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The Pups with Silver Locks

Chapter One: Unexpected Meeting.

It is a cold winter's night. The great dog demon lord Sesshomaru is walking about in the forest. As he went further into the trees, smelt a familiar scent.

"Inuyasha." He smirked as he made his way to the hanyou. Every since the defeat of Naraku, the things had got to be more brotherly between them… maybe even more.

He followed the scent until he reached a cave. Silently wondering what his brother was doing in a cave he entered. There near the back of the cave lay his half-brother panting heavily. His back was to Sesshomaru as he didn't turn when his brother had entered the cave.

"Inuyasha." said Sesshomaru as worry started to envelope him. What had happened to his brother? Why was he panting so heavily? Inuyasha quickly turned and immediately regretted it as a sharp pain shot through his abdomen. With another gasp he turned around. "What do you want Sesshomaru!" He asked angrily. Now filled with worry Sesshomaru began to walk to his brother. "Don't come!" Inuyasha suddenly shouted. "What is wrong? Are you hurt Inuyasha?" asked Sesshomaru in concern. His brother had not shouted at him for a long time. In fact he hadn't seen his hanyou brother for at least eight months.

"Gah!" another pained gasp from Inuyasha sent Sesshomaru forward. "What is wrong?" he asked again walking towards the hanyou. "Sesshoma-ah!" Inuyasha's words were cut off by yet another pained gasp.

Sesshomaru was beyond worried now. He had never seen his brother in so much pain yet conscious. "Inuyasha! Tell me at once!" demanded Sesshomaru. With that Sesshomaru abruptly walked around to face Inuyasha. What he saw shocked him to his core. Inuyasha was hunched forward trying, but failing, to conceal his huge stomach from view. "Inu-yasha? A-are y-you-"

"YES I'M PREGNANT AND ABOUT TO- Ah!" Inuyasha was once again cut off by a pained cry. "Inuyasha, who did this? Who?" Sesshomaru demanded.

"Are you seriously asking me that now!" yelled Inuyasha trying to keep his breathing even. "Sorry I apologise." Said Sesshomaru as worry filled his eyes again.

"AH! Se-sesshomaru! G-god d-dammit! I-it's c-c-coming!" whined Inuyasha. Sesshomaru went into full scale worry mode. He quickly lifted his brother and took him to the cave wall while removing the hanyou's pants.

"Another question… you are a male… how is the pup to get out?" asked Sesshomaru in a hushed voice. "Arrgh. My b-body has ad-adapted a-and made n-necessary organs and b-body parts." Inuyasha replied holding back gasps of pain. Then it hit him. "ARRGH!" yelled Inuyasha as his back arched high off the wall. Sesshomaru taking this chance quickly placed himself in between Inuyasha's parted legs.

"Come on Inuyasha. Push." said Sesshomaru gently. Inuyasha closed his eyes tightly and bit his lip trying to hold back the cries of pain.

A little while later a scream was heard through the cave. "Well done little brother." smiled Sesshomaru. He quickly wrapped the newborn pup in Inuyasha's pants and placed him near the newly lit fire to keep him warm.

"Se-sesshoma-a-ru… I-it's n-not over." Inuyasha said as another wave of pain was sent through his body. "WHAT!" shouted Sesshomaru as he looked back to his brother, and sure enough he was still panting in pain. "Come ototou. Push." said Sesshomaru while watching for the pup's head. A few minutes later another pup was wailing next to his sibling. "Are you okay now Inuyasha?" asked Sesshomaru worriedly. "DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M OK!" shouted Inuyasha as pain still rippled through his body. "HOW MANY ARE YOU HAVING!" asked Sesshomaru in panic. "I Guessed a-around f-five becau-ah!" another pained gasp and Sesshomaru had yet another pup in his hands. This pup was placed next to his siblings in the robe of the fire rat scrunched up to make a nest. "Gah!" gasped Inuyasha and yet another pup was in Sesshomaru's hands. The fourth pup was also placed in the nest with his siblings. "Last one ototou. You're doing a good job." encouraged Sesshomaru. A few more pushes later another pup was brought into the world.

"Good job Inuyasha." smiled Sesshomaru, "Inuyasha?" the hanyou was still panting and holding his now near flat lower stomach. "S-sessh-shoma-maru… I guessed w-wrong." he panted. "Oh kamisama." muttered Sesshomaru as he quickly got back into position. "Okay Inuyasha. Push." And yet again, a sixth pup was in Sesshomaru's pale hands. Sesshomaru quickly placed the pup with his sleeping siblings and looked at Inuyasha. He was leaning against the wall of the cave panting, trying to steady his breaths. He looked very tired and on the brink of falling asleep. His silver locks were clumped together with sweat and stuck to his face and neck. On the floor of the cave blood and sweat was mixed together, most of which was Inuyasha's.

"Inuyasha. Get some sleep. I shall protect you and your pups. In the morning you will answer my questions." said Sesshomaru. Inuyasha just nodded and fell asleep.

Sesshomaru sighed and smiled as he looked at his brother with his litter of pups. All with shiny silver locks and of course small triangular ears on top of their heads. What a happy sight.

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