Iris, Cilan, Ash and their Pokémon were sitting around a campfire eating some delicious stew that Cilan had made. Currently, Cilan was teasing Ash about liking Iris.

"For the last time, I DON'T LIKE IRIS!" screamed Ash

"Jesus, Ash, I'm only joking," replied Cilan.

Pansage knew his trainer well enough that he knew Cilan was not joking. And, for humans, they did look quite cute together. Suddenly, he had an idea.

"Pan-pansage-pan!" he exclaimed to Pikachu.

"Pi-pika-ka-chu. Pi-ka-ka-chu-pika?" agreed Pikachu. They began to hatch a plan...

The next day, the gang were walking by a lake after Pikachu and Pansage decided they wanted a swim. Ash had eventually given in and they were splashing about while their trainers went for a walk. Axew was also in on the plan but he wasn't swimming because he had another, more important part to play.

Rustling silently, Axew picked up a rock, aimed and fired at iris. He felt a little bit bad about doing this, but got over it quickly.

Iris was struck in the shoulder blades with the rock and hurtled into Ash. Their lips touching, they fell into the lake. By accident, they began kissing. After the initial shock, they started tongue wrestling. Ash, who had a secret crush on Iris, was extremely tempted to pull her towards him for a full-blown snog, but decided against it. This was enough. For now. Eventually they came up for air.

"Aww, look at the lovebirds," taunted Cilan.


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