I walked around Camp Firewood by myself, almost wishing that I'd never met Bianca. Some best friend she'd turned out to be. I thought best friends were supposed to be supportive.

I was always enthusiastic when she talked about her crushes. Or at least I pretended to be supportive. I mean it's only fair considering that I bombarded her with stories of Brett for what seemed like forever.

But I guess when the object of your affection is a man, it's different.

Well, it wasn't different to me. I felt the same thing for Henry that I felt for Brett. And the only real influence is that Henry cared about me. Or at least I hoped he did. If he didn't, he had a bogus way of showing it.


I gasped slightly shaken when I realized that my face was in someone's chest.

I looked up horrified when I realized that I had run into Henry. And I mean that literally.

"Oh God, I'm sorry." I said. "I-." My heart flipped, causing me to forget what I was going to say.

"It's okay. I didn't' hurt you did I?"

I stared into his deep blue eyes, pulled in by their softness.

"You could never-Um... I mean... No I'm fine. It was totally my fault. Stupid me, huh?"

"Actually I think you're pretty smart."

I felt the heat rising in my cheeks. "Thanks."

"You looked like you were deep in thought." He said. "Something on your mind?"

I sighed remembering the way Bianca had had a huge cow when I told her about Henry.

"Just my best friend... or ex-best friend." I blurted out.

"Want to talk about it?"

I'd love to... I thought but my mouth wouldn't move.

Henry smiled and nudged my arm.

"Come on; let's go sit on our favorite bench and talk."

Our bench...

Just hearing those words made me feel as though I could fly.