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He's coming.

It's like I can feel when he's getting near, when he's coming for me.

My inner eye searches the future, and I sigh beautifully in utter relief.


Nothing because he hasn't decided if he's going to let me go. Nothing because my own decisions have been preordained. Nothing because of Jacob Black.

The feeling is overwhelming and I relish in the weightless of it all.

He's here.

I fly through the forest to meet him, exultation in every fleeting move I make towards his wolf of a body. I can smell him in the air, distinctly animal and dirt and bracken earth. It's familiar, it's him, and I relish in that too.

A magical surge hits the air and I laugh when he pounces on top of me, the both of us bounding down the mountain in a tumble. Somehow between our smiling kisses and our sounds of pleasure and pain, our clothes are ripped from our bodies and we lay, finally, in the snow in a heap of skin and limbs.

He's mine.

Lips, hands and teeth. It's beautiful because I don't know what he's going to do next, can't tell exactly which way his lips or hips are going to move, can't tell exactly where his teeth and hands are going to touch next. And it's a kind of heaven I've never experienced in my many years of immortal life.

His breath is hot when he's between my legs, growling my name. It scorches my icy skin and leaves me panting from the heat. I feel warm from the inside out, a foreign but certainly lovely thing when he looks into my eyes and rolls his hips just so.

He's my undoing.

We lay panting in the melted snow, his large body atop and covering my tiny stone frame. I smile, stroke his hair and spine and listen as his breathing evens, his snores begin and I know he's fallen easily asleep. I laugh softly as to not disturb him and I watch him breathe and snore until the sun rises, successfully awakening him and bringing us from our reverie at once.

We clothe ourselves and he turns to kiss my already dead-cold lips before he turns and I feel that magical surge hit the air once more.

He's gone.

OTP for life.

I don't know where this came from, but I think I like it.

To all of my Jacob and Alice lovers: Soon. I promise you. Until then, I can't help but tease you.

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