"…What the hell are you doing, Fai?" Kurogane's eyes were narrowed but he wasn't quite glaring up at the small man, who just so happened to be smiling from ear to ear. That smile made Kurogane's face heat up and he slung his head to the side. "Get the hell off of me, will ya!" He struggled underneath Fai for a while before he realized that he wasn't going to get free. But why? What could the little freak be thinking, sitting on him like this? "Listen, I don't know what you're up to, but let me up!" Considering he hadn't gotten an answer this whole time, he wasn't really expecting one now, but to his surprise, Fai spoke.

"I was testing a theory. Turns out, I was right!" He spoke so cheerfully, what the hell was running through his small brain right now? In an instant, Kurogane went from struggling to get free to freezing almost completely. Fai had moved in so close that Kurogane could feel their chests pressed together. "What's the meaning of this?" He yelled as he rolled, slamming Fai's back against the ground and finding himself on top of the small mage. Fai chuckled as Kurogane's face flushed so deeply that you couldn't see the difference between his eyes and skin.

"I'm gonna kill you, I freakin swear it!" With a growl that would usually make people's skin crawl he hoisted himself up and stood there, waiting. As Fai was half way off the ground, Kurogane kicked him back down with a childish grin and stalked off toward Penguin Park again. "Kuro-Cutie! That wasn't very nice!" Fai couldn't help shaking with silent laughter as he scrambled back to his feet to chase after the angry ninja. With a small, happy sigh the Wizard skipped along, "So cute…" Kurogane caught him speaking just behind him and raised a brow. "What the hell are you whisperin' back there?" Fai merely chuckled again.

"Let's just get back to that kid's place! You're startin' to freak me out…" Kurogane admitted as he slipped his hands in his pockets and sulked.

Syaoran tossed and turned, but couldn't seem to sleep for the life of him. So he sat up and looked down at Mokona who was sleeping soundly in a small ball against what looked like Fai. "Ah, good. They made it back for a little shut eye." Well, if they had gotten in without him noticing, he must've slept for a little bit at least. That was a good thing, right? He sighed and got to his feet, heading out into the hall before slowly heading down stairs.

Once downstairs, he moved to the front door and opened it as quietly as he could before stepping out into the cool night air. "Oh, Sakura. What am I gonna do if I can't find a way to get him back…" He thought aloud as he sat down on the steps just before the road and curled his knees up to his chest as he looked up into the sky. "You can't see stars here as well as you can back home." A frown crossed his features before he jumped to the sudden feel of a small hand on his shoulder. When he turned to look he saw Sakura, but not his Sakura of course.

This one had the same sweet smile, but she seemed younger. Not by much, but yes, she was indeed younger than Princess Sakura. She had the same bright green orbs as his Princess though, and they just melted his heart as he stared into them. "Can't sleep?" Her voice was sweet and low, just loud enough to be heard like a whisper. She took a seat next to him after wrapping a blanket over his shoulders. "It's a bit chilly out; you should have put a jacket on." When he realized he had come out in his boxers and undershirt he blushed deeply and drew the blanket in closer to his form.

"Huh? Uh, oh! Yeah, I guess you're right…" He let out a nervous chuckle and sighed before looking out at the empty, dark street. "This place is so much more different than home, I almost feel homesick though…" The frown slowly formed again and he felt her lean in. This was weird, why was she acting like his Sakura? Everything about her told him that they were different, yet here she was, acting just like her. Not even so much as a blush to say that she was shy around him… his Sakura.

Before he even noticed it, he had lost himself in deep thought and she was giggling at something. Then he realized she was giggling at him. His face had turned a bright red as he thought and his whole body felt warm, too warm for how cold it was outside. "I.. uh.. sorry, I kind of just, lost myself." He scratched the back of his head with a sheepish smile and she just smiled warmly at him. "Its okay, Shoa." His eyes widened. How did she know that nickname? Who was she and why was she being so open with him? She reached into the pocket of her pajama pants and pulled out a feather. A feather! One had been missed! No, that.. that wasn't possible. "Where…?"

He couldn't finish before she placed a finger against his lips. "I knew you'd come here, she told me and sent me this." She wiggled the feather and he already knew who the she was. Princess Sakura. "She sent me this memory of a boy named Watanuki. She said he was lost somewhere and you three were out looking for him. I have no idea how she got into my dreams, but it doesn't really matter. Once I saw what happened from this feather I had to come talk to you immediately. I couldn't find you in the room so I came out here hoping you didn't get too far. Thank God you were right here!" She giggled.

"So, do you have any clues as to…" She shook her head before he finished and he sighed. "I kinda figured. It's a tough situation." His shoulders slumped and she placed a hand on his head with a smile before she stood up. "I'll do whatever I can while you're still in my time. Good night, Shoa." And with that, she walked back to the door and headed inside. The way she said his name reminded him so much of his Princess. His heart felt lighter and he felt as though he could sleep now, so he headed back inside himself to go catch a few `Z's`.