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"Can you forgive her?" Fuyumi asked

"I don't think I can-"


2 days later.

Haruhi walked across the clean corridors of Kurosaki Enterprises, and is clearly heading towards the conference room where she was supposed to meet the board.

It's been 2 days after the incident between Kyoya and Haruhi, and the news of Haruhi being born as a commoner spread like a wild fire not only in their country but the whole business world. How knew that the heiress of the biggest enterprise in Japan came from a common family. At first it hard on Haruhi and Saeko's part, because of the tons of criticism and questions about Haruhi's position and credibility to the company. But then Haruhi never failed to amaze anyone, she found a great way on establishing yet again her worth in the business earning herself a brand new image in the corporate world.

As always Haruhi is well, you could guess that she already moved on about what happened between her and Kyoya, but you could still see a hint of sadness on those chocolate orbs of hers, as they lack their usual glow which captivates whomever she meets. Well she is hiding her emotions is a very good facade. She needed to be strong, especially this time; she won't mess up the second time. Her emotions are nothing but distractions whenever she steps in her office, so she blocked it off and continue to do what she was trained for, to be an heiress, and the next successor of her grandmother.

She then finally arrived at the door of the conference room, fixing her hair one last time she lend the doorknob and entered the room.

"Good Morning everyone..." she greeted with her now usual business like tone.

"Ah... good morning to you Kurosaki-sama, it really is a nice day indeed..." one of the present people in the room greeted earning himself one of Haruhi's to die for smiles.

"Yes, Kurosaki-sama, we were made known that you have once again sealed a deal with the Hitachiin Fashion recently and we would like to know what is it that you and the current head of the HF have agreed upon." The elderly man who is known as Tenma said looking at the brunette with intriguing eyes.

"Yes, of course. I knew that you will be asking about that..." Haruhi replied as she settled herself at the vacant seat at the head of the semi-rounded table.

"It's true that I have sealed a deal with the two heads of Hitachiin fashions, Hitachiin Hikaru and Kaoru." Haruhi started placing her hands onto the table. "And to tell you the truth it was a good deal, both companies will benefit from it. Well especially to our advertisement sales." Haruhi said with a smug smile plastered in her face.


"Well then if that's settled, thank you gentlemen. Meeting adjourned." Haruhi finally said as she leans back to the recliner office seat she was seated.

All the investors then disappeared all at once and went back to their usual routine; making tons of money.

Haruhi then cupped her forehead slightly covering her eyes when her phone vibrated. She then reached for her phone in her purse and flipped it open, revealing a single text message from her grandmother.

'Haruhi don't push yourself too hard... Or else your body won't be able to take it.'

Truly enough, that Haruhi was totally stressed out. She was also obviously sleep-deprived, dark circles showing under her eyes.

Haruhi then started to text her grandmother. 'I'm fine grandma, I can still manage. I can't afford to rest now. Our company needs me.'

"Or you can say I needed a diversion from Kyoya..." Haruhi muttered to herself as she stared at the wallpaper of her cell phone screen. It was of picture of them, smiling genuinely at each other. Haruhi then felt a hot tear rolled from her eyes. She then quickly wiped the tear and headed outside the conference room and into her office.


"Kyoya how long are you planning on sulking?" Tamaki's voice echoed making the sleeping raven head stir from his slumber.

"Come one get up! It's already 10 am for Pete's sake!" Tamaki said as he pulled the blanket from the sleeping man.

"Shut up! Let me sleep in peace!" Kyoya grumbled as he gave the blonde a single menacing glare. But was then still forced out to bed by his best friend.

"What do you want Tamaki? I don't have all day..." Kyoya asked his armed crossed and his foot tapping against t the floor.

"Well you got all day for sleeping..." Tamaki muttered then followed by a quick snicker.

A big tick mark appeared on the raven head's head, obviously heard what the blonde said.

"What was that Tamaki? You wanna live another day?" Kyoya said sarcastically making the blonde flinch.

"Oh come on Kyoya! Stop being gloomy! You're already gloomy for your own good." Tamaki said as he walked up to the curtain covered window opening it, flooding the once dark room with stray sunlight.

Kyoya eyed his friend carefully, he sensed that something is bothering him and he is never wrong when it come to Tamaki.

Kyoya then sighed before looking again at the blonde. "Tamaki... Is something wrong?" he asked

Tamaki gave Kyoya a sad look, he then turned away from him and faced the huge window behind him. "Kyoya... You should already figure out what I'm worried about..." Tamaki sighed.

Kyoya then narrowed his eyes and looked away from Tamaki. He knew what he was talking about.


Tamaki then turned around facing the raven head eyeing him sternly. "What do you plan on doing Kyoya?"

Kyoya looked up to the blonde and sighed. He then massaged his forehead and sighed. "As a matter of fact, I don't know..." Yes for the first time in Kyoya's life, he doesn't know what to do next.

Tamaki sighed he was pretty sure that his bestfriend would most likely say that. If you ever experienced what Haruhi and Kyoya experienced, its enough to make your emotions go in turmoil, messing everything what your ever so clever brain could think of.

"Listen to me Kyoya, you should talk to her..." Tamaki bluntly said.

Kyoya narrowed his eyes at the blonde, his pride acting up again making him a complete jerk. "And why should I? She was the one who lied to me and to everyone..."

Tamaki felt his face heating up, not by means of swoon but in anger. How long does Kyoya plan to act up like a jerk? He really needs to wake up from his daydreams, realizing that he should be the one who supposed to understand Haruhi and not the other way around.

"Kyoya..." Tamaki muttered clenching his fist tightly.

Kyoya looked at his friend and saw his mouthing him something that made his eyes widen.

"You're so-"


"This can't be happening!" shouted the auburn head as she forcibly threw her wine glass on the cold hard floor of her office.

It was another day for a certain Tonnere Eclair, well as a matter of fact she was in a good mood today. Obviously still indulging herself of what she has accomplished the past couple of days and was making her act like a bitch she is who is wearing expensive stilettos or whatever.

But then everything came crumbling down to this young lady when she found out that their biggest investor in the business pulled all their shares. Well if you're wondering who this investor is, well it's none other than Haninozuka Mitsukuni.

"How dare he do this to me?" Eclair growled grabbing herself another glass of wine and chugging it all down with one gulp.

"I'm pretty sure that Fujioka has something to do with this. And I thought I already ruined her, but noo..." Eclair sarcastically said wiping her lips with the back of her hand.

"Well then... I guess I really need to use my resort then..." Eclair mussed completely regaining her cool.

"You better watch your back Fujioka Haruhi, I'm coming for you with all I've got..."

Later that night:

"Ah! Haruhi you're back... How'd the meeting went?" Saeko welcomed her granddaughter the moment she entered the house.

"Hn, Oh. That. Well it went pretty well grandma, no need to worry." Haruhi said in a low voice.

Saeko stared at her granddaughter for a good two minutes and it's enough for her to see how bad her granddaughter is coping, dark circles under her eyes, her face pale and all she really looked like she's going to faint anytime soon.

Saeko sighed then looked at Haruhi worriedly. "How long do you plan on keeping that lame facade of yours?" Saeko asked sternly.

"Facade? Grandma what are you talking about? I'm perfectly fine." Haruhi replied with a quick chuckle. Helping herself to one of the clubhouse sandwiches laid on the dining table.

"Who do you think am I Haruhi? I'm your grandmother and I know things, notices things. Things about you... that make me worry." Saeko started finding interest on the mug of black coffee in her right hand.

Haruhi looked at her grandmother solemnly, it really hurt her to see her grandmother worry about her but she is assured herself that she can handle herself. But then she still can't deny the fact that deep inside she devastated from everything that involves a certain Ootori Kyoya. She walked around the table and hugged the old lady from behind.

"Well I guess I can't hide anything from you can I?" Haruhi whispered as tears started falling from her eyes.

"Even though you guys said that it wasn't my fault from everything that has happened. There's a part of me that's making me blaming myself." Haruhi said releasing herself from the hug and sat besides the Kurosaki matriarch still crying.

"Shsss... it's okay dear. It's okay to cry... just let it all out..." Saeko hushed as she gently remove the stray locks of haruhi's hair from her face. This is the only way she could comfort her granddaughter at a time like this showing that she is always there for her.

Kyoya stared at the high ceiling of his now dark room, Tamaki's words still echoing inside his head.

"Kyoya, you're so stupid you hear me? How long are you going to let your oh-so-precious pride take your life?"

"It's not that she did something illegal or any crime, she did it for her family for pete's sake!"

Is it true that his pride is getting the best of him? And now he's realizing why the heck did he not even listen to what Haruhi is going to say? Again for another first time in his life, Kyoya never felt so stupid.

Well he did say in the first place that he doesn't care who and what Haruhi is, that he loved her for who she is and nothing less.

"That Tamaki... I need to remind myself to thank that idiot for snapping some good sense into me..." Kyoya muttered as he touched the sore spot on his left cheek where the blonde punched him.

"Well I guess I'll be meeting Haruhi tomorrow... I need to make things straight and I hope she's also thinking of the same thing."


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