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Antauri grabbed his helmet, throwing it across the room. It missed Chiro by centimeters and bounded off the wall slightly, falling to the floor and rolling for a little bit. The silver monkey cried out and started to claw at his optics, trying to pull them off.

"Antauri!" Nova tried to stop him, but as soon as she touched him, he lashed out and threw her back.

Normally, eh would've apologized for hurting her. However, this time, he just continued to struggle. He couldn't see. He didn't know what was going on. Colors flashed through his mind, laughter filling his auditory pathways. He didn't know anything of what was going on around him. For all he knew, Mr. Cheepers had come to life and wanted to eat him.

"Antauri, calm down!" Gibson shouted, "Please!"

"I can't get close enough to shut him down!" SPRX shouted over Antauri's tortured shouting.

Otto grabbed Antauri's helmet, running his fingers along the inside, "Got it." He touched a few points and Antauri fell to the ground, deactivated.

"How did you…" Chiro was interrupted by Otto's smile.

"His helmet's connected to his brain. You can control most of his actions through this." He paused, "But we'd have to scan him to see why he freaked out like that."

Gibson gathered Antauri into his arms, "Let's go."


Oooh, look, Sparky and his girlfriend. :D SPRX/Nova!


Nova blinked, staring at the bouquet of flowers before her.

"What's this for?" She chuckled, taking them.

SPRX grinned, "I saw them and thought you would like them. What do you think?"

She smiled, "They're wonderful." She sniffed them lightly before leaning over and kissing SPRX on the lips, "Thank you."

He grinned, "It was nothing."

Nova turned, going to put her new flowers in a vase. SPRX watched her walk off, beaming.

'I got my kiss.'


It closed around him, covering every inch of his skin and escaping into his lungs. He couldn't breathe. Oxygen left his body and he began to trash around in the venomous liquid that took hold of him, it's curse enacting upon him.


The blue monkey turned in the water, watching with saddening eyes as the Captain sink farther into the deep.

And he was gone.



So cold.

Nova wrapped her arms around herself, trying to restart her heat coils. But they'd frosted over. Why did it have to be so cold?

"SPRX… Gibson… someone… help me…"

Lost in a frozen, barren wasteland, surrounded but nothing but mounds of ever-piling snow. She felt she was going mad. She could get warm and she was so cold.

So very cold…


This one has a brief mention of Chiro/Jinmay

"You have two choices, Chiro."

The boy stared at Antauri, fear filling his bright blue eyes. Nova smiled, leaning closer to him.

"Your first choice is to do what we say." She smirked.

"Your second," Gibson held up two fingers, "I'm sure you can guess."

Otto grinned, "I GOT CANDY!"

Chiro looked at SPRX, hoping the red monkey could save him.

"Choose, kid." SPRX snapped.

"I told you guys already, I can't!" Chiro protested.

"Oh, come on, Chiro, we're not asking you to kill yourself." Gibson rolled his eyes.


"Shush, Otto." SPRX chided his brother.

"We just want you to treat us to some ice cream!" Nova pouted, "How hard is that?"

"I'm going to tre-"

Antauri glared, "Jinmay is four planetary systems away, she is not coming back any time soon. You can find it in your heart to treat four monkeys to some ice cream."

Chiro paused, "Four?"

Gibson laughed, "You honestly think we're going to let Otto around people when he's hyped up?"

"He's scarier than Skeleton King!" Nova smiled, "Come on, Chiro. Please?"

The boy sighed, "Fine."


Whoa, whoa, whoa… Gibtauri and Gibotto? What is this BLASPHEMY?

Arguments among the Monkey Team members was common. SPRX would fight with Gibson, Antauri would disagree with Chiro, Nova would bicker with SPRX, and Otto sat around looking adorable…

However, they rarely ever escalated to this.

"We'll split up." Chiro told the team, "Find the Formless, they have to be hiding somewhere."

"I'll go with Gibson!"

The blue monkey blinked, turning to Antauri and Otto, who were glaring each other down.

"Um, guys?" Gibson asked, "It doesn't matter who goes with whom…"

The pair didn't break their glares, the tension in the air building.

Nova coughed, "I'll go with Gibson, then. Let's go!" She grabbed his hand and ran off to search. SPRX and Chiro left together, leaving Antauri and Otto.

"Stay away from Gibby, he's mine!" Otto shouted.

Antauri growled, "How could Hal possibly be attracted to one a low IQ such as yours?"

Otto poked at Antauri's metal chest, "At least I have a heart!"

"I am capable of emotion! You don't even understand half the things he says!"

"You wouldn't be able to show him any affection if you tried!"

"At least I don't annoy him to no end!"

They growled at each other for a few minutes, teeth bared and on the verge of actually attacking each other.

"Then we'll let him decide." Antauri smirked, "Whoever can seduce Gibson into a kiss first wins, and the other must back down."

Otto grinned, "Wonderful. Kiss in the mouth, though, not some petty cheek kiss."



"Reza, I don't like this word." Otto mumbled, "Goodbye means forever."

Reza reached behind her head, scratching nervously, "I-I'm sorry, guys... I don't think i can keep up with this any more. I'm pretty sure I've fallen out of this fandom." She sighed and put her hand down, "I still love you guys.

"We'll miss your stories about us." Gibson told her, "As painful and depressing as some were, we still loved them."

Nova jumped into the girl's arms, hugging her, "Bye, Reza..."

Reza smiled, "Hey, cheer up. Maybe I'll jump back into your guys' stuff and start this up again. Just think of this as an extended break. I mean, I started to fall into an old fandom a while ago. I can fall into yours again, too."

SPRX grinned, "Bye, Reza!"

She looked down at him, "See ya later, Sparky."

He chuckled, crossing his arms, "Yeah, yeah, whatever. No need to go sentimental."

"I don't want you to leave! Everyone but you hates me!" Sakko sobbed, grabbing into Reza's boots and refusing to let go.

"Sakko..." She set Nova down and lifted the miniature pink simian, "Don't worry. I'll always think of you as the cutest villain anywhere."

"Hey!" Mandarin snapped, "I thought I was adorable to you?"

"Yes, but you're Mandarin. You don't count as evil, you're just confused as hell."

Chiro and Jinmay both hugged the older girl.

"Bye, Reza." Chiro smiled.

Jinmay chuckled, "We'll all miss you."

"I won't. Traitor."

Reza's heart sank, "Antauri..."

"No." The silver monkey was turned away from her, arms crossed, "You don't deserve to even state my name."

She fell to her knees and gathered him up in her arms, "You'll always be my favorite. You're strong, wise, fatherly, beautiful, and wonderful. Don't hate me. Please."


She tightened her grip, "Fine." She stood,m lifted Antauri up with her, "Jinmay, you are now the pilot of the Brain Scrambler. Antauri will forever remained locked away in my hall closet from now on."

"Let me go, deserter!"

"No!" She shouted, "Not unless you give me a proper goodbye! Antauri, I don't like this any more than you do, but unlike you, my entire world isn't this fandom! I grow up and I move on! I'm sorry!" She rested her head on his helmet, "I'm so sorry... I've tried, I really have. I even tried to write an entirely new story with you guys. But it never worked how I wanted. I couldn't stop thinking about throwing Sherlock Holmes or Dave Strider into the mix. I can't even put Skeleton King in this part because I've forgotten how to write him. Valeena's personality has almost completely slipped my mind, which is why she is also absent. I've written all I can... I'm so sorry."

He pulled out of her arms and spun around, hugging her as tightly as he could, "I'm going to miss you!"

"I'll miss you, too, Antauri. I'm going to miss you all."

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