How To Be A Mario Fan 101: Continued Again

Step 31: Get yourself a pair of blue eyes to put on your color of your eyes.

Step 32: Get a jetpack and fly up to every cloud and draw a happy face on it with a sharpie marker.

Step 33: Find a venus flytrap and color it polka-dotted to make it look like a piranha plant.

Step 34: Go to random people's houses and color their pipes under the sink or bathroom, green.

Step 35: Force every single main character in the Mario games to play a racing game called Mariokart.

Step 36: Once you become famous, create your own race tracks and force people to wear silly Mario costumes in order to play.

Step 37: Make every single Toad be forced to be Peach's guards. Note: If they say no, wack 'em.

Step 38: When your gonna have sexual intercourse with Peach (only) become a professional doctor and call yourself doctor Mario.

Step 39: Only eat Pasta and Mushrooms for the rest of your life.

Simple Steps

Step 40: Be chubby.

Step 41: Be able to jump high.

Step 42: Get Peach a castle.

Step 43: Just shut up for the rest of your life.

Step 44: Be able to walk around your city in a Mario plumber outfit.

Step 45: Find an old man and name him Professor E. Gadd and force him to build stupid machines and make him talk gibberish.

Step 46: Be brave.

Item Steps

Step 47: Steal a turtle's shell and use it to kick it to stuff.

Step 48: Make a flower red and shoot out fireballs.

Step 49: Draw a Mushroom a face and eat it and try to grow puberty fast.

Hardest Step

Step 50: Be able to trust that people will talk for you. Note: Like a wingman.