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The Pups with Silver Locks Chp.15

-Dining hall [With Sesshomaru and honored guests (Including Bitch face.)]-

Sesshomaru was getting really edgy now. His instincts were going into hyper drive and he doesn't even know why. He was getting worried about Inuyasha and his condition. It was less than a week for him to give birth. His pups were in his view… but where was Sei? Yes. He was with his mother. But it's taking too long for Inuyasha to come… WHAT IF HE IS GIVING BIRTH RIGHT NOW!? No. That's stupid. He had a few more days. If it wasn't Inuyasha… yes it must be that. THAT. That monstrosity. That ugly bitch. That stupid wench who is currently releasing all her pheromones in the air and rubbing against his arm left arm… the arm he treasured for having lost it to Inuyasha. That arm was for Inuyasha only. Sesshomaru shook Tokage off his arm.

"Sakane." He called.
"Yes my lord?"

"Go search for my mate. Make sure to treat him with the utmost care. He is very fragile at the moment." Sesshomaru's face softened while he talked about Inuyasha, making Tokage growl.

"Yes my lord." Sakane left promptly.

-Somewhere Inuyasha has been taken-

"Nng…" Inuyasha groaned as he gradually woke up from his drug-induced unconsciousness. He blinked his eyes blearily and tried to open them. When he finally got them open, he found he was in a dimly lit dungeon of sorts. Dirty stone made the walls floor and ceiling while one wall held a dirty wooden door, nearly breaking off its rusty hinges. Inuyasha made to move but realized something was holding him in place. He looked up and found his wrists bound by metal cuffs that hung from a chain attached to the ceiling. Inuyasha pulled and pulled at the chains but they would not budge. He looked closer then realized. They had a small sutra on each cuff and larger sutras that ran up the chain even some on the ceiling. Binding sutras that would stop even a demon in it's tracks. Inuyasha, only being half demon, it worked twice as well.

"Dammit." Inuyasha swore. His face crumpled. Then a sudden thought crossed his mind.

Sei. What happened to Sei?

Inuyasha began to worry. What happened to Sei? He was with him too! What if he's hurt? Oh my god… How can I live with myself? Inuyasha felt sick to his overly large stomach.

"Yip." A small bark made Inuyasha looked down, and then he sighed with relief. It was Sei.

"Seijitsu…" Inuyasha gave him a warm smile. Inuyasha's stomach growled loudly interrupting the silence. Sei looked confusedly at Inuyasha's stomach.

"Yip?" He asked.

"Yeah, seems like your little sibling is hungry." Inuyasha said smiling fondly at his pup and soon to be sibling of said pup.

"Yip." Suddenly Seijitsu sprung to his feet and ran to the corner of the room.

"Sei? What are you doing?" Sei only continued with what he was doing. After a few minutes Sei let out a triumphant yip and pounced over to Inuyasha with something in his mouth.

"What is it?" Inuyasha asked. Sei smiling happily, put down a small mouse in front of Inuyasha's bent knees. Inuyasha looked at him for a moment then smiled.

"Thank you Sei." He smiled gratefully at his son, "But I can't eat it at the moment… could you perhaps help mommy?" Sei nodded his head and picked up the mouse with his teeth and climbed up his mother's belly to his mouth, before gently placing the mouse inside Inuyasha's opened jaws. Inuyasha was perfectly comfortable with eating mice. After all it was the only thing that he was powerful enough to catch when he was younger and his mother had passed on.

"Sei, come feed." Inuyasha prompted and he pushed out his chest as best he could. Sei gingerly climbed back on his mother and nuzzled away the kimono's shirt to reveal Inuyasha's slightly swollen nipple. Sei latched on right away and began to suckle. Inuyasha looked down to Sei in complete peace. Despite where he was and the situation he is in, looking at his child, he could feel nothing but peace.

Unfortunately peace must be broken at some time. There was a large crashing noise as the fragile door was thrown open and someone stepped in the room. Inuyasha looked up in fear.

-With Sesshomaru-

"My lord!" Sakane appeared before Sesshomaru in a flash, her tone urgent.

"What is it." Sesshomaru began to worry again.

"Lord Inuyasha is missing." Sesshomaru snapped. His inner demon roared in agony. Sesshomaru began desperately sniffing out his mate's scent. It was what he had feared. The scent was hours old.

His body, mind, inner demon, everything inside him just roared in frustrated anger. Uncontrollable fucking anger. Then it broke. Everything. Everything inside him and out, his world just crashed around him. His mate, eldest pup and unborn pup. Gone. His mate. His brother. His his… every fucking thing. Sesshomaru fell to his knees.

"Drip. Drip." Water? From where? No. It… it couldn't be…

Sesshomaru reached up a clawed hand to his eye.

A single glittering tear latched to his finger.

He was crying. He had not cried since… ever.

His eyes bled red.

His fangs glistened knife white.

His nails grew and dug into his palms until blood dripped down his arms.

He threw his head back in a rage.

He clenched his teeth.

He roared.


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