Kaito: Pop goes the weasel~! Pop goes the weasel~! Pop goes the weasel~! Pop goes th-

Len: Will you quit that? It's getting on my nerves!

Kaito: Pop goes the weasel~! *plays with cherry*

Len: Grrr...

Kaito: *evil grin* Pop goes the weasel~!

Len: I'll show you "pop goes the weasel"... Get over here!

Kaito: Yes, master, ma'am, sir!

Len: ...Don't call me "ma'am".

Kaito: Yes, ma'am.

** a few minutes later **

Kaito: L-Len, I don't reall- Ah! Think that...

Len: Think that what?

Kaito: That... Hn! Your-your hand's a weasel... Aah!

Len: So, I'll wear a weasel hand puppet. That good enough?

Kaito: A-and I don't think... *moans*

Len: There shouldn't be any more objections. The never stated where the weasel popped from, nor did they state wether it went back in and out or not. So, this isn't contraditing with the nursery rhyme... as long as I wear a hand puppet...

Kaito: Neither w-was I a-around when- Hng! It was made...

Len: You were in my mind. How about we change the weasel...

** one minute later **

Kaito: I-it hurts!

Len: Just shut up and endure it!

Kaito: Y-yes... *moans* master...

Len: Good.