but they always did it with a teasing "harmless" sort of way. As if Harry couldn't see behind their "aw shucks" demeanor to the lying, cheating, stealing waste of space they both really were.

Still, Harry's mood was looking up. The closer they had come to Sangura, the stronger his bond with Riddick had grown. Harry now could almost constantly feel Riddick's emotions and even impressions of what he was thinking. Riddick was on edge and restless, his alpha instincts pushing him to get to his mate immediately. Harry had known the exact moment Riddick realized that Harry was on the planet; he had felt a rush of protective/possessive/need/desire from his mate. They were so close, just a little longer... Harry had sent a pulse of patience/love to his mate, unable to send words to Riddick, but he made sure his mate knew that Harry was on his way and to wait, that the reward would be sweet if he did.

Grinning, Harry gathered his guns, strapped on his extra gun clips, secured his knives and wand, then followed Toombs off the ship.

"So where are we headed?"

Toombs turned towards Harry and grinned. "My contact messaged me an hour ago that Riddick was in a bar called 'The Hole.' So, were headed there. Finel, Jamison, move it, we ain't got all day!"

They made it halfway across the city in ten minutes on foot. Harry wasn't even winded, another perk of his new heritage, but Toombs and the other two were flushed and breathing hard.

"Jesus, Toombs, why didn't we take a transport shuttle again?" Jamison gasped as they stopped near the bar to rest for a moment.

"It's the middle of the day, fat ass, it would have taken an hour to get here and we would have lost Riddick in that time." Toombs sucked in a deep breath and took a few gulps of water from a bottle. "Okay, let's go in."

The mercs walked inside the dark bar to the sound of clinking glasses and loud talking. They moved quietly and stealthily, and for most of the patrons, their entrance went unnoticed. But Riddick wasn't most people; he had smelled them long before they came into the bar. All but one of them smelled like greed and envy, the stink of booze and whores on their skin as they walked inside. But his mate, he smelled like cinnamon and the air after a lightning storm, crisp and clean, just waiting to be marked by Riddick's scent.

Watching them from his spot in a dark corner, Riddick let his eyes wander over his mate's body, every sinful inch of it, his dick getting hard as he watched him move, glide, through the group of drunks all over the bar. He was beautiful and every inch of him was Riddick's and Riddick's alone.

"Riddick, seems you're not as good as everyone says." A merc stepped up to Riddick, three feet away with a 12 gauge pointed right at Riddick's head. He had a smug smile on his hairy face that made Riddick want to laugh at the level of stupidity the man seemed to have.

"Seems that way, doesn't it." Riddick rumbled quietly before taking a slow sip of his beer as he watched his mate take a few steps closer, within reaching distance.

His mate grinned shyly at Riddick, a blush growing over his cheeks as he cocked his head to the side and exposed his vulnerable throat to Riddick, "Alpha."


Riddick growled possessively as he raked his eyes over his mate's body in appreciation. It had been a year since he'd found out about his pretty little mate and now that he was standing within reaching distance, Riddick could barely contain the need to rip his mate's clothes from his body and put his mark's all over the smaller man. The alpha in him purred at the submissive stance of his mate, it was like fuel to the flames, revving up his lust for the omega a hundred fold.

Movement in front of him got his attention and Riddick's eyes reluctantly returned to the man who had spoken before. The leader frowned looking back and forth between them for a few seconds too long; his brain taking a while to put the pieces together. When they finally clicked into place, his eyes went wide as he realized Riddick's mate had pulled a fast one on him. Stupid motherfucker didn't even see it coming.

In a flash of movement so quick he practically blurred, Riddick slammed his table forward into the man, smiling in satisfaction at the groan of pain it caused. Riddick grabbed the weapon from the merc and head butted him before gripping his mate's waist and twirling him behind Riddick. He aimed the 12 gauge at the merc just as his mate spread his arms wide and locked his two guns on the other two mercs on either side of them.

Giving a soft growl to make sure his mate was alright, Riddick calmed when he received a sub-vocal whine of assurance/need/pleasure as his mate briefly nuzzled Riddick's shoulder. Riddick's chest rumbled in pleasure at the submissive act as he kept a vigilant eye on the three mercs.

"Son of a bitch!" The lead merc yelled, cupping his broken and bleeding nose amid the scrambling people, everyone scurrying out of the bar away from the danger in a hurry. "Potter, I should have known you were too good to be true."

"Hindsight is twenty-twenty, Toombs." Potter smirked with a shrug.

"You're gonna' regret this, you little bitch."

Potter laughed as Riddick growled and pumped the gauge. "Yeah, I wouldn't have done that, Toombs."

Toombs eyes went big again and he dived underneath a nearby table just before Riddick sent off a round of bullets his way. The other two mercs started shooting, but his mate grinned in pleasure before shooting one right between the eyes and kicking the shit out of the other. Riddick smirked at the way his little mate gutted the other merc, growling in pride at the pain filled whine his mate drew from the merc before he turned his full attention on the lowlife who'd called his mate a bitch.

Toombs was hiding behind a fallen table, the fucking coward. "Motherfucker, get off the floor before I fill your ass with fulla lead and watch you bleed out!"

His mate finished with the other merc and took his place just behind and to the right of Riddick without a word. Riddick threw the gauge to his mate, who caught it in a smooth grip, and pulled his shiv's from their sheaths. Toombs grinned at the sight of Riddick without the gun probably thinking Riddick wasn;t such a threat, stupid fucker, and pulled out a long serrated knife from his boot and rushed Riddick. Dancing away from the blade, Riddick played with the merc, laughing when Toombs clumsily made a swipe for Riddick's gut and got a deep wound on his thigh for the trouble. Toombs yelled and swung again, stumbling as his leg began to bleed heavily, the femoral artery gushing like a geyser. The man was a dead man walking, only a few minutes and he'd be gone.

Riddick easily evaded another swipe of the merc's blade and stepped back just as Toombs fell to the floor, his face pale as his blood spilled out below him. Riddick could hear his heart slowing down, blood pumping in overdrive to keep him alive, only to have it spill out onto the dirty barroom floor even quicker. Toombs gasped; eyes glazed over as his heart gave another feeble beat and stopped all together. The silence of it was satisfying.

"Come on, Riddick; let's get out of here before the local LEOs come."

Wiping his shivs off with a napkin, Riddick re-sheathed them and then grabbed the gauge and his mate's hand. Riddick led them out of the bar towards the dock quickly; he wanted to get his mate safe and off the rock before shit went down again.

Riddick had the ship rocketing off Sangura within thirty minutes of leaving the bar. He plotted a course to a backwater planet a system away and turned to look at his mate in the co-pilot's seat. His mate stared at Riddick for second before grinning and launching himself onto Riddick's lap, straddling his thighs as those thinly muscled arms wrapped around Riddick's neck.

Riddick groaned at the feel of his mate's body pressed up to his. Wrapping his arms around his mate, cupping the sweet perky ass with his hands, Riddick pulled him flush up against Riddick's hard dick. His mate sighed as Riddick dipped his head into the curve of his neck and breathed in his scent, licking the soft skin before biting into it, leaving his mark on his mate's body. His mate gave a soft mewl, leaning into the bite as he submitted to it, letting Riddick make his claim.

Riddick leaned back an inch to look on in satisfaction at the sight. The outline of his teeth was molded into his mate's neck, a purple blue starting to form from the claiming mark. A growl of possession rumbled his chest, pleasure/need/desire/lust pulsing back and forth through their bond.

If the mercs of the universe could see him now, the Big Evil cuddling up to his mate and loving it. Riddick squeezed his mate's ass again, gripping the plump flesh with pleasure, imagining parting the cheeks and slamming home inside that ass with a roar of triumph.

His mate laughed and leaned back a little to look Riddick in the eye better. "It's weird, you're my mate and I love you, but I've never even met you before… My Riddick," the words were breathed against his lips in reverence. "It took forever, but I finally found you. You're a hard man to track down you know, I finally had to use less than reputable means to find The Riddick every merc in the verse has an eye out for. "

Riddick nuzzled into the hand his mate used to cup his cheek, a soft purr rumbling through his chest as he reveled in the feel of his mate finally in his arms.

"Got a name, or do I just call you Mate?" Riddick smirked, flicking his tongue against the thumb that glided over his lips.

"You can call me anything you like Alpha, but my name is Harry… Harry Potter."


His mate, Harry, rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms back around Riddick's neck again. "Within reason… though I am fond of 'mate'."

"So… mate, how do you know me?"

"It's a long story, maybe after we-" Harry started, but at Riddick's commanding growl, Harry laughed softly and lowered his eyes in submission. "Ok, calm down Big Boy, I'll tell you."

"So, the story starts a long time ago in another verse. I'm not from this universe; I grew up in another one. I lived on Earth, where we were still under the assumption that we were the only life in the universe. Seems stupid now that I've been in this universe so long and seen so many things that I'd never dreamed of…"

Shimmying around to get comfortable, he spoke again. "In that world most people aren't aware of a much smaller community that lives alongside them. We were a magical community filled with humans that go by the title of witch or wizard, and a large variety of magical creatures, some sentient and some not. A dark wizard decided that muggles, the non-magical people, needed to be subjugated by the wizarding world and that all witches and wizards that didn't meet his standards should fall under that ideal as well. Long story short… there were two big wars over the course of about twenty years, I was one of the figure heads due to a prophesy about me when I was a baby."

Riddick raise an eyebrow and opened his mouth to say something, but his mate shushed him. Snorting, Riddick continued to listen.

"We won, but I lost a number of people I loved in the war, my parents and godfathers among them. It wasn't a great time to grow up, but my friends and I did our best to make the next generation's childhood a little better." Harry shrugged as he spoke softly, eyes off to the right, caught on a memory that Riddick couldn't see. "A few months after the end of the second war, another prophesy was made."

He closed his eyes, biting his lip. "Time has run out for the Boy-Who-Lived, this day as the clock strikes eight, Fate will come calling and he will be done. He will emerge, falling, into his next life, bound to the Riddick and the Riddick to him; sent tumbling into a new future. Fate has plans for her favored sons, joined, unmoving, they will create a new world and she will embrace them. They will bring life, forging a new pack from the ashes of the old."

Riddick didn't care so much for the fact that they were Fate's bitches, but he thought that as far as prophesies went, theirs could be worse. He got his mate and would one day have a pack; Riddick figured that would be enough.

"When I heard the prophesy, I just knew it was my time… I wasn't sure what would happen, but I figured I'd escaped Fate's will long enough. So, I said goodbye and waited. It didn't take long, a boy I'd gone to school with for years wanted revenge for his father's death at my hand during the final battle. He couldn't murder me, no matter what his mother wanted him to do, so he gave me a potion instead that sent me to this world." Harry grinned. "That was when I met Shirah."

Riddick growled. "What did she want? The meddling witch."

Smiling, Harry rested his forehead on Riddick's. "She gave me a gift… she made me into a Furyan, so that I could be with you. So that we would have each other when Fate chose the time to let us avenge our people."

Riddick felt the instinctive rage at the memory of the fall of the Furyan race and growled. "The Necromongers."

"Yes, they are coming. People have been whispering about the world-enders for years, but the whispers are growing stronger. The Necromongers are stepping up their plans, moving from one small planet to another, killing or converting every life they come upon." Harry bared his teeth and smiled a wicked smile that had Riddick's dick hard in a second flat. The smile was vicious and cold, bloodthirsty and determined, it was fucking hot. "Soon Fate will give us the chance to send them all to their precious UnderVerse, before, their due time."