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Inquisitive One

Chapter 8


Dominick leans against the crypt reaching into his jacket pocket he pulls out a pack of battered cigarettes. Shaking one out he puts it between his lips striking a match he lights the cigarette. Inhaling he leans his head against the crypt closing his eyes he exhales. He opens his eyes sensing something off allowing his demon face to surface he searches the night "I'm not in the mood to hunt you so you might as well show yourself" he growls stamping out his cigarette he moves away from the crypt. Looking around he smells a demon nearby "Come on I have better things to do then hunt you"

"Like what breed?" a demon asks moving out of the trees

Dominick looks him coldly "Only one? I was hoping for some serious action"

"We're more" a new voice begins

"Than one" another ends

"So three of you" Dominick states looking around "oh gee and I thought I was going to have a slow night"

The mansion

"Are you sure mistress?" the vampire questions

"He is gone. She is asleep. The only one there is a mortal." she answers

"Can we kill the mortal?" asks a female vampire hopefully

"NO" Sasha snaps "We need him alive to leave a message. Do not harm the girl in anyway"

"Yes mistress" nods a horned demon

"You know where to bring her." Sasha says walking away leaving the four demons and two vampires at the mansion.

After their mistress leaves they slam the front door open rushing Brent they quickly knock him out. "Upstairs" the horned demon orders

Kieran awakens to her nerves tingling with the warning of demons. She struggles to her feet immediately she passes out from the demons presence and her pregnancy.

"Some Slayer she is" scoffs a demon as they find Kieran unconscious

"Just pick her up." Orders the main vampire

The horned demon smiles coldly his hand touching the unconscious Slayer's enlarged belly "Do you think the mistress will let me have the child?" he asks hopefully

"Maybe." the vampire shrugs "Lets get out of here. She wants her secure before she wakes"

"And you don't want to run into the other." snickers the female vampire following the others down the stairs


Dominick sways on his feet startled by an unsettling feeling seeing their opportunity the two remaining demons grab him. They hold him down getting ready to stake him. Dominick looks up to see the demon about to stake him is pulled off him, rolling to his feet Dominick grabs the other demon snapping his neck. Shaking his head he turns around still in demon form he says "Thanks"

"Good to see you Peaches Jr." a voice chuckles

Hearing that familiar voice and nickname Dominick allows his features to return to normal, "Spike?" he asks surprised

Spike walks out of the shadows " 'ello Dominick" he greets

"My God!" Dominick says startled to see the familiar sight of his 'brother', his childhood playmate and babysitter, and his lover's supposedly long dusted father. Angered at the memory of how much pain Kieran had gone through and how hurt she was at the loss of her beloved father. "You bastard" he growls vamping out he decks Spike knocking the blond to the ground

Spike looks up at the dark haired half vampire "Mate you look just like your father." He rubs his jaw "you hit harder than him. I suppose its because your mum was a Slayer." he stands looking at Dominick "Its been awhile Nicky"

"Its been five years since I last saw you. Four since you were dusted in front of your daughter. You know the girl who looks exactly like her mother except she has blue eyes. Remember her? The little girl who adored you? The one you lied to for four years" he says angrily grabbing Spike by the lapels of Spike's duster he slams him against the crypt "how could you do that to her Spike? Do you have any idea how much your supposed 'death' hurt her?" he releases Spike with a low growl. He moves away from Spike running a hand through his hair agitated he takes out the pack of cigarettes lighting the final cigarette he inhales "so are you going to explain why you led us to believe you were dead?" he demands glaring at Spike

Spike chuckles "You are definitely too much like Peaches" he leans against the crypt "I did it to protect her"

Dominick snorts. "Yeah well great way of protecting her. It hurt her more than you can imagine"

"I can" Spike mutters under his nonexistent breath

Dominick looks at him sharply "What does that mean?"

"It hurt me as much possibly more than it hurt her."

"I find that hard to believe" Dominick remarks

"You actually think that I wanted to fake my death? To send Kieran back to good old Sunnyhell? The place where I watched her mother die in front of us?" Growls unconsciously vamping out as he paces

"Do you know how hard it was on her? On all of us? Did you ever think of that?"

"I looked at so many options but my death was the only way to keep her safe. I didn't want to lie to her but we agreed it was the only option"

"They all knew" Dominick realizes "Mom, Dad, Giles... they all knew?"

"I know Angel and the Slayer, the Watchers knew. I bet Peaches told Cordy. Your Mum probably told Willow who probably told Tara"

"Did Grandma and Xander and Anya?"

Spike shrugs "I don't know. I doubt it. They never were good at keeping secrets"

"Spikey" Dru sings

"Dru I thought I told you to stay in. You can't be out like this" Spike smiles at the dark haired vampire

"I got hungry." Drusilla says joining them with her porcelain doll Miss Edith in her arms. Seeing Dominick she smiles touching his cheek, "You look just like Daddy." She says dreamily

Dominick smiles back "Hi Dru it's been a while"

"Princess you still hungry?" Spike asks

"Yes my Spike." she looks at Dominick with a mysterious smile "Can we go to the big house?"

Knowing that if he says no Drusilla would throw a tantrum Dominick nods "Sure Dru. The mansion has changed since you lived there." He tells her

"I missed the mansion. We had fun there" she says whimsically "Miss Edith says that the wholes will have lots of fun there"

Dominick frowns at the word 'wholes' groaning he realizes that the crazy vampiress knows about the baby. "Dru we have someone staying there and so he and anyone else there is off limits"

Drusilla nods "My Spike says I can't play with my food anymore."

Dominick looks at Spike quizzically "I take it you stayed with packaged"

Spike grins sheepishly "After Kiera was born the Slayers and Peaches said that if I hunted they'd stake me. Since then I guess it just stuck." he shrugs as they head towards the mansion

Ten minutes later

Dominick and Spike frown concerned as they approach the mansion. "Some things not right." Drusilla states alarmed as she clutches the doll tight. "Something bad" she mumbles moving closer to Spike

Dominick rushes inside to find Brent groggily sitting up "What happened?" he demands going to his friend

"Not sure man." Brent groans. "All I remember is something hitting me." he notices the two newcomers behind Dominick "Who are they?" he asks

Dominick looks at his friend "Where's Kieran?" he asks panicked

"Last I saw she was still sleeping." Brent answers watching as his friend races up the stairs

"Kieran" Dominick yells reaching the third floor. He checks the nursery and their room. Not finding her he yells "Spike, Dru check the grounds and the basement. Brent call the girls and Tara see if she snuck out and is with them." he rushes up to the fourth floor slamming open doors calling Kieran's name. After checking all the upstairs rooms he heads down to the main floor.

"Is she up there?" Brent asks concerned as he watches his buddy's scared yet angered expression

"No" Dominick answers "Something is off. I mean its Kieran she wouldn't get out of bed without a major fight. You know how she is when someone wakes her."

"Grumpy" Brent states with a wary smile.

"You don't remember anything?" Dominick asks

Brent frowns "All I remember is a horned demon."

"Nicky, Kiera will be fine. She's a bloody Slayer." Spike reminds

"Spike she can't fight" Dominick snaps

"Spike!" yelps Brent "As in Kieran's father!" he exclaims

"The one and only" Spike chuckles

"Brent, this is Spike and that's Drusilla." Dominick introduces

"What do you mean she can't fight?" Spike demands

"Why don't you check the lineup?" Dominick suggests heading into the study/nursery. He grabs a book from the bookshelf turning around he hands it to Brent. "Here"

Spike enters the old study startled to find it partially converted into a nursery. "What the bloody hell...?"

Dominick looks around the room with a sad smile he picks up a discarded stuffed animal putting it in the crib.

"I'll uh leave you two to talk" Brent says nervously exiting the room

"What the bloody hell is this for?" Spike growls. He notices a picture of Kieran and Dominick. He picks it up for closer inspection startled to see Dominick and Kieran's hands laced against her swollen stomach. "She's pregnant." He states

Dominick nods

Spike puts the picture down unconsciously vamping out. "You knocked up my 17 year old daughter!" he growls "Bloody hell you were supposed to take care of her not knock 'er up."

"It is none of your business Spike." Dominick yells back vamping out

"None of my business? Kieran's my daughter of course she's my business."

Dominick glares at him "Great way to show it" he snorts "For the past four years I've been the one there when she had nightmares. I've been the one she's depended on. You maybe her father but you haven't been around." he leaves the room finding Tara, the girls and Chaos entering the living room

"I depended on you to keep her safe not have sex with 'er" Spike continues following Dominick "bloody hell she's just a child"

Dominick stops in his tracks turning he looks at Spike "She hasn't been a child since you let her believe you were dead. In case you forgot she will be 18 soon not that age has ever mattered to us. Just deal with it Spike... she's 17 and pregnant and I'm the father. Just because you're back won't make the whole fact she's pregnant go away nor will it change the fact that I love her."

Tara sees the fury in Spike and Dominick's eyes "OK you two chill." she orders "Fighting like this won't solve anything"

"And you know if Kieran found out about this she'd beat both of you up" Brent adds

Dominick chuckles lightly "She would wouldn't she?" he allows his human features to return

"She takes after her mum" Spike shakes his head

"I don't know we always thought she took after you" Dominick smiles

"So are you two calling a truce?" Tara asks relieved

Dominick shrugs "Might as well"

"Sure" Spike agrees

"Good. Now let's find them." Tara says firmly

Somewhere away from the mansion

Kieran opens her eyes with a groan "What the bloody hell happened?" she chuckles at the familiar saying "Good ol' Daddy" she moans bringing her hand to her head "Ow" she winces at the thundering in her head. After a few moments of struggle she manages to sit up "Hello?" she calls Dom? She frowns not getting an answer either way Nick? She tries.

"Good you're awake." a voice says as the door opens

Kieran looks up to see a horned demon enter "Who are you? Where am I?" Kieran demands angrily

"Tsk tsk Slayer you should know by now that that question won't be answered" the demon smirks moving closer

"Where's Dominick?" Kieran asks watching the demon warily

"He's not here and you can't contact him" the demon answers eyeing Kieran's protruding belly "how's our favorite delicatessen?" he asks his hand reaching out to touch Kieran's stomach

"Don't" Kieran growls moving away from his touch

"I can wait." He laughs moving towards the door

"You aren't getting my baby!" Kieran yells

"We'll see." Sings the demon closing the door behind him

Kieran looks down at her enlarged belly "Don't worry baby." She whispers. "Your daddies will find us... somehow. After all they promised that nothing would happen to us." she smiles as the baby moves in response "I know they'll find us." she closes her eyes trying to ward off a wave of dizziness. "We just have to wait. Everything will be fine." She says as she passes out

"How is she doing?" asks Sasha joining them

"I'm not sure but I think she's ill." replies the female vampire

"Ill? How?" demands Sasha

"I'm a vampire. Its been a while since I've been human. She passed out when we found her."

Sasha smiles at the sight of the unconscious Slayer "Better than I thought. Just remember no feeding off her" she orders "Has she tried to contact him?"

"I think so. The spell seems to have worked."

"Good." Sasha nods "Keep an eye on her" she turns and walks out

An hour later: The Mansion

"Dominick you aren't able to get through to Kieran?" Tara asks

Dominick shakes his head "Its like a wall was put between us." he replies his voice soft as he stands. "I'll be upstairs if you need me"

"We need to find them as soon as possible." Brent states

"They haven't been apart for more than a few hours since he got back" Lise remarks

"Since he got back?" asks Spike

"After Angel died Dominick disappeared for three months." Tara explains

"Oh" Spike remarks

Upstairs Dominick leans against the doorframe of the nursery. Smiling he remembers the sound of Kieran laughing as they worked. The stuffed animal fight that ended in them having sex on the floor of the nursery. He chuckles at the sight of Mr. Gordo lying on the floor beside the rocking chair. Going over he picks it up and sits on the window ledge staring at the stuffed pig in his hands. He looks up sensing Spike in the doorway "So are you going to yell some more?" he questions

"No" Spike shakes his head moving into the room "You were right"

"About what?" he asks

Spike leans against the wall by the window "I don't really have the right to act outraged about you and Kieran being together. We knew it might happen. I guess I was just hopin' that it wouldn't happen when she was still a kid herself."

Dominick keeps his eyes on the stuffed pig. "I know you are surprised about the baby and the fact that Kieran and I are together. We were surprised about the baby." he glances at Spike then back at the pig "Not unhappy surprised just surprised. Everyone else was surprised about both."

"Do you love her?" Spike demands

Dominick tilts his head to look at Spike with a half smile "I've loved her since the day she was born"

Spike smiles at the memory "I remember the first time you held her." He sits beside Dominick leaning on his forearms "She wasn't more than a few hours old. When you first saw her you called her 'my Kieran'. Did you know we hadn't even told the others what we were going to name her when you called her that?"

"No" Dominick replies shaking his head

"You were sitting beside Faith on the bed holding Kieran when you both fell asleep." Spike chuckles "When we moved her you both woke up and started crying. You kept saying 'want to stay with Kieran' as Peaches carried you out of the room. It took awhile to get both of you to stop crying."

Dominick smiles faintly "Even then we weren't very fond of being apart"

"No you weren't"

"Are you going to stay here? Or disappear again?" Dominick asks

"I have no reason to leave unless she doesn't want me here" Spike sighs

"She might be angry and hurt that you never tried to contact her. She misses you. She still has nightmares not just from when you were supposedly dusted but the ones from when she was little. After all this time she still wakes up screaming for you." he stands going to the crib he puts the stuffed pig down. He leans against it "At least think about staying long enough to tell Kieran your alive." he turns to look at Spike "You are the only immediate family we've got left." he leaves the room

"I might" Spike says to himself

"How's it going?" Dominick asks walking down the stairs

"We haven't found anything yet" Brent answers with a yawn

"Dom why don't you and Spike go see what Willie knows" Tara suggests

"Sure" he nods "Spike I'm gonna go beat up Willie." he yells

"Wait up" Spike yells back

Dominick looks at the others "Why don't you get some sleep you have school in a few hours. I'll wake you"

"Oh all right" Jez whines

"Dru I'll bring you back something from Willie's" Spike promises the darkhaired vampires.

"OK. Bye my Spike" Dru says airily

"Tara there are some blood packs in the freezer if Dru gets hungry" Dominick pulls on his jacket

"Dru likes fresh" Spike reminds

"Its from yesterday" Dominick tells him as they walk out the door

Somewhere in Sunnydale

"No Momma" Kieran mumbles her head tossing feverishly "Daddy. Dom."

"How is she?" Sasha asks watching as the Slayer tosses and turns

"She's feverish. Having nightmares." The vampire answers

"Its time to up the stakes" Sasha smiles entering the room she goes to the bed. "I told you he's mine" she whispers in Kieran's ear her hand moving above her stomach smiling as she feels the child shift nervously "I always get what's mine" she stands leaving the room. "Make her death look like a suicide. Or an accident. Wait for a while so I can have an alibi" she tells them walking away

"How long do we have to wait?" Whines the horned demon

"Fifteen minutes" the female vampire replies

Outside Sasha takes out her cell phone dialing the number for the bar "The Slayer can be found in the basement of the abandoned house on Third and Cherry" she hangs up

Willie's Bar

"Uh OK" Willie mutters hanging up the phone. "What can I get you?" he asks not looking up

" 'ello Willie" greets a voice

Willie looks up to find the familiar face of Spike smirking at him "Spike" he stammers "but your dead."

"I've been dead for 200 years." Spike reminds

"I mean dusted dead." Willie corrects nervously he notices Dominick "Dominick how's the girlfriend?"

Dominick grabs the bartender by the neck "I'm not in the mood Willie." he growls his eyes flashing

"Nicky put him down" Spike orders

Reluctantly he releases Willie "Have you heard anything about Kieran?"

"Gee you could at least say hi." Willie grumbles

"Willie we don't have time." Dominick growls in annoyance. "Kieran's missing and we need to find her."

Hearing that Willie looks at them startled "She's missing? No kidding. I always liked her." He says

"Willie" Spike growls

"Look I just got a phone call. The caller said something about the Slayer in a basement at Third and Cherry. I thought it might be Kieran you know she likes to make jokes"

"Did you recognize the voice?" Dominick demands

"Uh no man sorry" he watches as the two race out of the bar

"I'm sure she's fine." Spike says starting the car

Dominick shakes his head "No Spike something is wrong."

The basement

The horned demon enters the room with a knife. Sitting on the edge of the bed he touches the feverish Slayer's face "Such a waste" he mutters his hand caressing Kieran's stomach

"Dominick" she mumbles

The demon takes her wrist "Such a waste" he repeats holding the sharp knife he slices into her wrist. He watches as the blood flows. He releases her wrist he moves to the next.

Dominick winces in pain as he feels a sharp pain on his wrist

"Bloody hell," Spike swears smelling the blood, "your bleeding."

"Its superficial." Dominick replies. "Its not me whose bleeding"

Spike looks at Dominick startled "We're here"

"We need to find her quick." He slams open the car door he sways on his feet.

"Nicky" Spike asks concerned

Dominick looks up at him pained "She's hurt Spike."

"Lets go get them then" Spike says vamping out

Dominick follows Spike into the house Kieran?

In the basement the demon stares at the bleeding Slayer "I'm hungry if she's dead no one will care" he lifts up her shirt pressing the bloody knife to her skin

"No" Kieran cries struggling violently.

"Stay still" he growls pressing the blade deeper

Kieran cries out in pain and anger, Dom! Make him stop. She gathers all her strength shoving the demon away clumsily standing. She hurries towards the door but the demon grabs her throwing her against the wall with a sickening thud. She gasps in pain feeling a bolt of white hot pain searing her middle looking down to find her shirt covered in blood.

Dominick cries out stumbling against the wall, I'm here baby.

"Dominick what's wrong?" Spike demands

Kiera what's wrong?

It hurts.

"Spike I've got to find her" Dominick calls racing down the stairs to the basement

Spike follows taking out the vampires and demons he comes across

Dominick slams into the room where he finds the demon leaning over Kieran with the knife. "NO" he growls enraged he grabs the demon from behind he snapping its neck, he releases the demon stepping over it he goes to her side. "Kieran?" he asks worriedly looking over her bleeding form. "Kieran? Come on baby, open your eyes." He demands touching her face

"Dom?" she asks faintly her eyes fluttering open

"Its me." He smiles stripping off his jacket

"I hurt." She whimpers holding herself

"You'll be OK baby. I promise" he kisses her head "I promise" he repeats He strips off his shirt ripping it into strips he wraps them around her wrist tying them.

Kieran moans in pain as Dominick bandages her bleeding wrists

"I know baby." Dominick winces at the painful whimpers "I have to stop the bleeding."


"In here" Dominick calls.

Spike enters to find Dominick beside Kieran "How is she?" he joins them

Dominick balls up the remains of his shirt to staunch the blood flow from deep cuts on her pregnant stomach. "She's unconscious. She has a fever." He casts a disgusted look to the demon on the floor "He cut her"

Spike growls in anger

"We need to get her to the hospital... fast" he stands cradling her close. The two race up the stairs out to the car

Chapter 9

Sunnydale General

The nurse looks up as the emergency room doors fly open and a tall dark haired man with a blood stained undershirt rushes in carrying a woman. A peroxide blond man follows.

"We need help." Dominick yells

"Orderly" the nurse calls going to Dominick "bring a gurney stat" she orders "What happened?" she demands

"She was attacked" Spike answers for Dominick

"She has a fever." Dominick adds placing her on the gurney

"What's her name?" the nurse inquires

"Kieran Addington" Spike answers

A doctor joins them noticing that the patient is pregnant asks, "How far along is she?"

"Almost seven months" Dominick answers

"These wounds are deep" the doctor remarks removing the bloody bandages "was this a suicide attempt?" he demands

"No" Dominick replies angrily "She wouldn't do that."

"Go sit in the waiting room. Someone will be with you in a moment." The doctor tells wheeling Kieran away.

Dominick stares at the swinging doors

"Nicky" Spike calls

Dominick looks at the vampire "I better call Tara and the others."

"I'll call them. Sit" he orders firmly he takes a cell phone out of his duster pocket. He dials the phone number "Tara its Spike."

"What's wrong?" Tara asks

"Kieran's in the hospital."

"Oh my god we'll be right there" she pauses "should we bring Drusilla?" she asks

"No just tell her I'll be back by dawn." He looks at Dominick who is staring at the door his clothes covered in blood. "Bring a change of clothes for Jr."

"All right we'll be there in a few" Tara hangs up

"They're on the way" he says watching as the half vampire paces nervously "Calm down mate. They'll be fine" he assures

Dominick sits in the chair holding his head in his hands "She hurts Spike, so much. I can feel it"

The nurse joins them carrying a clipboard

"How are they?" Dominick demands

"They are still checking her out" the nurse answers "I just had a few questions"

Dominick nods

"All right who is her next of kin?"

Dominick and Spike glance at each other "That would be me." Spike admits

"What's your name?"

"William Addington" Spike answers

"And you?" She asks while writing. "Who are you?"

"Her boyfriend" Dominick replies


"Dominick Connelly"

"Is she allergic to anything?" Asks the nurse

"No" Dominick shakes his head

"Dominick" Tara calls rushing into the ER waiting room

"How are they?" Brent asks

"They are still checking her out." The nurse tells them. "I'll go see if I can find anything out for you." She heads down the hallway

"Spike its going to be sunrise soon you should head back" Tara remarks

"Not yet. I want to know how they are." He says

A few moments later, they look up to see the doctor walking towards them. Dominick stands "How are they?" he demands

"Stable but it could change at anytime. She has a temperature of 102.5. She is unfortunately unconscious from both the blood loss and fever. She suffered some severe bruising and a few fractured bones. There is a possibility that the wounds on her abdomen are far more severe."

"And the baby?" asks Tara

"The baby seems to be in good shape. I'm going to do an ultrasound just to be sure. There is something else you need to be aware of"

"What?" Dominick asks expectantly

The doctor looks at the group seriously "There is a possibility that Kieran could have a miscarriage or even go into premature labor"

"How much of a possibility?" Tara asks

"There is about a fifty to sixty percent possibility"

Dominick sighs, "What if she does go into labor?"

"If she does there is a good chance the baby will be fine. Depending on how developed it is" the doctor answers

Dominick nods "Can I see her?" he requests

"Sure" the doctor nods standing

Dominick stands looking at Spike "You should get back."

Spike nods "I will. Let me know if anything changes."

"I will." He promises following the doctor into the exam room. He is at first startled by how pale and fragile she looks. Going to the bedside he leans down kissing her forehead "I love you Kieran" he whispers

"Let's see how your baby is." The doctor suggests

Dominick pulls a chair up to the bed. Taking Kieran's hand in his own he kisses her knuckles tenderly as he watches as the doctor works. "How's the baby?" he asks stroking Kieran's hand

The doctor smiles at them "Your son looks good"

"Good" Dominick nods absently "We're having a boy?" he asks startled

The doctor nods, "It's a boy." He confirms

"A baby boy" he says awed "Wow" he kisses Kieran's hand

"I'll leave you two alone. If you need anything have the nurse give me a call."

" 'kay" Dominick nods

"I'll be back in a while." The doctor tells him leaving the room

Dominick smiles at Kieran's sleeping form "We're having a little boy" he lays his hand on her belly careful to avoid the bandages. He chuckles lightly as he feels the baby move "Hey little man" he sighs lightly touching Kieran's cheek "Kieran I need you to wake up soon. We have to celebrate our little boy. I have something I need to tell you... but you need to wake up." He sits there silent for a moment. "I'm sorry this happened. I shouldn't have left you alone. Please baby wake up." He sits there watching her

After a few minutes he stands kissing her forehead "I'll be right back" he leaves the room finding the others waiting

"How are they?" Brent asks standing

"Fine." He replies. "You guys should head home and get some sleep before school" Dominick suggests

"Are you sure? We can stay here." Lise says

Dominick smiles faintly "No. Get going I'll let you know if anything changes" the teens nod after saying goodbye they leave Tara and Dominick alone.

"Do you need me to do anything?" Tara asks

Dominick runs his hand through his hair "Can you go to Willie's and get Dru and Spike something to eat?"

"Sure anything else?" Tara inquires

"Call the school and tell them that Kieran won't be in for a while. Also call the Gallery and the research department and tell them I won't be in for a while"

"Is that it?"

Dominick smiles sadly in the direction of the room "Yeah."

"I'll stop by later" Tara says giving him a hug

Dominick returns to Kieran's bedside where he sits taking her hand in his own. Soon he falls asleep.

The Mansion

"Spikey?" Dru calls

"I'm in the living room pet" he replies

Drusilla finds Spike staring at a picture sadly. "What are you looking at my Spike?" she asks sitting beside him she lays her head on his shoulder

"Just some pictures of Kieran and Faith" he tells her. "This picture was taken just before Faith told me she was pregnant." he points to a picture of Faith reading to Dominick "She knew but wasn't ready to tell anyone"

"Brother knew" Drusilla says

Spike smiles faintly "I think he probably did" he turns the page "This was at Dominick's birthday" he points to a picture of he and Faith sprawled on the couch

"You loved her." Drusilla observes seeing the look in his eyes "She loved you"

Spike nods "Yeah princess I did love her"

Drusilla looks at him sadly "More than princess?" she asks

"No my Dru." he smiles faintly then looking at the picture "Just differently"


Spike shrugs "She was just different. Just Faith. You are you"

"You miss her don't you Spike"

Spike nods sadly "Everyday"

Drusilla pats his arm absently

"Dru I don't know what I'd do without Kieran." Spike whispers looking at a picture of Faith holding a newborn Kieran.

"Kieran will be fine. She is special"

"She is" Spike smiles looking at the first picture taken of Kieran

Chapter 10

That next evening

"Mmmm" Kieran groans

Dominick looks up from his reading "Kieran?" he asks putting aside the book he leans forward taking Kieran's hand

"Dom?" she asks sleepily opening her eyes

"Yeah baby" he says sitting on the edge of the bed

Kieran notices the bandages on her wrists her blue eyes meeting the worried brown "What happened? Why am I here?" she questions her voice little

Dominick tucks a strand of brown hair behind her ear he's about to begin when the doctor enters

"Oh good your awake" the doctor smiles

Dominick looks over his shoulder at the doctor "She woke up a few moments ago." He grins. "Kieran this is Doctor Ryan"

"Good thing you did young lady. You had a bunch of people very worried." He tells her

"Ow" Kieran groans

"You have a few fractured ribs." The doctor explains

"Oh" Kieran pauses "What about the baby?" she asks worried

Dominick grins at her "He's fine" he assures

Hearing that Kieran smiles, "He?"

Dominick nods "He"

"Your son is doing fine."

"Cool" Kieran says happily "So when can we get out of here?" she asks struggling to sit up "Ow" she winces

"You should rest. You bruised your spine." The doctor advises

"Oh all right" Kieran grumbles laying back down "So can I leave soon?"

"Not for a few days." The doctor answers. "You have a fever of 99.5 along with the wounds. I want to keep an eye on you."

Kieran nods her hand resting on her belly "Okay"

"I'll come and check on you later" the doctor promises leaving the room closing the door behind him

"Wow a boy" Kieran smiles at her lover "he's gonna have your cute smile"

Dominick smiles slightly then looks at the wall

"What's wrong?" Kieran asks reaching out she rubs her thumb across his bottom lip

"I'm sorry." He whispers

"For what?"

"I shouldn't have left. If I had stayed this wouldn't have happened"

"It's OK. It's not your fault" she assures patting the bedside

Dominick sits carefully pulling her close his hand resting on her stomach. "When I saw you there I was so scared." He kisses her temple

Kieran closes her eyes remembering the demon she shudders "He wanted the baby"

"He's dead" Dominick assures

"You know I must have been so delirious I thought I heard Daddy." She says sadly. Kieran frowns feeling him tense "Baby what's wrong?"

"Kieran we need to talk." He begins moving away looking down at their entwined fingers

"About what?" Kieran asks seeing his thoughtful look "Dom?"

"Kieran" he starts looking towards the doorway as he senses a vampire

"Nicky I think she needs to hear it from me" an accented voice says from the doorway

Kieran frowns at the familiar voice looking towards the doorway "Daddy" she gasps in surprise

Spike enters the room "Hi Kieran"

"I'm going to go do a quick patrol." Dominick stands. "Spike don't upset her." He warns before leaving them alone

Kieran looks at him her eyes filled with tears "Daddy" she says as Spike sits on the edge of the bed "Daddy I've missed you so much" she cries throwing her arms around his neck

"I've missed you too pet" Spike replies hugging her back. He pulls away taking her face between his hands "You've grown up so much" he kisses her forehead

Kieran chuckles "Up and out" she says dryly looking down at extended stomach.

"You look great luv"

Kieran lies back resting her hands on her belly. "What is with everyone?" She grumbles. "I look huge. I've gained like 20 pounds." She complains

Spike smiles reaching over he smoothes her hair back "You look beautiful like your Mum"

Kieran frowns looking at her father sadly "Can I ask you something?"

"Anything luv"

"Why did you let me think you were dead?" she asks her voice soft

"I had to" he whispers standing moving away from the bed

"Why?" She demands tearfully "What reason is there to lie for the past 4 years?"

"Kieran this isn't a good time to talk about this. We'll talk about it when you're better"

Kieran glares at him "You always do that"

"Do what?" he asks

"Say we'll talk about it later and we never do."

"Bloody hell pet this isn't a good place to talk about it. Plus you are supposed to be resting. I swear on Peaches ashes that we'll talk about it just not now"

"You used to say that when I asked about Momma. You always say later and later is always avoided."

"There are reasons why I let you think I was dusted. I promise when you get out of here I will explain. You're old enough to know it all"

Kieran chews on her lip thoughtfully "Everything? Where you were all this time?"

"Yes luv" he nods

"Why you left... both times?"

"Sure pet" he agrees

Kieran looks at him curiously and hopefully. "Will you tell me about Momma?" She asks watching the pain flicker in his eyes

Hearing that Spike pauses remembering the pain of losing Faith yet sees the need and hope in his daughter's eyes and makes up his mind "Yes Kieran my girl I'll tell you all you want to know."

"Thank you Daddy" she yawns

Spike chuckles sitting on the edge of the bed "You need to get some rest" he says kissing her forehead "You look tired"

"I am getting a little sleepy." She admits yawning

Spike nods standing "Get some rest luv" he turns to walk out of the room



Kieran looks at him then her hands "Will you stay 'til Dominick gets back?"

Spike smiles "Sure luv" he nods sitting in the chair beside the bed. "Just get some rest."

Kieran smiles sleepily "Promise you won't leave?"

Spike nods "I promise pet. I won't leave"

" 'kay" she mumbles sleepily

"Ever again" he whispers to the sleeping teen

Two hours later

"How is she?" Dominick asks upon entering the room

Spike grins, "Been sleeping for the past few hours"

Dominick sits on the edge of the bed "Did you two have a chance to talk?"

"No" Spike replies. "I thought we should wait until she's out of here"

Dominick nods "That's probably for the best." he agrees

Spike stands "I'm goin' out for a smoke"

Dominick nods "Sure." He sits there watching his love sleep "What happened to you? Who hurt you?" he strokes her cheek

/"I told you he's mine"

"I always get what's mine"/

"No" Kieran mumbles frantically

Dominick senses her panic "Kieran wake up" he says softly

Kieran wakes up her heart pounding "Dom?"

"I'm right here" he assures "What was the dream?"

Kieran whimpers still frightened from her dream. She calms down "It was her" she whispers

"Who?" Dominick asks fearful of the answer

Kieran looks at her pregnant stomach then her love tears in her eyes "Sasha." She whispers, "She tried to kill us." She tells him sadly

Dominick growls angrily getting to his feet storming out of the hospital room. He races out of the hospital his mind filled with the image of Kieran lying on the floor bleeding.

"Nicky" Spike calls as the half vampire races past him. He hears Kieran calling for Dominick. He hurries towards the room he finds nurses trying to calm the frantic Slayer.

"Calm down" the nurse soothes

"No" Kieran growls "I've got to stop him." She says panicked

Spike goes to the bedside "Kieran calm down luv" he says grabbing her shoulders

Tara enters the room seeing the scene she looks at the nurses "We've got a handle on this" she assures them

"Are you sure?" asks a nurse

"Yes" Tara nods waving them out of the room

Spike sits on the edge of the bed "Kiera talk to me" he says taking her face between his hands "What's wrong?"

"Take a deep breath." Tara instructs

Kieran looks at them through her tears "He's going after Sasha"

"Why?" Tara asks

"She wants him. Wants us dead" she looks at Spike pleadingly "You have to stop him Daddy... he'll kill her. Please" she whimpers

"I'll go find him." Spike promises standing "I'll bring him back"

" 'kay" she sniffles holding her stomach she watches him hurry out of the room.

"It'll be OK" Tara soothes placing her arm around the scared Slayer

"He's angry" Kieran whispers "So angry" she runs her hands over her belly soothingly "Shh little man" she says trying to calm her son's frantic movements "Your daddies will be back"

'They won't leave us' she thinks to herself


"Sasha" Dominick growls angrily slamming into the motel room

"Oh hello Dominick" she greets her voice calm yet cold. She looks up from her magazine

"I told you to leave us ALONE" he grabs her pulling her off the bed.

"I told you I always get what's mine" she smirks

"You tried to kill my girlfriend and my son." He hisses slamming her into the wall.

Sasha watches fascinated as his ridges appear, "Mmm I like it rough." She purrs. "I see you do too."

"He doesn't but I do" Spike says from the doorway

"What are you doing here?" Dominick demands

Spike stops beside Dominick putting his hand on Dominick's arm "Kieran sent me to find you."

"Is she OK?" Dominick demands

"Go back to the hospital" Spike orders

"You can't order me around Spike. You aren't my father"

"No I'm not but I am your elder. Just do what I say" Spike growls shifting into demon form "She needs you" he tells Dominick his voice gentle

Dominick nods "Fine" he releases his grip on Sasha "I'll let Spike deal with you" he turns heading out of the door he pauses "He's less forgiving then I am after all Kieran is his daughter." He leaves without glancing behind him he rushes back to the hospital.

Spike looks at the woman before him anger building at the memory of his child hurt and bleeding. "Be glad I'm a good vampire now." He hisses. "Because the old me woulda used railroad spikes on you." He sinks his fangs into her neck smiling to himself as he drains her. He releases the drained body, "No one hurts my little girl and gets away with it" he growls watching the body fall

The Hospital

"You OK?" Tara asks concerned as she looks at the silent Slayer curled up on her side. Not getting an answer she goes to the bedside, "Kieran?" She asks

Kieran nods not looking at the blonde witch.

The door opens and Tara looks up to see Dominick standing there "I'll leave you two alone" she says standing

Dominick nods going to the bedside after the door closes he speaks "Kieran... I'm sorry."

Kieran rolls over to look at him "You have nothing to feel sorry about" she tells him

Dominick looks at her his eyes filled with guilt "She could have killed you"

Kieran shakes her head "She didn't. We're fine"

"I know" he runs his hand through his hair "but she could've and it woulda been my fault."

Kieran shakes her head "It isn't. It wouldn't have been." She assures looking at her stomach "He doesn't think so."

"He doesn't know any difference" Dominick sighs

"He knows. Gimme your hand." She requests at his offered hand she takes it resting it on her stomach. She smiles when their son kicks "See he knows"

Dominick smiles faintly leaning closer he kisses her stomach "I'm sorry my boy for everything" he whispers

When the baby kicks in response "See I told you he knows this isn't your fault." Kieran smiles running her hand through Dominick's dark hair

Dominick chuckles "We're having a boy." He says awed

"Amazing." She grins. "Come 'ere" she pats the bed

Dominick smiles shaking his head he joins her on the bed. Pulling her close he kisses her head "I love you Kieran Addington someday to be Connelly." he whispers lacing their fingers over her stomach "I love you too my boy"

Kieran sighs, "He's going to need a name sooner or later." She burrows her head closer "I love you too" she says

Dominick runs his hand through her hair "We have time" he chuckles

"Just under three months until he makes an appearance" she says happily

Dominick tightens his arms around his love "I can't wait" he whispers kissing her ear

"I can't either. I'm even looking forward to sleepless nights and dirty diapers." She groans, "Scary huh we're going to be parents." She fights a yawn

Dominick hears it "Get some sleep my girl" he starts to move away

Kieran stops him "Stay" she looks up at him "Please?"

"Sure" he agrees pulling the sheet over them

Kieran giggles sleepily "You know if I wasn't feeling like I've been hit by a car I'd want to fulfill another dream"

"And what is that?" he asks curiously

"To have sex in a hospital." She yawns.

He chuckles "One day"

"Night" she mutters

"Night" he whispers kissing her head

Fifteen minutes after Kieran falls asleep in Dominick's arms Spike enters. "How is she?" he asks nodding towards his sleeping daughter

Dominick smiles fondly at the girl in his arms "Fine" he looks at Spike "What happened?"

"She's gone. She won't be coming back"

Dominick nods "Thank you"

Spike shrugs "I better get back." he stands "She really loves you" he says looking at Kieran before leaving the room


(This one might actually be finished… if I ever get the interest back. I have this one on my computer so I don't have the excuse of I can't find it. Hopefully if I get the interest in this one I will get it done.)